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Twitter for Business Owners 101

VIEWS: 35 PAGES: 39 Use Twitter for more than fun. Learn how to generate leads and sales for your business by effectively using Twitter as a social media marketing channel.

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What is Twitter?

 Micro-blogging Platform
 140 character limit in each tweet
 Originally started as a “What are you doing”
  social media platform (think just Facebook’s
  status updates), but now it’s much more
 Started in 2006
 Over 20 million users
 Messages on Twitter are called “Tweets”
 Why should you tweet?

 If you want to go grow your business using social
  media is becoming increasingly important.
 Can develop your personal brand
 Expanded lead generation
 Position you as a leader in your industry
 Offers innovative way to drive new traffic to
  your website, blog or newsletter, engage with
  a new audience, share opinions, tools,
  resources, knowledge, find new suppliers,
  connect with new people, and demonstrate
  your knowledge.
 Personal Branding

 Make connections with people in your field
 Show that you know your stuff
 Point you to articles and blog posts you
  wouldn’t have found otherwise
 Gives you an online presence (i.e. if a
  prospective employee googles you)
In 140 characters
Twitter Users

 Median Age: 31
 19% of online adults 18-24
 20% of online adults 25-34
 Slightly more diverse & more
  urban than general population
Tweet For Fun
For Breaking News

                                   Great for breaking news &
                                      providing unique content
                                     US Airways crash
        QuickTime™ and a

                                     Mumbai attacks
are needed to see this picture.

                                     Inauguration Day
                                     Presidential Debates
For Charity
For Networking
Twitter Business Uses
Customer Service
Deals & Specials
Reach Customers Anywhere

 PC, laptop, mobile phones
 SMS, Browser, GPRS, IM,
  Desktop client

Reach People At:
 Office
 Restaurant
 Gym
 Home
 How do I get started?

 Go to
 Sign up for an account
 Create a bio, upload your company logo, and
  select a unique background
 Start tweeting
 After you have some tweets up, start following
Sign Up
Fill out your profile
Find and Follow People
Use Twitter management systems like:

•TweetDeck (most popular)
•HootSuite (recommended)
 Twitter Etiquette

Social networks are
often described as
being at an offline
party because the
and the same rules
of personal
engagement apply
Twitter Etiquette

             • Don’t just talk all about your
                 company, yourself or try to sell
                 products or services
Rules of     •   Find the people who interest
Engagement       you
             •   Try to add value to the
             •   Follow up with your new
             •   Never spam (send out
                 constant unsolicited tweets
Speak The Language - Basic
Twitter Terms

 DM - direct message
 RT - retweet
 #topic - hashtag used for threads
 @username - reply to another user
 - a website that shortens
  the URL so you can fit it in your tweet

 @ denotes a tweet sent to another Twitter
 When you reply an @ symbol and Twitter
  account name are interested into the Twit

 @SpaServices @sjane See you in 5 minutes
Check for Replies from

   Customers and general followers will tweet you and
    expect a reply similar to leaving a phone message

 To repost something that's already in the
  Twitter stream to give credit to the original
 Useful for providing valuable/interesting
  information to followers

RT @Dell Computers on sale through
 Retweets are a very important part of Twitter and can grow
  follower loyalty
 When you see an interesting tweet from someone you are
  following, forward the tweet to your followers.
 Keep the name of the original tweeter, so that your followers
  can decide to follow that person if they find the tweet

 Example:
 ◦ citygovworks tweets “Road closing today at 1st & Main”
 ◦ SpaServices wants you to know appt extended 15 mins due to RT
   @citygovworks: Road closing today at 1st & Main
 ◦ Your customers appreciate the information even if they don’t have an
   appointment because now they can avoid the traffic area
Direct Message

 DM is a private message that you can only
  send to those who follow you.

 D jdoe Tell @SpaServices will be 15 minutes
 late because of road closing

 # makes a term into a keyword that is

 @SpaServices we’ll have a booth at trade
  show giving free massages
Twitter Lists
 It’s Twitter version of a “groups” feature
 Allows you to organize the people you’re
  following on Twitter (ex. Family, Soccer Team,
  Employees, etc.)
 Used to aggregate 2 or more users into
  groups so that you can get an overview of
  what they’re up to
 Lists brings together streams of the latest
  tweets from a specified set of users
 You can find new people by searching lists
 How to Use Twitter
 Focus on quality, not quantity
 Promote your blog posts, ideas
 Interact (most important)
   Ask Questions
   Retweet other people’s interesting tweets
   Share links to articles & blog posts
 Don’t spam people or use auto DM feature
 Don’t share too much personal info (avoid stating
  what you had for breakfast, etc.)
How do I know who to follow?

 Search Twitter for names or brands
 Use directories to find users with similar
  interests & hobbies (ie. CNN, hockey, social
  media, etc.)
 50 people to follow to help with your job
 You can follow me @ MikeRayMarketer
  Tips: Groups

 If you’re following more than 50 people (and you should!), you’ll
  get information overload – too many tweets
 Separate groups of people into different Lists or categories –
  and read them in different windows
 Use Hootsuite or TweetDeck desktop client

 For example, here are three groups:
 Group AllTweets: for everything. You can just skim this group
 Group IndiaReadCarefully: Indian tweeters to read carefully –
  read all tweets in this window
 Group WorldReadCarefully: World tweeters to read carefully –
  read all tweets in this window if I’m not busy
Tips: Search
 Twitter allows you to search for any keywords
 Will show you all tweets in the world with that keyword
 Very useful to follow some technology or trend or news event

 Example:
 “Dell”
  ◦   Any tweet in the world about

 “#bcp5”
  ◦   Barcamp Pune 5

 “#mashable”
  ◦   Mashable updates
Tips: Use search, you’ll be
 Example: Keep a Hootsuite window open with search on
  “Taste of DC”
 Useful to find out about events during Taste of DC
  ◦ (e.g. “Anyone going to the Taste concert on Saturday?”)
 Useful to find interesting visitors to Taste of DC
  ◦ (e.g. “Boarding flight on way to Taste of DC ”. Now I can find out
      who this person is and is s/he interesting to me.)
 Useful to find Taste of DC- related websites
  ◦ (e.g. check out @tasteofdc, @dctaste)
 Useful to find experts or officials
  ◦   (e.g. “Giving a talk on Taste of DC at City Hall this weekend”. Now
      you’ve found a local contact to get direct information from.)
 Use this technique to search for items related to your
Tips: Auto-post from blog

   You can find plugins for your blog that can
    automatically update your twitter account when
    you post a new blog article.

   Convert your twitter followers to blog subscribers
    and vice versa

   Example: “Posted to my blog: Why you should be
    on twitter and how to go about it”
    How Do I Brand & Promote My
       Grab branded Twitter name NOW
         Even if not ready to use it, scoop it up
       Generate website or blog traffic
         Showcase your website link in profile
         Tweet to promote new blog posts (yours and others
          of interest)
         Feature “specials” for Twitter followers
         Don’t over-promote, but do share links and
          information related to your business
        Thank You for your time.
For more information about how to use
  Twitter and other Internet Marketing
 techniques for Business, contact us at:
            or 202-640-1750

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