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Objective                 GENERAL MANAGER

Profile                   Specializing in high growth, start-up, and turnaround situations in cause-related or
                          cultural service organizations.
                             Part of three-p erson management team controlling a budget of $2.3 million.
                             Doubled membership from 4,500 to 9,000.
                             Grew membership in come from $600,000 to $1.4 million.
                             Created 24 in co rporated ch apters.
                             Served as in-house consultant to all 37 lo cations.
                             Founder and general manager of a professional orchestra and chorus in St. Louis.
                             Cultivated strong contacts with corporations su ch as Contoso, Ltd. and Trey
                          Conceive the vision. Develop the plan. Implement all details.
                          Coordinate diverse constituencies.
                          Motivate and lead all levels to operate toward the organization’s goals.

Employment History        Consultant                                                                 Dec. 1999 - Present
                          [Organization Name]
                           Conducting market/feasibility study for a 6,000 sq. ft. center for arts organizations.

                          [Organization Name]
                             Writing newsletter for CEOs of 1,000 nonprofit agen cies. Improves use of
                             Other clients in clude:

                          Associate Director                                                                         1991 - Dec. 1999
                          [Organization Name]
                          T ook an o rg an iz atio n that c onsist ed of 13 dispirited an d diso rg an ized ch apters an d made it int o
                          a vibrant , profit able 37-c h apt er o rg an iz atio n.
                             Part of three-p erson management team, with a staff of 15, responsible for all aspects of
                              organizational development and direction, in cluding long-range planning, strategy,
                              and policy. Personally supervised a staff of th ree.
                             Increased membership from 4,500 to 9,000
                              . . . and in creased membership in come from $600,000 to $1,400,000.
                                   Implemented infrastru cture for a nationwide network of 37 in corpo rated chapters.
                                   Created 24 n ew ch apters, in cluding in corporation, board formation, by-laws, tax-
                                   exemption, fundraising, and committee and program development.
                             Con ceived of national conference approach where all could attend, regardless o f
                                 Became a “town meeting” and highlight of the year fo r attendees.
                                 Arranged conferen ces for up to 1,800 people.
                             Supported/directed chapter management.
                                Introduced systematic training in cluding board training and training of volunteers.
                   Wrote and produ ced o rientation and other support materials for ch apter board
                   members and volunteers. This in cluded a 130 -page management handbook.
                   Con ceived and o rganized annual th ree-day orientation and planning meetings for 150
                   ch apter leaders and national board members.
                   Provided on-site consultation to chapters on management, planning, and program
               Acted as ombudsman between ch apters and the n ational organization.
               Managed p roduction of recruitment materials and direct mail campaigns.
               Supervised d atabase installation and maintenan ce, membership pro cessing, and delivery
                of membership benefits.
               Wrote and produ ced quarterly membership newsletter.

            Associate Director, Residency Operations                                              1986 - 1991
            [Organization Name]
               Ran national multi-di scipline performing artists residency program, involving
                major corporate sponsors, lo cal arts institutions, and perfo rming artists.
               Managed statewide program serving local arts councils, funded by the State Coun cil
                on the Arts.
               Created and developed show case programs in the state and elsewh ere.
               Responsible for artist selection and training fo r residen cy wo rk, selection and preparation
                of lo cal presenting organizations, grant writing, and reports to granting agen cies.

            General Manager                                                                       1983 - 1985
            [Organization Name]
               Founding manager of professional orchestra and chorus with eight-con cert season.
                  Specialized in rarely p erfo rmed music. Presented at the School of Fine Art.

Education   BA, French and German, Maple University , London                                             1983

Member      [Organization Name]
            [Organization Name]

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