Recipes Website Handout #2

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					                              Recipes Website Handout #2
                    Carefully read and follow the instructions below.

1.   Open your index page.

2.   Save a copy of your page as recipeList.

3.   Delete everything from the page except the header.

4.   On this page, you are to have a featured recipe, plus the links the rest of your recipes. Use a
     search engine to find websites that offer recipes. Find one that you would like to feature on
     the recipeList page. Your page should look similar to below.
   The top your page should have 4 links:

           a.   Recipes A-F
           b.   Recipes G-L
           c.   Recipes M-R
           d.   Recipes S-Z

You do not have to link them right now, just ensure that you have the space for them.

   5.      So far, you should have 3 pages.
           a. Index
           b. thankYou
           c. recipeList

Please ensure that you have all of these pages complete (with page titles) before you leave class today!!

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