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					     Curriculum Vitae                                    Esc h w i g -H a jt s          Att i l a

     E-mail: Tel:+36-30/2-801-570

Ed uc at i on a nd O th er Q u a l if i c at io n s          Pu b li c at io n s

1997 – 2004: Technical University of Budapest,               2002:    co   -  author„     Fluid   Simulation in
    Department of Electrical Engineering and                   Telecommunication Networks”. Hiradástechnika
    Informatics, Information Technology, IP                  2002: MEMS: bid fair technology in the optical
    communications                                             switching. Hungarian edition, Hiradástechnika
2002-2003: Bank Informatics – master degree
                                                             Wo rk in g ex p e r ie nc e
Pr of e ss i o n al Sk i ll s                                January 2007 - : SAP Labs Hungary: eTAX project
                                                             - Composite Application development (NetWeaver,
   Programming Languages: Java, C, C++, Php,                WebDynpro, EJB), Agile Software Development
    Perl, Shell scripting                                    (Scrum)
   Database Knowledge: SQL Server, Mysql,
    Oracle (basic)                                           March 2006 – January 2007: TATA Consultancy
   Software Engineering: Unified Modeling                   Services Hungary Ltd, Online Web application
    Language (UML), Rational Rose, Jackson System            development (Struts) for US customer (Medical
    Development/Process                                      Protective), Project Management.
   Operating Systems:
    - Linux, Unix experience: user/administrator level       June 2004 – March 2006: Siemens AG,
    - Windows: user/administrator level
                                                             Development of Radio Network Management System
   Web based Technologies: Java, JSP, PHP,                  (RAN) for GSM and UMTS networks.
    HTML, JavaScript, AJAX, XML, XHTML
   Version Control Systems                                  September    2001    –   July   2004:   Ericsson
    - ClearCase, CVS, DTR (SAP)
                                                             Hungarian Ltd. (Cooperating with University)
   Frameworks: Struts, Spring, Hybernate, Ajax
                                                                  Developing network simulator on C++
   Development platforms: Eclipse
                                                                  Developing network middleware application
                                                                   on C++
T e ac h in g Ex pe r i en ce
                                                             2004: Design and development of a web based
Sept  2002     –   February    2003:    Laboratory
                                                             contract registry system.
  Demonstrator    at   Budapest    University   of
  Technology and Economics. Teaching C language.
2002 July: I led a course at the Trainex Financial,          1999-2004: web-development for small and
  Improvement of Enterprise and Teaching Ltd. on               middle sized companies.
                                                             Ce rt i f ic at i on s / Co a ch i ng
Ac t iv it y wo rk s at t he u ni v er s it y
                                                                 Sun Certified Programmer for Java 2 Platform
   Taking part in composing lecture notes of two                Sun Certified Web Component Developer
    subjects: IP communication, Telecommunication                Sun Certified Java Developer
   Mentoring                                                Sco p e s of I nt e re st

Sc ie nt i f ic R e se a r c h w o rk D o ne by                 Software Engineering: Enterprise & Web applications
                                                                Project management activities.
U nd e rg r a du a te St ud e nt s (T DK )
                                                             La n gu a g e Sk i l l s
November 2001: 3rd place in the section of
science of society in the subject of „The global
                                                             English:        Advanced.
history of the sport in the higher education”.               German:         language of conversation level
                                                             Hungarian:      native language
S co lar sh i ps
                                                             O th e r Sk i l ls
2002/2003: Scolarship of the Government of
  Hungarian Republic                                            Driving license ‘A’ + ‘B’ category
2002/2003: Scolarship of Budapest Univeristy
  of Technology and Economics                                Fr e e t im e act i vi t ie s
                                                                 Motorbike, high quality wines, wine producing,
                                                                 social life, board games, Pool, Darts, Snowboard,
                                                                 ski, table tennis, roller skate, squash
                                                                ski, table tennis, roller skate, squash

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