1040 EZ Form Tax Test by pmi89382


									                       1040 EZ Form Tax Test

Name:                                                    Consumer Math

Complete the attached tax form using the information and notes provided.
BE CAREFUL and read each line thoroughly!

Kenny B. and Ivanna B. Rich are married individuals. They live at 123
Mansion Avenue in Beverly Hills, CA 90210. His social security number is
345-54-7634 and her social security number is 234-77-3342. Their phone
number is 411-945-6734. Both Kenny and Ivanna want to contribute money
to the presidential election campaign fund. They will be filing as “married
filing jointly.” Kenny and Ivanna have 2 children – a son, named Never B.
and a daughter named Better B. Never’s social security number is 142-33-
7453. Better’s social security number is 304-34-1534. Kenny is going to
claim himself, his wife, and his two children.

Last year, Kenny made $66,934 as a stock broker. His wife is a homemaker.
He has $5374 in ordinary dividends. He also had $7,435 in taxable refunds.
He did receive other income when he worked as a pig slaughterer. He
earned $2,750 for this. Carefully read line 22 of your tax form and do
what it says!

Kenny had $7,365 in business expenses and $675 in health savings
deductions. He had an Ira deduction in the amount of $6,845 and is able to
deduct tuition and fees in the amount of $8,465. Carefully read lines 36
and 37 and do what they say.

Complete line 38. No one in the family is blind, nor were they born before
1941. Look at line 40. Determine how much money you may deduct by
using the table on the side of your tax form. Complete line 41. On line 42,
be sure to use the number of exemptions you have claimed (see the box on
the first page) and multiply correctly. Complete line 43. Use the amount on
line 43 and use the tax table and enter the correct amount on line 44. There
is no alternative minimum tax. Complete line 46. Kenny does contribute
money to a retirement savings contribution credit in the amount of $4,560.
Complete lines 56 and 57.
Kenny has no other additional taxes. Complete line 63.

Kenny had $8,345 withheld from his paycheck. This is the amount listed on
his W-2 form. He did make estimated tax payments last year in the amount
of $3,500. Complete line 71.

Determine if Kenny gets a refund by reading line 72. If so, complete the
necessary pieces of information. If Kenny owes money, complete line 75.

Be sure to CORRECTLY sign and complete your form at the “sign here”

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