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									A guide to your Council Tax 2010/2011
Council Tax 2010/2011                                                                                                                                      1

The Council has set a Council Tax increase of 3.95% for the coming year.

The Council’s budget has been set in the context of significant challenges
for 2010/11 and the need to transform Council services which are ‘fit for
the future’, within a difficult medium term funding outlook.

For 2010/11 the Council’s budget addresses significant, unavoidable budget
pressures in key areas such as Education and Social Care and doing this
without relying on balances to fund ongoing spending commitments. In
addition, provision has also been made to assist the Council in delivering ‘fit
for the future’ services to meet the needs of Newport residents and deal
with the on-going funding pressures it will face in the future.

The increase in the Welsh Assembly Grant was not sufficient to cover all of
these pressures and therefore the Council is making significant savings of
£8.6m to balance its budget, having regard to setting an affordable budget
which balances the difficult economic situation we all find ourselves in and
the need to produce a sustainable, realistic budget which provides a robust
foundation to develop from.

For more information on Council Tax and the Council’s budget

National Fraud Initiative - Names from the Council Tax and Electoral Registration              A welsh version of this booklet is available on request.
databases will continue to be disclosed for the purposes of the National Fraud Initiative,     Please contact 01633 232900. Mae fersiwn Gymraeg o’r
to prevent and detect fraudulent claims for Council Tax discount.                              llyfryn hwn ar gael ar eich cais – ffoniwch 01633 232900.
More information on the National Fraud Initiative can be found at   This booklet is also available in large print
Valuation Bands

                                           A          B          C          D           E           F           G           H           I
The amount of tax you pay will vary     less than   £44,001-   £65,001-   £91,001-   £123,001-   £162,001-   £223,001-   £324,001-     over
                                        £44,000     £65,000    £91,000    £123,000   £162,000    £223,000    £324,000    £424,000    £424,000
according to the valuation band in
                                        641·96      748·95     855·95     962·94     1,176·93 1,390·91 1,604·90 1,925·88 2,246·86               Bishton
which your home is placed and the
area of Newport in which your home      637·63      743·89     850·17     956·44     1,168·99 1,381·52 1,594·07 1,912·88 2,231·69               Coedkernew
is located.                             642·89      750·04     857·19     964·34     1,178·64 1,392·93 1,607·23 1,928·68 2,250·13               Goldcliff
Your home has been placed in one of     646·29      754·01     861·73     969·44     1,184·87 1,400·30 1,615·73 1,938·88 2,262·03               Graig
the nine bands according to its
                                        641·09      747·94     854·79     961·64     1,175·34 1,389·03 1,602·73 1,923·28 2,243·83               Langstone
market value at 1 April 2003.
                                        649·29      757·51     865·73     973·94     1,190·37 1,406·80 1,623·23 1,947·88 2,272·53               Llanvaches
This table gives details of the basic
                                        646·44      754·18     861·92     969·66     1,185·14 1,400·62 1,616·10 1939·32 2,262·54                Llanwern
charge in each area of the city and
for each valuation band within that     645·96      753·62     861·28     968·94     1,184·26 1,399·58 1,614·90 1,937·88 2,260·86               Marshfield
area.                                   646·02      753·69     861·36     969·03     1,184·37 1,399·71 1,615·05 1,938·06 2,261·07               Michaelstone
The actual amount you are due to        642·09      749·11     856·13     963·14     1,177·17 1,391·20 1,605·23 1,926·28 2,247·33               Nash
pay may be reduced by discounts or
                                        641·82      748·79     855·76     962·73     1,176·67 1,390·61 1604·55 1,925·46 2,246·37                Penhow
benefit. The enclosed bill will show
these if they are applicable.           653·82      762·79     871·76     980·73     1,198·67 1,416·61 1,634·55 1,961·46 2,288·37               Redwick
                                        647·96      755·95     863·95     971·94     1,187·93 1,403·91 1,619·90 1,943·88 2,267·86               Rogerstone
Details of how to claim discounts and
benefits are shown later in this        643·96      751·28     858·62     965·94     1,180·60 1,395·24 1,609·90 1,931·88 2,253·86               Wentlooge
booklet.                                635·96      741·95     847·95     953·94     1,165·93 1,377·91 1,589·90 1,907·88 2,225·86               All other areas

For more information on Council Tax and the Council’s budget visit
What the tax is used for                                                                   3

                                                   Precepts                2010/2011
In addition to the services provided
directly by Newport City Council, the     Gwent Police                      9,570,516·00
authority is also involved in running a   Bishton Community Council            6,498·00
number of other organisations such
                                          Coedkernew Community Council         2,270·00
as the Coroner services and the
Gwent Crematorium.                        Goldcliff Community Council          1,851·20

Some organisations also have the          Graig Community Council             41,788·00
power to issue levies to the Council      Langstone Community Council         13,097·70
to raise money for services. These
                                          Llanvaches Community Council         4,660·00
include South Wales Fire Authority
(£7·1million) and the Caldicot and        Llanwern Community Council           2,499·48
Wentlooge Levels Drainage Board           Marshfield Community Council        21,390·00
                                          Michaelstone Community Council       2,399·31
Some organisations have the power
                                          Nash Community Council               1,251·20
to precept (collect taxes) from the
people of Newport.Your Council Tax        Penhow Community Council             3,814·86
bill will show each element of the tax    Redwick Community Council            2,973·69
separately. The organisations and the
amounts they precept are shown in         Rogerstone Community Council        78,552·00
the table alongside.                      Wentlooge Community Council          4,020·00

   The Council’s Revenue Account                                                            The Council’s Financial Reserves

                                               2009/2010         2010/2011
                                                 Total     Total    per 'Band D' Taxpayer   At the 1st April 2010 the
                                                                                            Council should have financial
                                                 £'M       £'M               £
                                                                                            reserves of £11·8million on the
Gross Expenditure                                355·3     357·8         6,781·65
                                                                                            Council Fund, and £26·0million
Less Specific Gov't Grants                        88·9      89·9         1,703·06           in earmarked reserves. At 31st
Less Rents, Charges, etc                          35·7      33·9             641·94         March 2011 the balance on the
                                                                                            Council Fund will remain at
                                                 230·7     234·0
                                                                                            £11·8million (plus £3·0million
Transfers to/(from) Reserves & Contingencies     (2·5)     (3·6)             (65·57)        held by schools), and earmarked
                                                                                            reserves will be 27·0million.
Net Expenditure financed from:                   228·2     237·6         4,502·22

     Revenue Support Grant                       152·5     158·3         3,000·06           Standard Spending Assessment (SSA)

     Business Rates                               36·9      38·5             729·60         This is the Government
     Council Tax                                  38·8      40·8             772·56         calculation of how much each
                                                 228·2     237·6         4,502·22           Council needs to spend to
                                                                                            deliver standard services. The
                                                                                            figure for Newport in 2010/11 is
                                                                                            £244.8 million. The Councils
                                                                                            budget is £237.6 million.

   Income 2010/2011                                            Expenditure 2010/2011                                          5

   Despite the changes brought about by the recent             The Council will spend over £355million in 2010/2011 of
   revaluation, council tax still only contributes about       which well over half will fund Education & Social Services.
   11% of total income.                                        Total expenditure in Newport amounts to around £6,000
                                                               per property per annum.

                                     Other Income
                                                                                                 Other Costs
  Government                                                  Social Services
                                                                                            14.5%                  Services
               11.3%                   43.8%
Tax                10.7%                                                  11.0%

                                                           Highways,                                  Education
   Business Rates              Revenue Support Grant       Planning &
Explanatory Notes
Valuations                                           • left empty by students                              • 18 and 19 year olds who are at or have just left
Most dwellings are subject to Council Tax, based     • waiting for probate or letters of administration      school
on valuation bands effective from 1 April 2005.        (and for up to six months after probate)            • careworkers working for low pay, usually
Valuation ranges are shown on the second page        • repossessed                                           for charities
of this booklet.                                     • the responsibility of a bankrupt's trustee          • people caring for someone with a disability
                                                     • left empty because occupation is prohibited           (not a spouse, partner, or child under 18)
Appeals                                                by law                                              • members of visiting forces and certain
If you wish to dispute any matter on the Valuation   • waiting to be occupied by a minister of religion      international institutions
List, e.g. your home's valuation band, you should    • an annex not letable separately                     • people in prison (except for non-payment of
contact The Valuation Office Agency, 11 Chepstow                                                             council tax or a fine)
Road, Newport, NP19 8WA. Except for matters          MOD dwellings are also exempt, their occupants
                                                                                                           • members of religious communities (monks and
such as the correction of clerical errors, you may   will contribute to council expenditure through a
not appeal where six months has elapsed since        special arrangement.
the day on which you became the taxpayer.                                                                  Councils have discretion to grant or vary
                                                     Empty property and second homes                       discounts and exemptions because of local
You may also appeal against liability for council    Some empty properties are exempt (see above).         circumstances such as natural disasters. Individual
tax, e.g. if your dwelling should be exempt.You      Other empty properties receive either a 50%           discounts may also be applied e.g. for hardship.
should appeal to the Council but payments may        discount or, if they fall within a defined class, a
not be withheld while appealing. If you are          discount of 25% or no discount at all. Councils       If you think you are entitled to any reduction
successful you will be refunded any overpayments.    have discretionary powers to reduce or end the        please contact the council. If your bill shows a
                                                     50% discount for dwellings which are unoccupied       reduction, you must tell the council of any
Exempt dwellings                                     and furnished.Your bill will show if your property    changes of circumstances. If you fail to do so
Some dwellings are exempt, including properties      is in the defined class.                              there may be a penalty.
occupied only by students, under 18s, the severely
mentally impaired, annexes occupied by               Discount                                              People with disabilities
dependent relatives, and vacant properties which     There is a discount of 25% for single adult           If a resident needs a room, or an extra bathroom
are:                                                 residency. The following do not count towards the     or kitchen, or extra space in your property to
                                                     number of adult residents:                            meet disabled needs, you may be entitled to a
• unfurnished (maximum six months)
                                                                                                           reduction. The bill may be reduced by one
• owned by a charity (maximum six months)            • full-time students, student nurses, apprentices
                                                                                                           valuation band.
• requiring/undergoing major works                     and youth training trainees
• left empty by someone who is detained in           • patients resident in hospital                       These reductions ensure that disabled people do
  prison, or who has moved to receive care in a      • people being looked after in care homes             not pay more tax on account of additional space
  hospital, home or elsewhere                        • the severely mentally impaired                      required.
• left empty by someone who has moved to             • people staying in certain hostels or night
                                                                                                           If your home is in Band A the bill will be reduced
  provide personal care to another person              shelters
                                                                                                           by one ninth of the Band D Charge.
Recycling in Newport                                                                                                                               7

Orange Top Bin -
Collected on                     
                                YES PLEASE
alternate weeks to
your rubbish bin. For
queries or to be                
considered for a FREE orange    NO THANKS
                                                                                             Plastic    Food stained
                                               Food                    Bags & carriers     containers    cardboard     Polystyrene Tetrapaks
bin tel: 01633 656656

                                                                                                                All plastic bottles as most are
                                                                                                               plastic types 1 and 2.
Green Box -
Collected once                  
                               YES PLEASE
a week with
your blue box. For queries
or to order a FREE green box   
                               NO THANKS
tel: 01633 281281                             Bin bags        Plastic bags     Cardboard        Tetrapaks          Other plastics

Blue Box -                      
Collected once                 YES
a week with your               PLEASE

green box. For queries or
to order a FREE blue box,
tel: 01633 281281
                               NO THANKS     Wrapping paper      Tetrapaks      Cardboard

                               To recycle more of your rubbish call 01633 656656 or visit
Refuse Collection & Disposal

Bank Holiday...Christmas and New Year Services 2010 – 2011
Set out below is the intended refuse collection arrangements for the coming year

 Monday 5 April              Tuesday 6 April           Monday 30 August            Tuesday 31 August
 Tuesday 6 April             Wednesday 7 April         Tuesday 31 August           Wednesday 1 September
 Wednesday 7 April           Thursday 8 April          Wednesday 1 September       Thursday 2 September
 Thursday 8 April            Friday 9 April            Thursday 2 September        Friday 3 September
 Friday 9 April              Saturday 10 April         Friday 3 September          Saturday 4 September

 MAY DAY SERVICE                                       CHRISTMAS SERVICES
 Monday 3 May                Tuesday 4 May             Monday 27 December          Tuesday 28 December
 Tuesday 4 May               Wednesday 5 May           Tuesday 28 December         Wednesday 29 December
 Wednesday 5 May             Thursday 6 May            Wednesday 29 December       Thursday 30 December
 Thursday 6 May              Friday 7 May              Thursday 30 December        Friday 31 December
 Friday 7 May                Saturday 8 May            Friday 31 December          Sunday 2 January

SPRING BANK SERVICE                                    NEW YEAR SERVICES
Monday 31 May               Tuesday 1 June             Monday 3 January            Tuesday 4 January
Tuesday 1 June              Wednesday 2 June           Tuesday 4 January           Wednesday 5 January
Wednesday 2 June            Thursday 3 June            Wednesday 5 January         Thursday 6 January
Thursday 3 June             Friday 4 June              Thursday 6 January          Friday 7 January
Friday 4 June               Saturday 5 June            Friday 7 January            Saturday 8 January

Direct Debit                                                                                                                 9

Pay your Council Tax by Direct Debit and save                        The Direct Debit Guarantee
yourself time and energy – it’s convenient, easy
and gives you peace of mind.                                  •   This Guarantee is offered by all banks and building
                                                                  societies that accept instructions to pay Direct Debits
For more information about payment options                    •   If there are any changes to the amount, date or
visit                               frequency of your Direct Debit, Newport City Council
                                                                  will notify you at least 14 days in advance of your
Please return the Direct Debit instruction on the next page       account being debited or as otherwise agreed. If you
of this booklet in an envelope (NO STAMP REQUIRED) to:            request Newport City Council to collect a payment,
                                                                  confirmation of the amount and date will be given to you
Newport City Council                                              at the time of the request
Council Tax Office                                            •   If an error is made in the payment of your Direct Debit,
FREEPOST CF2835                                                   by Newport City Council or your bank or building
NEWPORT                                                           society you are entitled to a full and immediate
NP20 1YY                                                          refund of the amount paid from your bank or building
                                                                  - If you receive a refund you are not entitled to, you
                                                                    must pay it back when Newport City Council asks
                                                                    you to
                                                              •   You can cancel a Direct Debit at any time by simply
                                                                  contacting your bank or building society. Written
                                                                  confirmation may be required. Please also notify us.
 Direct Debit

Instructions to your Bank/Building Society
to pay Direct Debit

Your Name                                      Branch Sort Code

Your Address                                   Bank/Building Society Account No.

                                               Originator’s Identification No.     9    9   1      3    9    5

                              postcode         Monthly Payment Date Required (please circle) 1st       5th   12th   20th

                                               Council Tax Reference No.
                                               INSTRUCTION TO YOUR BANK/BUILDING SOCIETY
To The Manager                                 Please pay Newport City Council Direct Debits from the account detailed
(Bank/Building Society)                        in this instruction subject to the safeguards assured by the Direct Debit
Bank Address
                                               I understand that this instruction may remain with Newport City Council
                                               and details will be passed electronically to my Bank/Building Society.

                              postcode         Signature(s)

Name(s) of Account Holders:

Help with your Council Tax and online information                     11

Your bill online
To view a virtual bill, get information about payment
options and to find out if you qualify for financial help

Don’t pay more Council
Tax than you have to!
If you are on a low income, Council Tax
Benefit may be able to help by reducing your
Council Tax bill. If you get other benefits they
won’t be affected by Council Tax Benefit.

Find out if you’re eligible by applying for a
rebate today.

For a claim form telephone 01633 656656
or visit tax

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