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					                                                                          Process Quality Engineering

                                        Assessment - Overview

         The Process Quality Engineering course is designed for non-Industrial Engineering
students. (Industrial Engineering students would be expected to cover similar material in greater
depth over several semesters.) It is intended to provide a broad, hands-on view of statistical
methods in engineering. Students completing this course should be familiar with the role of
statistical methods in today's industrial quality culture. They should be able to use basic tools
         i) descriptive statistics and statistical graphics,
         ii) probability models and statistical inference, including normal-based confidence
              intervals and hypothesis tests,
         iii) construction and interpretation of basic charts for statistical process control,
         iv) the construction and interpretation of simple and multiple regression models, and the
              design of simple factorial and fractional factorial experiments,
         v) graphical methods for robust design.

       Assessment of student performance was conducted in several ways:

       i) graded laboratory worksheets
       ii) weekly closed book quizzes
       iii) two hourly exams (in class, 50 minute, closed book, 1 & 2 study sheets)
       iv) final examination (comprehensive, open book + study sheets).

        Assessment of the course content and conduct was performed by a self-organized student
CQI team. Students were given the opportunity to volunteer for the team at the beginning of the
semester. Six students were selected from a class of about 65. There was a nominal grade credit
for participation on the team. The team prepared and distributed student questionnaires for each
module, and these were administered at the end of the module's lab session. The results were
tabulated and presented to the class and the professor at the beginning of the next lecture. CQI
team members also prepared individual written critiques of each lab, and individual written
evaluations of the course as a whole.

        This folder/directory contains assessment files for each module and a folder/directory
containing quizzes. The quizzes were given each Wednesday at the end of class, and took about
ten minutes. They were closed book, and closed notes. Hints were often given in previous
lectures as to what kinds of questions would be on the upcoming quiz. This helped maintain
student attention, and encouraged students to never fall more than a week behind in reviewing
course notes and homeworks. The final examination was 115 minutes and was open book, but
no notes except for three 8 1/2 x 11 study sheets. The construction of the study sheets was
encouraged throughout the semester, with one sheet allowed for the first hourly exam (closed
book) and two sheets allowed for the second hourly exam (closed book). A final exam is

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                                                                        Process Quality Engineering

included in this folder/directory along with a Minitab for Windows worksheet (FINAL.MTW)
containing data for a final exam question(s). The data is also in a Microsoft Word document
(FINAL.DOC). Data for a practice exam question is also in a Minitab for Windows worksheet
(PRACFINL.MTW) and in a Microsoft Word document (PRACFINL.DOC

        The assessment file for each module lists the desired outcomes for that module, the
relevant quiz numbers from the quiz folder, and refers to the homework folder which contains
related practice exam questions.

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