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									                    Free Web Resources for Teachers
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                        ED526: Telecommunications in the 21st Century
                                        Fall 2005
This site has claims to have 280,000 lesson plans for teachers! There are many
resources, free for teachers, available from this site!
This site is a hotlist of free teacher goodies! You can find things such as “Freebies from
your Congress”, free posters, bookmarks, books, educational guides, etc.
More free stuff for teachers! There is a directory of links for teachers. Links include:
“Teacher Tips”, “Printables and Worksheets”, “Themes”, etc. Check it out!

Discovery School’s Puzzlemaker
This site will create ten different kinds of puzzles for you, including mazes,
cryptograms, crosswords, word searches, and math squares. You just need to type in
the title, the words, the phrase, or whatever other information you want included,
and the site will do the rest. This would be nice to include in newsletters or as a fun
activity that reinforces whatever topic you are teaching.

This site will create graphic organizers for you. It also contains useful links to quotes,
reference sites, journal topics, games, and other helpful resources for your classroom.
This is an excellent resource for all teachers. There are free lesson plans, printables,
message boards to share ideas, mailrings, forums for all genres of teachers, etc. For
the lesson plans, you can search for a specific topic, browse the given topics, submit
your own lesson plan to share with others, or request a lesson plan that you would like
to have. Lesson plans are divided by grade, subject, and program (i.e. special
Ed Helper can be utilized for free (you can use more of the website by joining
however). This website is very helpful for building tests, quizzes, puzzles, charts, review
sheets, graphic organizers, gradebooks, timelines, graphs, etc. You can print out
entire themed units, lesson plans, daily writing prompts, and a whole lot more. This is
a very useful site.
Free software is included with this website. Such software include: single and
double-sided flashcard maker, multiple choice maker, multiple choice maker, and
many different types of language arts programs (vowel remover, word maker, etc.).

This site also includes a “Useful Links” page with links to sites such as: dictionaries,
reference sites, English sites, news, etc.
This site includes information for almost every subject area. The sections include Arts
and Literature, Health and Fitness, Math, Science, Social Studies, Pre K – 2, and Library
Media. Each section provides lesson plans and activities that can be narrowed
down by grade levels and topic. Many of the activities in the Social Studies section
require and encourage the use of technology for the completion of the lesson or
This site provides an extensive list of links for “free materials, resources and services for
educators.” The list includes resources that teachers from any subject area may be
able to use in their classrooms. For example, the company Bic is offering free
products each month to the first 20,000 teachers that register in 2005.
This is a site provided by the U.S. Department of Education. It provides resources
“educational excellence” that can be used in almost any content area. Once you
choose a content area it will help you narrow down topics within the content area.
Good luck!
This is a great site. On this site you will find a variety of physical education games,
cooperative games and activities, sports games, lead up activities. You will find
ideas on physical education assessment, field day ideas, cheap or free physical
education equipment. There is also a “Questions and Answers” where you can get
help from other educators.
“Labels for Education”
This site explains how a school can obtain free supplies for the classroom, playground,
or physical education classes by collecting soup can labels.
This is a website created by PBS. The link allows you to choose the grade level and
the specific content area of the course. You will get a certain number of “hits” and
there will be different types of problem solving problems to choose from.
These questions, or problems that PBS makes available range from lab work, mini-
lessons, and problem sets.
Free PDF converter/writer. There are free downloads so you make a document into a
PDF, great for posting on your teacher website, easily accessible for anyone with a
This is a great site for science teachers. Everything is broken down into specific
science areas, which saves a lot of time when searching for ideas. Rather than
searching through “science” for biology topics, I can search for “biology” ideas. This
site has a lot of neat ideas, which I might try in my classroom.

I also checked out the “idea factory” section, which was also interesting. It listed
some neat ideas for the first and last days of school, etc. One in particular that I like is
the following: “Letters of Experience”. At the end of the year, I am going to have my
8th graders write letters to the 7th graders (who will be coming to my 8th grade class).
The topics of the letter will be something like “How to survive Miss Schantz’s science
class”. Then, the following school year, I will have the “new” 8th graders read letters
from the pervious year. I think it would make the kids feel at home, knowing that their
friends made it through physical science…and are handing down some tips to do so!

This site has a lot of free clip arts sites as well. And these sites are broken down into
general sites as well as science clip art sites.

I think this is a great site for science teachers. It seems as though I can find just about
anything on this site….lesson plans, clip art, ideas for science fairs, and links to other
interesting sites.

Clip art and bookmarks
Library and book specific clip art for communications.
Printable bookmarks for student use.

Research worksheets
Printable worksheets provide research practice activities for elementary students.
Integrating research strategies

Research activities
This site is loaded with activities for all levels.

Book Reviews
Search book reviews by author, title, or reading level.
Book reviews for children from birth through age 12, their parents, caregivers,
teachers, and librarians.
Feature exciting things to do from some of the best children's activity books published
today. Also, issues of “The Scoop” an online publication that reviews books.

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