WEB HOSTING (Email Hosting)

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					WEB HOSTING (Email Hosting)
A truly easy startup plan that will get you started online immediately.

                                                             With our latest inclusion of anti-virus protection features on our mail servers for
                                                             all e-mail users, you'll be assured of virus free e-mails to your mailboxes.
                                                             More companies have outsourced their e-mail service to us as our services have
                                                             proven reliable. We have earned the trust of over 15,000 e-mail users.
                                                             Let us take the hassles out of e-mail servers for you so you can return to your
                                                             core business with confidence!

                                                               Email Hosting Plan available with the following features:

                                                                  Email Hosting
                              Setup Fees             Annually Fees               Data Transfer               Spam Filter             POP3/SMTP

          2GB                  Free                     RM380                         5GB                     10 users               Limited 10

          5GB                  Free                     RM760                        10GB                     30 users               Limited 30

         10GB                  Free                    RM1,520                       10GB                     50 users               Limited 50

 Basic Features                                                                    Network Features
 • Your own domain name (name@yourdomain.com)                                      • Ultra Fast OC-48 (2.5 Gbps) Internet Backbone
 • Web-base email messaging                                                        • Fast Ethernet / FDDI network
 • Email forwarding                                                                • UPS system and backup generator set
 • Email aliases account                                                           • Fire fighting systems
 • Unlimited number of mailboxes                                                   • Air-conditioning
 • Unlimited Autoresponder                                                         • Raised flooring
 • Support Proxy mail server configuration                                         • Maximum bandwidth
 • Catch all capability
 • Mdaemon mail software support                                                   Web Messaging
                                                                                   • Access to e-mail from any Web browser
 Support                                                                           • Address book
 • 24 x 7 technical support                                                        • Multiple attachments
                                                                                   • Multiple mail folders
                                                                                   • Message searching
 Advance Features and Technology
                                                                                   • Spell checker
 • Anti-Virus protection
                                                                                   • Customised dictionary
 • Daily Backup
                                                                                   • Self administration
 • Disk mirror option

 • Web calendaring and organizer: add RM1 per user per month
 • Additional mail space: add RM1 per MB per month
 • List server: please call
 • Dedicated mail server: RM750 monthly onwards
 • Mail Server mirror at Data Recovery Center: One-time setup fees of RM500 plus additional monthly fees as per primary server