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					Beware of Internet Insurance quote sites
By Kenneth Ford

While there are Legitimate Master General Agent Owned Websites, available, including those owned
by the Ford Agency, our Term and Health Insurance platform, and The
Universal Life Insurance Platform,, Many people are under
the mistaken impression that any site on the internet where they can request insurance quotes is a site
owned and operated by a professional insurance agent or agency that is duly licensed in their state.
However, this is not in fact the case, a large percentage of sites related to life and health insurance are
neither owned nor operated by a licensed agency. Rather they are portals designed to generate personal
information from the user, which is then sold to a third party. The third party may or may not be
licensed insurance agents, they may be marketing any number of discount programs, or just the
contacts contact information, or other products that are not providing a viable solution to the inquirer’s

There are several problems with this approach, first, there is the obvious issue of misleading the
consumer, the prospective customer is not informed that their information will be sold to third parties
until after they have submitted the information, consumers should know up front who will be receiving
the information they provide. The Third parties who receive the information are paying a fee to receive
it, the information may be sold up to 10 times, and the General agents who purchase it may provide it
to up to 10 agents to call on the responders. Often before a client is even off of the internet they may
receive 10 phone calls from agents wanting to aid their search. While it is advisable to use a qualifed
professional agent to assist in seeking any complicated financial product, it proves somewhat irritating
to have 50 of them call you in a day, especially when many are unqualified or downright incompetent.
So how do you avoid submitting your information to a marketing site, or lead provider? Even some
“legitimate” insurance organizations, like Esurance, Intelliquote and other “legitimate” organizations,
are going to sell your information to several agents, because they are maximizing their information
gathering operation. Neither the consumer nor the agent is served by these methods, but the
organizations continue to grow because of their visability and high dollar advertising campaigns. The
best way to determine if the site you are looking at is a legitimate agency, is to read the about us section
of their web page, and determine whether there is a contact phone number available, and an
accountable individual identified. Take a few moments to research who owns and operates the site, if
you are able to find specific details about a Master General Agent, chances are you have found a
licensed agent, or agency.
At I4Financial, and EZTaxFreeIncome, we take pride in the fact that we never sell client or prospect
information, your case is personally handled by Kenneth Ford, the Master General Agent, or one of his
highly professional, handpicked associates. You receive contact from just that one individual, and if
you don’t desire assistance, you may decide to go your own way. With broker assistance, we will
submit your application for signature at your email address, or you can apply on your own
electronically, through one of the links provided on our site. For Life insurance it is best to have at least
email communication, The system varies by carrier, We provide no obligation information, to be used
at your discretion, and provide assistance where necessary. Stop by http://i4Financial/, or, and leave your contact information if you would like
assistance, or just find the information you need, and move on.

Kenneth James Ford

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