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									Hyper Facebook Traffic Review

                   EliKen Marketing
 With all of the buzz in the internet-marketing
   world about Adeel Chowdhry and Bobby
  Walker’s Hyper Facebook Traffic program
 over the last few weeks, one would think that
the boys would keep it open a while. However,
rumor has it, as they did only 72 hours after its
 launch, they are going to be shutting it down,
             and this time for good…

                                 EliKen Marketing
So who cares you might be thinking, how many products
about driving internet traffic for affiliate marketers, does
there need to be after all? I may not be the most popular
 man in the Hyper FB world after this, but I am going to
         give my honest thoughts on the subject.

                                       EliKen Marketing
   First of all, let me express, that the affiliate
   marketer is not the only beneficiary of the
   information that is divulged in this course.
Anyone, who sells anything, can learn quite a bit
from these gentlemen. The core product, offered
  at $79 before up sells, provides the purchaser
with quite a bit of good material, although some
   would consider that if someone was not yet
  involved with social networking, they would
         have little interest in Hyper FB.

                                             EliKen Marketing
 When you consider that           The information is in
Facebook consists of half         fact very valuable, in
a Billion users, with more     setting the foundation, as
page views than anywhere        the presenter calls it, for
 on the internet, perhaps       using the main profile as
 you will reconsider. The         a basis for marketing
 details of how to set up a    products at a future date,
  profile, and the initial     through the relationships
   research required to         which are founded upon
optimize it like a blog, are   the creation of a properly
   explained in the first              built profile.
           video. .
                                 EliKen Marketing
While the information is presented well, and is accurate to the
  time frame in which it was created, there are two problems
   that the viewer will notice immediately. And they carry on
    throughout the program. One, the presenter glosses over
scenarios that do not fit his presentation, by simply moving on
     past the obvious fumble. The second, and perhaps most
  irritating foible, is the continual use of the word, “Okay?”.
 While the content that is presented is excellent, it does begin
   to become hard to concentrate, through the poor speaking
                           skills exhibited.

                                         EliKen Marketing
 In the second module, the speaker delves into the meat
   of the development of your profile page, with great
  detail, from how to illuminate your profile details, to
 the process of making “friends”, all with the end result
     of monetizing your efforts forefront in mind. He
  sprinkles the presentation with cautionary warnings,
about how facebook referees its site, and the methods he
 provides are designed to stay within the boundaries of
   the facebook guidelines, in order to ensure that the
 work you do is not wasted, with a “blown up” account.

                                     EliKen Marketing
   Modules 3 through 6 round out the methodology of developing a
successful monetization of your Facebook efforts, with the power and
methods for developing group relationships, creating and monetizing
 Fan Pages, creating events and adding a notes tab described in great
detail, in sequence. The value of the discussion, is well beyond the cost
    of the product. Chowdry and Walker have created a masterful
method of addressing and explaining the potential for money making
  opportunity, within the framework of Facebook guidelines, that is
  available for anyone who cares to make the effort to explore them.

                                              EliKen Marketing
Modules 7 and 8 discuss ongoing management
 and monetization respectively. He encourages
 the user to develop their own groups and fan
pages in the previous sections, and the final two
  videos demonstrate the need to control your
  pages in an ongoing manner, while ensuring
   that you get to keep control of your efforts
 inside the very powerful 500 million member

                                EliKen Marketing
Their conclusion is not surprising, in retrospect, and the
road to that result is quite nicely mapped out for either a
 newly initiated or seasoned internet or off net marketer.
 The ideas contained in module 8 with respect to how to
     monetize the work you have engaged in over the
     extended period it takes to develop this program
  properly, as an individual or organizational facebook
user, are extremely insightful, and will help any marketer
      to unleash the power of the facebook medium.

                                      EliKen Marketing
If you have the opportunity and the ability to
 acquire the product, I recommend it highly.
Despite the irritating shortcomings, the course
is filled with highly valuable information, and
  will enable the development of a successful
     facebook campaign, for individuals, or
  organizations. Make sure you pick up your
           copy, at EliKen Marketing

                              EliKen Marketing
Thank you!!

              EliKen Marketing

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