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Get Rid of Cellulite: One True Way to Get Rid of

                                                         What is cellulite?

  • Fat cells in the subcutaneous layer are arranged in chambers
  surrounded by bands of connective tissue called septae
  • As retained water or fat cells are enlarged, the fat chambers
  expand against the non-flexible connective tissue. This results in
  areas in a dimpled „orange peel‟ skin appearance on the surface.
  • Significant contributors to cellulite include impairment in blood
  circulation, rigid collagen and poor lymphatic drainage.
         “I want to get rid of my cellulite…”
It’s the one wish every woman with the bumps, dimples
and orange peel – would do anything for. From slender,
     young women to older and flabbier women – the
  appearance of cellulite can affect any female – at any
                   point in her lifetime.

Unfortunately, despite all the various “ways to get rid of
    it” – there is only one way that actually works.

A specifically targeted, lower body exercise program can
  get rid of cellulite. Let me clarify – it can get rid of the
appearance of cellulite. See, there really is no substance
          in, or under, the skin known as cellulite.
Cellulite is simply the name given the appearance of the bumps, dimples
              and orange peel effect on a woman‟s lower body.

                      Truth About “Cellulite”
But with all the confusion caused by the mass media and unscrupulous
   marketers – the average woman has been led to believe there is
something actually in, or beneath her skin called cellulite. This can‟t be
                          further from the truth.

 But because of this misleading education – 97% of women who have
 „cellulite‟ end up buying into the sales pitches behind the pills, lotions,
body wraps, gadgets, machines, medi-spa treatments and skin scrubs.
      With no results to show for the money wasted and time spent.

          Most Women Give Up – But Some Keep Searching
Not only is it frustrating – it‟s demoralizing. So much so, that most
 women give up. But some do not – they keep looking. And the
  fortunate ones come across an exercise program specifically
             designed to reduce and get rid of cellulite.

       So, what are the exercises which get rid of cellulite?

 The good news is you do not have to subject yourself to joining
your local sweat shop – or shell out $700 dollars for a health club
  membership. The truth is, you only have focus on a series of
 body-weight exercises targeting your legs, butt, hips and thighs.
   No weights or machines are needed – as they are actually
   Here are four anti cellulite exercises to
INCLUDE in your cellulite reduction program:

1 – Symmetrical Hip Extensions

2 – Slow Step Downs

3 – Low Tempo Leg Lift

4 – Bilateral Touch-Downs
     Here are four lower body (gym based)
             exercises to AVOID:

1 – Dead Lifts

2 – Leg Extensions

3 – Bar Squats

4 – Hamstring Curls
Muscle Toning Synergy Creates Smooth and Tight Skin

 For specific matters of achieving a tightly smoothed look in your
  legs, buns, hips and thighs – you only need to focus on a core
   group of exercises. These exercises create powerful muscle
   toning synergy when combined with proper form, tempo and

   This combination reverses the effects of muscular atrophy.
Muscular atrophy is where a muscle, or group of muscles, is only
used minimally. For example – most women simply walk from one
place to another – or they are on a basic cardio exercise program
  or yoga routine which is not intended to firm and tone certain
                         muscles groups.
When those lower body muscles are not firmly strengthened – they
 allow the skin on top of them to sag and pucker – resulting in the
   dimples and bumps we see on the surface – a.k.a. “cellulite”.

By reversing muscular atrophy – you get rid of the mushy softness
   under the skin – and you develop a certain degree of natural
muscle density. This natural level of muscle density pushes out on
the superficial skin layers and levels out the uneven surface of the
                             visible skin.

              It sounds pretty simple – because it is.

   It‟s basic physiology. No hype, no lies, no sneaky marketing
     For more information, NAKED BEAUTY,

The Home Exercise Cellulite Reduction Program
                for Women.

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