; Questions about resveratrol supplements
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Questions about resveratrol supplements


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									What you need to know about
 Resveratrol and Resveratrol
   Resveratrol, is a polyphenolic compound found in
    grapes, red wine, purple grape juice, some
    berries, and peanuts.

   What is a polyphenol?
    A polyphenol is an antioxidant chemical that
    prevents or neutralizes the damaging effects of
    free radicals.

   Why are antioxidants good for me?
    While free radicals and the oxidation processes
    they trigger are a necessary part of life, they
    have damaging side effects which your body tries
    to minimize.
         Oral Absorption?               What supplements are
                                    available that are dissolved in
   Studies have shown that                   the mouth?
    when resveratrol is taken in
    pill form, it is metabolized
    and up to 70% of the
    compound is eliminated by
    the body.                          Ezmelts has a complete line
                                        of nutritional supplements,
                                        their specially designed
   The most optimal                    tablets can be absorbed by
    absorption results appeared         the lining of the mouth,
    when the resveratrol                maximizing the
    supplement was administered         bioavailability of nutrients.
    orally as tablet that can be
    absorbed by the tissue lining
    the mouth.
              150mgof 99% pure trans-resveratrol
              commonly used in scientific research.

               The equivalent to drinking 500
              glasses of wine.

              Rapid  oral disintegrating technology
              for best absorption.
              As   low as $16.66 for a month's supply.

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