AnewAmerica Trains Immigrant Entrepeneurs

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					                                AnewAmerica Trains
                                Immigrant Entrepeneurs
by Stacy Kish, CSREES           One quarter of foreign-born Latino        food marketing, healthy nutrition for
                                and Southeast Asian immigrants            low-income people, processing,
                                live at or below the poverty level.       and certification. Previous classes
AnewAmerica works               With funding from USDA’s                  included recycling, composting,
with immigrant micro-           Cooperative State Research,               energy use, cleaning products,
entrepeneurs to create          Education, and Extension Service,         and fair wages.“ This project [is]
new markets for products        AnewAmerica, in conjunction with          unique in giving low-income food
and increase the use of         Agricultural Land-Based Association,      businesses and farmers the opportunity
                                developed the Green Market project.       to learn from each other about [the]
sustainable and green
                                The project provides a curriculum that    challenges and practices involved in
technologies breaking
                                links food microbusiness training and     producing and marketing healthy foods
the cycle of poverty
                                technical assistance with sustainable     in low-income communities,” said Sylvia
in the San Francisco Bay        and organic agriculture. The diverse      Rosales-Fike, AnewAmerica’s president
community. >>                   course work includes business planning,   and CEO.
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Right: Cecilia Lopez with
her product, Cecilia’s Salsa.
Credit: AnewAmerica Community
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                                            The Green Market project developed
                                            a business incubation program,
                                            called the Green Banana Food
                                            Incubation Project. The business
                                            incubator includes a certification
                                            program that allows participants
                                            to earn college certificates in
                                            business planning from AnewAmerica’s
                                            educational partner, Holy Names
                                            University, in Oakland, Calif. During
Above: Holy Names Garden Grand Opening.
Credit: AnewAmerica Community Corporation
                                            the certification program, participants   receive business training through
                                            are teamed with a business coach          the Green Banana Food Incubator,
                                            in industry to learn practical business   153 participants receive college
                                            management and operation techniques.      business planning certificates,
                                                  The Green Banana Café, Kitchen      26 clients obtain Food Safety
                                            School, and Community Space provide       and Handling certification, and
                                            participants access to a marketplace      13 participants hone their skills
                                            and experimental training to practice     in the Green Banana Community
                                            new business skills.                      Kitchen School.
                                                 After participants obtain their            AnewAmerica Community
                                            formal business licenses and finalize     Corporation was founded in 1999
                                            a business plan, they may move            by a group of community leaders
                                            onto the next step in the education       representing immigrants and
                                            and training process, the Access          community development advocates.
                                            to Markets program. This program          The program provides integrated
                                            gives participants access to business     job creation, asset development
                                            development opportunities, credit         and community empowerment
                                            services and microloan packages           strategies for low-income new
                                            through partner financial institutions.   Americans living in the San Francisco
                                                 “This program helped me              Bay Area. To learn more about
                                            understand that I, as a single mother,    AnewAmerica visit:
                                            low-income food entrepreneur, can             cfp_impact_031_06_23_08_anewamerica.pdf, pg. 2/2 | CSREES Communications Staff

                                            access healthy foods for my business            CSREES funded this research project
                                            and for my children. I thought only       through the Community Food Projects
                                            rich people could eat well!” said         program. Through federal funding and
                                            Cecilia Lopez, the entrepreneur           leadership for research, education and
                                            running Green Banana Café and             extension programs, CSREES focuses
                                            owner of “Cecilia’s Salsa,” a product     on investing in science and solving
                                            developed at AnewAmerica.                 critical issues impacting people’s daily
                                                 Over the past three years, the       lives and the nation’s future. For more
                                            program has helped 65 entrepreneurs       information, visit