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									City of Sacramento
Small Business Development and Employment Advisory Board

Date:           Thursday, December 21, 2006
Time:           1:00 PM
Location:       915 I Street, New City Hall, First Floor, Conference Room 1217


I: CALL TO ORDER: 1:22, P.M., Molly Stuart

Members Present: Michelle McClure, Lauren Morgan, Edgar Calderon, Molly Stuart, Eugene D.
Members Absent: Christopher Stewart, Tracie Stafford, Ingrid Rosten and Samuel Wallace
Staff Present: Trevor Walton, Charlotte Broussard, Susan Edmonson and Ken Fleming

Agenda approved as presented

Molly Stuart called for a motion to adopt November 2006 minutes. Lauren Morgan motioned,
seconded by Eugene Jones to approve the November 2006 minutes.

Outreach and Communications Committee Report:
Lauren Morgan stated at the November 2, 2006 meeting, it was decided that she, Tracie Stafford
and Trevor Walton will develop an event marketing plan for the public forum and will present it at
the next O & C meeting, scheduled for January 4, 2007.

John Dangberg told Committee members, in terms of his availability, late January or early February
would be a good time to schedule the forum.

Research and Data Gathering Committee Report
Chair Eugene Jones discussed the survey developed by his committee that was emailed to
members. The survey will be utilized at the public forum/mixer to access the needs of the Small
Business Community and how the Small Business Development and Employment Advisory Board
can assist in those efforts. He solicited feedback from the Board, and to date, has received one
response, from Christopher Stewart. Board Members asked Mr. Jones to resend the survey and
he indicated he would.

Strategic Planning Committee
Chair not in attendance. Nothing to report. A brief discussion ensued regarding the Council
Member script Mr. Stewart and various board members developed. O & C members reported the
script was reviewed at their December meeting and it was narrowed down to three open ended
City of Sacramento
SBDEA Board Minutes
December 21, 2006                                                               Page 2 of 2

V. Agenda Items for Next Regularly Scheduled Meeting
Running to Do List
SBDEA Elections
Department Presentations Update by Staff
Update on Biz$Link
Disparity Study, gathering information about study and Staff research
Vote on establishing dates to go before City Council
Decide who will go to quarterly P&PE Meetings, Staff will get dates when this committee meets and
provide information at next Board Meeting

VI: Public Comment
No Public Comment

VII: Adjournment
The meeting adjourned at 1:35

Respectfully submitted,

Susan Edmonson
Equal Opportunity Program

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