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					City of St. Louis, Office of the Mayor
Files of Raymond R. Tucker
Series 3: Third Administration

Box 1
Appointment and Resignations A-Z

Offers of Assistance to Serve on Commissions and Committees

Boards and Commissions appointed by Officials other than Mayor

Adult Services, Board of

Adjustment, Board of

Air Pollution Control

Airport Commission, City

Appointments by the Mayor - Miscellaneous

Appeal Board (Division of Smoke, Dept. of Public Safety)

Armory Board

Art Museum


Athletic Commission, City

Auditor of Books, Board of Education

Auditor of City Books

Building Appeals, Board of

Building Commissioner

Building Review Committee

Charity Solicitations Committee

Children's Welfare Services, Board of

Citizens' Advisory Committee on Neighborhood Rehabilitation
Citizens' Committee on Public Housing and Social Services

Citizens' Bond Issue Supervisory Committee

City Counselor

City Court Judge

Civil Service Commission

Clerk of City Courts

City-County Airport Commission

City Plan Commission

City Register

City Welfare Commission, St. Louis (Recommended by Board of Estimate--Appt. by State)

Civil Defense

Committee of Plumbing Review

Community Services, Board of

Council on Human Relations - 2 folders. The second contains a dossier and information on J.
Philip Waring, Executive Director, Springfield Urban League.

Decent Literature Commission (formerly Board of Review for Juvenile Readers)

Recommendations for School Board Vacancy

Education, Board of

Electrical Engineers, Committee of (Recommended by Director of Public Utilities--Appt. by
Board of Public Service)

Employees Retirement System, Board of Trustees

Equalization, Board of

Equal Employment Opportunity Commission

Examiners of Fumigators, Board of
Examiners of Plumbers, Board of

Examiners of Sign Erectors

Fair Employment Practices Commission

Firemen's Retirement System, Board of Trustees

Health, Board of

Health and Hospitals, Director of

Hospitals, Board of

Housing Authority, St. Louis Commissioners

Kiel Auditorium, Manager

Kiel Auditorium Commission

Land Clearance for Redevelopment Authority

Lumber Inspectors

Mayor's Office

Merchant's and Manufacturer's, Board of Tax Equalization

Metropolitan St. Louis Youth Commission

Mullanphy Board

Municipal Art Commission

Municipal Business Development Commission

Off-Street Parking Commission

Parks and Recreation, Board of

Parks, Recreation and Forestry, Director of

Planetarium Commission

Planetarium Educational Committee
Police Retirement System, Board of Trustees

Public Library, Board of Trustees

Public Safety, Director of

Public Service, Board of, President

Public Utilities, Director of

St. Louis Union Trust Company, Trustees Fund

Sewer District, Metropolitan St. Louis

Soldiers' Memorial Building - Superintendent and Commission

Streets, Director of

Supply Commissioner

Surveyors, City

Tax Appeals, Board of

Traffic Appeals, Board of

Welfare, Director of

Zoological, Board of Control

Raymond R. Tucker Papers Third Administration Files Series 3 Box 2

A - Amer. Mun. Assn.

A - AL

Academy of Science
Minutes of Board of Directors, 5/21/63; 12/19/61; 9/19/61; 3/21/61; miscellaneous material.

Advertising on St. Louis
Miscellaneous publications; correspondence, article written by Mayor Tucker for the
Steamer Admiral Magazine.

Advertisements, Requests for
Requests for Mayor Tucker to purchase advertising space in various publications in the St.
Louis area.

Advertising Club of St. Louis - Men's and Women's
General correspondence with the Mayor's office; miscellaneous clippings.

Advisory Committee - Ford Foundation School Project, 11/21/61

Air Lines - Miscellaneous
Correspondence; miscellaneous material regarding Air Line service in St. Louis.

Air Pollution, Miscellaneous - March 1, 1963

Air Pollution (National Advisory Committee on Community Air Pollution, two folders)
Tucker's correspondence and information file accumulated as a member of the Committee.
Also includes a bound notebook setting out the goals and duties of the Committee.
Miscellaneous publications and federal studies of air pollution, including World Health
Organization publications.

Allotment System for Control of Expenditures
Memoranda, budget information.

American Council to Improve our Neighborhoods (empty)

American Heritage Foundation (empty)

American Institute of Architects
Correspondence, newsletters, A.I.A. memos.

American Legion (empty)

American Municipal Association - May 1, 1961 - May 31, 1962
General correspondence, newsletters, memoranda, miscellaneous publications.

American Municipal Association - June 1, 1962...
Newsletters, memoranda, general correspondence, miscellaneous material.

American Municipal Association - American Municipal News
May 12, 1961 - December 31, 1963 (incomplete)

American Municipal Association - Federal Aid to Local Government
2/4/63; AMA publication.

Raymond R. Tucker Papers Third Administration Files Series 3 Box 3

Am. Mun. Assn. - Assessor
American Municipal Association - Focus
Publication (newsletter) - June and April, 1961.

American Municipal Association - Committee on International Municipal Cooperation
Letter, information on Town Affiliation program.

AMA - "Nation's Cities" Magazine
Correspondence; several copies - Spring, 1963; September, 1964; April, 1965.

AMA Convention - Miami Beach, July 25-29, 1964
Correspondence; program; Proceedings, "Municipal Resources and the National Economy."

National League of Cities - "People to People" Program, St. Louis -Stuttgart, Germany
Correspondence; information on Program.

AMA Convention - Seattle, August 26-30, 1961
Correspondence; Program; convention memoranda and material.

AMA Convention - Houston, August 10-14, 1963
Correspondence; Program; convention memoranda and material.

AMA - Committee on International Municipal Cooperation
"People to People" Program Information, St. Louis - Stuttgart; Affiliation material (German);
correspondence re "People to People" Program; various publications of International Union
of Local Authorities; "People to People" Program information and material (folder).

AMA Meeting - Philadelphia, Pa., August 25-29, 1962.
Correspondence; convention memos and material; AMA publication, "The National
Municipal Policy, 1962".

AMA - Town Affiliation News (AMA publication)
Scattered copies, 1961-1963

Annual Report, Proposed, 1964
"Missouri Citizen", 1963 state report; correspondence re publicity film on St. Louis.

Annual Report (empty)

Anonymous and Crank Letters

Appointments and Requests for Appointments with the Mayor


Architectural Forum Conference, 1962
"City Planning and Redevelopment Forum References"; February, 1962 Forum.

Correspondence re transfer of Armory to State of Missouri.

Armory - Battery "A"
Correspondence re building of Battery "A" Armory.

Arts Council
Correspondence re functioning of Arts Council.

Art Museum
Correspondence re Museum; publicity and exhibit information; 1963-1964 Annual Report.

General correspondence of the Assessor's office, mainly taxation matters brought to the
attention of the Mayor's office.

Assessor - Special Tax Section
Correspondence re elimination of the Special Tax Division in the Department of the
President of the Board of Public Service, and establishing same as a Special Tax Division in
the office of the Assessor.

Copy of "Manual of Appraisal" - Real Estate, City of St. Louis.

Raymond R. Tucker Papers Third Administration Files Series 3 Box 4

Autographs - 1962 Bond Issue

Autographs and Autographed Photographs (Requests for)

Awards - Miscellaneous




Bar Association of St. Louis
Correspondence re 90th Anniversary of Bar Association of St. Louis.

Barnes Hospital Medical Center - Expansion Program
Correspondence; information re Medical Center Expansion plans, including building of
Queeny Tower.

Baseball and Football
Correspondence re St. Louis Cardinals Baseball and Football teams, including Mayor's
attempts to influence Football Cardinals to remain in St. Louis.



Better Business Bureau
Scattered copies of "BBB Bulletin"; correspondence re complaints received.


St. Louis World's Fair, July 1949 - August 1950
Correspondence re proposed 1953 World's Fair in St. Louis, including letters of support for
and opposition to proposal; correspondence with Stratford Lee Morton, Chairman of
Committee seeking 1953 Fair (see Morton Collection, Boxes G and H, for additional Fair
material); information on other Fairs: See Tucker Collection, Series 4, Box 1 for additional
material on Darst Administration support for Fair.

Sesquicentennial of the Louisiana Purchase, 1953
Memorandum; reports re 1953 proposed Fair.

Transit Services Corporation of Metropolitan St. Louis (filed under Bi-State) - (formerly St.
Louis Public Service Co.)
Correspondence re complaints about, inquiries about, and proposals for Bus Service;
resolutions, memos; news releases; Annual Reports of Bi-State; report from Dave
Hemenway on Public Transit Plan, (June 1961); Plan for Unification of Transit Service, May

Bi-State Development Agency
General correspondence re establishment of Bi-State Transit Agency, settlement with
predecessors and with the City; correspondence with City Planning Commission on area
transportation planning; proposed Lease Agreement with City of St. Louis; general
operational correspondence and information; Final Report of Transit Committee of Bi-State
Development Agency, outlining plans for Transit System, June 1961.

Bi-State Development Agency - Parks Airport, March 1, 1963
Material relating to efforts to develop Parks Airport as a secondary airport facility for the St.
Louis Metropolitan Area.

Bi-State Development Agency - Regional Planning
Correspondence, memoranda, reports relating to Regional Planning activities of Bi-State,
including: Minutes of the Regional Planning Coordinating Committee for June 18, 1964,
July 16, 1964, September 25, 1964; program outline, East-West Gateway Land Use and
Transportation Study; memo to Mayor from Robert B. Jones, Director of Planning of City
Planning Commission, re Jones' views on Regional Planning under Bi-State's auspices;
correspondence with M.J. Snider, Chief Engineer, Missouri State Highway Department on
regional transportation planning; correspondence, reports, data on background of Regional
Planning Coordinating Committee's foundation of East-West Gateway Coordinating
Committee; memo re Metropolitan Planning, St. Louis area, June 18, 1964 from Gene
Graves to Honorable Otto Kerner.


Blue Cross Group Hospital Service, Inc.
Memoranda, information re availability of Blue Cross coverage to all city employees.


1962 Bond Issue - Miscellaneous
Miscellaneous correspondence re Bond Issue projects; letter from Mayor to Richard Amberg
re Globe-Democrat editorial opposing resubmission of defeated bond issue; list of proposed
Bond Issue projects, November 1, 1960; and proposals for 1961 Bond Issue; funds requested
by departments for public works for 1962-1963; "A Summary of the Issues that will Face the
Voters at the Special City Election, Tuesday, January 23, 1962."

1962 Bond Issue - Children's Services

1962 Bond Issue - Neighborhood Rehabilitation
Status report.

1962 Bond Issue - Parks and Playgrounds
Progress Report on Special Park Fund Projects, October 10, 1964.

1962 Bond Issue - Public Library Expansion

1962 Bond Issue - Public Facilities at Stadium Sight
Correspondence re plans for stadium construction.

1962 Bond Issue - Copy of Report: "Progress Street"
Rights-of-Way for Downtown Sports Stadium Project: Civic Center Redevelopment
Corporation, January 30, 1967.

1962 Bond Issue - Street Lighting
Copy of report, "Publicity Report: Downtown St. Louis Streetlighting"; "Light-Up Night"
Ceremonies - installation of new downtown street lights. Plans, estimated costs for new
street lighting proposals.

1962 Bond Issue - Copy of Report
"Report of Recommended Design Criteria for New Street Lighting System: 3rd to 12th,
Market to Franklin, City of St. Louis," 1963.

1962 Bond Issue - Street Surfacing and Improvements

1962 Bond Issue - Water Division
Notice of Sale and Prospectus of $6,000,000 Water Revenue Bonds, 1963.

Raymond R. Tucker Papers Third Administration Files Series 3 Box 5

"Bond Issue-Supervisory - Bond Issues-Various"

Citizens Bond Issue Supervisory Committee (Agendas, Minutes of Meetings) June 1, 1962

Citizens Bond Issue Supervisory Committee (Agendas, Minutes of Meetings) July 28, 1959
to May 31, 1962

Citizens Bond Issue Supervisory Committee - Miscellaneous, 1955 to February 28, 1963
Memoranda, news releases, correspondence relating to activities of the Committee; Annual
reports, membership lists, operational material of the Committee.

Citizens Bond Issue Supervisory Committee - Miscellaneous - March 1, 1963
Agenda, minutes, membership lists.

Requests for copy of Bond Issue "Fact" Book

Bond Issue (Status of Work Reports) - 4/17/57 to
Status reports on work financed by Bond Issues.

Bond Issue - Condensed Reports, Summaries and Schedules
Monthly condensed status reports on Bond Issue Projects.

Status of Expenditures Authorized by the 1955 Citizens Bond Issue Supervisory Committee
Status reports on bond issue projects.

Bond Issue - Sale of 1955 Bonds
Information, correspondence re the sale of bonds.

Bond Issue 1955 (Miscellaneous)
Correspondence, administrative information re bond issue projects still in progress, compiled
in 1961-63.

Bond Issues - Various, Miscellaneous, January 24, 1961
Information on expenditures, proposals; Annual Report of Supervisory Bond Issue
Committee, March 1, 1962; list of projects in progress.

Bond Issue Report, July 15, 1964
"Summary of the 1955 and 1962 Bond Issues by Proposition and Program Year."

Raymond R. Tucker Papers Third Administration Files Series 3 Box 6

Bond Issue Propositions - A-Slum

Accounting System (Proposition 23)
Correspondence, primarily that of Comptroller John H. Poelker re the expenditure of funds
of Proposition 23 for the purpose of modernizing the city's Auditing and Accounting

Art Museum (Proposition 19)
Correspondence re planned improvement and development of City Art Museum; Report of
Committee on City Art Museum improvements; letter from Director Perry T. Rathbone to
Mayor, outlining museum needs.

Children's Building, Juvenile Court and Detention Home (Proposition 11)
Correspondence re plans for construction of new facilities, including correspondence with
Judge David A. McMullan, Judge of Circuit Court, Juvenile Division; Studies of City Plan
Commission re location of sites for new construction; correspondence re pros and cons of
use of site on Vandeventer Place.

Civil Courts Building Air Conditioning - 1934 Bond Issue Funds
Plans, correspondence re planning, financial arrangements for air-conditioning Civil Courts

Civil Defense Center (Proposition 22)
Correspondence, largely with Brigadier-General F.P. Hardaway, Director of Civil Defense,
re plans for construction of Civil Defense Center in city; plans for, list of, construction.

Court of Honor (Use of 1934 Bond Issue Funds)
Contains one memo; apparently, file was emptied.

Expressways (Proposition 2)
Projected plans and expenses for expressway construction.

Fire Departments (Proposition 12)
Correspondence, largely with Director of Public Safety, Joseph P. Sestric, re location of new
fire stations; report on available funds for Fire Department construction and estimates of
expenses; report of Committee on Fire Protection, Civil Defense.

New Fire Alarm Headquarters - 1944 Bond Issue Funds
Costs of new system; report of proposed system by Southwestern Bell Telephone Company,
comments and observations on Bell proposal by John F. Hatch, Alarm and Signal
Superintendent, Fire and Police Telegraph Section.

Flood Control (Proposition 20) August 1, 1959 to - (Previous Flood Control folders in April
1957 files)
Correspondence, much of it with Colonel James P. Meanor, Jr., District Engineer of the U.S.
Army Corps of Engineers, re construction of flood control facilities on riverfront; related
correspondence, studies, estimates of expenses, general information on flood control project;
Army Engineers' status report on project, February 1965.

Hospitals, Health Centers (Proposition 1)
"Summary of Steps Leading to Public Health and Hospital Survey by American Public
Health Association"; Architects proposal for "A Dormitory for the Aged"; correspondence,
memoranda, estimates re expenditures for Hospital and Health Centers funds; reports,
recommendations of Hospital and Health Survey Committee. Summary of report of
subcommittee on Hospitals and Institutions.

Libraries (Proposition 18)
Correspondence re the location and other plans for new branch libraries to be financed by
bond issue; report of committee on Public Library Expansion and Improvements.

Municipal Dock (Proposition 21)
Mayor's remarks, "Dedication of New Municipal Dock," Monday, September 17, 1962;
publicity releases, program of Dedication Ceremonies; "The Houston Port Book", data on
Port of Houston; information on Memphis Dock; information, correspondence re new port
facilities; copy of "Report of the Committee on New Municipal Docks and River Control."

Neighborhood Rehabilitation (Proposition 5)
Memoranda, correspondence re progress of neighborhood rehabilitation programs, allocation
and expenditures of bond issue funds; letter, statistical summary of rehabilitation programs
from Joseph P. Sestric to the Mayor; copy of "Report to the Executive Committee of the
Citizens Bond Issue Screening Committee from Committee on Neighborhoods Conservation
and Rehabilitation."

Parks, Playgrounds, Community Centers (Proposition 3)
Correspondence re improvements to existing parks, development of new parks; news release
from Mayor, August 1, 1962, with summary of park expenditures and projects since 1953;
copy of report, "Cost of Projects Completed or Nearing Completion under 1944 and 1955
Bond Issues"; miscellaneous correspondence, much involving Mrs. Edward G. Brungard,
Director of Parks, Recreation and Forestry and then Director of Public Welfare, re: park
planning and expenditures.

Planetarium (Proposition 16) 4/1/58 to -
Correspondence, regarding construction, fund raising, projected exhibits, expenditures for
Planetarium; correspondence of W.J. Duford, Commissioner, St. Louis Council on Human
Relations, re number of negroes employed on Planetarium construction; report on exhibits
staff, administration of Planetarium; acknowledgements of contributions to Planetarium by
Howard Ohlendorf, James McDonnell; list of contributors; minutes of meetings of the
Planetarium Citizens' Committee; miscellaneous correspondence and material on planning,
construction, proposals for Planetarium.

Public Building Improvements (Proposition 13)
Correspondence re the allocation and expenditures of Bond Issue funds for improvement and
maintenance of municipal buildings. Includes priority list from Joseph P. Sestric to Mayor;
reports of "Committee on New Public Buildings and Improvements and Unclassified
Projects"; and "Committee on Street Cleaning, Traffic, Buildings, and Equipment".

Rubbish and Garbage Disposal (Proposition 14)
Letter from Frank Kriz, Department of Streets, to Mayor re construction of a Garbage

Slum Clearance (Proposition 4)
Correspondence re allocation of Bond Issue funds, including letter from Mayor to Senator
Stuart Symington, requesting Federal Government matching funds.

Raymond R. Tucker Papers Third Administration Files Series 3 Box 7

"Bond Issue Propositions, Street - Z"

Street and Alley Resurfacing (Proposition 8)
Correspondence re suggested projects for street resurfacing; list of projects for funds raised
by bond issue; Department of Streets and Sewers explanation of projects.

Street Cleaning, Traffic Buildings and Equipment (Proposition 15)
Letter from Comptroller Peolker to Mayor re allocation of bond issue funds.

Depressed Highway, Tower Grove Park
Correspondence re plans, construction of depressed highway through Tower Grove Park;
includes correspondence with Garden Neighborhood Improvement Association, Oak Hill
Neighborhood Association, William S. Bedal, President, Board of Commissioners, Tower
Grove Park. Also includes traffic study of Park and adjoining streets.

Streets, New and Widening (Proposition 6)
Correspondence re various street widening and improvements financed by Bond Issue funds,
including correspondence with Lawrence Roos and Nathan Kaufman re extension of Forest
Park Parkway; and correspondence with various neighborhood groups over street
improvements; Report of Committee on Street Improvements, Widening, and Openings;
Department of Streets and Sewers Report: "Explanation of Bond Issue Projects".

Viaducts (Proposition 7)
Correspondence re viaduct construction, opening ceremonies; progress reports on
construction from C.B. Briscoe, President of Board of Public Service to Mayor; Report of
Committee on Bridges and Viaducts.

Street Lighting (Proposition 9)
Correspondence, memoranda (many from Walter T. Malloy, Director of Public Utilities);
progress reports re street lighting projects financed by Bond Issue funds; Report of
Committee on Street Lighting.

Voting Machines (Proposition 10)
Correspondence, legal and comptroller opinions re purchase and storage of voting machines;
Report of Committee on Election Facilities.

Water Division Improvement Program, 1944 Bond Issue Funds (removed and filed under
"Department of Public Utilities, Water Division")

Workhouse, New (Proposition 11), June 1, 1962...
Includes copy of architect's report, "A Report and Recommendations on Site Selection for
the Proposed Work House for the City of St. Louis, Missouri"; correspondence re various
sites proposed for workhouse; exchange with County Council over combined city-county
workhouse, rejected by county; community opposition to various suggested sites; minutes of
Special Committee on Public Improvements of City Planning Commission; progress reports
and construction data; bound architects report and preliminary recommendations, May 31,

Zoo (Proposition 17)
Correspondence re Zoo improvements financed by Bond Issue funds; Report on Committee
on Zoo Improvements; copy of "Items Proposed for New Bond Issue."

Raymond R. Tucker Papers Third Administration Files Series 3 Box 8

"Board - BUDGET"

Board of Alderman - Office of Legislative Research (Sight, Sheets, etc.) (Empty).

Boards and Commissions - Various Matters

Board of Alderman - Miscellaneous
Resolutions of the Board; correspondence re Board resolutions, including resolution calling
for boycott of Mississippi goods; Mayor's communications to the Board; work done by the
Board; reports of committees of Board.

Borough Plan - Miscellaneous
Miscellaneous material re proposed amendment to Missouri Constitution for consideration
of St. Louis and St. Louis County into single entity, Municipal County and twenty-two
Boroughs; copies of the proposed Amendment; clippings on support and opposition;
miscellaneous material for and against proposition.

Borough Plan - Correspondence
Correspondence, editorials, organizational resolutions for and against Borough Plan; various
drafts of Mayor's speech opposing adoption of the Amendment; speech by Mayor F. William
Human of Clayton in opposition; legal memoranda from Thomas G. McGuire, Associate
City Counsel, evaluating plan.

Boy's Club





Budget, 1963-1964 (2 folders)
Financial statements, reports, estimates of expenses, budget figures, correspondence re the
preparation of the budget; proposed budget, fiscal year 1963-1964; Mayor's annual message
on budget for 1963-64.

Budget, 1964-1965
Financial statements, reports,

Budget Bureau
Financial statements showing, receipts, departmental expenditures (monthly revenue
reports), other municipal financial data.

Budget - Mayor's Office
Miscellaneous financial data and detailed budget requests.

Raymond R. Tucker Papers Third Administration Files Series 3 Box 9

Budget (cont) - Christmas
Budget Tables of Organization, Ordinance #52709, Fiscal Year 1964-1965 (bound volume)

Budget Tables of Organization, Ordinance #52021, Fiscal Year 1963-1964 (bound volume)

Budget Tables of Organization, Ordinance #51327, Fiscal Year 1962-1963 (bound volume)

Bus Terminal - Proposed New
Correspondence, much of it with E.F. Freeman, President, Central Greyhound Lines, re
construction of new downtown terminal.

Cabinet Meetings
Agenda of cabinet meetings.

Campaigns and Exhibitions, Miscellaneous
Correspondence re various municipal, commercial and charitable campaigns.


Census- Reports, etc.
"Third Preliminary Draft: Population Report," City Plan Commission, June 1964 (bound
volume); U.S. Census of Housing: 1960: City Blocks, St. Louis, Missouri (bound report);
miscellaneous census data.


Chairman, Sponsor, etc.
Correspondence re requests for Mayor to serve as Chairman or Sponsor of various religious,
civic, charitable organizations, fund drives, etc.

Champ Industrial Village
Material re application of Champ for construction of barge canal, including memorandum on
situation from Robert Blackburn.

Chamber of Commerce of Metropolitan St. Louis
Correspondence, publications and memoranda re miscellaneous activities of the Chamber;
studies of St. Louis labor climate, industrial climate, etc.


Christmas - 1960-1961-1962
Christmas messages, other activities.

Christmas Carol Singers
Invitations, contributions to St. Louis Christmas Carols Association.
1964 Plaza Christmas Display
Correspondence with contributors and financial accounts relating to the display.

1963 Plaza Christmas Display
Correspondence with contributors and financial accounts relating to the display.

Raymond R. Tucker Papers Third Administration Files Series 3 Box 10

Christmas (cont) - City Courts

Memorial Plaza Christmas Display, 1962
Correspondence with contributors and financial accounts relating to the display.

Memorial Plaza Christmas Display, 1961
Correspondence with contributors and financial accounts relating to the display;
miscellaneous publicity.


Churches, Miscellaneous

Chamber of Commerce, Junior
Correspondence and other material re various Junior Chamber of Commerce activities;
proposal to host 1965 JCC convention in St. Louis (bound report).

Chamber of Commerce of Metropolitan St. Louis-Consolidation with St. Louis County
Chamber of Commerce
Joint statement by John F. Lolly, Chairman of the Board, St. Louis county Chamber of
Commerce, and Irving Edison, Chairman of the Board, Chamber of Commerce of
Metropolitan St. Louis, February 19, 1963.

Circuit Attorney
Correspondence from Mayor's office re matters referred to Circuit Attorney's office;
proposal for revision of compensation of employees in office of Circuit Attorney.

Circuit Courts
Correspondence concerning financial and personnel matters relating to the Civil Courts.

Circuit Court for Criminal Causes
Annual Report, 1964.

Combined Reports for 1962, 1963 and 1964, Probation and Parole Office, Circuit Court for
Criminal Cases

1964 Annual Report of the St. Louis Court of Criminal Correction, Division #1.
Citizens Council on Housing and Community Planning
Resolution and Report of the Council, June 9, 1961.

City-County Relations
Two bound reports: "Voluntary City-County Regional Cooperation: A Collection of
Exhibits," prepared by American Municipal Association and the National Association of
Counties; and "Financial and Statistical Information (without audit)," City of St. Louis,
County of St. Louis, and Municipalities of St. Louis County, September 1962.

City-County Police Departments (Proposed)
Correspondence supporting Mayor's proposal for Metropolitan Police Department.

City-County Construction
Correspondence, memoranda re City-County Cooperation in various areas of mutual interest;
clippings; addresses by Lawrence K. Roos, Nathan Kaufman, others.

City Courts - October 15, 1962
Correspondence re complaints about traffic tickets; correspondence and memoranda re
administration of City Courts.

City Courts
Miscellaneous correspondence and memoranda re operation, organization and proposed
reorganization of City Courts: copy of "A Report to City of St. Louis, Missouri Regarding
the Handling of Traffic Cases in the City Courts and Traffic Violations Bureau."

City Courts-Proposed Proposed Municipal Courts Operational Plan
Correspondence, plans, memoranda, progress reports re reorganization of City Courts
procedure and personnel.

City court and Related Functions - Procedure Manual Number One
Looseleaf notebook.

Raymond R. Tucker Papers Third Administration Files Series 3 Box 11

City Employees-Clerk

City Employees Credit Union

City Employees Union- AFL

Marshall, City
Correspondence re operations of City Marshall's office; annual reports of business
City-Owned Automobiles - Reports from Departments on Private use of City-Owned Cars

City Photographer
One letter re photographer's vacation.

City Plan Commission, March 1, 1963
Miscellaneous correspondence and memoranda, 49th Annual Report, City Plan Commission,

City Plan Commission, April 1961- February 28, 1963
Miscellaneous correspondence, memoranda and reports.

City Plan - Community Renewal Program
Draft of proposal, copies of proposal for Community Renewal Program; application for
federal aid.

City Plan Commission, 45th, 46th, 47th Annual Reports, 1960-63

City Register
Miscellaneous correspondence of LuRene C. Kaiser, City Register.

Civic Progress, Inc. -List of Members, July 1964

City Treasurer's Office
Miscellaneous correspondence; Treasurer's Balance Sheet, January 31, 1964; statement by
John J. Dwyer, City Treasurer re Jefferson Bank Building.

City Treasurer's Office - Parking Meters
Miscellaneous correspondence re placement, maintenance and removal of parking meters;
parking violations; revenues from meters; etc.

Civil Defense, May 1, 1964
Miscellaneous correspondence, memoranda, progress reports; "Missouri Civil Defense in
1964," Annual Report; Office of Civil Defense, City of St. Louis, "Brief Statement of Status
and Responsibilities"; copy of "50 City CSP (Community Shelter Program) Planning
Information"; phonograph record

Civil Defense, June 1, 1962 - April 30, 1964
Miscellaneous correspondence, progress reports, pamphlets, etc. re city's and nation's Civil
Defense program; fiscal and statistical reports of Office of Civil Defense.

Civil Defense, April 1, 1961 - May 31, 1962
Contains same type of materials as preceding folder.

Clerk, City Courts
Miscellaneous correspondence.

Civil Defense - Operational Survival Plan, St. Louis and St. Louis County, Joint Plan, 1961

Raymond R. Tucker Papers Third Administration Files Series 3 Box 12

Collector - Congratulations

Miscellaneous correspondence re the appointment of new Collector of Revenue.

Complimentary Letters - Various

Bonds - Miscellaneous
One clipping
Comptroller's Office
Miscellaneous correspondence re operations of Comptroller's Office; Treasurer's data sheets;
memoranda re Municipal Financial questions.

Comptroller of the City of St. Louis - Report of the Examination for the Fiscal Year ended
March 31, 1965

Comptroller of the City of St. Louis - Annual Reports, Fiscal Years ending March 31, 1962
and March 31, 1965

Budget Materials - Miscellaneous
Correspondence re budget matters; "Budget Summary 1961-62 and Prior Years as
Indicated"; Budget Ordinance, 1961-62.

Comptroller's Annual Report, City of St. Louis, Fiscal Years 1958-1959.

Budget Table of Organization

Budget, 1952-1963
"Summary of Large Items Making Up $8,666,637 increase in 1962-53 Budget over 1961-62
Budget;" correspondence, data re preparation of budget.

City-Owned Property - Maintenance, Sale, etc.
Correspondence, memoranda concerning disposition of various city-owned properties.

Columbia Bottoms
Correspondence, memoranda re expediting of Columbia Bottoms Industrial Park.

Estimates and Apportionment, Board of -Agenda
April 1961- April 1965

Comptroller's Office - Municipal Garage
Correspondence re operation of Municipal Garage


Condolence, July 1, 1962
To citizens

Condolence, April 1961 - June 30, 1962
To citizens.

Congratulations, Miscellaneous - February 1, 1962
Sent by Tucker.

Congratulations, Miscellaneous, May 1961- 1963
Sent by Tucker.

Raymond R. Tucker Papers Third Administration Files Series 3 Box 13

Congratulations (cont) - Court

Congratulations - Weddings, Birthdays
Sent by Mayor

Conventions, Miscellaneous
Correspondence re a number of conventions held or to be held in St. Louis.

Congress - Various Matters
Miscellaneous correspondence between the Mayor and Missouri's Congressmen.

Correspondence re operation of Coroner's office, death of Coroner Patrick E. Taylor.

Council on Human Relations
Correspondence re activities of the Council, including complaints arising out of public
accommodation and fair housing ordinances by city; miscellaneous publications of Missouri
Committee on Human Rights; "A Report of the Missouri Advisory Committee to the United
States Commission on civil Rights," June 1967; correspondence re Jefferson Bank and
President Johnson's visit, demonstrations by CORE.

Council on Human Relations - Minutes of Meetings
April 1961 - March 1965

Civil Rights - Copy of "Mayor Tucker's Civil Rights Record"
Pamphlets Explaining Discrimination Ordinances and Copies of Ordinances

Fair Housing
Correspondence, miscellaneous re passage and explanation of St. Louis Fair Housing

Equal Employment Opportunity, January 1, 1964
Correspondence re activities of St. Louis Commission on Equal Employment Opportunity;
miscellaneous memoranda, press releases, progress reports; copy of "Equal Opportunity in
Federal Employment...A Community Centered Study, May 15, 1963 to June 39, 1964," US
Civil Service Commission; copies of St. Louis Commission's Nine-Point Program.

Equal Employment Opportunity, October 1, 1963 - December 31, 1963
Correspondence, reports re activities of St. Louis Commission on Equal Employment
Opportunity; includes extensive correspondence re Jefferson Bank demonstrations, report on
"Background of Jefferson Bank Controversy"; also includes a copy of the Mayor's remarks
at the Interfaith Assembly for Reconciliation, November 24, 1963.

Equal Employment Opportunity
Correspondence, memoranda, membership lists re establishment, activities of St. Louis
Commission on Equal Employment Opportunity; includes report on the "The St. Louis Non-
White: Tables on Employment, Income and Education," September 1963; copy of the
Mayor's remarks at the First Meeting of the St. Louis Commission on Equal Employment
Opportunity, August 2, 1963; copy of Mayor's remarks at the session of the St. Louis
Regional Meeting of the President's Committee on Equal Employment Opportunity, June 25,

Equal Employment Opportunity Commission - Minutes of Meetings
August 1963 - February 1965

Council on Human Relations - Minority Problems, Board of Education
Correspondence re demonstrations for public school integration.

Council on Human Relations, Anti-Discrimination Division (Minutes of Meetings)

County Offices
Correspondence, information re the performance of county functions within the City of St.

Court of Criminal Correction
Correspondence referred by Mayor to Court of Criminal Correction


Raymond R. Tucker Papers Third Administration Files Series 3 Box 14

Miscellaneous correspondence re crime in St. Louis; material concerning reduction of crime
in St. Louis Public Housing Projects; copies of FBI "Uniform Crime Reporting," (statistics
on crime).

Cuban Refugees
Correspondence, memoranda, miscellaneous material concerning the activities of the St.
Louis Cuban Refugee Resettlement Committee.

Cultural Center at Grandel Square Area - Proposed
"Memorandum Concerning the Proposal Location of a Cultural
Center at Grandel Square Area, St. Louis, Missouri," September 1962.


Dalton, John M. Governor
Correspondence with the Mayor; miscellaneous material.

Daylight Savings Time
Miscellaneous correspondence.


Decent Literature Commission (formerly Board of Review for Juvenile
Minutes of meetings, newsletters, general correspondence

Departmental Reorganization
Correspondence re reorganization of various city departments.



Donations, Requests for

Downtown Information Center
Correspondence re establishment of Center.

Downtown Plan
Correspondence re pamphlet "Plan for Downtown St. Louis."

Downtown St. Louis, Inc.
Miscellaneous correspondence, clippings, news releases concerning activities of Downtown
St. Louis, Inc.; copies of Annual Reports, 1961-1962 and 1960-1961; committee reports;
Downtown Newsletters; copy of "A Guide to ReDevelopment and Modernization Projects in
and Adjacent to Downtown St. Louis," September 12, 1961; "Traffic and Transit Plan for
Downtown St. Louis."



Earnings Tax, Miscellaneous
Miscellaneous correspondence re Earnings Tax.

Education, Board of
Miscellaneous correspondence re the Board of Education; one copy of each of the following:
"Report of Budget and Finance Committee of Board of Education; Report of 1964
Conference on Vocational Education in St. Louis and St. Louis County; information about
proposed tax rate for the St. Louis Public Schools, to be voted on in city-wide Election,
March 1963"; correspondence with Missouri Congressmen and officials of the Department
of Health, Education and Welfare re establishment of residential vocational school in St.
Louis; copies of "School and Home," Board of Education newspaper.

Election Commissioners, Board of
Miscellaneous correspondence including appointment of members of Board; report of
President's Commission on Registration and Voting Participation.

Mayor's Non-Partisan Voters Registration Committee
Miscellaneous correspondence and material re voter registration activities.

Election, Special - 1962
Correspondence re Special Election for licensed support of the St. Louis Public Library,
Board of Education, Zoo and Art Museum; miscellaneous material re the election.


Equalization, Board of
Correspondence, tax data re operation of Board of Equalization.


Fairs, Miscellaneous
Material relating to the Greater St. Louis Science Fair


Firearms - Requests for Discharge
Requests for permission to have firearms, primarily for ceremonial purposes, within the City,
and Mayor's responses.

Flags, Miscellaneous
Miscellaneous correspondences re US and St. Louis flags

Flag - New City
Correspondence, other material re creation of new City Flag.

Flood Control
News release, 6/13/62, from Senator Symington's offices re flood control projects in


Raymond R. Tucker Papers Third Administration Files Series 3 Box 15

Foreign-Housing (Land Clearance)

Correspondence, request for information from outside the US

Foreign Consuls
Miscellaneous correspondence with or about consular representatives in St. Louis.

Foundations, Associated
Correspondence re the proposal for an association of charitable foundations in St. Louis.


Franklin Avenue District
Contains two copies of "Economic Survey: Franklin Avenue District, St. Louis, Missouri,"
conducted for the Franklin Avenue Businessmen's Association.

Funds Commission (Deposit of City Funds)
Correspondence, financial data re the deposit of city funds in various City banks.


Gaslight Square
Correspondence re request for information about Gaslight Square.

Gasoline Tax Election, 3/6/62
Correspondence, miscellaneous data re passage of State Constitutional Amendment
equalizing gasoline tax throughout Missouri.
Get Well Letters
By the Mayor; replies


Gifts to the City
Correspondence re various gifts to the city; reports from city departments re acceptance and
use of private donations.


Governmental Research Institute
Copies of Institute Bulletin, "Dollars and Sense in Government"; report of Board of Estimate
and Apportionment voting funds to pay Institute for study conducted for city.


Goals for St. Louis' Third Century
Suggested outline: Goals Council for St. Louis' 3rd Century: by Robert E. Smith and Leigh
A. Doxsee.

Grand Jury, Miscellaneous
Memoranda and Grand Jury Reports, 1961-65.

Greetings from the Mayor and Letters of Welcome
To individuals and groups on a variety of occasions.

Greater St. Louis Fund for Arts and Education
Fund rasing material, including mayor's radio appeals.

Greensfelder Foundation
Miscellaneous financial data and grants of St. Louis Regional Planning and Construction

Gunn, Donald
Correspondence; also, Gunn's "Statement" of his candidacy for President of the St. Louis
Board of Alderman.


Housing and Home Finance
Copies of "A Review of Progress under the Workable Program for Community
Improvement," submitted to the Agency by the City of St. Louis.

Land Clearance and Housing Authority, March 1, 1964
Correspondence, memoranda, plans re many urban renewal and improvements programs fo
the Authority; copies of "Some Recent Developments in the General Field of Welfare
Related Particularly to the St. Louis Land Clearance and Housing Authorities; report to the
Congress of the Untied States: Inadequate Assistance to Families displaced from certain
Urban Renewal Projects in Kansas and Missouri Administered by Fort Worth office of
Housing and Home Finance Agency; Low Rent Public Housing in St. Louis, facts about
Urban Renewal in St. Louis.

Raymond R. Tucker Papers Third Administration Files Series 3 Box 16

Housing (Land Clearance, cont.)

Housing Miscellaneous - material relating to the Vice-President's Conference with Mayors

Land Clearance and Housing Authority, Feb. 1, 1963-Feb. 29, 1964 contains copy of
Statement of Tucker before the Housing Subcommittee of the United states Senate on the
Proposed Hosing and Community Development Act of 1964, Feb. 25, 1964; also statement
of Robert C. Weaver (Housing and Home Finance Administrator) before the same

Land Clearance and Housing Authorities, Sept. 1, 1962 - Jan. 31, 1963

Land Clearance and Housing Authorities, Sept. 1, 1962 - Aug. 31, 1962

Land Clearance and Housing Authorities, January-December, 1961

Raymond R. Tucker Papers Third Administration Files Series 3 Box 17

Housing, A-MA

Community Improvement Advisory Committee (Workable program)

Housing - Arthur A. Blumeyer Housing Project

Cote Brilliante Urban Renewal Project

Housing - Grandel Project

Housing - Green Project

Housing Authority (Minutes of Meeting)

The Housing Digest - copies of the publication of the St. Louis Housing Authority

Housing and Home Finance Agency - Weekly News Summary
Housing - Reports, Miscellaneous

Housing for Senior Citizens and the Handicapped

Housing, Request for

Kosciusko Area- material relating to Kosciusko Area Urban Renewal Project

Land Clearance Authority (Minutes of Meeting), April 1, 1963

Land Clearance Authority - Minutes of Meetings, April 1, 1961 - March 31, 1963

Land Clearance and Housing - Requests for Jobs

Land Clearance and Housing Authorities - Various Complaints

Land Clearance - Mayor's Commission on Finance

Mayor's Committee on Public Housing and Social Services

Raymond R. Tucker Papers Third Administration Files Series 3 Box 18

Housing, Mill - W

St. Louis Redevelopment Corporation, Mill Creek Valley Project, April 1, 1963 -
correspondence, plans, etc.

Mill Creek Valley Final Renewal Plan, Proposed Project Area Plan - architectural map of the
proposed project.

St. Louis Redevelopment Corporation, May 1961 - April 1963 Correspondence, plans, etc.

Housing - Mill Creek - Site Plans for Proposed Automotive Center

Murphy Area - material on Murphy Area Urban Renewal Project

National Association of Housing and Redevelopment Officials Material relating to a
meeting in St. Louis.

Plaza Project

National Housing Conference - includes copy of Tucker's Remarks at the Annual Banquet of
the National Housing Convention, St. Louis February 24, 1964.

Housing - Pruitt-Igoe Apartments, Division of Welfare Demonstration

Tandy Area - material relating to Tandy Area Urban Renewal Project

Urban Redevelopment Corporation - (empty)

West End Urban Renewal Area

West End - Copy of "Central West End Planning Study", conducted by the City Plan
Commission, June, 1964

Workable Program - material relating to the Workable Program for Community
Improvement of the City of St. Louis, in conjunction with the Housing and Home Finance

Raymond R. Tucker Paper Third Administration Files Series 3 Box 19

Jefferson National Expansion Memorial, A - Man

Architectural Consultant to the City

Jefferson National Expansion Memorial - a report of the National Parks Service, another
pamphlet issued by the Parks Service contains schematic drawings of the project.

Jefferson National Expansion Memorial, April 1, 1964 - contains correspondence with the
National Parks Service; also correspondence with Missouri's Representatives and Senators in
regard to the project.

Jefferson National Expansion Memorial, June 1, 1962 - March 30, 1964 - contains
correspondence with the National Parks Service; reports, general information, etc.

Mansion House Center Redevelopment (Lewis Kitchen), Oct. 1959 - May 31, 1962 - general
correspondence and information relating to the project; includes Preliminary Report plans,
and drawings submitted by Schwarz and Van Hoefen, Architects.

Jefferson National Expansion Memorial, March 1, 1961 - May 31, 1962 Includes
correspondence with National Parks Service, plans, etc.

Raymond R. Tucker Papers Third Administration Files Series 3 Box 20

Jefferson National Expansion, Man - T

Jefferson National Expansion Memorial - Civic Center Redevelopment Corp. (Stadium),
June 1, 1962 - general information, plans, architect's reports, etc.

Mansion House Center Redevelopment (Lewis Kitchen), June 1, 1962
Jefferson National Expansion Memorial - Civic Center Redevelopment Corporation
(Stadium) - includes promotional report on "The Downtown Stadium Project: Why This is
an Essential Investment for Business and Industry Throughout the Metropolitan St. Louis

Downtown Mall - includes architect's drawing of the proposed Mall; and copy of a proposal:
"Central Parkway: Land Acquisition Under Federal Open Space Land Program".

Jefferson National Expansion Memorial - Gateway Arch Dedication, October 3, 1965

"Summary Report of Advance Preliminary Services for the Civic Center Busch Memorial
Stadium, March 21, 1963".

"Development Plan for Downtown Sports Stadium" for Sports Stadium Committee,
Chamber of Commerce of Metropolitan St. Louis, September 1, 1959

Municipal Parking Lot - Jefferson Memorial Area

Jefferson Memorial - Riverfront Display

Jefferson National Expansion Memorial - Riverfront Parking - correspondence, plans,
architects' drawing, etc.

Riverfront Parking - (empty)

Riverfront Redevelopment

Transurban Redevelopment Corporation (City Block #83-3rd, 4th, Market and Walnut -
Raymond Wittcoff) - copy of an "Agreement" between the City of St. Louis and the
Transurban Redevelopment Corporation, May 24, 1962, and copy of "Development Plan -
City Block #84 of Transurban Redevelopment Corporation."

See Also: L.J. Sverdrup Papers for Civic Center Redevelopment Corporation materials (Box
51; 64; 73)

Raymond R. Tucker Papers Third Administration Files Series 3 Box 21

Ha - Health



Health and Welfare Council - Re: APHA Survey and Chronic Hospital (empty)
Health and Welfare Council of Metropolitan Saint Louis

Health and Welfare Council of Metropolitan Saint Louis, "Guide for Community Action"

Hearnes, Warren E. (Governor) - contains copy of Tucker's invitation to attend Hearnes'



Highways, Miscellaneous

Third Street Expressway (Reconstruction), October 1, 1963 - includes maps of proposed

Highways, Miscellaneous - Interstate Route #44

"Expressway Plan for the St. Louis Urban Area in Missouri, 1951" - prepared by the St.
Louis Urban Area Expressway Report Project.



Home Shows, Miscellaneous (Automobile, Boat, Sport, etc.)

Hospitals, Various


House of Detention



Ambulance Ordinance - Proposed (empty)

Public Health and Hospital Survey (American Public Health Association) (empty)

Board of Health, Board of Hospitals

"Facilities and Services for Long-Term Chronic Illness and Convalescent Care, Metropolitan
St. Louis Area" - a study conducted by the Metropolitan Saint Louis Hospital Planning
Commission, Inc.
Chronic Hospital

Health and Hospitals, Chronic Hospital (Proposed New)

City Hospital

Complaints, Miscellaneous

Health and Hospitals, Director of

Dog Pound


Raymond R. Tucker Papers Third Administration Files Series 3 Box 22

Health (D - Z)

Health Division, September 1, 1962 -- general correspondence, reports, etc.

Annual Reports, Division of Health, City of St. Louis, 1963 and 1964

Health Division, April 1961 - Aug. 31, 1962

Homer G. Phillips Hospital - general correspondence, reports, etc.

Homer G. Phillips Hospitals - letters of protest Re: Closing

Homer G. Phillips - possible closing, 1964

Annual Report, Division of Health, City of St. Louis, 1962

Hospital Association of Metropolitan St. Louis - Salary Surveys, 1961 and 1962; and
Uniform Cost Finding Program for St. Louis Hospitals 1959, 1960, 1961.

Hospitals, Various City, Miscellaneous

Hospital Commissioner - general correspondence, reports, etc.

Koch Hospital

Malcolm Bliss Hospital

Malcolm Bliss Hospital - Transfer to State of Missouri
Malcolm Bliss Alcoholic Treatment Center

Mosquito Control

School Health Program (empty)

Vital Statistics

Raymond R. Tucker Papers Third Administration Files Series 3 Box 23

I - Johnson

Illegal Sunday Sales

Improvement Organizations

Institute of Medical Education and Research -- minutes of meetings of the Board of
Directors, monthly Statements of Income and Disbursements, etc.

Insurance re: City Coverage

Intergovernmental Relations Commission, January 1, 1964 -- material sent to Tucker by the

Intergovernmental Relations Commission, July 1, 1962 - Dec. 31, 1963

Intergovernmental Relations Commission - Expense Accounts in Connection with Trips

Intergovernmental Relations Commission - Docket Book, Fifteenth Meeting of the Advisory
Commission on Intergovernmental Relations, September 26-27, 1963, Washington, D.C.

International Union of Local Authorities - general material sent to Tucker



Job Application and Job Inquiries

Johnson, Lyndon B. (President of the United States)

Raymond R. Tucker Papers Third Administration Files Series 3 Box 24

JU - Land
Junior College District, St. Louis - St. Louis County - miscellaneous news releases, etc. of
the Junior College District, promotional materials, election materials, etc.

Juvenile Court - includes copy of Remarks by Mayor Tucker at the dedication of the
Juvenile Court and Detention Home Building, June 25, 1964

Juvenile Delinquency



Kennedy, John F. (President of the United States) material relating to Kennedy's death,
memorials, etc.

John F. Kennedy Memorial Library

Keys to the City


Henry W. Kiel Auditorium

Kiel Auditorium - Notices and Minutes of Meetings

Kiel Auditorium - Parking Garage - plans, feasibility reports, etc.



Labor-Management -- copy of "A Review of the St. Louis Construction Industry's Market
and Its Future Prospects in Both New Construction and Maintenance" by Rev. Leo C. Brown
and Irvin Sobel

Labor Organization, Various Matters

Laclede Gas Company


"St. Louis American Landmarks Committee"

Raymond R. Tucker Papers Third Administration Files Series 3 Box 25

Law Department - City Counselor

Law Department - Opinions, Various


League of Women Voters - includes copy of remarks taped by Tucker to be heard by the
League of Women Voters at their luncheon of May 2, 1963

Letters of Appreciation



License Collector - contains annual report of the License Collector's Office year ending
March 31, 1965, also report on "Organization and Systems Study" City of St. Louis, October



Legislation, National - Broaden Market for State and Local Government

Bonds - Contains copy of "Report by the American Municipal Association's Committee on
Municipal Bond Financing"

Legislation, National - Community Facilities Distressed Areas (empty)

Legislation, National - Natural Gas

Legislation, National - Withhold Municipal Income Taxes from Federal Employees

State Legislation Suggestions from Department Heads, 1965

Proposed State Legislation, 1965

Legislation, National (Miscellaneous)

State Legislation, 1963 - contains copy of Final Report of the Joint Interim Committee on
Governmental Problems in St. Louis and St. Louis County, to the Seventy-Second General
Assembly of the State of Missouri, 1962; miscellaneous material regarding bills pending
before the state legislature, etc.
Raymond R. Tucker Papers Third Administration Files Series 3 Box 26


Joint Committee on Metropolitan Economic Problems (filed under "Legislation-State")
includes copy of Tucker's Statement before Joint Interim Committee on Metropolitan
Economic Problems, June 24, 1964

Missouri Commission on Local Government (filed under "Legislation-State")

Legislation-State - 1963 Session: Suggestions From Department Heads for Legislative

Proposed Legislation, State (1963)

Legislation, State (1961) - includes copy of Kiel Auditorium Parking Garage Feasibility
Report, May 1960, prepared by George W. Barton and Associates, Inc., Consulting
Engineers, Evanston, Illinois.

Legislation, State (1961)

Legislation, State - Proposed Changes in Missouri Constitution - includes copy of
"Statement of John H. Poelker, to the Constitutional Convention Study Committee"

State Legislation, Miscellaneous

Legislation, State - Various Matters

Reapportionment - general material relating to reapportionment of Missouri's legislative

Mayor -Absent from City- form letters appointing Donald Gunn as acting Mayor in Tucker's

Mayor's Coordinative Committee - Mostly Minutes of Meetings, 1953-1962

Mayor's Office - communications, etc. from the Mayor's Office

Mayors, Out of Town


Magistrate Courts

Maps, Miscellaneous and requests for
Mass Transit - Rapid - St. Louis (Dec. 1, 1964)

Mass Transportation (June 1, 1962) informational material, correspondence, miscellaneous.

Raymond R. Tucker Papers Third Administration Files Series 3 Box 27

MASS (cont.) - Metro

"Survey of the Necessity for Better Transportation in St. Louis" 1931

Mass Transportation, May 1, 1961 - May 31, 1962 - includes copy of Tucker's testimony on
Urban Mass Transportation before the House Banking and Currency Committee, May 10,

Mass Transportation: I.R.I. Project


McA - McF

McKinley Bridge (empty)

McG - McW

Memberships and Subscriptions


Meramec Basin - material relating to the Meramec River Basin Study conducted by the U.S.
Army Corps of Engineers

Merchants and Manufacturers Tax

Metropolitan Church Federation - includes copy of an address by Bishop George L. Cadigan
on the occasion of his installation as President of the Metropolitan Church Federation of
Greater St. Louis, February 14, 1965

Metropolitan Committee on Employment of the Handicapped

Metropolitan St. Louis Hospital Planning Commission, Inc. - copies of reports: (1) "Hospital
Facilities and Services for Acute Short-Term Patient Care, Metropolitan St. Louis Area: A
Report on Current Hospital Bed Availabilities and Utilization with Projection of Future
Needs", March 1963; (2) "Special Study: The Grace Hill House Clinic", September 1962

Metropolitan St. Louis Hospital Planning Commission - general material, minutes of
meetings, reports, plan, etc.
Metropolitan Industrial Development - material relating to efforts to create a Regional
Industrial Development Corporation

Metropolitan St. Louis Regional Council (Proposed) - includes copy of Mayor Tucker's
Address to the Southwestern Conference of Mayors of Illinois, June 24, 1964

Raymond R. Tucker Papers Third Administration Files Series 3 Box 28

Metro (Sewer) - Metro (Youth)

Metropolitan St. Louis Sewer District

Metropolitan St. Louis Sewer District Investigation, Feb. 1963 - material relating to an
investigation of the operations of the Metropolitan Sewer District

Metropolitan St. Louis Sewer District - Bond Issue

Metropolitan St. Louis Sewer District (Minutes of Meetings, Board of Trustees) (empty)

Board of Freeholders - Metropolitan Sewer Authority (empty)


Metropolitan St. Louis Sewer District - Annual Report, 1962-63

Metropolitan Church Federation of Greater St. Louis - "1964 Blue Book"

Metropolitan Youth Commission of St. Louis and St. Louis County - Audit Report, for the
year ended April 1, 1962 to March 31, 1963

Metropolitan Youth Commission of St. Louis and St. Louis County, June 1, 1964 - includes
Final Report of the Youth Training Project (Sept. 1, 1963 - Jan. 31, 1965), administered by
Jewish Employment and Vocational Service, St. Louis, Mo., under the sponsorship of Office
of Manpower, Automation and Training, Department of Labor.

Metropolitan Youth Commission of St. Louis and St. Louis County, April 1, 1962. May 30,
1964 - general material, correspondence, reports, etc.

Metropolitan Youth Commission of St. Louis and St. Louis County - "An Analytical Study
of Juvenile Apprehensions in the City of St. Louis in 1962"

Metropolitan Youth Commission of St. Louis and St. Louis County - "Ongoing Services, and
Special Services and Project Outline", Feb. 1964
Metropolitan Youth Commission of St. Louis and St. Louis County. May 1, 1961. March 31,
1962 - general material, correspondence, reports, etc.

Raymond R. Tucker Papers Third Administration Files Series 3 Box 29

Metro (Youth) - MUN

Metropolitan Youth Commission of St. Louis and St. Louis County (Minutes of Meetings)

Metropolitan Youth Commission of St. Louis and St. Louis County - "Youth Project -
Inservice Training Program" report.

Mid-America Jubilee - (sponsored by City-County Cavalcade, Inc.) includes a "Report to
the Officers and Board of Directors of City-County Cavalcade, Inc. by Arthur K. Atkinson,
Chairman of the Finance Committee and of the Liquidating Committee".

New Mississippi River Bridge

Mississippi River Parkway

Missouri Historical Society - general correspondence and proposed construction plans in
Jefferson Memorial Building.

Missouri Municipal League, 1964 Convention - St. Louis

Missouri Conference of Mayors - Missouri Municipal League

Missouri Pacific Railroad - re: Commuter Service and Miscellaneous

Missouri Municipal League

Missouri State Employment Service

Unemployment - Missouri Division of Employment Security

Missouri, State of - Miscellaneous Matters

Missouri - Branch of University of Missouri in St. Louis

Missouri University (Extension Center in St. Louis)



Motion Pictures


Mullanphy Board

Municipal Art Commission

Municipal Business Development Commission - includes copy of a report on "What
Activities Should be Performed by the St. Louis Municipal Business Development
Commission (?)" prepared by the Governmental Research Institute.

Municipal Finance Letter - copies of the publication

Municipal Manpower Commission

Municipal Reference Library

Raymond R. Tucker Papers Third Administration Files Series 3 Box 30

MUN (Cont.) - Parks (A-D)

Municipal Manpower Commission - A Draft Report on "Governmental Manpower for
Metropolitan America"

Municipal Theatre Association

Museum of Science and Natural History

Museum of Transport - general information, correspondence, etc.


National Association for the Advancement of Colored People

National Housing Conference, Inc., Washington, D.C. - mostly News Letters

National Safety Council (empty)

Neighborhood Organizations

New York World's Fair (Missouri participation, including St. Louis)

Newspapers and Magazines - Various

Notices to Department Heads RE: Holidays, etc.

Notices to Department Heads (Individual Letters)


Off-Street Parking, Miscellaneous

Off-Street Parking Commission

Offers of Assistance, Miscellaneous

Osborn, Robert

Overland Mall Centennial (empty)

Ozark Rivers National Monument


St. Louis Department of Parks, Recreation and Forestry - Annual Report, 1963-1964

Band Concerts, 1961-1962

Parks and Recreation, Board of

Complaints, Miscellaneous

Parks, Recreation and Forestry, Director of - reports, general correspondence, etc.

Weed Cutting Program

Forest Park - contains Proposal for the Dwight Davis Tennis center, general material, etc.

Forestry Division

Raymond R. Tucker Papers Third Administration Files Series 3 Box 31

Parks (D-Z)

Parks and Recreation, Divisions of -reports, general correspondence, etc.

1964 Press-Radio-TV Golf Tournament
1963 Press-Radio-TV Golf Tournament

1962 Press-Radio-TV Golf Tournament

1961 Press-Radio-TV Golf Tournament


Planetarium Educational Committee (McDonnell Grant) - includes copy of the Interim
Report of the Committee

McDonnell Educational Grant to Planetarium

Mark C. Steinburg Memorial Skating Rink

Municipal Parking Lot - Jefferson Memorial

Park Commissioner

Planetarium - "McDonnell Proposal for St. Louis Planetarium and Washington University
Space-Sciences Educational Program", 6/5/63.

Planetarium - Preliminary proposal by McDonnell to the City of St. Louis and Washington
University RE: Educational Program

Planetarium Dedication, May 30, 1963 - includes copy of Mayor Tucker's Remarks at the
Planetarium Dedication.

Washington Square

Raymond R. Tucker Papers Third Administration Files Series 3 Box 32

Personnel (A-Z)

Compensation Plan

Personnel Department - Examinations, Ratings

Annual Report of Department of Personnel and Civil Service Commission: 1961, 1964, City
of St. Louis

Civil Service Commission

Employee Problems Procedures

Personnel Department, Director of
Examinations, Ratings, etc.

Miscellaneous, March 1, 1963

Personnel Replacements, January 1, 1965

Personnel Replacements, August 1, 1964 - December 31, 1964


Leave of Absence, Various

Retirement Plan

Requisitions Not Filled


Service Rating Manual, City of St. Louis, July 1963

Retirement System

Raymond R. Tucker Papers Third Administration Files Series 3 Box 33

Police - Political

Police - "Men in Blue: A Study of Recruitment and Selection Procedures for Policemen in
Saint Louis" by Duff G. Gillespie and David J. Pittman

Police Commissioners, Board of (Minutes, Reports, and Notices of Meetings)

Police Commissioners, Board of - contains copy of Police Department Annual Report for
1961, 1962, 1963, 1964

Advisory Committee for Appointment of New Board of Police Commissioners, Dec. 1964 -
nominations, names of candidates, etc.

Police Department, February 1, 1963 - general correspondence, reports, etc.

Police Department - (Approximately April 1961 - Jan. 30, 1963) general correspondence,
reports, etc.

Police Department - Re: Budget

Police Department - Captain Meeting's (Minutes
Police Department - Jobs and Promotions

Police Station, Union and Page - suggestions from Department Heads for future use of

Campaign Ideas

Political, 1964 and 1965 Elections - general material

Political, 1961, 1962, and 1963 Elections

Raymond R. Tucker Papers Third Administration Files Series 3 Box 34

Political - Public Safety (A-H)

Political - Democratic Advisory Committee

Political - Democratic National Committee

Political - 1964 Democratic National Convention

Political, Miscellaneous - Local

Political, Miscellaneous - National

Political - National Republican Congressional Committee

Political - State

Air Pollution

Metropolitan Committee on Air Pollution Control - reports, legislative proposals, etc.

Public Safety - Board of Adjustment

Building Appeals - (empty)

Building Code

Public Safety - Complaints, Miscellaneous

Public Safety, Director of - general correspondence, etc.

Building Superintendent

Building Review Committee
Building Commissioner - General correspondence

Division of Building and Inspection (2 folders)

Department of Public Safety, Division of Building and Inspection - Annual Report, 1963-

Public Safety - Citizens' Advisory Committee on Neighborhood Rehabilitation

Excise Commissioner

Fire Department

Fire Department - Jobs, Promotions, and Transfers

Fire and Police Telegraph

Fireman's Retirement System of St. Louis

Housing Code, New

Housing Rehabilitation Coordinating Committee (Minutes of Meetings)

Housing Rehabilitation Section - includes material on various neighborhood rehabilitation

Raymond R. Tucker Papers Third Administration Files Series 3 Box 35

Public Safety (M-Z) - Public Service (A)

Minimum Housing Standards - Includes copy of "Proposed Revision of Minimum Housing
Standard Ordinance, December 19, 1961"

Minimum Standards Ordinance (Proposed for non-residential buildings)

"Report of Rehabilitation Committee to Mayor Raymond R. Tucker"

Public Safety - Neighborhood Progress Reports

Neighborhood Rehabilitation Areas (Obtaining of Loans for Home Improvement or

Orientation Course for Neighborhood Leaders

Rooming House Section

"Union of Taxpayers"

Weights and Measures

Zoning, Miscellaneous

Public Service, Board of Secretary

Board of Engineers (Appt. by Board of Public Service) (empty)

Bridges, Miscellaneous


Grade Crossing and Grade Separations

Public Service, Board of - President - general correspondence, reports, etc.

Sewers and Paving Section

Board of Public Service: Slay - Chemtech Controversy

Steam Pollution

Street Widening

Department of Public Utilities, City of St. Louis - Annual Reports, 1962-1963 and 1963-

"Report on Proposed Improvement Program of the Water Division, City of St. Louis,
Missouri", 1961

"Airport Hotel Program, Lambert-St. Louis Municipal Airport", June 1961; and
"Supplement to Airport Hotel Program, Lambert-St. Louis Municipal Airport", August 1961,
by Landrum and Brown, Cincinnati, Ohio.

Airport Hotel Concessionaire Information

Lambert-St. Louis Municipal Airport - "Traffic and Earnings Report", June 1962; and
"Development Report", June 1962

Airport Commission - recommendations, reports, general correspondence, etc.
Airport Commission - Minutes of Meetings and Agenda, Jan. 1, 1963

Raymond R. Tucker Papers Third Administration Files Series 3 Box 36

Public Service A (cont.) - Z

Airport Commission - Minutes of Meeting's and Agenda, April 1, 1961-October 1963

Airports, Miscellaneous

City-County Airport Commission

Complaints, Miscellaneous

Public Utilities, Director of

Hotel, Proposed - Lambert Airport

Lambert-St. Louis Municipal Airport - "Report of Concessionaires' Rentals," April 1, 1964
to Dec 1, 1964, and April 1, 1964 to March 31, 1965; "Division of Department of Public
Utilities": Report of Examination, April 1, 1964 to March 31, 1965

Lambert-St. Louis Municipal Airport- general correspondence, reports, etc.

MacArthur Bridge

Markets - Public

Union Market - Rehabilitation - drawings, architects' plans etc.

McDonnell Aircraft Corporation

Parks Airport - include copy of a speech given by Walter T. Malloy, Director of Public
Utilities, at Electrical Board of Trade Luncheon, Jan 19, 1965, entitled "General Aviation -
What St. Louis is Doing About It!"

Parks Metropolitan Airport Special Report, May 16, 1963

Railroad Mergers, March 1, 1963

Department of Public Utilities, Annual Report, 1962-1963

Water Division - Notice of Sale of Water Revenue Bonds, 1963 Issue
Lighting Division -Information for bidders on installation of a new street lighting system in
the area bounded by Market Street, Twelfth Blvd, Franklin Ave, and the western right-of-
way limits of the Third Street Expressway

Lighting Division - general correspondence and reports

Water Commissioner - general correspondence and reports

Raymond R. Tucker Papers Third Administration Files Series 3 Box 37

P - RA


Permits, Requests for - Various





Pres, National

Press Releases, Miscellaneous - contains speeches and remarks delivered by Tucker on
various occasions

Press Releases (Radio, TV, newspapers, schools, magazines, etc.), Feb 1, 1963

Prom Magazine - includes copies of articles written by Tucker for the magazine

Prom Magazine Material - includes copies of articles written by Tucker for the magazine

Prosecuting Attorney

Psychoanalytic Foundation of St. Louis

Public Administrator

Public Library - Annual Reports, 1962-63 and 1961-62

Public Relations, Miscellaneous Matters


Radio and Television Broadcasting Stations, Jan 1, 1964

Raymond R. Tucker Papers Third Administration Files Series 3 Box 38

RA (Cont.) - SAL

Radio and Television Broadcasting Stations, Feb 1, 1961-Dec 31, 1963

Railroads, Miscellaneous

Q - RA

Recorder of Deeds

Redevelopment Areas, Miscellaneous

References, Letters and Requests for

Relief Assistance

Relief - Unemployment and Surplus Food






Safety Council - National, State, City - includes "A Review of the 1961 Annual Traffic
Inventory" by the Metropolitan Police Department

St. Louis Award (Outstanding Citizen)

St. Louis Convention Board

St. Louis County Municipal League - minutes of meetings, correspondence, etc.

St. Louis Council on World Affairs
St. Louis Public Service Company - Proposed Purchase by City - includes a copy of the

St. Louis Public Service Company - "A Plan for Immediate Improvement of Transit Service
in St. Louis and St. Louis County," 1960

St. Louis Symphony Society

St. Louis University

Salvation Army


Raymond R. Tucker Papers Third Administration Files Series 3 Box 39



Scouts , Boy and Girl


Senators, US - Miscellaneous Matters

Senior Citizens





Soldiers' Memorial

Southwestern Bell Telephone Company

Space Capsule and Manned Space Center - material relating to the efforts to get a space
flight center in St. Louis

"Spirit of St. Louis" Award (St. Louis University) - nominations, names of those under
consideration, etc.
Spirit of St. Louis Fund


Standardization, Board of - Minutes of Meetings

Stan Musial Testimonial Fund Committee




Supply Division, Department of Finance - Contracts to 6/22/61

Supply Division - general correspondence, reports, etc.

Surveys, Miscellaneous

Supply Commissioner, Office of - Annual Report, 1964-65


Taxes, Miscellaneous

Terminal Railroad Association


Tournaments, Miscellaneous

Tours, Miscellaneous

Tower Grove Park


See also in add acquisition Box 1:

Statements by the Mayor 1961-65
Remarks and press releases by the Mayor; policy statements on various issues

Raymond R. Tucker Papers Third Administration Files Series 3 Box 40

TRA-TV; Street Dept.
To Whom it May Concern and Letters of Introduction

Travel Expenses to Professional Conferences, Meetings and Study Courses- Various City
Departments, Fiscal Year, 1962-63

Trips - Requests from Department Heads for Permission


TV Material - includes copies of material used on TV; campaign material; copy of "A
Constructive Analysis of ST. Louis Today" by Allan Merritt; general information on the
City, City project, etc; copy of "Saint Louis A Status Report" by Raymond R. Tucker, April
16, 1963

Streets, Dept. of - Annual Reports for 1961-62 and 1962-63

Boat Launching Ramp of Mississippi

Bridges, Maintenance, etc.

Bus Routes and Stops

Street Department - Cleaning Streets, Alleys, and Sidewalks

Street Commissioner

Complaints, Miscellaneous

Garbage and Rubbish Collection

Streets, Director of - general correspondence, reports etc.

Express Highway

Harbor and Wharf Section

Hodiamont Right-of-Way

Mayor's Committee on Port of St. Louis (low water level problem)

Off-Street Parking Commission

Parking, miscellaneous
Street Department - Pedestrian Safety - includes copy of a "Proposed pedestrian Traffic
Safety Program", St. Louis

Quarries, Various

Sidewalks Division

Street Department - Repairing Streets and Alleys

Street and Alley Vacation

Street Widening


Traffic Division - Engineers' Staff Meeting - minutes of meetings, 1961-65

Traffic Division - Traffic Volume Study, City of St. Louis, Missouri, 1964

Raymond R. Tucker Papers Third Administration Files Series 3 Box 41

Traffic - United

Traffic, Miscellaneous, Jan 1, 1964--

Traffic, Miscellaneous, June 1, 1962 - Dec 31, 1963 -- includes Traffic Division Annual
Report, 1962

Traffic Division Annual Report, 1963

Traffic, Miscellaneous, April, 1961 - May 31, 1962

Traffic Appeal Board

Truck Traffic

Union Electric Company

United Fund, Miscellaneous

United Fund, 1964 Campaign

United Fund, 1963 Campaign - United Fund, 1962 Campaign (R.R. Tucker, Chairmen,
Government Division)

United Nations
Urban League of St. Louis

US Bicentennial 1976

Proposed New Federal Building and Disposal of Old Post Office Building, July, 1961

Raymond R. Tucker Papers Third Administration Files Series 3 Box 42

United (cont) - United (Task Force)

USO (United Service Organizations) - minutes of meetings of board of directors, etc.

Armed Forces

Department of Urban Affairs and Urban Renewal (Proposed)

US Government, Miscellaneous Agencies

US Government - National Citizens Committee for Community Relations

President's Poverty Program (National Service Corps) - includes copy of Tucker's Remarks
to Ad Hoc Subcommittee on Poverty War Program, House Committee on Education and
Labor, April 15, 1964

US Government - Proposed new Federal Building and Disposal of Old Post Office Building,
Feb 1954 - Nov 1960

US Government - "Naval Industrial Reserve Ordinance Plant" - efforts by the City to obtain
the property

US Government - Ordinance Plant - efforts to sell the property by the US Government

US Government - Task Force on Education - material received by Tucker and
correspondence of Tucker as a member of the Task Force

Raymond R. Tucker Papers Third Administration Files Series 3 Box 43

United (Task Force cont) - Welfare (Human Dev.)

Task Force on Education, Dept of Health, Education and Welfare - Mayor's Appt and

Task Force on Education - contains a draft of the final report of the Task Force, 1964

Veiled Prophet

Visitors, Out of Town



Washington University - includes copy of Tucker's Remarks before the Junior League and
Washington University, Oct 3, 1963

Raymond R. Tucker Papers Third Administration Files Series 3 Box 44

Welfare (cont) - Z

Human Development Corporation - correspondence, reports, planned projects, etc.

Juvenile Delinquency Planning Grant - Division of Community Services - general
correspondence, reports, etc.

Legal Aid Bureau

Welfare Department - Meramec Hills

Missouri Hills

Public Defender Bureau

Workhouse - includes plans and estimates for a new workhouse



White House Regional Conference - material relating to the conference held in St. Louis
Nov 7-8, 1961




World Affairs Council


Zoological Board of Control

Zoological Gardens

Zoological Park, St. Louis - Annual Report, 1963-64


Raymond R. Tucker Papers Third Administration Files Series 3 Box 45

US Mayors' Conference

US Conference of Mayors, 1964 Annual Conference (New York City) includes excerpts
from Tucker's remarks accepting the Presidency of the United States Conference of Mayors

US Conference of Mayors - general correspondence, reports, etc.

US Conference of Mayors, Honolulu Conference, June 7-13, 1963

US Conference of Mayors - Committee on Community Development (RR Tucker
Chairman) - general correspondence, reports, etc.

Speeches, Miscellaneous - texts of speeches by Tucker and others

Reports, Miscellaneous - Various reports sent to the Mayor's office by cities, companies,
organizations, etc

Reports, Various City

Raymond R. Tuckers Third Administration Files Series 3 Box 46

US Mayor's Conference (cont) and Proclamation

Reports, Other Cities

Proclamations, June 1, 1964 - April 1965

Proclamations, Sept. 1, 1963 - May 30 ,1964

Proclamations, Oct 1, 1962 - August 31, 1963

Raymond R. Tucker Papers Third Administration Files Series 3 Box 47
Invitations and Miscellaneous

Invitations, Jan 1, 1965

Invitations, Oct 1, 1964 - Dec 31, 1964

Invitations, July 1, 1964 - Sept 30, 1964

Miscellaneous - Public Building Bond Issues, 1923-1936

Miscellaneous - "Special Report, City of St. Louis, Oct 17, 1961"

Miscellaneous - "City of St. Louis, Statement of Estimated Receipts for Budget Information,
Municipal Revenue Fund, 1956-57"

Miscellaneous - "City of St. Louis, Comments on Accounting Systems"

Miscellaneous - Confidential Report of Examination Covering Special Audit of Merchant's
and Manufacturers' Licenses, Year, 1955

Miscellaneous - "Special Report to the Mayor of the City of St. Louis, Oct 20, 1954"

All of the above Miscellaneous reports were submitted by Fox and Placht, Certified Public
Accountants, St. Louis 1, Missouri