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					                    SBA Meeting Minutes
September 12, 2006 7:20 pm
   I.     Intro for New Officers
          A. LLM students Stephen
          B. David Coons – 1L president
          C. Megan Donahue- 1L VC
          D. Maggie Spell – 1L representative
          E. Jeffery Coreil – 1L representative
          F. Rebecca Bayless – 1L Representatives

   II.    Approval of Funding – Law Democrats
          A. Documentary – open to all
          B. They just want Pizza & Cokes.
          C. There is not a specification about what they are showing, so we will hold off voting
             until after we get more info.
          D. Motion: to E-vote when more info is gathered Carrie & seconded by Parker – passed

   III.   Tailgating for Tulane - $450 total
          A. Suggestions – Chicken tenders, pizza, hot-wings, Sam’s possibility.
          B. Moved to approve at least $450. Unanimous.

   IV.    Bowling, Check in?--- by 9:30
          A. 50 teams & we have enough lanes.
          B. David has requested that we come around 8:00pm!
          C. David will check out the trophies.
          D. T-shirts – Carrie will email us a copy of the graphic.
          E. Is the 2L class going to design a generic tshirt. Yes.
          F. We may give out some assault & flattery shirts at Bowling Tourname nt.

   V.     Hats N Canes (key to lock) – The ticket is just for show & the list will be out the door.
          A. Also- you can buy tickets at the door.
          B. T-shirt: We may put Canes on the T-shirt but we don’t know yet.

   VI.    Halloween Party
          A. Off weekend Oct 27th – Trying to do it on Fri. not Saturday so people can go home.

   VII.   Other
          A. Assault & Flattery meeting Sept 20th at 6pm. Need gifted people in the technical
          B. Planning of the TGIF’s!
                     New venues: Chelsea’s & possibly Sullivan’s – nothing will be paid for by
                     the SBA so it is up to the venues to give us deals.
          C. LLM Students may be putting on a Soccer Tournament. May be we could use some
              club funding for this.