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About BP Lubricants USA Inc.
BP Lubricants USA Inc. markets premium Castrol lubricants and business-building programs directly and through distributors to
independent lube operators, service providers, on- and off-road fleets, new car dealers and leading retailers. Our line of diesel
engine oils includes Castrol® Elixion®, Castrol® Hypuron™ and Castrol® Tection™ Extra, as well as Castrol® Fifth Wheel Grease.
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A Little Creativity Lands                                  W
                                                                       hen Don Wolford
                                                                       of Greencastle, Penn.

     Pennsylvania Truck
                                                                       bought his 1977 900A
                                                           Kenworth truck more than a year
                                                           ago, his intent was for the truck

         Driver Top Prize                                  to be his “fixer upper”. Never have
                                                           truer words been spoken; however,
                                                           Wolford could never have foreseen
 2008 Big Honkin’ Truck Makeover Contest Winner Selected   the course of events that led to his
                                                           truck’s transformation.

                                                           A man with truck driving in his blood,
                                                           Wolford has been in the driver’s seat of
                                                           a big rig for more than 2 decades, and
                                                           he has logged more than 3 million
                                                           miles in his career. He covers
                                                           approximately 140,000 miles a year,
                                                           mainly hauling general freight up and
                                                           down the East coast.

                                                           “My Grandfather drove the big trucks,
                                                           and for me it was the only thing I ever
                                                           wanted to do,” said Wolford.

                                                           Wolford is one of the fortunate people
                                                           who loves his job enough to make it
                                                           his hobby as well. Not only does he
                                                           drive a truck Sunday to Friday as part
                                                           of his business; he purchased a 30-year
                                                           old model to fix up in his free time.
                                                           At least that was his plan, until he
                                                           spotted an advertisement for Castrol
                                                           Tection Extra’s Big Honkin’ Truck
                                                           Makeover Contest.

                                                                               volume 2 • 2008   1
“I saw an ad for a contest to win a $50,000 truck makeover      Wolford received a letter in early December 2007 stating
and decided to enter,” explained Wolford. “I wrote an essay,    that he was chosen as one of the contest’s three finalists.
submitted it with pictures, and did not think much more         Wolford decided at that point that he was in this contest
about it. About a month and a half later, I received a letter   to win it.
stating my Kenworth was one of the top three finalists for
                                                                “Part of the final judging was determined from online
the makeover. I couldn’t believe it!”
                                                                votes,” said Wolford. “My wife Maria contacted our local
Wolford entered Castrol Tection Extra’s Big Honkin’ Truck       newspaper, which did a story about the contest, our truck,
Makeover contest which advertised a grand prize of a            and the need for votes. The article told people how and
$50,000 truck makeover. The makeover was performed              where to vote online.”
by The Chrome Shop Mafia and 4 States Trucks and
                                                                Wolford then packed up his two daughters and his wife and
included an overhaul to the interior, exterior, and
                                                                made the trip to Louisville, KY for the Mid-America Truck
communication system of the truck. The contest was
                                                                Show, March 27-29. Once again, the family showed their
open to owner/operators of Class 6-8 trucks. A contestant
                                                                intense desire to win the contest. They wore matching
must submit an essay of no more than 150 words describing
                                                                T-shirts and distributed pencils, flyers, and Kenworth
the dire condition of his or her truck, the need for its
                                                                giveaways in an effort to solicit votes for Wolford’s truck.
makeover, and why he or she is worthy of the top prize.
                                                                Wolford and his daughters even made a YouTube video
A color photograph must accompany the entry and could
                                                                that asked the public to help improve his life and business
be sent online or by mail. Entries were reviewed and scored
                                                                with a vote for his truck. In the end, the family’s hard work
by an independent panel of judges on the following
                                                                was rewarded when Wolford was named the winner at
criteria: Originality and creativity of the essay, relevance
                                                                show’s closing. It was a dream come true.
of the essay to the contest’s theme, and photographic
evidence of the truck. Three finalists were chosen from         “We went to the show to win, and we wanted to win,”
all the qualified entries received by the contest deadline.     stated Wolford.
The Grand Prize winner was chosen from votes received
                                                                Now the real fun began. Wolford was put in touch with the
online and at the Mid-America Trucking Show.
                                                                truck makeover specialists from 4 States Trucks, Inc., home
Wolford’s essay was unique because it used titles of old        of the Chrome Shop Mafia. Castrol has teamed with “The
country songs to describe the condition of his big rig.         Boyz” from the Mafia for its last two makeovers and the
The song titles were mostly from the 1960s and 1970s            results were nothing short of amazing.
and were ones with which truck drivers would be familiar.
“King of the Road”, “That Endless Black Ribbon”, and
“Movin’ On” were some of the titles used to describe
Wolford’s Kenworth and why it was worthy of a makeover.

2 dimensions
“Although we are involved in the makeover planning              Wolford’s upgraded Kenworth was unveiled to him this
process, we like to give the Chrome Shop Mafia a                summer, and seen by the public for the first time at the
great deal of creative license to do what they do best,”        Great American Trucking Show in Dallas, TX in late August.
said Tracy Drelich, Assistant Promotions Manager for the        Wolford’s first impression of the truck was how much
contest’s sponsor BP Lubricants USA, Inc. “Their                “badder” it looked.
transformations always exceed our expectations and
                                                                “My favorite part of the makeover is the extended hood. I
Don Wolford’s Kenworth was no exception.”
                                                                was surprised by the blue color, but really like it. My wife
Wolford spoke with Chrome Shop Mafia’s Don Bryan                and I have nick named it ‘Red, Hot & Blue’ in a tribute to its
Martin about his truck’s renovations and asked him to           colors and a restaurant we visited in Missouri. This is a truly
incorporate his love of 1970s muscle cars into the makeover.    one-of-a-kind Mafia creation, and it was all made possible
The Boyz got to work on the rig by dismantling it and           by the folks at Castrol,” said Wolford.
cleaning up more than 30 years of rust and wear. It was
                                                                Wolford wanted to showcase his upgraded truck and thank
given a custom paint job that featured racing stripes that
                                                                the people of his community that voted for him. He and his
extended from the hood to the fenders. The hood was
                                                                family worked in conjunction with his local Travel Centers of
extended more than 8 inches to make the overall look long
                                                                America truck shop to set up their own “truck show” for
and low. The Mafia added lighting accessories including:
                                                                Red, Hot & Blue. Castrol donated some giveaways,
stainless battery and tool boxes, 6” chrome exhaust pipes, a
                                                                Wolford’s daughters received Castrol T-shirts, and several
drop visor, 22” chrome bumper, and stainless air filters from
                                                                hundred people stopped by to see the prize-winning truck.
sponsors Grote Industries and Your Truck Shop. They even
                                                                For a self-proclaimed 100% truck driver, this has been one
fabricated some parts in the 4 States Truck shop.
                                                                wild ride.
Continental Tire North America supplied new tires and
wheels, made available by Alcoa Wheels. Go Green Fuel           “Castrol has been wonderful to me and my family. This has
Systems provided a hydrogen enrichment system that will         been an amazing experience, and we have had a lot of fun.
help the environment by decreasing emissions and improve        We are so excited about the upgraded truck, and I look
Wolford’s bottom line by increasing MPG. Plush leather seats    forward to driving it in my free time.”
from National Seating were installed, and the dash, floor,
                                                                A gallery of pictures, video of the makeover, updated contest
headline, and sound system also received a complete
                                                                information, and Castrol Tection Extra product information is
upgrade. For the ultimate in comfort, his sleeper was
                                                                available at
converted to a walk-through from crawl access.

                                                                                                           volume 2 • 2008    3
                 BP Autran Syn 295
                 Lowers Operating
                 Temperatures In
                 Controlled Field Tests
                 Proof positive that synthetic ATF prolongs component
                 life and saves maintenance dollars

                      ynthetic fluids have long been touted for their ability to remain
                      stable at high operating temperatures. This means that as operating
                      or ambient temperature rises, the synthetic fluid will not breakdown
                 or excessively thin, which would expose the component to damaging
                 wear. In theory, the superior chemical make-up of a synthetic lubricant
                 should allow a component to run at a cooler temperature than one using
                 a mineral-based fluid. BP Lubricants USA Inc. recently put this theory to
                 the test in a city transit bus and refuse truck fleet with the synthetic
                 automatic transmission fluid (ATF) BP Autran Syn 295.

                 “We have felt that synthetic lubricants should allow transmissions to run
                 cooler than ones using mineral based products should,” said Rich Gapinski,
                 BP Lubricants Driveline & Ancillaries Technical Services Manager. “There have
                 been some experiments to prove this in the laboratory, but we decided to do
                 a field study to generate data to support this theory.”

                 FiELD TEST #1, CiTy TRAnSiT BuSES
                 BP Lubricants began its test with a 40-foot long city transit bus that was
                 equipped with an Allison B400R automatic transmission and Cummins diesel
                 engine. Two thermocouples were added to the bus to measure fluid
                 temperatures. A data-logging unit with interface to vehicle data recorded
                 transmission temperatures, engine speed, gear position, miles per hour, and
                 ambient temperatures. The bus was operated for 4 hours, or until it reached
                 its highest transmission temperature, whichever occurred first.

                 Three lubricants were used in this field test: BP Autran Syn 295 synthetic ATF,
                 a mineral-based TES-389-approved ATF, and a mineral-based C-4-approved
                 diesel engine oil. After a driving cycle with one of the test lubricants, the data
                 was downloaded and a flush machine was used to prepare for the next test
                 fluid. The flush machine saved time and assured purity of the candidate
                 lubricants. Three flushes were necessary to achieve the goal of less than
                 1% volume of previous fluid in the sump. During the first phase of the field
                 test, the transmission oil cooler was connected and operational. The bus was
                 driven on a relatively traffic-free road according to the Environmental Protection
                 Agency (EPA) Central Business District cycle. The cycle consists of 15 segments,
                 each 0 to 20 miles per hour.

                 In the second phase of testing, BP Lubricants want to examine the effects
                 f higher operating temperatures on the three candidate lubricants.
                 To accomplish this, the transmission oil cooler was bypassed to force
                 an increase in system and fluid temperature.

4   dimensions
RESULTS: In phase one of this moderate duty cycle, the            RESULTS: BP Autran Syn 295 allowed the transmissions to
synthetic fluid BP Autran Syn 295 kept the transmission           run cooler than the mineral ATFs and diesel engine oils used
and torque converter operating at a lower temperature             in the field test. This data further validated BP Lubricant’s
than both the mineral-based fluids. In phase two, even with       belief that a synthetic automatic transmission fluid such as
bypassing the transmission oil cooler, the transmission using     BP Autran Syn 295 would produce lower operating
BP Autran Syn 295 still had lower operating temperatures in       temperatures in a transmission.
both the transmission and torque converter than the
                                                                  LOWER TEMPERATuRES, LOWER MAinTEnAnCE COSTS
transmission using mineral-based lubricants. There was a
                                                                  BP Lubricant’s test results are significant for several reasons.
greater degree of difference in temperature between the
                                                                  Higher operating temperatures increase the likelihood of oil
fluids during phase two, which lead engineers to some
                                                                  oxidation or breakdown. It is generally believed that for
interesting conclusions.
                                                                  each 10° increase in temperature, the oxidation rate is
Gapinski was encouraged by these two phases of test               doubled. Transmission components are exposed to critical
results. “This field test did confirm our theory that synthetic   wear as oil oxidizes. Any measures a fleet owner can take
lubricants would allow a transmission to operate at a cooler      to lower operating temperatures prolongs the life of the
temperature than conventional transmission fluids would,”         transmission and the fluid, both of which save real
he explained. “However, phase 2 of our test showed that           maintenance dollars.
as the temperature in the transmission sump increases, the
                                                                  Bearings and seals receive better wear protection and last
temperature gap between synthetic and mineral-based
                                                                  longer if operating temperatures are lower. Fleet owners can
fluids gets larger. Equipment running at high operating
                                                                  significantly reduce downtime with the use of BP Autran Syn
temperatures would get better wear protection, longer
                                                                  295. Although not the focus of this study, it is important to
component life, and longer lubricant life from using a
                                                                  remember that BP Autran Syn 295 is approved for use under
synthetic ATF like BP Autran Syn 295.”
                                                                  the Allison TES 295 specification. This specification allows
FiELD TEST #2, REFuSE TRuCKS                                      for fleet owners to extended drain intervals up to 150,000
To further investigate the synthetic fluid’s effect on            miles in severe duty applications and 300,000 miles in
temperature, Gapinski conducted another field test. Refuse        moderate duty applications. That is almost 12 times the
trucks were chosen as the application because they                drain interval of a mineral-based ATF.
experience significant stop and go conditions. Two 2003
                                                                  Although this study focused on high operating and ambient
Mack refuse trucks with Mack diesel engines and Allison
                                                                  temperatures, BP Autran Syn 295 provides low temperature
HD4560 automatic transmissions and two Autocar refuse
                                                                  protection too. Start-up wear is a real concern for fleet
trucks with Cummins ISM engines and Allison 4500 RDS
                                                                  managers as temperatures drop. BP Autran Syn 295 is able
automatic transmissions were used in the study.
                                                                  to remain viscous so critical transmission components
As in the first field test, the transmissions of the test         receive protection as soon as a driver turns the key. All these
trucks were outfitted with thermocouples to record                benefits of BP Autran Syn 295 produce lower maintenance
torque converter out temperature and ambient temperature.         costs and lower a fleet’s cost-per-mile.
Modifications were made to allow the use of a high capacity
                                                                  BP Autran Syn 295 can be used in a variety of applications
automatic transmission fluid flush machine. A data logger
                                                                  including inter-city buses and school buses, delivery trucks
was installed in the cab to record temperatures as each
                                                                  and vans, refuse vehicles, emergency vehicles, light-duty
vehicle completed its customer pick-up route.
                                                                  pick-up trucks, passenger cars (where Dexron®-III is
One notable difference between the refuse truck test and          recommended), some recreational vehicles, and motor
the city bus test was that the city bus was driven on a           homes. It is exceeds the performance requirements for
planned, lightly traveled EPA fuel economy route; it was in       Allison TES-295, Allison C-4 and Dexron®-III specifications.
test mode, not actual service. The refuse trucks were driven      For more information on BP Autran Syn 295, contact a sales
by their usual drivers in actual refuse pick-up service. The      representative at 800-255-4417 or visit the BP Lubricants
data from the refuse trucks was collected for one week.           web site at

                                                                                                               volume 1 • 2008   5
6   dimensions
Powerful Information Tool Makes
Lubricant Recommendations a Snap
         ne of the easiest ways to safeguard and extend the life of heavy-duty trucks and equipment is to use
         the correct lubricant for a specified component. Sounds simple on paper, but in reality it can be very
         complicated. Choosing the proper lubricant goes beyond engine oils, transmission fluids, hydraulic fluids,
and gear lubricants. There are single and multi-weight viscosity fluids. There are multi-purpose fluids that can
perform in both a hydraulic pump and transmissions. There are specialty fluids that address high operating
temperatures or environmental restrictions. And of course there are conventional and synthetic choices to
consider. It would take a fleet manager hours of valuable time and energy to research and specify lubricants
for his entire fleet. A Castrol sales representative or distributor can do it with a few clicks of a mouse.

                                       “Castrol’s field engineers have been known in the industry for providing extensive
                                       and thorough lube surveys to our customers,” says Tejuana Edmond, HD/OEM
                                       Market Space Manager. BP Lubricants USA, Inc. “In the past, we used a system
                                       called OATS Lubrication Reference System to aid our engineers with completing
                                       comprehensive surveys. We polled our internal sales force and distributors on
                                       how to enhance this program. We recently completed upgrades to the system
                                       and rebranded this tool as Castrol Lube Advisor, powered by OATS. The Castrol
                                       Lube Advisor is easier to use and allows for more flexibility for our field engineers,
                                       sales people, and distributors.”

                                       Castrol Lube Advisor is a secure, interactive, internet-based program that allows
                                       Castrol representatives and distributors to perform a number of valuable services
                                       when doing lube surveys for customers. First and foremost, Castrol sales and
                                       distributor representatives can make product recommendations based on
                                       equipment make and model types. Makes and models can be easily chosen
                                       from comprehensive lists contained within the program, and searches can be
                                       performed on single or multiple units. Recommendations are summarized in an
                                       easy-to-read chart that contains a vehicle’s sump capacity and good, better, best
                                       choices where applicable. By clicking on a Castrol fluid, the user is linked to the
                                       product data sheet for that lubricant. The user can print or e-mail this information
                                       to his or her customer.

                                       Castrol Lube Advisor gives Castrol representatives and distributors the ability to
                                       input all a customer’s vehicles and/or equipment on one screen. The program will
                                       then generate a detailed recommendation report for the entire fleet in minutes.
                                       Other information available through Castrol Lube Advisor includes competitive
                                       product cross references, The Castrol Heavy Duty Green Book, viscosity charts,
                                       product data sheets, and lubricant specifications. Reports can be saved, printed
                                       or sent via e-mail to the customer.

                                       Overall, Castrol Lube Advisor helps Castrol representatives ensure that their
                                       customers are using the specified lubricants for each piece of equipment in
                                       their fleet. This comprehensive tool also takes the guesswork out of making
                                       lubricant recommendations for busy fleet or equipment managers. For more
                                       information on how a Castrol representative or distributor can perform a
                                       lubricant survey for your fleet, visit the Castrol web site at
                                       or call 800-888-4448.

                                                                                                        volume 2 • 2008    7
8   dimensions
           Fuel For Thought
           BP plans to track and record fuel efficiency with
           new information-gathering tool.

        ccording to the Energy Information Administration’s diesel fuel price comparison,
        diesel fuel prices are up an average 84 cents a gallon across the country, compared
        to one year ago. For trucking companies, even slight increases in diesel fuel prices cut
directly into their margins and increase their cost-per-mile. For on-highway fleets large and
small, getting the most mileage from each tank of gas has become priority one.

Fuel economy by definition is simply the amount of fuel required to move a vehicle from point A to
point B. It is typically quoted in miles per gallon (MPG) and has received more attention recently due
to skyrocketing fuel prices. Fuel efficiency is the amount of energy released by fuel combustion that
is changed into working energy. A fuel efficient engine, or one that converts the most amount of fuel
combustion energy into working energy, would get better fuel economy. Technically, it will take less
fuel to move a fuel-efficient truck a certain distance. Depending on the nature of a trucking business
(number of vehicles, distance traveled, etc.) even small increases in fuel efficiency can save a trucking
company thousands of dollars a year.

It sounds fairly simple; increase fuel efficiency, save money. However, there are many variables that
contribute to the fuel efficiency of an engine that go beyond its internal components. And measuring
the resulting fuel economy presents another challenge.

The biggest variable in determining fuel efficiency is probably the one over which fleet owners have
the least control—the driver. BP Lubricants USA Inc. has estimated that 30% of a truck’s fuel efficiency
can be traced back to its driver. Other variables that contribute to a vehicle’s fuel efficiency include fuel
type, tires, truck aerodynamics, seasonal changes, service, lubricants, and geography. Whether the role
of each of these variables is large or small, any positive change in fuel efficiency positively affects the
bottom line.

So now that a fleet owner knows what contributes to his vehicle’s fuel efficiency, how does he convert
this information into something useful for his business? First he must look at both traditional and
non-traditional ways to increase a vehicle’s fuel economy.

                                                                                          volume 1 • 2008   9
• Take a breather. Car and truck drivers alike tend to           • Follow OEM preventive maintenance standards. Well-
  accelerate and brake hard. The harder a driver pushes            maintained vehicles are more fuel-efficient and generally
  on the gas pedal, the more gas (energy) it takes to move         experience less downtime. Using the correct type of fuel
  the truck. One strategy for combating this problem is to         and proper grade of diesel engine oil help the engine
  simply take a deep breath and relax before hitting the           operate more efficiently.
  accelerator. A driver should ease into starting and
                                                                 • Avoid useless idling. Whenever possible, avoid idling
  accelerating to save fuel.
                                                                   for long periods of time. When a truck idles, it is going
• Maintain a steady speed. When possible, drivers                  nowhere yet consuming fuel. Therefore, that truck is
  should keep their trucks at a steady pace. On flat roads,        getting 0 MPG, while it idles.
  cruise control can provide a fuel-efficient driving option.
                                                                 • Consider fuel-efficient lubricants. Many motor oils,
  However, hilly terrain is not the ideal situation for cruise
                                                                   transmission fluids, and gear lubricants tout fuel
  control. Drivers can achieve more efficiency by driving
                                                                   efficiency benefits. Lubricants that can support fuel
  through the hills, accelerating up the hill when necessary
                                                                   efficiency claims may seem to cost more initially, but
  and letting off the gas to go downhill.
                                                                   even minor fuel savings will more than cover the
• Put the truck into high gear. Drivers should strive to stay      increase in the cost of the lubricants.
  in the highest gear possible to maximize fuel efficiency.
  Lower gears do give the truck more power, however they         Crunching the numbers
  are a bigger drain on fuel consumption. Higher gears,          Tracking fuel efficiency for fleets is a challenge because
  especially in on-highway driving, use the least amount         there are so many variables that contribute to it. BP
  of energy.                                                     Lubricants is in the final stages of development for a
                                                                 fuel economy meter designed to capture data from many
• Check tires and tire pressure. According to the                components that comprise fuel economy. The fuel economy
  Department of Energy, a vehicle can increase its fuel          meter consists of a small datalogger, which is connected to
  economy by more than 3% simply by inflating its tires          a vehicle’s systems. Using various data collection methods,
  properly. Underinflated tires require the vehicle to use       information is sent to a central computer, sorted and stored.
  more energy to operate.                                        BP then publishes the sorted data on a web site for the
                                                                 operator or fleet manager to view. This is not a product BP
                                                                 plans to sell, but to use in conjunction with its fuel-efficient
                                                                 engine oil, gear lubricants, and transmission fluids.

                                                                 “The way we plan to use the fuel economy meter is to
                                                                 install it on 10 trucks for a 2-month time period,” explains
                                                                 Steve Goodier, Technology Manager for BP Lubricants USA,
                                                                 Inc. “The data we collect will be our baseline. Then we plan
                                                                 to change the engine oil to our fuel efficient Castrol Elixion
                                                                 and re-run the same 10 trucks for 2 more months. This data
                                                                 should give us a good idea of fuel economy and the fleet’s
                                                                 savings when using Castrol Elixion.”

                                                                 Look for more information on BP’s fuel economy meter and
                                                                 its fuel-efficient lubricants in future issues of Dimensions or
                                                                 on the company’s web site at

10   dimensions
                                    THE FiRST GREASE SPECiFiCALLy
                                    DESiGnED TO GivE yOu TOTAL
                                    COnTROL OF yOuR LOAD, REGARDLESS
                                    OF THE COnDiTiOnS AROunD yOu.

Castrol was the first to market a grease
specifically designed for fifth wheel plates.                           3
Its unique formulation has up to twice the                      Easy to use steps.
adhesive properties of our competitor’s fifth                   No tools needed.
                                                                • Peel off tab
wheel grease, and exceptional adhesion that
guards against fretting and other types of                      • Grease 5th wheel

metal to metal wear. Castrol Fifth Wheel Grease                 • Use end of tube to
comes in a convenient eight ounce squeeze                        spread evenly on wheel
tube, ideal for a one-time application.

For more information, call 1-800-255-4417 or visit
Hit the Road with Castrol Grease
When it comes to your truck’s grease needs, Castrol has got you covered.

      very business owner, fleet manager, and owner/operator is singing the same tune these days. In an effort to
      minimize the effects of higher fuel prices and economic uncertainty now, more than ever, you are vigilantly
      trying to contain costs, reduce waste, and increase efficiency in your fleet. One product that could make a
difference in your cost-per-mile is grease. You may be surprised to learn that grease, and the proper application
of it, can save your fleet time, money, and reduce safety and environmental risks. Castrol has a dedicated grease
formulation team that technically analyzes, updates, and tests its grease offerings to keep its products on the
cutting edge. This article will review the features and benefits of Castrol’s primary on-highway greases, explain
why each is superior in its scope, examine proper grease techniques, and show the grease’s uses and applications.

The Grease Line Up
There are three primary greases that can effectively fulfill most of a fleet’s lubrication needs. These products are the most
commonly used products for on-highway fleets and provide a good sampling of the Castrol grease products that are
available. Your Castrol representative has information on the entire line of Castrol greases that address specialty needs
beyond those discussed here.
Proper Grease Techniques
Once you have chosen a high quality grease, it is important to apply the correct amount to each component. Below is a
brief look at the most common grease points on a Class 8 truck and some best practices for maintaining them.
• Kingpin Lubrication.              • Front Spring Lubrication. • Steering Component               • Throw Out Bearing
  The technician may need             The front pin shackle has     Lubrication. Lubricate the       Lubrication. This
  to turn the wheels to fully         1 grease zerk. Apply grease   drag link ends and tie rods      component requires
  lubricate the kingpins.             until fresh grease purges     enough to partially inflate      only minimal lubrication.
  There are 2 kingpins with           the component. There are      or fill the boot. Be careful     One shot of grease should
  upper and lower grease              2 grease fittings on the rear not to overgrease, which         be enough. Overgreasing
  points. The kingpin is              of each front spring. Fresh   leads to seal or boot            causes erratic clutch
  properly greased when               grease should be visible at   failure and may allow            operation or failure.
  fresh grease is visible at          4 points when lubrication     contaminates or water
  all 4 grease points.                is complete.                  to enter the cavity.

12 dimensions
Castrol Pyroplex Red is a multi-purpose, extreme
pressure grease for fleets carrying moderate to
heavy loads. This is Castrol’s standard grease
product with endurance that goes well beyond
standard expectations. It is a lithium complex grease
that boasts high temperature performance, long
term stability, and dependable wear protection.
These benefits are supported by industry test results
as shown in the chart here.

High temperature operation, a common occurrence
in heavy-duty trucks, can shorten both grease and
component life. Grease that cannot withstand high
temperatures will separate and leak out of the
component. Castrol Pyroplex Red has a high dropping
point, which reflects its ability to maintain thermal
stability and protection during elevated temperatures.
Castrol Pyroplex Red uses a high quality base oil and
thickener to achieve excellent shear stability. Its shear
stability works hand-in-hand with its thermal stability
to keep the grease in place during heavy load conditions.
You can feel confident maximizing service intervals with
Castrol Pyroplex Red because it does not compromise
wear protection and performance during extended
service. It is also highly compatible with other greases,
which greatly reduces the likelihood of problems when
switching to Castrol Pyroplex Red.

Bottom line: Castrol Pyroplex Red can save your
fleet money by reducing grease intervals and
lengthening component life.

Castrol Pyroplex Blue is a multi-purpose grease
designed for use in more severe service environments
for both on- and off-highway equipment. It is a lithium
complex grease that employs hydro-activated technology,
which keeps the grease from washing out during
wet conditions. It is an excellent choice for fleets
that undergo prolonged water contamination. Castrol
Pyroplex Blue combines a proprietary additive package
with a high quality base oil, which give it enhanced
anti-wear performance and allow it to prolong
component life. Castrol Pyroplex Blue provides almost
double the bearing life and anti-wear performance of
competitive greases, as shown in the test results below.

Bottom line: Castrol Pyroplex Blue resists water
washout and offers excellent wear protection
which helps you increase uptime, extend lubrication
intervals, and save maintenance dollars.

                                                            volume 2 • 2008   13
                Castrol Pyroplex Protection ES is a full synthetic, lithium complex grease that extends service
                intervals in all seasons, but especially during harsh winter conditions. Despite exposure to highly
                corrosive and abrasive chemicals used to safeguard roads during winter storms, Castrol Pyroplex
                Protection ES maintains wear protection against rust, oxidation, and corrosion. It routinely outperforms
                competitive grease products in extreme pressure and temperature environments and resists breakdown
                with excellent oxidative stability. It is an ideal choice for trucks, buses, salt-spreaders, and other
                on-road vehicles.

                Bottom line: Castrol Pyroplex Protection ES lengthens service intervals and component life,
                which keeps your trucks on the road longer.

                                                 ApplicAtions – on-HigHwAy
                                                   GOOD                       BETTER                     BEST
                                            castrol pyroplex Red        castrol pyroplex Blue      castrol pyroplex
                                             lithium complex              lithium complex       protection Es synthetic
                                                                                                   lithium complex
                  SpEcific ApplicATiOnS
                  light-Moderate Duty           •
                  Heavy Duty                                                     •
                  Extended service
                  Enhanced corrosion protection
                  mAchinE ApplicATiOnS
                  wheel Bearings                       •                         •                       •
                  U-Joints                             •                         •                       •
                  Ball Joints                          •                         •                       •
                  King pins                            •                         •                       •
                  spring pins                          •                         •                       •
                  slack Adjusters                      •                         •
                  gc-lB                               •                          •*                      •
                *note: only pp Blue#1 is gc-lB rated. Bold
                                                             •indicates maximum performance.
                • Transmission Thru-Shaft Lubrication. Be sure to grease                             Applications/uses
                  the top-side and front of this component.                                          Castrol greases can be used in a variety
                • Front Brake Slake Adjuster and S Cam Shaft                                         of on-highway components engaged in
                  Lubrication. Grease the S Cam tube lightly until grease is                         various service levels. Use the chart
                  visible from the slack adjusters and tube. Overgreasing in                         below as a guide to choosing the
                  this area leads to brake contamination. The slack adjuster                         type of performance you want to
                  should be lubricated until fresh grease shows on the side                          incorporate into your maintenance
                  away from the tube.                                                                plan. It is important to note that as
                                                                                                     you move from good to better to best
                • Rear Axle Slack Adjuster and S Cam Lubrication.                                    in the grease line-up, the potential for
                  Lubricate components until fresh grease is evident.                                cost and time savings significantly
                                                                                                     increases. For more information on
                • U-Joint Lubrication. Before greasing, inspect each U-joint
                                                                                                     Castrol’s grease products, proper
                  for play or wear and ensure that the driveline is not loose.
                                                                                                     lubrication techniques, or other
                  If driveline is loose, service as necessary. There are 2
                                                                                                     Castrol lubricants, contact your
                  grease zerks that must be cleaned and used for proper
                                                                                                     Castrol representative at
                  lubrication. All 4 of the cups must show fresh grease
                                                                                                     800-255-4417 or visit the web site
                  before the U-joint is sufficiently lubricated. It is important
                  that fresh grease be visible from all 4 seals. If new grease
                  does not purge, loosen the problem bearing cap bolt and
                  regrease until all 4 cups purge. If new grease still does not
                  purge, replace the U-joint.

14 dimensions
Proof Positive: Castrol Trans-C 30
Construction Company Reports Superior Transmission Life

       lenn O. Hawbaker, Inc., a Pennsylvania-based            Castrol Trans-C 30 is a Caterpillar TO-4 transmission
       heavy construction, paving, and asphalt/                fluid. The TO-4 specification defines frictional
       concrete production company recently                    capabilities that combined with anti-wear properties
completed a teardown inspection of a Caterpillar 970F
                                                               and gear wear protection, maximize powershift
wheel loader that was in service for more than 24,000
hours. Caterpillar, BP Lubricants, and Lubrizol worked         transmission life and operating efficiency. An
in conjunction with Hawbaker to report on the results.         automatic transmission fluid or tractor fluid that is
Castrol Trans-C 30 was used in the CAT powershift              used in a powershift transmission can lead to
transmission for the life of the component. The equipment      burnt and slipping clutches, inadequate holding
was routinely engaged in light to medium duty operation.       capacity for both brakes and clutches, and
Routine preventive maintenance and service repair was          insufficient wear protection for gears. Castrol
performed, along with regular fluid analysis at defined
                                                               Trans-C 30 powershift transmission fluid is able to
service intervals. Throughout the life of this transmission,
used oil analysis acceptability rates were at 100% with no     perform the following critical performance functions
wear alerts. And, the average wear rate was well below         in a powershift transmission:
OEM-recommended limits. The component demonstrated
                                                               • Frictional control for maximum holding capacity,
this stable wear rate and exceptional wear control of copper
and iron throughout its life.                                  • Eliminate brake noise,
Upon inspection, the transmission components were              • Reduce wear,
reported to be and in very good condition. The transmission
housing and other hard parts were free from any varnish        • Prevent slippage,
deposits, bearings and gears were shown to be in excellent     • Encourage stable performance over the life
condition, and clutch plates and pressure discs showed only
                                                                 of the fluid,
minimal wear. Inspection parameters recorded average or
below average wear and most of the parts were acceptable       • Inhibit metal-to-metal contact while protecting
to be placed back into service under typical transmission        vane pumps, planetary gear sets, final drive gears
rebuild criteria.                                                and bearings from premature wear,
This success story is proof positive that Castrol Trans-C 30   • Anti-foam protection to guard against fluid loss,
delivers excellent bearing and gear wear protection,
optimizes frictional performance to reduce slippage that       • Promote low temperature fluidity to reduce
causes wear, and minimizes deposit formation throughout          start-up wear,
the life of the component. Castrol Trans-C 30 promotes
                                                               • Control oxidation to prevent deposit formation
trouble-free transmission operation and saves users time
                                                                 that can restrict lubrication, and
and money in both labor and maintenance costs.

There is also a full synthetic transmission fluid, Castrol
                                                               • Maintain excellent shear stability for consistent
Trans-C HT, that offers extended drains for use where a          stay-in-grade performance.
TO-4 or TO-4M fluid is required. For more information on
Castrol Trans-C 30 or Castrol Trans-C HT, contact a Castrol
representative or visit

                                                                                                   volume 2 • 2008     15
Castrol Tection Extra Helps Fleet Owners
Stretch Their Maintenance Dollars
      very fleet owner knows that         subjected to intense heat of more than 400° F, and it is assaulted by acid, dirt,
      engine conditions are harsh.        and soot. Exhaust Gas Recirculation (EGR), an engine modification many OEMs
      Reduced emissions, increased        use to reduce meet government-mandated emission restrictions, forces additional
power demands, and long,                  pollutants back into the engine oil, contributing to its already difficult job of
demanding work hours put                  engine lubrication. All these pollutants must be suspended in the oil, so as not
severe stress on your equipment.          to form harmful deposits.
Every fleet owner also knows that
                                          As your engine runs, its internal metal surfaces are being forced together. The
today’s economic conditions are
                                          engine oil must stop these surfaces from touching, reducing engine friction and
just as harsh. Rising costs, economic
                                          preventing irreversible engine damage. Oil does this by forming a film that acts
uncertainty, and limited resources
                                          as a buffer between the moving parts in your engine. The stronger the film, the
put severe stress on you and your
                                          bigger the buffer, the more your engine components are protected.
business. As a savvy fleet owner,
it may be time to revisit your
maintenance program to maximize                                                                                                            Wear Test
your equipment’s performance and                                                                     (Cameron Plint, Higher Numbers Indicate More Wear)
stretch your maintenance dollar. A                                  400 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
good place to start is with your                                    390 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
equipment’s engine oil.
                                                                    380 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
                                              Ball Wear Scar (µM)

THE DiRTy TRuTH                                                     370 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
                                                  Engine Wear

                                                                    360 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
An engine oil is expected to perform
these 5 basic functions within your                                 350 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

engine: reduce frictional resistance,                               340 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
protect against corrosion and wear,                                 330 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
assist in sealing, cool the engine, and                             320 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
eliminate harmful combustion by-                                                    Castrol                                    Leading                                     Leading                                    Leading
products. Oil circulates through your                                         Tection Extra                                Competitor A                               Competitor B                                Competitor C
engine at a rate of up to 100 times a
minute. All the while it is being                                                                                             New Oil                                      used Oil (210 Shear)

16 dimensions
The extreme stresses present in an engine gradually break down the oil,                  dispersancy additives, delivering
weakening its structure and causing it to lose its viscosity. This means that            superior performance in managing
with every passing mile the oil is less effective at protecting your engine. Once        soot and dirt and their damaging
viscosity is lost, a catastrophic chain of events is set into motion. The engine oil     effect. This takes Castrol Tection Extra’s
is unable to perform its 5 basic functions, which ultimately results in increased        performance beyond the limits of
wear, decreased engine efficiency, and premature component failure. The best             ordinary API CJ-4 oils in off road
way to guard against oil breakdown is to choose an engine oil that can withstand         engines.
tough engine conditions, during both its regular service interval and in periods of
                                                                                         Castrol Tection Extra is formulated to
extended service.
                                                                                         exceed the requirements of API CJ-4,
THE CASTROL TECTiOn ExTRA ADvAnTAGE                                                      which means it delivers the following
Castrol Tection Extra has undergone numerous industry and field tests to                 benefits:
underscore its ability to provide the best protection for your engine throughout
                                                                                         • Generates fewer deposits and
the entire service interval, not just the first few thousand miles. Castrol Tection
                                                                                           reduces engine wear through
Extra’s advanced formula utilizes Castrol’s unique radial polymer technology to
                                                                                           outstanding soot
deliver second-to-none protection against permanent viscosity loss. Tests have
shown that many engine oils actually fall out of grade between oil changes.              • Counters sludge build-up and
That means that the 15W-40 engine oil that you put into your truck is no                   increases engine efficiency with
longer 15W-40 when the oil is drained. The thinned engine oil compromises                  excellent oxidation control
your engine protection. Castrol Tection Extra’s advanced formula utilizes Castrol’s
                                                                                         • Exceed the demands of OEM specs
unique Active Molecule Technology to deliver second-to-none protection against
                                                                                           from Caterpillar, Cummins, Detroit
permanent viscosity loss. No leading engine oil protects against viscosity loss
                                                                                           Diesel, Mack, Volvo and others.
better than Castrol Tection Extra does.
                                                                                         Better engine protection helps save
During normal use, fuel gets mixed in with the oil, diluting it and causing it to
                                                                                         your company money in the short term
lose viscosity. As shown by the chart below, Castrol Tection Extra still stays in
                                                                                         and over the life of your equipment.
grade despite being affected by normal levels of fuel dilution.
                                                                                         Continued use of Castrol Tection Extra
Castrol Tection Extra allows the least amount of wear from the time you first pour       can contribute additional bottom line
it into your engine, until the time that you drain it out. As shown by the wear          savings through maximized service
test, Castrol Tection Extra engine oil that has already been in service still protects   intervals and used oil analysis with
better than fresh oil from leading competitors. In fact, Castrol Tection Extra that      Castrol Labcheck. For more information
has already been subjected to the stresses and strains typical of the harsh engine       on stretching your maintenance dollars
environment still protects better than the leading diesel engine oil fresh from the      with Castrol Tection Extra, contact your
bottle. Even after hours of running in tough conditions, Castrol Tection Extra           Castrol representative at 800-888-4448
provides more protection to your critical engine components than any other               or visit the Castrol Web site at www.
leading diesel engine oil. This is especially important in those high stress, high
wear parts of the engine, such as the valvetrain and the camshaft.

Castrol Tection Extra provides the same protection benefits in off road usage as
it does for on highway engines: unsurpassed viscosity protection, long lasting
protection from metal to metal contact, and superior wear protection throughout
the entire drain interval. Castrol Tection Extra is boosted with more active

                        Conventional               Radial Polymers



                                                                                                              volume 1 • 2008   17
Construction and Aggregate
Companies Rock the
Education of Virginia Students
                                                               iddle school students in the State of Virginia
                                                               get a hands-on education of the unique
                                                               minerals that are mined there, thanks to
                                                     the efforts of aggregate companies and associations
                                                     in the area. The Virginia Transportation and
                                                     Construction Alliance (VTCA) spearheads a program,
                                                     now in its eighth year, whereby members collect
                                                     unique rock samples from a dozen quarry/aggregate
                                                     companies in the state. These minerals are sorted,
                                                     bagged, and distributed to science teachers across
                                                     the state at the Virginia Association of Science
                                                     Teachers (VAST) conference held every year in
                                                     November. The program’s goal is to educate students
                                                     about minerals particular to Virginia, and how those
                                                     minerals impact society.

                                                     “Part of VTCA’s mission is to provide education about the
                                                     aggregate and mining industry,” said Sam Hollins, VTCA
                                                     Aggregates Program Manager. “What better place to start
                                                     than at the ground level with students.”

Sam Hollins, VTCA Aggregates    VTCA is dedicated to serving the specific needs of businesses involved in
Program Manager, mans a         Virginia’s transportation construction and aggregate industries. It serves
booth at the VAST conference,
                                contractors, aggregate producers, materials suppliers, consulting engineers,
where minerals unique to
Virginia are distributed to     and other professional service firms. It is the industry’s forum for open
elementary school teachers.     communication with the Virginia Department of Transportation, Virginia
                                Department of Environmental Quality, Virginia Department of Mines, Minerals
                                and Energy, Mine Safety and Health Administration, and other agencies.

                                “VTCA’s Aggregate Operations Committee, under oversight from the Aggregate
                                Producer Leadership Committee, provides support for the VAST and coordinates
                                the rock collection. This is no small feat considering more than 6,000 bags were
                                distributed this year. The entire process begins months before the conference,
                                when quarries and mines are asked to donate their unique rock samples.

                                “Virginia’s geographic make-up drives the type of mining that is done in a
                                particular area,” explained Hollins. “We have a list of 12 specialty minerals
                                mined in our state, and ask the companies that mine them to provide us with
                                enough samples for schools throughout the entire state. They do so free of
                                charge and many of these companies show up to help us bag the samples
                                for the conference.”

18 dimensions
                                                                                        quarry. This mineral has several uses,
                                                                                        most notably in green clay tennis
                                                                                        courts. According to Jim Van Ness,
                                                                                        Luck Stone Vice President of Central
                                                                                        Services, participation in the VAST
                                                                                        conference allows Luck Stone to
                                                                                        make a connection with the
                                                                                        education community.

                                                                                        “As we hand out the rock kits at the
                                                                                        conference, we get a chance to talk
                                                                                        with science teachers about the mining
                                                                                        industry and our own unique rock
                                                                                        samples,” said Van Ness. “We can see
                                                                                        that they love the program, and we get
                                                                                        a lot out of our participation too. It’s a
                                                                                        great educational tool for all of us.”
Jack McCarthy, Boxley Materials, and Sam Hollins, VTCA, spend a Friday
                                                                                        This year, Hollins was glad to report
morning bagging rock samples for Virginia students.
                                                                                        that VTCA was given the opportunity
Hollins and his staff compile a list of the minerals that are supplied each year.       to be a presenter at the conference.
They map out where every mineral is mined, the company that mines it, and               Tom Roller from Boxley Materials
how it is used in finished products. BP Lubricants supplies each company with           spoke about the global importance
pails to collect its rock samples. Volunteers from the VTCA, supplier companies,        and impact of mining.
and BP Lubricants get together a few weeks before the conference to make up
rock kits for the teachers. Hollins joked that it is “mine” numbing morning of          “The VAST conference is an excellent
bagging rock samples.                                                                   forum to promote our industry, and we
                                                                                        are excited to be involved at this level,”
“It takes us about 4 hours to stuff 6,000 rock kits for the teachers,” declares         stated Hollins. “Several members of
Joe Fidd, sales representative for BP Lubricants. “We usually assemble the kits         our organization have a geological
on a Friday morning and have a good time sorting through rocks and catching             background, which allows us to share
up with colleagues and friends.”                                                        common interests with teachers. The
Several of the aggregate companies supplying rock samples are BP Lubricants             entire program really epitomizes VTCA’s
customers. Luck Stone, long-time BP customer and program participant since              concept of networking and marketing
its inception, provides the mineral Catoctin Greenstone from its Charlottesville        the aggregates industry.”

                                  viRGiniA ROCKS
                                  Below is a list of the rock samples contained in this year’s kit for Virginia students. Fifth
                                  graders across the state are able to see and touch minerals mined right from the soil of
                                  their home state, while learning about how the minerals are used.

                                                                                                            volume 2 • 2008       19
                                                         NEWS &
BIodEGradaBlE FlUId ChoICES                                        ShEar STaBIlITy loW For CaSTrol ISolUBE
When fluid leaks could pose a potential health or                  All lubricants will experience some shear during service.
environmental problem, a biodegradable lubricant may               Shear is when a lubricant loses viscosity, and based on the
be a possible solution. There are two Castrol biodegradable        amount of shear the lubricant experiences, could lead to
hydraulic fluids that pose many of the same, and in some           damaging wear, additional maintenance concerns, and
cases better, lubrication characteristics as conventional          premature component failure. In the industry, fluids with
biodegradable fluids. It is important to note that the OEM         shear levels of less than 10% are considered to demonstrate
should be contacted prior to using a biodegradable fluid in        excellent shear stability. BP Lubricants USA Inc recently
a particular application. The OEM requirements for product         performed a 20-hour KRL bearing shear stability test on one
specifications, changeover recommendations, drain intervals,       of its leading gear lubricants Castrol Isolube. Castrol Isolube
and component protection standards need to be determined           220, 320, and 460 experienced very little viscosity loss
before a final choice is made.                                     (approximately 6% to 7% based on the grade) at operating
                                                                   temperatures of 100 degrees C. These results confirm that
If a biodegradable hydraulic fluid is needed for a sensitive
                                                                   Castrol Isolube is an excellent choice for gears engaged
job, you can choose from these Castrol products:
                                                                   in severe service prolonged elevated temperatures. For
- Castrol Carelube HTG. Formulated from vegetable oil to           more information on Castrol gear lubricants or to view the
have a natural viscosity index of 200, Castrol Carelube HTG        product data sheet for Castrol Isolube, visit the Web site at
can be used where either an ISO 32 or 46 grade is requited.
Its high viscosity index is indicative of its ability to stay in
grade regardless of high or low operating or ambient
temperatures. Its recommended temperature limits are
0 to 175 degrees F. To convert Castrol Carelube HTG from
a mineral oil hydraulic fluid (after OEM approval), simply
drain the system while hot as completely as possible from
all drain points. Small quantities of oil left in the system
are not significant. Replace the filter and clean the filter
housing. After start up, change the filter after 50 and 100
hours of operation.

- Castrol Anvol SWX FM is a synthetic polyolester hydraulic
  fluid available in ISO 46 and ISO 68 grades. It is an
  environmentally friendly fluid that provides pump
  performance equivalent to mineral oil. For converting to
  Castrol Anvol SWX FM from mineral hydraulic oil (after
  OEM approval), simply drain the system while hot as
  completely as possible from all drain points. Small
  quantities of oil left in the system are not significant.
  Replace the filter and clean the filter housing. After
  start-up, change the filter after 50 and 100 hours of

20   dimensions
                                                     NEWS &
aSk ThE ExPErT STIll a hoT SPoT oNlINE
Ask the Expert is Castrol’s online 24-hour knowledge center that doles out answers to your most pressing lubricant and
maintenance questions. Manned by the BP Global Lubricant Technology team, more than 600 questions are posted weekly
and the question/answer database now totals more than 350 and counting. The two hottest topics are the use of synthetic
lubricants and Castrol SYNTEC products, but questions span the gamut of topics including ones on viscosity grade, coolant
maintenance, recommended lubricants, specific Castrol products, and specialty fluids. To have your lubricant questions
answered, visit the Web site at

NEW BroChUrES aVaIlaBlE aT ThE CaSTrol STorE
Visit the Castrol store at www. or access the store
through the Customer Portal at www. to order copies of
the latest Castrol brochures, sell sheets,
and product testimonials. Some of the
most recent additions to the store
include the following:
• Castrol Fifth Wheel Grease sell sheet
• Castrol Hypuron brochure
  and updated testimonials
• Castrol Product Catalog
• Castrol Pyroplex Blue sell sheet
• Castrol Pyroplex Gold sell sheet
• Castrol Pyroplex Protection ES sell sheet
• Castrol Pyroplex Red sell sheet
• Grease Comparison Reference Card

                                                                                                       volume 2 • 2008   21
                                                       NEWS &

     GrEaSE ProdUCTS SPorT UPdaTEd laBElS
For several months, BP Lubricants USA Inc has been phasing
in new labels for Castrol grease products. In 2009, all grease
products will sport the updated look. The labels are color
coordinated and clearly display marketing information and
graphics to differentiate each product. Castrol has a complete
line of grease products that meet the needs of on-highway,
off-highway, and specialty applications. For more information
on the Castrol greases or to view the new labels, visit the
Web site at

22    dimensions
Decreasing your overall maintenance costs can be key to driving your profitability. That’s why Castrol’s
experienced sales force will work closely with you to examine the way you use lubricants. Our experts will
recommend a mix of superior products and tools geared just for your company. You’ll have a customized
plan that optimizes your equipment while maximizing your bottom line, so now the only thing you have
to worry about may be a little rust. To find out how a customized plan from Castrol can save you money,
call 1-800-255-4417 or visit ET.