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					SBA Small Business
   Resource Guide
  Everything you need to know to start and
                       grow your business

                U.S. Small Business Administration
                              Seattle District Office
                          serving Washington State
                                and Northern Idaho
                                                                           The American Dream:

                                                                           Is Entrepreneurship for you?

                                                                           There is no way to eliminate all the risks associated with starting a
                                                                           small business. However, your chances of success improve with
SBA Seattle District Office                                                good planning and preparation.

serving Washington State                                                   To evaluate your strengths and weaknesses as the owner and
and Northern Idaho                                                         manager of a small business.                                                             Consider the following:

Seattle District Office                                                    Are you a self-starter?
4th & Battery Building                                                     It will be up to you - not someone else - to develop projects,
2401 4th Avenue, Suite 450                                                 organize your time, follow through on details.
Seattle, WA 98121
Monday - Friday                                                            How well do you handle different personalities?
8 am to 4:30 pm                                                            Business owners need to develop working relationships with a
206-553-7310                                                               variety of people including customers, vendors, staff, bankers and
                                                                           professionals such as lawyers, accountants or consultants. Can
Spokane Branch Office                                                      you effectively deal with a demanding client, an unreliable vendor
801 W. Riverside Avenue, Suite 200                                         or cranky staff person while maintaining the best interests of your
Spokane, WA 99201                                                          business?
Monday - Friday
8 am to 4:30 pm                                                            How good are you at making decisions?
509-353-2800                                                               Small business owners are required to make decisions
                                                                           constantly, quickly, under pressure and independently.

                                                                           Do you have enough physical and emotional stamina?
                                                                           Business ownership can be challenging, fun and exciting.
                                                                           However, it’s also a lot of work. Can you face 12 hour work days
                                                                           six or seven days a week?
Owning a business is the fulfillment of a lifetime
dream for many people. The SBA works with you                              How well do you plan and organize?
to pursue your dream of financial and personal                             Research indicates that many business failures could be
prosperity through small business ownership.                               avoided through better planning. Good organization of financial
                                                                           information, inventory, schedules, production can help avoid many
Our experience shows that understanding exactly                            potential pitfalls.
what you’re getting into before you begin your
venture helps significantly.                                               Is your drive strong enough to maintain your motivation?
                                                                           Running a business and carrying all the responsibility on your
The Small Business Resource Guide is created, in                           shoulders can wear you down. Strong motivation to make the
partnership with SCORE “Counselors to America’s
                                                                           business succeed will help you survive slowdowns as well as
Small Business” to help you start or expand a
business. Please take time to thoroughly review this                       periods of burnout.
                                                                           How will owning a business affect your family?
The Guide includes pages of helpful ideas, references                      Business start-up challenges can be hard to balance against the
and suggestions. Topics include: SBA programs                              demands of family life. You may have to adjust to a lower standard
and services, business licensing, state and local                          of living or put family assets at risk until the business becomes
government regulations, steps in preparing a business                      profitable, which could take months or years.
plan and selecting a legal structure for your business.
In addition, you will find a listing of small business                     Try SBA’s new automated business start-up assessment tool,
resources offering technical assistance and loan                           a simple 5-minute process to determine if you are ready. You will
options. An on-line version of the Guide is available
                                                                           find it online at

SBA’s participation in this cosponsorship is not an endorsement of the views, opinions, products, or services of any cosponsor or other person or entity. All SBA
programs or cosponsored programs are extended to the public on a nondiscriminatory basis.
Table of Contents

Checklist for Starting a Business ..............................................................................................2

Selecting the Right Legal Structure/Legal Resources. ............................................................3


Business Licensing Made Easy..................................................................................................4

Protecting Your Intellectual Property


Franchising ..................................................................................................................................5

Regulations and Your Business. ................................................................................................6


Business or Hobby?....................................................................................................................7

Business Plan Outline.................................................................................................................8 

	  Downloadable	templates	for	business	plans	and	financial	statements...................................9.

Training and One-on-One Counseling
	   SCORE,	Counselors	to	America’s	Small	Business.................................................................10

    Women’s	Business	Centers....................................................................................................10 

    Small	Business	Development	Centers....................................................................................11

SBA Loan Guaranty Program 

. .

.  What.a.Lender.Looks.for.........................................................................................................14.

.  Frequently.Asked.Questions...................................................................................................14


   Alternative	Financing. .............................................................................................................15 


.                      .
   Venture.Capital. ......................................................................................................................17

   Need	$$	for	Your	Small	Business?		Free	Loan	Briefing	.........................................................16.

	  Credit	Scores..........................................................................................................................17.

Business Insurance.....................................................................................................................18

Disaster Preparedness................................................................................................................19

Small Business Size Standards..................................................................................................20


Training and Workshops for Entrepreneurs .............................................................................20

Doing Business with the Government - Checklist....................................................................21

    Procurement	Technical	Assistance	Centers............................................................................23. .

	   More	Procurement	Help..........................................................................................................23

    SBA	8(a)	Business	Development,	SDB,	CCR,	HubZone,	Government	Contracting...............23.

    Contracting	Opportunities	for	Service-Disabled	Veterans.......................................................24

    Surety	Bond	Guarantee	Program	. .........................................................................................24

	   Resources	for	Minorities	........................................................................................................25

Business Resources....................................................................................................................26


   Chambers	of	Commerce,	Economic	Development	Councils..................................................26.

	  Technology	Resources............................................................................................................26

.           .
   Labeling. .................................................................................................................................27

   AgriBusiness	Resources.........................................................................................................28.

Frequently Requested Numbers.................................................................................................29

Self Employment .........................................................................................................................30

Employee vs. Independent Contractor......................................................................................31

Information 24 hours a day.........................................................................................................3

Index .............................................................................................................................................32

Free SBA Loan Briefings in Seattle, Spokane, Tacoma and Thurston County

Washington State and Northern Idaho Counties Served
                                                                                                                                  September 2009
 Checklist for                                    	Determine regulatory and
                                                  record-keeping requirements.
                                                                                                  	 Decide on your bookkeeping
                                                                                                  and accounting system
 Starting a                                       State and Federal Taxes – These	vary	
                                         with	the	form,	nature	and	location	of	
                                                                                                  income	tax	planning,	or	income	tax	

                                         Washington	State	taxes	to	the	Department	
                                                                                                  returns,	consult	your	accountant,	SCORE,	

                                                                                                  SBDC	or	WBC	office,	or	community	

                                         of	Revenue.		In	Idaho	access	the	Idaho	                  college.	IRS	Publication	583,	“Starting	a	

 This	checklist	provides	the	basic	      State	Tax	Commission	at	.                                Business	and	Keeping	Records”	is	helpful..

                               		For	federal	tax	            information,	call	1-800-829-1040.		Obtain	                    . forms	by	calling	1-800-829-3676	or	                      	Business Insurance.

 to	be	construed	as	all-inclusive.           Consult	with	your	insurance	agent page 6                   about	fire,	automobile	employee	health,	

  your	specific	type	of	business.		.                                                    bonding,	life,	and	fidelity	insurance	against	

                                               Wage Regulations & Posters –.Required. employee	theft,	burglary,	vandalism,	

                                               workplace	posters	are	available	online.	 business.interruption,.and.key.person.
. Prepare your business plan insurance.		See page 18
If	you’re	starting	a	new	business	or	trying	 asp or contact	the	WA	State	Dept	of	Labor	
to	obtain	capital	for	expansion,	this	is	your	 and	Industries/Employment	Standards	at	
first	and	most	important	step.		See page 8 1-800-547-8367	or	360-902-4817.		.
                                               In.Idaho,	or	call	
	Seek legal advice                            208-332-3570.
form	of	ownership.		Leases,	contracts	            Industrial Health & Safety Regulations
laws	and	regulations	affect	every	aspect	of	      –
business	strategy.		Online	source	for	legal	      rules,	contact	the	Department	of	Labor	&                   Industries/Division	of	Industrial	Safety	and See page 3                       Health	at	1-800-423-7233	or	visit	their	web	
 Choose business structure                       or	call	208-426-3283.
Consider	legal	and	tax	implications.	Obtain	
legal	advice	before	making	this	decision.	. Industrial Insurance – For.information.
See page 3..                                   on	hiring	employees,	insurance,	and	tax	
                                               withholding	for	employees,	contact	the	
	Financing options                            Department	of	Labor	&	Industries/Division	
All	businesses	must	raise	sufficient	capital.	 of	Industrial	Insurance	at	1-800-547-
Start-up	resources	can	include	family	and	 8367	or	360-956-4817.                          On the Upside....
friends,	personal	savings,	owner	financing,	 For	Idaho	contact	the	Idaho	Industrial page 12-17, 28        Commission                                           .
                                                                                                           For the right person,
	Obtain licenses and permits                 Environmental Regulations – Find.out.                         the advantages of
State Business License – Washington’s	 which	state	and	federal	environmental	
one-stop	registration	process	requires	       permits	are	needed	for	your	business,	visit	                 business ownership
filing	a	Master	Business	Application	to	      the	WA	Department	of	Ecology’s	On-line	                     far outweigh the risks.
obtain	a	UBI	(Unified	Business	Identifier)	 Permit	Assistance	System	(OPAS)	at	. 	or	call	360-407-6000.
 Access	Idaho	Dept	of	Environmental	
See page 4.

                                            Unemployment Insurance – Refer.
                                              questions	about	unemployment	insurance	         
Specialty Licenses.–

activities	that	require	specialty	licensing,                     directly	benefit	you,	.
permits	or	certifications	are	listed	at	.     Security	Department	at	360-902-9551.		.                    rather	than	increasing	.  
                                                                                                        profits	for	someone	else..
Licensing	Master	License	Service	.
360-664-1400.			See page 4
                                                  New Hire Reporting – Report	each	                    Earning.and.growth.potential.
Local Licenses and Permits - .You.
                                                  Department	of	Social	and	Health	Services	
may	need	to	get	a	city	license	and/or	
                                                  (DSHS)	at	1-800-562-0479.		.                                       .
county	permit	for	each	place	where	you	
do	business.		Check	with	your	local	                                   A	new	venture	is	exciting..
government	regarding	zoning	and	building	
                                                  Fire Regulations – Contact	your	local	fire	
code	regulations.		Contact	your	local	                                                         
department	of	licensing	or	city	clerk’s	office	
for.more.information.                                                                                  provide	endless	variety	and	
                                                  Health Regulations – Contact	your	local	              challenge	and	won't	settle	
                                                  and.solid.waste.utilities.                                into.a.dull.routine.

2                                                                                                                           September 2009
                                                                               Taking a simplistic approach there are two key factors to examine:..
 Selecting the Right 
                                                                               1.	What	types	of	potential	liabilities	does	my	business	face,	and	can	I	

 Legal Structure for 
                                                         purchase	adequate	insurance	coverage	to	handle	these	liabilities?		.
                                                                               2.	What	tax	savings	would	I	receive	from	forming	a	business	entity?
 Your Company
                                                                               In	analyzing	these	two	factors,	you	need	the	help	of	your	“Formation	
                                                                               Team,”	consisting	of	three	key	professionals:	a	business	attorney,	
 by Stacey L. Romberg, Attorney at Law                                         an	accountant	and	a	commercial	insurance	broker.	First,	your                                                         commercial	insurance	broker	will	advise	you	regarding	the	potential	
                                                                               risks	faced	by	your	business,	and	will	help	you	determine	the	types	
  Forming	a	new	business	can	be	overwhelming!	.                                of	coverage	available.	Your	broker	will	help	you	answer	the	question:	
  .                                                                            Is	it	helpful	and/or	necessary	to	form	a	business	entity,	such	as	a	
  Hiring	employees,	leasing	commercial	space,	marketing	-	                     corporation	or	a	limited	liability	company,	in	order	to	decrease	the	
  in	addition	to	actually	selling	the	product	or	performing	the	               risk	of	personal	liability	related	to	my	business?	.
  service	that	sparked	your	interest	in	entrepreneurship	-	is	                 Second,	your	accountant	can	help	you	answer	the	question:	Is	it	
  an	amazing	process.	Your	decisions	regarding	business	                       financially	beneficial	for	me	to	form	a	business	entity,	such	as	a	
  formation	are	an	important	step	in	this	process.	.                           corporation	or	a	limited	liability	company,	in	order	to	decrease	my	
  .                                                                            tax	liability?	If	so,	the	follow	up	questions	to	ask	your	accountant	
  What	type	of	entity	works	best	for	your	business?                            are:	What	type	of	entity	would	work	the	best	for	my	particular	
                                                                               situation?	How	will	that	entity	be	taxed?	What	on-going	accounting	
                                                                               responsibilities	do	I	need	to	meet?	.
There	are	four	basic	types	of	business	entities:	sole	proprietorships,	        .
partnerships,	corporations	and	limited	liability	companies	(LLC’s).	           Third,	your	business	attorney	can	help	you	answer	the	question:	How	
Other	types	of	business	entities	which	are	beyond	the	scope	of	                do	I	form	a	business	entity?	Your	attorney	can	explain	to	you	the	
this	article,	include:	limited	partnerships,	professional	service	             nature	of	what	you	are	forming.	And,	your	attorney	can	explain	to	you	
corporations	and	professional	limited	liability	companies.                     how	to	operate	and	maintain	the	entity,	once	formed,	in	a	way	that	
.                                                                              minimizes	the	chances	that	your	personal	assets	could	be	at	risk	for	
A.sole proprietorship	is	a	common,	simple	type	of	business	                    a	business-related	liability.                 .
business	license,	you	are	a	sole	proprietor.	A	sole	proprietorship	            To	beat	the	odds	and	ensure	success	for	your	business,	you	need              to	be	smart	about	your	strengths	and	weaknesses.	You	cannot	do	
small	businesses.	For	federal	income	tax	purposes,	the	income	                 it	all	and	be	successful!	Assemble	your	“Formation	Team”	of	an	
from	the	business	flows	through	to	the	individual,	and	is	reported	            accountant,	an	attorney	and	a	commercial	insurance	broker;	and	
on	the	business	owner’s	Schedule	C.	A	sole	proprietorship	offers	              consult	with	your	team	continually	in	the	formation	of	your	business.	
no	protection	from	individual	liability,	so	it	is	essential	for	sole	          Work	with	your	team	to	develop	a	thriving	and	profitable	new	venture!
proprietorships	to	maintain	adequate	insurance	coverage.		.
.               Legal Resources,
license,	you	have	a	partnership.	The	partnership	exists	regardless	             To register a corporation or limited partnership contact:
of	whether	the	partners	have	formalized	their	relationship	by	
executing	a	partnership	agreement.	A	partnership	agreement	sets	
                                                                                Office of the Secretary of State
forth	the	rights	and	obligations	of	each	party,	and	describe	what	
                                                                      ,,.results.         Corporations	Division	-	360-753-7115
in	federal	income	tax	liability	flowing	from	the	entity	to	the	individual	
partners.	A	partnership	tax	return	is	required,	but	each	individual	            King County Bar Association

partner	pays	his	or	her	share	of	the	business	taxes	instead	of	                 Lawyer Referral Services - 206-623-2551

the	business	itself	paying	the	tax.		As	in	a	sole	proprietorship,	a	            Tacoma/Pierce County		-	253-383-3432.

partnership	offers	no	protection	from	individual	liability.
.                                                                               Washington State Bar Association .

A.corporation	is	formed	by	filing	Articles	of	Incorporation	with	the	 

Secretary	of	State’s	office.	One	or	more	individuals	can	create	a	              800-945-WSBA	or	206-443-WSBA
corporation.	A	key	initial	decision	in	forming	a	corporation	is	whether	   	
it	should	be	a	C-Corporation	or	an	S-Corporation.	A	C-Corporation	              Idaho State Bar & Idaho Law Foundation, Inc.

pays	federal	taxes	both	on	the	corporate	level,	and	on	the	level	     

of	individual	shareholders.	An	S-Corporation	pays	taxes	only	on	                208-334-4500
the	shareholder	level.	Certain	qualifications	must	be	met	in	order	
to	register	as	an	S-Corporation.	Unlike	a	sole	proprietorship	or	a	             Entrepreneurial Law Clinic (ELC) - UW School of Law

partnership,	a	corporation	which	is	properly	formed	and	maintained	   

can	offer	protections	against	individual	liability.	In	order	to	form	and	       2815	Eastlake	Ave	E.	Suite	300,	Seattle,	WA	98102
maintain	a	corporation,	you	need	to	retain	both	an	accountant	and	              206-336-5616;
an	attorney	to	comply	with	complex	tax	requirements	and	corporate	              The	ELC	provides	legal	transactional	assistance	to	low-income	
formalities	set	forth	in	state	Revised	Codes.                                   microentrepreneurs,	entrepreneurs	in	economically	distressed	
.                                                                               communities,	and	pre-funded	high-tech	start	ups	by	a	team	of	law liability company, or LLC,	is	formed	by	filing	a	                     students	and	pro-bono	attorneys	who	have	expertise	in	business	
Certificate	of	Formation	with	the	Secretary	of	State’s	office.	One	             law.		Income	levels	determine	eligibility.	
or	more	individuals	can	create	an	LLC.	An	LLC	may	be	taxed	in	
different	ways.	Consult	with	your	accountant	in	order	to	make	an	               Sirti IP/BizNet - The University District -
informed	decision	about	how	your	LLC	will	be	taxed,	and	file	the	               665	North	Riverpoint	Blvd.,		Spokane,	WA		99202-1665
corresponding	documents	with	the	IRS.	Similar	to	a	corporation,	a	              509-358-2000	
properly	formed	and	maintained	LLC	can	offer	protections	against	               Sirti	IP/BizNet	provides	legal	services	for	both	start-ups	and	high-
individual	liability.		And,	as	in	a	corporation,	you	need	to	retain	both	       growth	technology	businesses.	Legal	services	are	performed	by	
an	accountant	and	an	attorney	in	forming	an	LLC.		An	attorney	                  Gonzaga	University	law	students	supervised	by	expert	attorneys	at	
can	help	you	prepare	key	documents,	including	the	LLC	Operating	                local	firms	that	focus	on	business	and/or	intellectual	property	law.	

SBA Small Business Resource Guide                                                                                            3
                                                                        Trade Name Search
    Business Licensing                                                  A	trade	name	is	any	name	used	in	the	course	of	business	that	does	
                                                                        not	include	the	full	legal	name	of	all	the	owners	of	the	business.	

    Made Easy                                                           In	the	case	of	a	limited	partnership,	corporation	or	LLC,	it	is	any	
                                                                        name	that	differs	in	any	respect	from	the	name	registered	with	the	
                                                                        Secretary	of	State.		Trade	names	are	registered	in	Washington	state	
    There	are	many	types	of	business	licenses,	state	and	
              by	using	the	Master	Business	Application.	Register	as	many	names	
    local	as	well	as	professional.		Most	businesses	will	be	
           as	you	wish	on	the	paper	application.	Online	you	are	limited	to	a	total	
    required	to	have	a	license	of	some	sort.	.
                         of	five	names	per	application.

                                                              The	purpose	of	a	trade	name	registration	is	to	provide	a	record	of	all	
    Licensing	requirements	of	counties	and	cities	vary.
    Contact	your	local	City	Clerk’s	Office	and	County	
       one	who	first	uses	it	in	connection	with	their	business.	A	trade	name	
    Business	License	Office	for	more	information.	.
          will	remain	registered	indefinitely	until	the	owner	requests	that	it	be	

    Also,	check	with	the	local	Planning	Department	to	
       You	can	find	trade	name	registrations	in	Washington	online	with	the	
    ensure	your	business	site	meets	appropriate	zoning	
 state’s	Business	and	Professional	License	Search	at	.
    requirements,	local	Building	Department	to	obtain
    permits	to	construct	permanent	buildings	or	additions	
 To	request	a	search	by	mail,	send	a	letter	with	your	return	address,	
    to	existing	facilities,	and	County	Health	Department	.
 a	list	of	names	you	want	to	research,	and	a	check	of	money	order	to
           pay	the	fee	of	$4	to	search	up	to	3	names.		Mail	your	request	to	the	
                                                                        Master	License	Service	address	listed	above.

                                                                        Note:	A	search	result	of	“No	matches	were	found	for	your	search”	
Department of Licensing
Master License Service (MLS)
PO	Box	9034		(Physical	address:	405	Black	Lake	Blvd,	Bldg	2)
Olympia	WA	98507-9034                                                   Additional websites to conduct business
360-664-1400                                                            information searches:
The	Master	Business	Application	is	a	simplified	application	used	to	
apply	for	many	state	licenses,	registrations	and	permits,	as	well	as	   Washington State Department of Revenue
some	city	licenses.		Receive	customized	licensing	information	online
by	accessing,	click	on	          Includes	some	trade	names	and	is	intended	for	use	by	the	public	as	
Business	Licensing	Guide,	and	submit	information	relevant	to	your	      a	consumer	protection	program.	.
pending	company	operation.		.
                                                                        Washington’s Secretary of State
Applying	for	a	license	will	also	provide	you	with	a	Unified	Business
Identifier	(UBI)	number.	A	UBI	number	is	a	nine-digit	number	that	      Find	corporation	and	limited	liability	company	names.	
registers	you	with	several	state	agencies.		It	is	also	called	a	tax	
registration.number,,    U.S. Patent and Trademark Commission
license	number.                                               
Filing	online	is	not	recommended	for	some	businesses.	If	your	
business	needs	specialty	licenses,	including	liquor	or	lottery	licenses,
you	should	file	your	application	by	mail.		Information	about	specialty	 FAQ’s	about	trade	names
license	requirements	are	posted	online	at	.                           Business Record Search
Application for City Business Licenses                                                    Master	Licensing	Service	also	provides	information	regarding	
Most	cities	and	some	counties	require	a	business	license	or	permits	 corporations,	persons	conducting	business	under	a	trade	name,	or	
if	the	business	is	located	in	the	city	or	county	limits	OR	does	          verification	of	business	existence.	
business	there,	regardless	of	the	physical	location	of	the	business.			
Some	city	licenses	can	be	obtained	in	applying	for	your	state	license.
For	others,	contact	the	local	city	business	license	office.		.  
                                                                          Secretary	of	State	and	other	regulatory	agencies.		Businesses	in	
Contractor’s Registration                                                 Idaho	can	go	to	to	access	all	the	relevant	
Department of Labor & Industries                                          links	for	starting,	running,	relocating,	and	even	closing!.
1-800-647-0982	.
This	license	is	required	for	any	person	to	submit	any	bid	offer	to	         New, quick and customized business wizards 

do	any	work	as	a	construction	contractor	within	Washington	State.		         provide license and form information.

Applications	may	be	obtained	from	satellite	offices	of	the	Department	
of	Labor	and	Industries	throughout	Washington	State.	Fee:		$113.40	         Washington State.

for	two	years	(also	bond	and	liability	insurance	coverage)..      

.                                                                           and	click	on	“Business	Licensing	Guide”


4                                                                                                                            September 2009
 Protecting Your                                                             Franchising
 Intellectual Property                                                       Franchising	is	a	viable	alternative	to	circumvent	higher	risks	
                                                                             associated	with	starting	a	new,	independent	business	from	
                                                                             scratch.		One	out	of	every	three	dollars	spent	by	Americans	
 Lawful	protection	of	intellectual	property	-	consisting	of	                 for	goods	and	services	is	spent	in	a	franchised	business,	
 business	strategies,	images,	concepts	and	ideas	-	is	often	                 per	the	International	Franchising	Association	.             	
                                                                             The	10	most	popular	franchising	industries	are	fast	food,                                                            retail,	service,	automotive,	restaurants,	maintenance,	
 Legal	and	regulatory	information	for	America’s	small	                       building	and	construction,	business	services,	and	lodging..
                                                                             What is Franchising? .
                                                                             A	franchise	is	a	legal	and	commercial	relationship	between	the	
Copyrights -                                              owner	of	a	trademark,	service	mark,	trade	name,	or	advertising	
Public	Information	Office		202-707-3000.                                     symbol	and	an	individual	or	group	wishing	to	use	that	identification	
Forms	Hotline		202-707-9100.                                                 in	a	business.	The	franchise	governs	the	method	of	conducting	
Copyright	is	a	form	of	protection	provided	by	the	laws	of	the	United	        business	between	the	two	parties.	A	franchisee	conforms	to	the	
States	(Title	17,	U.S.	Code)	to	the	authors	of	“original	works	of	           franchisor’s	business	concept	and	sells	goods	or	services	supplied	
authorship”,	including	literary,	dramatic,	musical,	artistic,	and	certain	   by	the	franchisor	or	that	meet	the	franchisor’s	quality	standards.
other	intellectual	works.	This	protection	is	available	to	both	published
                                                    In the simplest form	–	product/trade	name	franchising	-	a	franchiser	
                                                                             franchisee.		The more complex form	-	business	format	franchising	
Trademark -

                                                                             -	involves	a	broader	ongoing	relationship	between	the	two	parties.	
“Brand	name”	is	a	synonym	for	“trademark”.		Trademarks	distinguish	
                                                                             Business	format	franchises	often	provide	a	full	range	of	services,	
one	firm’s	cornflakes	or	four-wheel-drive	station	wagons	from	               including	site	selection,	training,	product	supply,	marketing	plans,	
another’s.		Without	them,	consumers	could	not	buy	products	they	             and	even	assistance	in	obtaining	financing.		Before	selecting	a	
like	or	avoid	those	they	don’t	like.		Trademarks	may	be	words,	logos	        franchise,	consider	your	investment,	your	abilities	and	your	goals..
or	other	symbols.		Trademarks	are	not	copyrights	or	patents.		They	          .
cannot	be	used	to	prevent	one	firm	from	copying	the	goods	or	                Franchising Strategy	-	When	evaluating	a	franchise,	closely	
services	of	another,	nor	from	selling	its	goods	or	services	under	a	         evaluate	the	strength	of	the	franchiser;	the	franchiser’s	long-term	
common	descriptive	(or	generic)	name.	.                                      goal;	the	uniqueness	of	its	product	or	service;	the	type	of	consumer	
.                                                                            response	the	product	or	service	is	achieving;	the	amount	of	fees	it	
Statewide trademark registration                                             charges;	the	type	of	support	it	provides:	1)	startup	2)	operations	3)	
                                                                             marketing;	and	the	length	of	the	contract	you	will	be	signing.
State of Washington - Office of Secretary of State
                                                                             Pre-Purchase Detective Work	-	Routine	investigation	should
                                                  be	conducted	prior	to	any	business	purchase.	Contact	other	
                                        franchisees	before	deciding	to	invest.	Obtain	a	uniform	offering	
Office	of	the	Secretary	of	State.
                                           circular	to	understand	vital	details	about	the	franchise’s	legal,	
Corporate	Division	-		Dolliver	Building.
                                    financial,	and	personnel	history	before	signing	a	contract.
801	Capital	Way	S.,	Olympia,	WA	98504-0234.

Monday	-	Friday,	8	am	to	4	pm.
                                              Reasonable Expectations	-	Before	signing,	make	sure	that	
                                                                           you	will	have	the	right	to	use	the	franchise	name	and	trademark,	
Statewide Trademark Registration Idaho Secretary of State                    receive	training	and	management	assistance	from	the	franchisor,	
– Trademark Division.                                                        use	the	franchisor’s	expertise	in	marketing,	advertising,	facility                                                           design,	layouts,	displays,	and	fixtures,	and	do	business	in	an	area	
PO	Box	83720,	Boise	ID	83720-0800.                                           protected	from	other	competing	franchisees.	
                                                                             Some	franchisees	negotiate	to	have	the	franchisor	help	obtain	
.                                                                            building	permits;	purchase	or	lease	equipment,	signs	and	supplies;	
Patents .                                                                    and	construct	or	remodel	the	business	premises.
A	patent	is	an	exclusive	property	right	to	an	invention	and	is	issued	
by.the.Commissioner.of.Patents.and.Trademarks,.U.S..Department.              Possible Pitfalls	-	The	contract	usually	benefits	the	franchiser	
of	Commerce.		It	gives	an	inventor	the	right	to	exclude	others	from	         more	than	the	franchisee.	The	franchisee	is	generally	subject	to	
making,	using,	or	selling	an	invention	for	a	period	of	17	years	in	the	      sales	quotas	and	often	is	required	to	purchase	equipment,	supplies,	
United.States,.its.territories,.and.possessions...                           and	inventory	exclusively	from	the	franchisor.	The	franchisor	often	
                                                                             has	the	right	to	terminate	the	franchise	if	it	fails	to	operate	the	
U.S. Patents and Trademark Office -                           business	according	to	the	agreement,	becomes	delinquent	on	
Patent	&	Trademark	Office
                                                   royalties,	or	violates	other	contract	specifications.

                                                                             Get Professional Help	-	The	tax	rules	surrounding	franchises	
703-308-4357	or	1-800-786-9199.
                                             are	often	complex.	Consult	an	attorney,	preferably	a	specialist	in	
                                                                             franchise	law,	for	assistance	in	evaluating	the	franchise	package	
                                                                       and	tax	considerations.	An	accountant	can	help	to	determine	the	full
                                                              costs	of	purchasing	and	operating	the	business	as	well	as	assess	
665	N.	Riverpoint	Blvd,	Spokane,	WA	99202-1665.
                             the	potential	profit	to	the	franchisee.

Sirti	accelerates	start-up	and	high-growth	technology	companies.		

Its	state-of-the-art	incubator	facilities,	seasoned	entrepreneurial	
        SBA Guidance for Franchisees -
coaching	and	comprehensive	client	services,	access	to	capital	and	
          Download	and	use	SBA’s	“Is	Franchising	for	Me?”	.
access	to	legal	services	needed	for	Inland	NW	client	companies’	

                                                                             SBA’s Franchise Registry -
successful	formation,	IP	protection	and	long-term	success.		

                                                                             A	listing	of	franchise	companies	whose	franchisees	benefit	from	a	
Emphasis	is	given	to	energy,	digital,	and	emerging	technologies.		
          streamlined	review	process	for	SBA	loan	applications.

SBA Small Business Resource Guide                                                                                         5
                                                    Employer Identification Number (EIN):..               Office of the Secretary of State
    Regulations and                                 Employers.and.most.types.of.businesses.
                                                    are	required	to	have	an	Employer	Identifica-
                                                                                                          Corporations	Division.
    Your Business                                   tion	Number	(EIN).	Apply	for	an	EIN	online,	
                                                    search	EIN	at
                                                                                                          505	E.	Union,	2nd	Floor
                                                                                                          Olympia,	WA	98504-0234.
    .                                                                                                     360-753-7115;	TDD:	360-753-1485	
    It	may	be	inconceivable	that	your	              IRS	Business	&	Specialty	Tax	Line	.                   The	Corporations	Division	registers	business-
    home-based	business	or	part-time	               1-800-829-4933,	M–F,	7	a.m.–10	p.m.	PST.              related	entities	including	domestic	and	
    enterprise	must	comply	with	the	                                                                      foreign	(out-of-state)	corporations,	limited	
                                                    Social Security Administration                        partnerships,.limited.liability.partnerships.and.
    numerous	local,	state	and	federal	                                               limited	liability	companies.	They	also	register	
    regulations,   1-800-772-1213.                                       state-level	trademarks..
                                                    Nearly	all	employees,	employers	and	self-
    Avoid	the	temptation	to	ignore	                 employed	persons	are	required	to	participate	         Corporate Registration,
                                                    in	the	social	security	program.		Employers	           Profit/Nonprofit Corporations              are	required	to	withhold	a	fixed	percentage	
    avert	some	red	tape	in	the	short	term,	                                                               360-753-7115.
                                                    of	employee	wages,	match	each	employee’s	             Applicants	for	incorporation	in	Washington	
    but	could	be	an	obstacle	as	your	               contribution	and	make	periodic	deposits	to	           State	MUST	file	with	the	Corporate	Division,	
                               the	IRS.		Forms	are		available	from	the	IRS.		        Secretary	of	State’s	Office	in	Olympia,	
                                              Self-employed	persons	must	also	make	
                                                                                                          WA		98504	-	0234.		(This	does	not	relieve	
                                                                                                          applicants	from	responsibility	of	also	
    more	licenses	and	permits	from	local,	
                                                               registering	with	state	taxing	authorities)..
                                                    Employer Wage Reporting Service Center.
    state	and	federal	agencies.		.
                                                                                                          Department of Revenue
                                              Help	with	all	your	wage	filing	responsibilities			.
    The	licenses	or	permits	required	for	
                                                                Telephone Information Center
                                                    U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services               (USCIS) -                               1-800-647-7706,.its.                              Answers	most	common	tax	questions.
    organizational	structure,	and	location.         1-800-357-2099.
                                                    Employers	must	fill	out	an	Immigration	Form	          Copies of publications, laws and rules .
                                                    I-9	for	each	employee	hired	for	both	citizens
                                                    and	non-citizens.	Form	I-9	must	be	kept	by	           Your	local	Revenue	Office,	or	telephone	
                                                    the.employer.either.three.years.after.the.            information	center,	1-800-647-7706.
                                                    is	terminated,	whichever	is	later.	Download	          New Business Outreach Workshops
Federal Agencies                                    current	I-9	form	from	the	USCIS	website..             To	sign	up	for	Revenues	workshops	covering	
                                                    .                                                     business	registration,	reporting,	tax	laws	
Internal Revenue Service (IRS)                      U.S. Census Bureau -                  and	rules,	and	recordkeeping	requirements,                                         The	leading	source	of	quality	data	about	the	         contact	the	Revenue	office	nearest	you.
Tax questions? 1-800-829-4933                       nation’s	people	and	economy.		
To order forms 1-800-829-3676                                                                             The Electronic Filing System (ELF) .      U.S. Department of Labor (DOL)                    

The	Small	Business	and	Self-Employed	Tax 1-866-487-9243.                                1-877-FILE ELF (1-877-345-3353)

Center	section	of	the	IRS	web	site	answers		   Regulates	working	conditions,	wages,	and	                  This	free,	easy-to-use	system	walks	filers	
questions	new	business	owners	have	about	      payment	practices.		.                                      through	a	customized	return,	calculates	taxes	
federal	taxes.		                               .                                                          automatically,	flags	errors	and	omissions	
                                               Occupational Safety & Health Administra-                   before	a	return	is	filed,	and	provides	instant	
Visit	the	IRS	Online	Learning	and	Educational	 tion (OSHA) -                                 online	access	to	the	latest	tax	information.	
Products	link	to	see	a	list	of	small	business	 A	division	of	the	U.S.	Dept.	of	Labor	that	                ELF’s	electronic	funds	transfer	lets	taxpayers	
video	and	audio	presentations,	and	other	      regulates	working	conditions.	                             file	their	tax	returns	early,	but	postpone	
learning	tools	available.		                                                                               payment	until	the	due	date.		This	file-and-

Other	relevant	IRS	topics	to	explore:		.            Washington State Agencies                             forget	feature	means	taxpayers	can	get	their	
                                                                                                          return	completed	ahead	of	the	filing	deadline	
                                                                                                          without	having	to	remember	to	mail	the	return	
Business Structures:..When.starting.a.          Dept. of Labor and Industries
business,	you	must	decide	what	form	of–.this.determines. Industrial	Insurance	Registration.
which	income	tax	return	form	you	file.
                                                                                                          County Regulations
Self-Employment Tax: 	Everyone	must	  
                                                                                                          Partnership Recording
pay	Social	Security	and	Medicare	Taxes.	If	     or	more	persons.	Registration	authorizes	

                                                                                                          (General	Partnerships	only).
you	are	self-employed,	your	Social	Security/ deductions	of	medical	aid	and	supplemental	

Medicare	contribution	is	made	through	the	      pension	premiums	from	employee’s	wages	

self-employment	Tax.		Payments	are	made	        and	establishes	premium	payment	accounts	

                                                                                                          have	a	written	partnership	agreement	and	a	
quarterly	as	part	of	your	estimated	tax	pay-    for	industrial	insurance,	supplemental	

ments	(Form	1040-ES).		                                                                                   buy/sell	agreement.	A	review	of	the	written	
                                                pension	and	medical	aid.		.

                                                                                                          agreement	by	an	attorney	is	recommended.		.

Businesses with Employees:	If	you	have	                                                                   .
                                                Employment Security Dept.

employees,                                                                  King 206-296-1570

income	tax,	Social	Security	and	Medicare	                                                       
                                                360-902-9360	.

(FICA),	as	well	as	pay	the	employer’s	portion	 Unemployment	Insurance	Registration	

of	Social	Security	taxes	and	pay	federal	un-                                                              Snohomish 425-388-3483
employment	tax	under	certain	circumstances.	 more	persons.		Employers	must	file	quarterly	      
Nonpayment	of	federal	taxes	can	result	in	      reports	showing	total	wages	paid,	individual	
audits,	penalties,	difficulties	obtaining	bank	                                                           Pierce 253-798-7440
                                                employee	earnings,	social	security	numbers,	
financing,	and	closure	of	your	business.	                                                       
                                                hours	worked	and	tax	due	with	payment.		.

6                                                                                                                                       September 2009
Application for Certificate of Registration.
Contact	County	Business	License


King	County		206-296-3504		.

Pierce	County	253-798-7445.

Snohomish	County	425-388-3627.


Idaho Agencies
www.idahobizhelp.or                                Are You Running a Business or Engaging in a Hobby?
To	obtain	a	customized	list	of	regulating	
agencies	that	you	may	need	to	contact	             Internal	Revenue	Service	guidelines	determine	whether	an	activity	is	a	
for	specific	business	activity,	access	the	        business	or	a	hobby,	an	activity	not	engaged	in	for	profit.
Business Wizard	section	of	this	website..
Idaho State Tax Commission                         Here	are	the	rules	for	determining	if	an	activity	qualifies	as	a	business	and	what                                  limitations	apply	if	the	activity	is	not	a	business.	.
Administers	Idaho	state	tax	laws	and	
provides	tax	info	and	education	to	the	public..
                                                   Taxpayers	may	deduct	ordinary	and	necessary	expenses	for	conducting	a	
Idaho Secretary of State                           trade	or	business.	An	ordinary	expense	is	an	expense	that	is	common	and                                  accepted	in	the	taxpayer’s	trade	or	business.	A	necessary	expense	is	one	that	
208-334-2300                                       is	appropriate	for	the	business.	Generally,	an	activity	qualifies	as	a	business	if	it	
Registration	of	business	entities	such	as	         is	carried	on	with	the	reasonable	expectation	of	earning	a	profit.		.
Liability	Companies,	trademark	searches	and	       .     In	order	to	make	this	determination,	taxpayers	should	consider	the	following	
registration	of	Assumed	Business	Names	
–	referred	to	as	DBA	or	Doing	Business	As.	

Idaho Dept. Commerce
                              •	   Does	the	time	and	effort	put	into	the	activity	indicate	an	intention	to	make 208-334-2470.
                   a	profit?

expansion.	.
                                      •	   Does	the	taxpayer	depend	on	income	from	the	activity?
                                                 •	   If	there	are	losses,	are	they	due	to	circumstances	beyond	the	taxpayer’s	
Idaho Dept. of Labor..
                                 control	or	did	they	occur	in	the	start-up	phase	of	the	business? 208-332-3570.
                 •	   Has	the	taxpayer	changed	methods	of	operation	to	improve	profitability?
Assists	businesses	in	solving	employment	

and	training	related	challenges.	.

                                                   •	   Does	the	taxpayer	or	his/her	advisors	have	the	knowledge	needed	to	carry	
                                                      on	the	activity	as	a	successful	business?
Idaho Industrial Commission                        •	   Has	the	taxpayer	made	a	profit	in	similar	activities	in	the	past? 208-332-3570                     •	   Does	the	activity	make	a	profit	in	some	years?
Administers	the	Idaho	Workers’	
                                                   •	   Can	the	taxpayer	expect	to	make	a	profit	in	the	future	from	the	
                                                        appreciation	of	assets	used	in	the	activity?.
Idaho Dept of Environmental Quality 208-373-0502                   The	IRS	presumes	that	an	activity	is	carried	on	for	profit	if	it	makes	a	profit	
Responsible	for	implementing	environmental	        during	at	least	three	of	the	last	five	tax	years,	including	the	current	year	—	at	
protection	laws	and	programs.	Information	
about.air,.water.and.waste.programs,.info.on.      least	two	of	the	last	seven	years	for	activities	that	consist	primarily	of	breeding,	
permits,	regulations	and	DEQ	publications.	        showing,	training	or	racing	horses..

Bureau of Occupational Licenses                    If	an	activity	is	not	for	profit,	losses	from	that	activity	may	not	be	used	to	offset 208-334-3233                    other	income.	An	activity	produces	a	loss	when	related	expenses	exceed	
Specialty	licensing	in	a	variety	of	
occupations.		Not	all	licensing	boards	            income.	The	limit	on	not-for-profit	losses	applies	to	individuals,	partnerships,	
contract	with	the	Bureau of Occupational           estates,	trusts,	and	S	corporations.	It	does	not	apply	to	corporations	other	than	
Licenses.	To	find	the	website	of	the	state	        S	corporations..
agency	related	to	your	business	visit	.
.                                                  Deductions	for	hobby	activities	are	claimed	as	itemized	deductions	on	
Idaho Occupational Safety & Health                 Schedule	A	(Form	1040).	These	deductions	must	be	taken	in	the	following	
Consultation Program                               order	and	only	to	the	extent	stated	in	each	of	three	categories:.
This	free	service	assists	with	OSHA	safety	        •	   Deductions	that	a	taxpayer	may	take	for	personal	as	well	as	business	
and	health	regulations	compliance.	Safety	              activities,	such	as	home	mortgage	interest	and	taxes,	may	be	taken	in	full.
and	industrial	hygiene	consultants	will	           •	   Deductions	that	don’t	result	in	an	adjustment	to	basis,	such	as	advertising,	
develop	a	confidential	written	report	of	               insurance	premiums	and	wages,	may	be	taken	next,	to	the	extent	gross	
recommendations.	No	citations	are	issued
                                                        income	for	the	activity	is	more	than	the	deductions	from	the	first	category..
owner’s	obligation	is	to	correct	all	serious	

hazards	within	a	reasonable	timeframe.	.
          Business	deductions	that	reduce	the	basis	of	property,	such	as	depreciation	
                                                 and	amortization,	are	taken	last,	but	only	to	the	extent	gross	income	for	the	
To	find	the	website	for	your	county,

                                                   activity	is	more	than	the	deductions	taken	in	the	first	two	categories..
Idaho	Association	of	Counties and	click	on	“Counties”
     .          .       .        ....
SBA Small Business Resource Guide 	                                                                                 7
    Do you need a Business
                                                                              Economics.
                                                                             What	are	the	characteristics	of	your	industry:		growing,	declining,	

                                                                             changing?		.

    Plan? Yes!                                                               What	is	the	size	of	your	market?.

                                                                             What	is	your	share	of	the	market?		.

                                                                             Is	it	growing?		What	is	the	demand	for	your	product?		.

    ....a business plan	gives	you	a	path	to	follow.		It	can	help	            Are	more	firms	entering?		What	are	the	barriers	to	entry?		.

    make	the	future	what	you	want	it	to	be,	with	goals	and	action	           Is	it	becoming	more	competitive;	are	profits	being	squeezed?

    steps	to	guide	your	business	through	turbulent	economic	
    cycles.                                                                   Customers.

                                                                             Identify	your	customers,	their	characteristics,	their	location.		.

    ....a business plan	lets	your	banker	in	on	the	action.		By	              Why	will	they	patronize	you?		.,.your.lender.gains.            What	do	they	like	about	your	company?                                                   ...Competition.

                                                                             List	your	major	competitors.		.

    ....a business plan	provides	a	way	to	communicate	your	                  Describe	their	size,	location,	reputations.		.

                                                                             Compare	your	goods	and	services	with	theirs.		.

                                                                             What	are	their	major	advantages?		.

    suppliers	and	your	other	business	contacts.
                                                                             What	are	yours?

    ....a business plan	develops	you	as	a	manager	by	making	                  Strategy.

    you	construct	a	clear	“blueprint”	of	your	business	venture.              What	is	your	pricing	policy?		Why?.

                                                                             How	do	you	promote,	advertise,	and	sell?.

    Start with the Basics                                                    How	do	you	distribute	or	deliver	your	products/services?.,               What	customer	services	will	you	offer?		.

    has	been	used	successfully	by	thousands	of	small	business	               Relate	your	strategy	to	prior	discussions	of	Product,	Economics,               Customers,.and.Competition.

     Executive Summary                                                       Sales Forecast
    Summarize	your	plan	in	two	pages	or	less.		Make	it	enthusiastic,	        Now	that	you	have	written	a	description	of	your	market,	you	need	
    professional,	complete	and	concise.		Include	the	goals	and	              to	do	a	detailed	forecast	of	sales,	by	department,	month	by	month,	
    objectives	of	the	business.		If	applying	for	a	loan,	state	the	amount	   for	the	coming	year.

    If	you	had	five	minutes	to	explain	the	basics	of	your	business	to	an	
                                                                              Operations Plan
    investor,	what	would	you	say?	That	is	what	goes	in	the	summary.		
    Write	this	section	last.
                                                                             Methods	of	production,	product	development,	quality	control,	
                                                                             inventory	control.
     Company Description
    Give	a	brief	company	history.		.
                                         Location.....
    What	does	your	company	do?		.
                                           Describe	the	physical	location	and	explain	why	it	is	appropriate.	.
    What	are	your	products?.
                                                Is	it	leased	or	owned?	
    Who	are	your	customers?		.

    Where	are	you	located?		.
                                               . Credit Policies.
    What	are	your	key	strengths?		.
                                         Do	you	sell	in	credit?		What	terms?		How	do	you	check	credit?	

    Is	your	industry	or	market	growing?		.
                                  Collection	policies?

    Who	are	the	owners?		.

    Is	the	firm	a	proprietorship,	partnership,	or	corporation?
               Personnel.


                                                                             Pay	and	personnel	policies.		.

     Products and Services                                                  Do	you	have	position	descriptions	and	training	programs?

    What	are	your	products	(or	services)?		.

    Price	and	quality	levels?		.

                                                                             . Inventory.

    Distribution	channels	(i.e.,	how	are	products	moved	to	the	
             How	much?	What	is	its	value?		.

    customers)?		.
                                                          List	major	suppliers.		.

    Major	competitors?		.
                                                   Do	they	extend	credit?		.

    What	makes	your	products	particularly	attractive?
                       Who	pays	freight?		.

                                                                             Do	they	give	discounts?

     Marketing
    (NOTE:		In	this	section,	be	as	specific	as	possible.		Use	statistics	
   . Legal Environment.
    and	numbers,	and	note	your	sources.		Too	many	marketing	plans	
          Licensing,	bonding,	permits,	insurance,	zoning,	government	
    are	just	enthusiastic	fluff).
                                           regulations,	patents,	trademarks,	copyrights.

     Product.
                                                               Management and Organization
    Describe	your	product	or	service	from	your	customer’s point.of.
         Who	has	management	responsibilities?		.
    view.		.
    What	do	customers	like	and	dislike	about	your	products,	services,	
      Position	descriptions	for	key	employees.		List	important	advisors,	
    and	company?		.
                                                         such	as	attorney,	accountant,	banker,	insurance	agent,	and	
    Why	do	they	patronize	you?		.
                                           advisory	board	or	board	of		directors,	if	you	have	one.
    What	services	are	offered	as	part	of	the	product	(delivery,	service,	

    warranty,	support,	refund	offers)?

8                                                                                                                                   September 2009
                                                                          Now	estimate	the	Cost	of	Goods	Sold	(COGS)	for	each	category	of	
 Personal Financial Statements.                                          sales	for	each	month.		COGS	are	those	expenses	directly	related	to	
Include	personal	financial	statements	of	all	owners	and	major	
                                                                          producing	or	purchasing	the	product/service	you	sell.		.
                                                                          For	retailers,	COGS	is	the	cost	of	buying	merchandise;	for	
.Startup Expenses and Capital                                            manufacturers	and	construction,	it	is	direct	production	labor	and	
.                                                                         materials.		For	services	businesses,	it	is	production	labor	and	
Carefully	research	your	startup	expenses:		keep	notes	to	document	
       materials.		Breaking	COGS	down	into	departments	will	help	you	
your	numbers,	organize	your	figures	by	dividing	startup	expenses	
        see	which	parts	of	the	business	deliver	the	most	profit	per	sales	
into	major	categories.		We	suggest:	.

Buildings/Real	Estate	-	Leasehold	Improvements.
                          Now	estimate	operating	expenses	month	by	month	for	the	year.		
Capital	Equipment	-	Location	&	Admin.	Expenses.
                          These	are	necessary	expenses	which	are	not directly	related	to	
Advertising	&	Promotion	-	Opening	Inventory.
                             buying	or	making	your	product/service.		They	are	also	known	as	
Other	Expenses	-	Contingencies	-	Working	Capital
                         overhead	items.		Examples	are:	telephone,	rent,	insurance,	taxes,	
                                                                          and	the	salaries	of	office,	sales,	and	management	personnel.		Use	
The	contingency	category	is	a	way	of	allowing	for	costs	which	
           the	same	categories	of	expense	you	use	(or	plan	to	use)	in	the	
cannot	be	foreseen	no	matter	how	thorough	your	planning.		
               regular	Income	Statements	you	get	from	your	accountant.		This	
Experienced	entrepreneurs	suggest	you	add	15%	to	20%	to	your	
            makes	it	easier	to	draw	on	history	in	making	projections,	and	it	
estimated	expenses	to	allow	for	them.
                                    makes	it	easier	to	compare	your	actual	statements	to	your	plan	as	
Working	capital	is	money	needed	to	operate	and	pay	bills	while	the	

business	gets	going.		A	carefully	planned	cash	flow	projection	is	the	

only	good	way	to	estimate	working	capital	needs.		Starting	without	

                                                                          .Cash Flow Projection.
adequate	working	capital	will	ensure	early	failure	of	the	business.

                                                                          Your	profit	projection	will	show	how	you	intend	to	prosper	by	having	
                                                                          revenues	exceed	expenses.		Now	you	must	show	that	you	can	pay	
If	this	is	a	startup,	you	must	also	show	the	sources	of	capital.		

                                                                          your	bills	while	prospering.		Bills	are	paid	with	cash,	not	with	profits.	
Sources	could	include	you,	your	partners	or	investors,	private	

                                                                          A	cash	flow	projection	is	basically	nothing	more	than	a	forward	look	
                                                                          at	your	checking	account.		It	is	derived	from	the	profit	projection,	
.Financial History                                                       but	looks	at	the	financial	data	in	slightly	different	ways.		The	
                                                                          fundamental	differences	are:
If	your	firm	is	established,	include	financial	statements	for	at	least	
the	past	three	years	as	an	appendix	to	the	plan.                          	On	the	income	side,	a	cash	flow	asks	not	when	a	sale	is	made,	
                                                                          but	rather	when	cash	is	actually	collected	from	the	customer.
Our	computer	template	includes	a	spreadsheet	on	which	these	
historical	statements	can	be	condensed	and	laid	out	side	by	side	for	     	On	the	outgo	side,	the	question	is	not	when	an	expense	is	
comparison.		It	is	a	good	idea	to	include	some	key	ratios	in	addition	    incurred,	but	rather	when	the	check	will	have	to	be	written	to	pay	
to.the.raw.numbers...Current.ratio,,.return.on.         the.bill.
equity,	and	Inventory	turnover	are	a	few	useful	basic	ratios.
Include	an	aging	of	accounts	receivable,	showing	the	total	amount	        not	on	the	other.		Depreciation,	for	example	is	a	real	business	
owing	you	from	customers,	and	how	much	is	current,	30	days	past	          expense,	but	not	an	item	of	cash	flow	(you	never	write	a	check	
due,	60	days,	90	days,	and	over	90	days	past	due.                         for	depreciation).		On	the	other	hand,	the	principle	part	of	a	loan	
                                                                          repayment	is	not	an	expense	(only	the	interest	portion	is),	but	it	
Do	the	same	for	accounts	payable.                                         definitely	takes	cash	out	of	the	business,	and	therefore	needs	to	be	
                                                                          shown	on	the	cash	flow	projection.
 Projected Balance Sheet                                                 By	forecasting	the	status	of	your	bank	account,	the	Cash	Flow	
Your	plan	should	include	a	projected	balance	sheet	showing	assets	        tells	you	whether	your	working	capital	reserves	are	adequate.		
(things	owned),	liabilities	(debts),	and	owner’s	equity.		If	yours	is	    Budgeting	does	not	create	sales	or	put	money	in	the	bank,	but	
a	startup	business,	the	balance	sheet	should	show	your	financial	         it	can	help	put	you	in	control.		When	you	know	how	much	the	off	
position	on	opening	day.		Existing	firms	should	do	a	projected	year-      season	will	draw	down	your	account,	and	how	much	it	will	take	to	
end	balance	sheet.                                                        get	started	on	that	new	contract,	and	when	you	begin	negotiating	
                                                                          that	new	bank	loan	months	in	advance	because	you	can	foresee,.prepare.a.        the	need,	then	you	have	gained	a	little	more	control	over	your	own	
pro-forma	balance	sheet	projecting	your	financial	position	as	of	the	     destiny.
                                                                          All	your	projections	should	be	based	on	careful	research,	not	casual	
.12-Month Profit Projection                                              guesswork.		Keep	notes	detailing	your	major	assumptions	and	
.                                                                         attach	the	notes	to	your	projections.
In	many	ways,	this	is	the	capstone	of	your	whole	business	plan.		
This	is	where	it	all	comes	together,	where	you	show	in	detail	how	
your	company	will	make	a	profit.		
                                                                            Free Business Plan Templates

Start	by	projecting	sales	month	by	month	for	the	coming	year.	    	-	click	on	“Business	Tools”

Break	monthly	sales	into	categories	or	departments;	for	example:	
by	product	type,	customer	group,	geographic	territory,	or	different	        Free and Confidential
contracts	or	projects.		A	projection	built	up	in	this	fashion	will	be	
                                                                            One-on-One Business Counseling
more	accurate	than	just	guessing	total	sales	for	the	month.	Your	
Marketing	Plan	should	be	the	basis	for	these	projections.                   See	pages	10	and	11.

SBA Small Business Resource Guide                                                                                         9
 SCORE                                      In	addition	providing	counseling	at	the	
                                            locations	listed	below,	many	counselors	          Women’s

 Counselors                                 also	counsel	on-site	(hours	may	vary	
                                            depending	on	location),	or	do	on-line	or	         Business 

 to America’s                               telephone	counseling	directly	from	their	

 Small Business
                                            homes	or	offices.		

                                            Western Washington.                             Women’s Business Centers - WBCs
                                            Bainbridge	Island	Chamber			 206-842-4162.      WBCs	provide	technical	training	and	counseling	
SCORE works with any start-up or            Bellfair	 	         	        360-275-1001.      to	women	who	are	currently	in	business	or	
existing small business. One-on-one         Bellevue	Library		 	         360-647-3151.      thinking	about	starting	a	business.	Financing	
or team counseling is confidential          Bothell	Library		   	        425-344-4071.      is	available	through	Community	Capital	
                                            Bremerton	Chamber		          360-479-3579.
and free....                                Coupeville		        	        888-506-7999.
                                                                                            Development’s	in-house	loan	programs.		
.                                           Everett	Library	    	        425-257-8000.      Workshops	are	targeted	to	meet	specific	needs	
Counselors	are	committed	to	helping	        Renton		 	          	        253-630-8478.      whether.a.beginner.or.seasoned.entrepreneur....
business	succeed	on	their	own	terms.		      Forks	Chamber	      	        360-374-5337.
                                            Friday	Harbor	      	        360-378-2906.      Mukilteo
This	includes	counseling	on	financial	
                                            Kent	Library		      	        253-630-8478.      NW Women’s Business Center .
options,.business.strategy,.marketing.      Kirkland	Library		 	         425-822-2459.
tactics,	product	development,	cash	flow,	   Maple	Valley	Chamber			      425-432-0222.      12199	Village	Center	Place,	Suite	203.
management	and	much	more.                   Mercer	Island	Library		      206-236-3537.      Danica	Williams,	425-423-9090.
                                            Mount	Vernon	       	        360-416-7873.
Seattle Chapter #55                         Mukilteo	WBC		      	        425-954-4040.                        North	Bend	Library			        425-888-0554.      Tacoma
2401	Fourth	Avenue,	Suite	450.              North	Mason/Chamber	Belfair	360-275-1001.       South Sound Women’s Business Center
Seattle,	WA		98121-3419.                    Port	Angeles	       	        360-457-7793.
206-553-7320	or	1-877-732-7267              Port	Townsend	EDC		          360-385-6767.      1101	S.	Yakima	St..
On-site counseling and workshops            Poulsbo		 	         	        360-779-4848.      Linda	Jadwin,	253-680-7770.
Monday	-	Friday,	9	am	to	4	pm	.
            Redmond		           	        425-647-8312.
                                            Renton	Fairwood	Library		    253-630-8478.      .
Bellingham Chapter #591
                    Seattle		 	         	        206-553-7320.      Seattle
                   Shoreline	Library		 	        206-362-7550.      Washington Business Center
1336	Cornwall	Avenue.
                      Silverdale	Chamber		         360-692-6800.
Bellingham,	WA	98225
                       Thurston	County	EDC	         360-754-6320.      1437	South	Jackson	-	16th	and	Jackson.
360-685-4259;	Call	for	counseling	hours.
   Woodinville	        	        425-821-9780.      Carole	Butkus,	206-324-4330,	ext.	100	.
Tacoma Chapter #385
                        Eastern Washington.
    Colville	TriCounty	EDD	        800-776-7318.
1101	South	Yakima	Avenue,	Room	M123.

                                                                                            Women’s Network for
                                            Ellensburg	EDA	of	Kittitas	Co	 509-962-7244.
Tacoma,	WA		98405.
                         Ephrata	 	          	          509-754-4656.    Entrepreneurial Training – WNET
                              Lake	Chelan	Chamber		          509-682-3503	    At	every	stage	of	developing	and	expanding	
                                          Leavenworth	        	          509-548-5807.    your	business,	WNET	is	here	to	counsel,	
Spokane Chapter #180                        Moses	Lake	Chamber	            509-765-7888.    teach,	encourage	and	inspire.	WNET                        Omak	Chamber	       	          509-826-1880.    provides	dynamic	networking	and	interactive	
NE.Washington.and.North.Idaho.              Pasco	Chamber	      	          509-547-9755.
801	W.	Riverside	Avenue,	Suite	200.         Quincy	 	           	          509/787-2140.
Spokane,	WA	99201.                                                                          WNET	Training	Schedule:
                                            Richland	Chamber	 	            509-946-1651.
509-353-2821;                                               and click on                   Richland	WSU	Campus	           509-372-7142.
                                            Spokane	BIZStreet			           509-353-2821	.   “WNET”	to	access	the	current	schedule	of	
Central Washington Chapter #663             Spokane	Valley	Chamber	        509-924-4994.    valuable	morning	training	sessions.	Fresh              TriCities	Richland	 	          509-735-3268.    business	management	topics	are	lead	by	
300.S..Columbia.Street,.3rd.Floor.          TriCities	Kennewick		          509-736-0510.    dedicated	business	owners	and	experts	who	
Wenatchee,	WA	98801.                        Waterville		        	          509-745-8871.    can	help	you	start,	grow	and	succeed.
509-662-2116.                               Wenatchee	Valley	Chamber	 509-662-2116.            W.	Richland	Chamber		          509-967-0521.Agenda	–	8	am	to	10	am                   Yakima	Chamber	 	              509-248-2021.Time,	locations	and	topics	vary
Mid-Columbia Chapter #590                   Northern Idaho.
                            …Networking.and.breakfast                    Moscow	 	   
Tricity	Regional	Chamber.
                  Post	Falls		        	        208-777-3151.
 …More	networking!
7130	W.	Grandridge	Blvd,	Suite	C.
          Sandpoint	          	        208-263-4073

Kennewick,	WA		99336.
                                                                  Other Resources                 .          .
                                                             WA Office of Minority and Women’s
                                                                          Business Enterprises - OMWBE
Yakima Valley Chapter #664
              Provides	certification	to	increase	participation
                more	information	and	other	services	       of	minority	and	women’s	businesses	to	state	
Central	WA	Business	Resource	Center.
                                                   public	works	contracting,		purchasing	of	
10	N.	9th	Street.
                           offered	by	this	volunteer	organization.	 goods	and	services,	and	loans.		.
Yakima,	WA	98901.
                      Download business plans and                    National Association of Women
                               financial statements www.score.                Business Owners (NAWBO)
                                                                                          Inland Northwest Chapter
                                 org	-	click	on	“Business	Tools”      
Economic	Development	Group	of	Kittitas.
221	East	4th.
                               On-line	counseling	is	available	at	  
Ellensburg,	WA		98926.
                                            share	ideas,	learn,	and	expand	opportunities	
10                                                                                                                      September 2009
Small BuSineSS
                                           WASHINGTON                                      Renton:		Renton	Technical	College.

                                                                                           Kevin	Hoult,	425-235-7819.

                                           Aberdeen: Grays.Harbor.Community.

Development                                College.

                                           Erik	Stewart,	360-538-2530;

                                                                                           Seattle: WSU.West.

                                                                                           Michael	Franz,	206-428-3022.

CenterS (SBDC)                             Auburn: Green	River	Community	College



                                           Deanna	Burnett-Keener,	.
                       Seattle: Evergreen	Business	Capital	-	WSU.

.                                          253-333-4953.
                                  Ruth	Ann	Halford,	206-246-4445.

The	SBDC	program	delivers	

professional	business	counseling,	

quality	training	classes	and	seminars,	
   Bremerton: Kitsap	Business	Assistance	
         Spokane: Washington	State	University	 .

                                        Rick	Thorpe,	509-358-7890.

and	up-to	the-minute	research	


services	for	existing	small	business

that	want	to	improve	or	expand	their
                             Tacoma: Bates	Technical	College.

current	operations.	.
                                                                     John	Rodenberg,	253-680-7768.

                                         Chehalis: Lewis.County.EDC

         David	Baria,	360-748-0114.

                            Tri-Cities: TRIDEC	-	CBC	.

development	specialists,	who	have	
                                                        Bruce	Davis,	509-735-6222.

                                           Des Moines: Highline.Community.College.

owned	and	managed	a	wide	variety	of	

                                           Zev	Siegl,	206-878-3710,	ext	5151.

small	businesses,	provide	one-on-one
                            Vancouver: Washington	State	University.

counseling	to	small	business	owners	
      Rich	Shockley,	206-878-3710,	ext	5150.
         Janet	Harte,	360-260-6372.

at	no	charge.	.


SBDC	Certified	Business	Advisors	
         Everett: Edmonds.Community.College.
            Wenatchee: Wenatchee	Valley	College.

guide	clients	on	financial,	marketing,	
   Jennifer	Shelton,	425-640-1435.
                Jim	Fletcher,	509-682-6997.

production,	organizational,	

engineering	and	technical	issues,	

                                           Kent: 	Green	River	Community	College.
          Yakima: Yakima	Chamber	of	Commerce
    Kirk	Davis,	253-856-9595	X5041.
                Linda	Johnson;	509-454-7612.


          Olympia: South.Puget.Sound.Community.

SBA	in	partnership	with	the	higher	        College.

education	community	and	the	private	       Celia	Nightingale,	360-407-0014.

                                                                                           Lewiston, ID: Lewis-Clark	State	College	

                                           Longview:		Washington	State	University.
        Jill	Thomas-Jorgensen,	208-792-2465;	

                                           Susan	Hoosier,	360-442-2946.

Washington State SBDC Lead Office
                                              Post Falls, ID: Workforce	Training	Center.

Washington	State	University.
                                           Mt. Vernon:.EDA.Skagit.Valley..
                William	Jhung,	208-666-8009.

534	E.	Spokane	Falls	Blvd.	.
                                           Traci	Harstad,	360-336-6114.

P.O.	Box	1495

Spokane,	WA	99210-1495	

Brent	Rogers,	State	Director
                                           Moses Lake: Big	Bend	Community	College	.

                                           Allan	Peterson,	509-762-2373.


Idaho State SBDC Lead Office
                                           Okanogan: Economic	Alliance	of	Okanogan	

Boise	State	University.

1021	Manitou	Avenue.
                                           Lew	Blakeney,	509-826-5107.

Boise,	ID	83725-1655.

James	Hogge,	State	Director.

208-426-3799;	1-800-225-3815	
                                           Port Angeles: Clallam.County.EDC.

                                           Kathleen	Purdy,	Washington	State	University.



      Find a location near you.            .

                                           Port Townsend: Jefferson.County.EDC.

            Washington.                    Kathleen	Purdy,	Washington	State	University.



               Idaho.                      .

                                           Pullman:		Washington	State	University.
                 Terry	Cornelison,	509-335-8081.


    Addresses	and	maps	to	SBDC	
    locations	are	available	online.

SBA Small Business Resource Guide                                                                          11
                                                                       Patriot Express Loans - Loans	of	up	to	$500,000	are	available	to	
  The SBA Loan 
                                                       veterans	and	members	of	the	military	community.	Eligible	military	
                                                                       community	members	include:		Veterans	and	Service-disabled	
  Guarantee Program: 
                                                 veterans;	Active-duty	service	members	eligible	for	the	military’s	
                                                                       Transition	Assistance	Program;	Reservists	and	National	Guard	

  How it Works
                                                        members;	current	spouses	of	any	of	the	above;	and	the	widowed	
                                                                       spouse	of	a	service	member	or	veteran	who	died	during	service	or	
                                                                       of	a	service-connected	disability.	.                                                .
                                                                       Loans	can	be	used	for	most	business	purposes,	including	start-up,	
                                                                       expansion,	equipment	purchases,	working	capital,	inventory	or	
                                                                       business-occupied	real-estate	purchases.	They	qualify	for	SBA’s	
  The	SBA	helps	small	businesses	obtain	needed	credit	
                maximum	guaranty	of	up	to	85%	for	loans	of	$150,000	or	less,	and	
  by	giving	the	government’s	guaranty	to	loans	made	by	
               up	to	75%	for	loans	over	$150,000	up	to	$500,000.		Patriot	Express	
  commercial	lenders.		.
                                              loans	feature	SBA’s	fastest	turnaround	time	for	loan	approvals,	and		
                                                                   lowest	interest	rates	for	business	loans	-	generally	2.25	percent	to	
  The	lender	makes	the	loan	and	SBA	will	repay	up	to	85%	              4.75	percent	over	prime	depending	upon	the	size	and	maturity	of	
  of	any	loss	in	case	of	default.		Since	this	is	a	bank	loan,
  applications	are	submitted	to	the	bank	and	loan	payments	
                                                                       Additional SBA Financing Programs
  closing	the	loan	and	disbursing	the	loan	proceeds.	                  SBA Microloan Program	was	developed	to	increase	the	availability	
                                                                       of	small	scale	financing	and	technical	assistance	to	prospective	
  SBA’s	involvement	is	limited	to	reviewing	the	loan	
                 small	business	borrowers.		Loans	range	from	$500	to	$35,000.		
  application	submitted	by	the	bank	to	assure	they	meet	
              Loans	are	made	through	designated	intermediaries.		Contact	
                                                                       Community	Capital	Development,	206-324-4330	or	Washington	
  eligibility	and	credit	standards.	.

                                                                       CASH,	206-352-1945.		East	of	the	Cascade	mountains,	contact	
                                                                   Rural	Community	Development	Resources	(RCDR)	in Yakima.WA,.
  SBA	provides	the	bank	with	a	written	Authorization	                  509-453-5133,	or	Panhandle	Area	Council	in	Hayden	ID,	208-772-
  outlining	the	conditions	of	the	SBA	guarantee;	any	                  0584.		
  material	changes	to	this	authorization	generally	require	
  SBA	approval.	                                                       The.504 Certified Development Company (CDC) Loan Program..
  Most	commercial	banks		and	some	non-bank	commercial	                 Ameritrust	CDC,	206-274-5152.

                                                                       Evergreen	Business	Capital,	206-622-3731	NWBDA,	509-458-8555.

  lenders	participate	in	this	program.
                                                                       Panhandle	Area	Council,	208-772-0584.


The.7(a) guaranteed loan program	is	SBA’s	primary	lending	             Provides	growing	businesses	with	long-term,	fixed-rate	financing	for	

program....                                                            major	fixed	assets,	such	as	land	and	buildings.		.


The	borrower	applies	to	a	lending	institution,	not	the	SBA.		The	
                                                                       A	CDC	is	a	nonprofit	corporation	set	up	to	contribute	to	the	

lender	applies	to	the	SBA	for	a	loan	guaranty.		.
.                                                                      economic	development	of	its	community	or	region.		CDCs	work	with	

The	SBA	can	process	the	lender’s	request	through	a	variety	of	         the	SBA	and	private-sector	lenders	to	provide	financing	to	small	

methods.		Guarantees	are	up	to	$1,500,000	of	each	loan	made	by	        businesses...
participant	lenders.		.                                                .
.                                                                      Export Working Capital
These	loans	typically	range	from	$25,000	to	$2	million	and	are
repaid	in	monthly	installments.		They	can	be	used	for	a	variety	       Export	Assistance	Center,	206-553-0051
of	business	purposes	including	working	capital,	equipment	             Loans	are	used	to	finance	export	sales	-	90%	SBA	guaranty	up	to	
acquisition,debt	refinance,	change	of	ownership,	and	real	estate	      $1.5	million.		.
purchases.		Maturities	depend	on	the	use	of	loan	proceeds	but	
typically	range	from	5	to	25	years.		.                                 Disaster Loans
Find the SBA Participating Lender List at               Field	Operations	Center	West,	800-488-5323.
under “Resources”                                                      If	you	are	in	a	declared	disaster	area	and	are	the	victim	of	a	
                                                                       disaster,	you	may	be	eligible	for	an	SBA	Disaster	Loan	-	even	if	you	
                                                                       don’t	own	a	business.	As	a	homeowner,	renter	and/or	personal-
Streamlined 7(a) Loan Processing                                       property	owner,	you	may	apply	to	the	SBA	for	a	loan	to	help	you	
                                                                       recover	from	a	disaster.		.
Preferred Lender program	-	SBA	has	delegated	certain	lenders	
the	authority	to	approve	SBA	loans	unilaterally.		Preferred	lenders	
                                                                       General Credit Requirements
operate	under	the	same	7(a)	guaranteed	loan	guidelines	as	detailed	
above.		SBA	generally	provides	a	loan	guarantee	to	the	lender	
                                                                       SBA	and	private	lenders	use	similar	criteria	to	test	credit	worthiness.
within	24	hours	of	their	request.		
                                                                       (1)	 Repayment Ability:		You	must	show	that	you	can	meet	
SBA Express Loan Program -	SBAExpress	loans	are	backed	by	             business	expenses,	owners	draw,	and	loan	payments	from	the	
an	SBA	guarantee	of	50	percent,	the	lender	uses	its	own	application
and	documentation	forms	and	the	lender	has	unilateral	credit	          historical	performance	and/or	thoroughly	documented	cash	flow	
approval	authority	as	in	the	PLP	Program.		This	method	makes	          projections..
it	easier	and	faster	for	lenders	to	provide	small	business	loans	of	   .
$350,000	or	less,	with	SBA	generally	providing	a	loan	guarantee	to	    (2)
the	lender	within	24	hours	of	their	request..                          successfully.		For	a	start-up,	you	should	have	experience	in	the	type	
                                                                       of	business	you	propose	to	start,	as	well	as	some	significant	work	
                                                                       experience	at	a	management	level.		.

12                                                                                                                         September 2009
 (3)	 Equity:		The	owners	must	have	enough	of	their	own	money	               	
                                                                          (2)	 On	the	other	hand,	if	adequate	collateral	simply	is	not	available,	
 at	stake	in	the	business:                                                this	fact	alone	will	not	cause	SBA	to	decline	an	otherwise	qualified	
 	    (a)	 For a New Business (or	when	buying	a	business)	you	            loan.
 should	have	approximately	one	dollar	of	cash	or	business	assets	
 for	each	three	dollars	of	the	loan.                                      Eligibility	-	Most	small	businesses	are	eligible	to	receive	SBA	loan	
 	    (b)	 For an Established Firm,	the	after-the-loan	business	          guarantees,	however	ineligible	applicant	cases	include:.
 balance	sheet	should	show	no	more	than	four	dollars	of	total	debt	
 for	each	dollar	of	net	worth	(i.e.,	a	4:1	Debt/Equity	ratio,	although	   1.	   The	applicant	is	not	small	business.
 this	may	vary	by	industry)..                                             2.	   The	funds	are	otherwise	available	on	reasonable	terms,	e.g.,	
                                                                                if	the	bank	would	make	the	same	loan	terms	available	without	
 Definition of                          an	SBA	guaranty,	or	if	personal	assets	could	be	used	without	
 nonbusiness	assets	(often	a	second	mortgage	on	your	personal	        
 residence	may	be	required	for	collateral).		However,	this	should	        3.	   The	loan	is	to	pay	off	inadequately	secured	creditors.
 not	be	confused	with	equity	in	the	sense	it	is	used	here.		As	used	      4.	   Your	business	is	engaged	in	speculation,	lending,	investment,	or	
 here,	the	equity	is	the	owner’s	net	investment	in	the	business.      
                                                                          5.	   The	applicant	is	a	nonprofit	enterprise	(except	employee	stock	
 (4) Credit History: 	Your	personal	and	company	credit	histories	               ownership	programs).
 will	be	reviewed.		Prudent	lenders	prefer	applicants	who	have	
 a	history	of	meeting	their	obligations.		If	your	credit	record	has	      Size Standards	-	Applicants	must	meet	the	SBA	definition	of	small	
 blemishes	but	there	are	extenuating	circumstances,	prepare	to	           business.		Size	limits	vary	by	specific	industry	(NAICS	code).		See	
 explain	fully.                                                           page	20	or

 Guarantee Portion	-	Under	the	7(a)	guaranteed	loan	program	
 SBA	typically	guarantees	from	50%	to	85%	of	an	eligible	bank	
 loan	up	to	a	maximum	guaranty	amount	of	$1,500,000.		The	
 exact	percentage	of	the	guaranty	depends	on	a	variety	of	factors	
 such	as	size	of	loan	and	which	SBA	program	is	to	be	used.		This	                      American	Recovery	and	

 will	be	worked	out	between	the	SBA	and	your	bank.
                                                                                      Reinvestment	Act	of	2009

 Amounts	-	The	maximum	loan	amount	is	$2	million.		The	
 total	SBA	guarantee	for	any	one	borrower	may	not	exceed	
                                                                                                   Benefits	to	small	business		.
 $1,500,000.		                                                                                        Effective	03/16/09.
 Maturity	-	Up	to	25	years	for	real	estate	acquisition	or	                 	    SBA	guarantee	increased	to	90	percent	of	a	7(a)	loan	

 construction.		Most	other	SBA	loans	are	limited	to	10	years.		                  except	for	SBA	Express..

 Working	capital	loans	are	generally	limited	to	seven	years..
                                                                           	    Guaranty.fees.eliminated..
 Interest Rates	-	SBA	sets	a	maximum	rate	on	its	guaranteed	
 loans.		The	rate	may	be	either	fixed	or	variable,	as	determined	          	    504	CDC	processing	fees	and	the	Third-Party	Participation	
 between	the	lender	and	applicant.		The	rate	is	pegged	to	the	                   fees.eliminated..
 formulas	are:                                                             	      SBA	alternative	size	standard.		Businesses	are	considered	
 -	 Prime	+	2.25%	for	loans	>	$50,000,	maturity	<	7	years.                         “small”	if	they	meet	the	following	requirements:	.
 -	 Prime	+	2.75%	for	loans	>	$50,000,	maturity	7	years	or	more.
 -	 Lenders	have	the	option	of	charging	an	additional	1%	on	loans		
 	 under	$50,000	and	2%	on	loans	under	$25,000.                                    	   -		Avg.	net	income	(after	tax)	of	$3	million	or	less	over		
                                                                                   	   			past	2	years	
 Fees	-	(Temporarily waived per the 2009 Recovery Act)....                         	
                                                                           									   -	tangible	net	worth	of	$8.5	million	or	less
 SBA	charges	a	fee	for	its	guaranty.		The	fee	is	levied	on	that	             .

 portion	of	the	loan	guaranteed	by	SBA,	not	the	face	amount	               Dealer Floor Plan Program.          Guaranteed	loans	to	finance	vehicle	inventory	are	now	available	
 financed	-	i.e.,	built	into	the	loan	amount.		                            under	SBA’s	7(a)	guaranteed	loan	program.		These	loans	are	
                                                                           available	from	$500,000	to	$2	million	to	retailers	of	titleable	
 Fees for loan maturity exceeding 12 months:                               inventory	such	as	cars,	boats,	and	motor	homes..
 -	2%	of	the	guaranteed	portion	for	loans	up	to	$150,000                   .
 -	3%	of	the	guaranteed	portion	for	loans	above	$150,000	up	to	            American Recovery Capital or “ARC” A	new	debt	service	loan	
 $700,000                                                                  program	through	SBA	participating	lenders.		Qualified	applicants	
 -	3.5%	of	the	guaranteed	portion	for	loans	above	$700,000.                can	borrow	up	to	$35,000	to	pay	principal	and	interest	obligations	
                                                                           on	existing	debt.		The	loans	are	100%	guaranteed	by	SBA	and	
 Fees for loan maturity of 12 months or less:                              0%	interest	to	the	borrower.	
 -	.25%	(1/4	of	1%)	of	the	guaranteed	portion

 Prepayment Penalties	-	Only	on	loans	with	terms	of	15	years	or	
 longer.		Decreasing	prepayment	penalties	apply	during	the	first

 Collateral	-	SBA’s	policy	has	two	parts:.                                       For up-to-date information on how the 

 (1)	 When	a	loan	guaranty	is	approved,	we	expect	all	available	
    	                                                                           American Recovery and Reinvestment Act 

 company	assets	to	be	offered	as	collateral.		If	company	assets	
 are	insufficient	to	fully	secure	the	loan,	liens	on	personal	assets	
                                                                                    of 2009 can help your business,,.this.means.a.lien.on.residential.real.
                         visit our website at: 


SBA Small Business Resource Guide 	                                                                                    13
                                                                         lenders	can	submit	applications	under	the	traditional	method,	where	
 SBA Loan Guaranty                                                       the	SBA	reviews	the	lender’s	credit	analysis	and	examines	eligibility.		
                                                                         You	can	find	a	list	of	SBA	Participating	Lender	List	at	.
 Program FAQs                                                   under “Resources”

                                                                         Where can I obtain a loan application?
 Does the SBA provide grants to start or expand small
 businesses?                                                             Application	forms	and	procedures	differ	depending	on	the	lender.		
                                                                         For	example	some	lenders	may	have	you	complete	a	paper	loan	
 No.		The	SBA	does not	offer	direct	grants	of	money	for	starting	        application	while	others	offer	an	on-line	application.		If	the	lender	
 or	expanding	the	operations	of	a	small	business.		SBA’s	grant	          determines	that	an	SBA	guarantee	is	required,	they	will	work	with	
 programs	generally	support	nonprofit	organizations,	intermediary	       you	to	complete	certain	SBA	forms.		SBA	loan	forms	are	availble	
 lending	institutions,	and	state	and	local	governments	in	an	effort	     from	participating	lenders	or	via	download	at
 to	expand	and	enhance	small	business	technical	and	financial	           tools/forms/index.html
                                                                         If my loan application is declined, what other options do
 There	are	grants	available	to	small	businesses	through	various	         I have?
 federal	agencies,	however,	these	grants	are	typically	awarded	to	
 existing	businesses	and	are	narrow	in	purpose,	such	as	the	Small	       Don’t	give	up.		There	may	be	other	financial	resources	better	suited	
 Business	Innovation	Research	Program                  for	your	needs.		There	are	other	financial	entities	that	use	different	
 which	awards	grants	to	established	and	qualified	enterprises	to	        evaluative	techniques	and	loan	money	at	a	slightly	higher	interest	
 develop	new	technologies.		You	can	obtain	more	information	on	          rate	than	a	traditional	bank	loan.		In	addition,	some	states,	coun-
 grants	offered	by	various	federal,	state	and	local	organizations	at	    ties,	and	cities	commonly	work	with	local	banks	to	provide	financial                                                         support	to	small	businesses	as	part	of	their	economic	development	
                                                                         programs.		Ask	your	banker	to	help	you	explore	these	options.		
 Do I need to be declined by a bank before applying for                  Financing Options page 15.
 an SBA loan guaranty?

 No.		The	SBA	helps	small	businesses	obtain	needed	credit	by	
 giving	the	government’s	guaranty	to	loans	made	by	commercial	
 lenders.		The	lender	makes	the	loan,	and	SBA	promises	to	repay	                         What a lender looks for
 up	to	85%	of	any	loss	in	case	of	default.		Most	commercial	banks	
 and	some	nonbank	commercial	lenders	participate	in	this	program.         New Business
                                                                          (1)	 Describe	in	detail	the	type	of	business	to	be	established.
 Does my business qualify for SBA assistance?                             (2)	 Describe	your	experience	and	management	credentials.
                                                                          (3)	 Prepare	a	detailed	estimate	of	how	much	capital	will	be	
 Approximately	98%	of	all	businesses	are	eligible	for	SBA	help.		              needed	to	start.		State	how	much	you	have	and	how	much	
 Ineligible	businesses	include	those	described	on	page 13 under      
 Eligibility.                                                             (4)	 Prepare	a	current	personal	financial	statement,	listing	all	
 What can I do to increase my chances of getting a                        (5)	 Prepare	a	month-by-month	projection	of	revenues,	expens-
                                                                               es	and	profit	for	the	first	twelve	months.		Also	do	a	compan-
                                                                               ion	cash	flow	projection	for	the	same	period.		Explain	your	
                                                                               major	assumptions	in	an	accompanying	narrative.
 Research	and	develop	a	business	plan	that	includes	realistic	
                                                                          (6)	 List	the	collateral	to	be	offered	as	security	for	the	loan,	with	
 financial	projections	and	an	estimate	of	anticipated	earnings.		A	
                                                                               estimates	of	the	market	value	of	each	item.		
 well	planned	and	organized	business	plan	will	be	an	important	
                                                                          (7)	 Take	this	material	to	your	banker.		If	the	bank	wants	an	SBA	
 factor	when	a	lending	officer	reviews	your	request.		See	Writing	a	
                                                                               guaranty	for	your	loan,	they	will	make	application	to	us.	You	
 Business	plan	on	page 10.
                                                                               deal	with	the	bank;	the	bank	deals	with	SBA.
 How much personal investment or contribution do I                        Established Business
 need to qualify for a loan?                                              (1)	 Current	business	financial	information:		Prepare	a	current		

                                                                          	    balance	sheet	and	an	income	(profit	and	loss)	statement		

 If	you’re	a	start-up,	you	can	typically	expect	to	provide	approxi-       	    for	current	year	up	to	the	date	of	the	balance	sheet.

 mately	20	to	30	percent	of	the	total	required	starting	capital.		If	     (2)	 Historical	business	financial	information:		Prepare	income	
 you’re	an	established	business,	the	ratio	of	total	debt-to-net	worth	         statements	and	balance	sheets	for	the	past	three	full	years.		
 after	the	loan	is	made	should	be	approximately	4:1	or	better	in	              Do	not	include	personal	items	on	the	statements.		Reconcile	
 most	cases.                                                                   the	equity	balances	between	each	year.
                                                                          (3)	 Prepare	a	month-by-month	projection	of	revenues,	ex-
 What is the turnaround time for a loan to be                                  penses	and	profits	for	the	next	twelve	months.		Also	do	a	
 processed?                                                                    companion	cash	flow	projection	for	the	same	period.		Ex-
                                                                               plain	your	major	assumptions	in	an	accompanying	narrative.
 If	all	the	loan	documentation	is	complete,	a	preferred	lender	can	       (4)	 Prepare	a	current	personal	financial	statement	for	each	

 get	an	SBA	approval	within	24	hours	of	submitting	the	documents	              owner,	partner,	or	stockholder	owning	at	least	20%	of	the	

 to	SBA;	a	certified	lender	can	get	SBA	approval	in	as	few	as	three	           business.
 days...                                                                  (5)	 List	the	collateral	to	be	offered	as	security	for	the	loan,	with	
                                                                               estimates	of	the	market	value	of	each	item.
 What is the Preferred Lender Program (PLP)?                              (6)	 State	the	amount	and	intended	uses	of	the	loan.
                                                                          (7)	 Take	this	material	to	your	banker.		If	the	bank	wants	an	SBA	
 The	PLP	maximizes	the	use	of	qualified	lenders.		SBA	delegates	               guaranty	for	your	loan,	they	will	make	application	to	us.		You	
 loan	approval,	closing,	and	most	servicing	and	liquidation	authority	         deal	with	the	bank;	the	bank	deals	with	SBA.
 and	responsibility	to	carefully	selected	lenders.		Other	non-PLP	

14                                                                                                                             September 2009
 GRANTS                                         Alternative Financing                             Evergreen Business Capital 

                                                                                                  Rural Loan Fund

 The SBA does not offer grants to start        Shorebank Enterprise Cascadia            

 or expand small businesses. SBA	does                                              800-878-6613.

 offer	some	grant	programs,	however	they	      1901	NW	Market	Street.

 are	designed	to	expand	and	enhance	           Seattle,	WA		98107.

 organizations	that	provide	small	business	    206-447-9226	.
                                    25,000	or	less.		Amounts	from	$10,000	
 management,	technical,	or	financial	          A	non-profit	community	loan	fund	that	
            -	$250,000.		.
 assistance.	These	grants	generally	support	 provides	loans	and	technical	assistance	to	
 non-profit	organizations,	intermediary	       entrepreneurs	who	are	unable	to	access	
           Community Capital Development (CCD)
 lending	institutions,	and	state	and	local	    traditional	financing.		Cascadia	lends	to
 governments...                                women,	minorities,	and	low-income	people,	
 1437	South	Jackson,	Seattle,	WA	98144.
                                               and	to	businesses	which	restore	or	preserve	
 Federal Grant Resources                       the	environment	or	have	strong	potential	to	
 CCD	counselors	on-site	provide	services	to                                create	jobs.		Loans	range	from	$5,000	to	
         small	businesses	which	include	but	are	not	
 A	listing	of	grants	available	through	        $500,000..
                                        limited	to:	general	management/marketing	
 a	variety	of	federal,	state	and	local	                                                           assistance,	financial	planning	analysis,	and	
 organizations.		The SBA does not provide      Center for Economic Opportunity (CEO).
 contract	procurement	assistance.		Business	
 grants for starting or expanding the          15	N.	Broadway,	Suite	B.
                          loan	products	are	available	to	businesses	
 operations of a business.                     Tacoma,	WA		98403.
                                located	within	the	Seattle City limits...CCD
                                     also offers the SBA 7(a) Loan Guarantee
 On-line Catalog of Federal Domestic           CEO,.a.program.of.the.Metropolitan.
               Program and SBA Micro Loan Program.
 Assistance (CFDA)                             Development	Council,	assists	TANF	and	low-                                  income	persons	of	Pierce
 HAEIFC Private Business Loans
 The	on-line	catalog	covers	a	wide	variety	    self	employment	as	a	means	of	achieving	

 of	Federal	programs,	projects,	services,	     self-sufficiency.		CEO	teaches	participants	
 and	activities	which	provide	assistance	or	   the	skills	required	to	create	small	business	
     Hanford	Area	Economic	Investment	Fund	
 benefits	to	the	American	public.	There	are	 opportunities	and	provides	access	to	capital	
 Committee	(HAEIFC)	is	a	revolving	loan	
 currently	15	types	of	assistance	available	   and	on-going	technical	assistance.
                fund	for	for-profit	entrepreneurs	in	Benton
 including	surplus	equipment,	training,	                                                          & Franklin
 guaranteed	loans,	and,	of	course,	grants	     The Lending Network                                for	R&D,	machinery/equipment	or	land	
                                               1611	N.	National	Avenue.
                          purchases,	renovations,	leasehold	improve-
                                               Chehalis,	WA		98532.
                              ments,	and/or	construction-related	costs	
                                     such	as	engineering,	legal,	architectural,	sur-
 FINANCING OPTIONS                   
                       veying,	appraisals,	etc.		Loans	may	require	
                                               Rural	Development	Loan	fund	serves	Lewis, 
 owner	capital	injection,	personal	guarantees	
 SBA	Certified	Development	                    Cowlitz and South Thurston counties.               and/or	be	secured	by	collateral	or	leveraged	
                                               in.Washington.State...Loan.amounts.from.           by	funds	from	other	sources.		Minimum	loan	
 Companies.CDC                                 $25,000	to	$250,000;	terms	up	to	20	years,	        amount	is	$150,000.	Maximum	term	is	20	
 .                                                                                                years.
                                               depending	on	what	is	being	financed;	fixed	
 CDCs	use	public	and	private	partnerships	
                                               interest	rates;	collateral	required;	job	creation	
 to	finance	fixed	assets	for	small	firms	and	
                                               requirement.                                       North Central Washington Business Loan Fund.

 plays	a	key	role	in	creating	and	retain-

 ing	jobs.			Most	504	projects	are	in	the	     Washington Dept of Commerce
                                                                                                  PO	Box	3032.

 $200,000	to	$2	Million	range.	.               (formerly Commerce, Trade & Economic
                                                                                                  Okanogan,	WA	98840.

 .                                             Development - CTED)

                                                                                                  Offers	loans	from	$5,000	to	$150,000	in                         Helps	entrepreneurs	obtain	financing	for	
                                                                                                  Okanogan, Chelan & Douglas Counties
 1420	5th	Avenue	#2200.                        start-up	and	expansion	projects.	Works	to	
                                                                                                  and the Colville Indian Reservation.
 Seattle,	WA		98101.                           strengthen	the	state’s	economy	by	helping	
 206-274-5152                                  businesses	plan,	finance	and	implement	
                                                                                                  Business Development Corp
                                               strategies	for	company	and	job	growth.		
                                                                                                  of Eastern WA.
 Evergreen Business Capital                    Customers	and	partners	include	local	
                                                                                                                  governments,	businesses,	ports,	community-
                                                                                                  9	South	Washington	Street,	Suite	212.
 SBA	504	Loan	Program.                         based	development	organizations,	
                                                                                                  Spokane,	WA	99201.
 13925	Interurban	Avenue	S.	Suite	100.         economic	development	councils,	and	tribal	
 Seattle,	WA		98168                            governments.	Its	loan	programs	include	Rural	
                                                                                                  When	conventional	bank	loans	are	
 .                                             Washington	Loan	Fund,	Forest	Products	
                                                                                                  unavailable,	finances	from	$50,000	
 NW Business Development Association
 Revolving	Loan	Fund,	Child	Care	Facility	
                                                                                                  to	$250,000	for	start-up,	early	stage,
                           Fund,	Coastal	Loan	Fund,	HUD	Section	
                                                                                                  and	expanded	businesses	in	Eastern
 SBA 504 Loan Program.
                        108	Guaranteed	Loans,	CDBG	Float	Loans,	
 9019	E.	Appleway,	Suite	200.
                 Brownfields	Cleanup	Revolving	Fund.			
 Spokane	Valley,	WA	99212.

                                                                                                  WA State Linked Deposit Program
                                Benton Franklin Council of Governments
                                            PO	Box	217,	Richland,	WA	99352.
                                                                                                  Seattle,	206-956-3165	          	
 Panhandle Area Council (PAC).
                                                                                                  A	financing	opportunity	for	certified
                              Nontraditional	loan	funds	for	gap	financing	
                                                                                                  minority	and	women-owned	businesses	
 11100	N.	Airport	Drive.
                      in	manufacturing,	value-added	processing,	
 Hayden,	ID		83835.
                           service	and	retail.		It	can	be	used	for	fixed	
                                                                                                  participating	banks	at	less	than	market	rate.	
 208-772-0584;	          .
 assets,	working	capital,	inventory	and	real	
                                                                                                  Apply	at	your	bank.		See	list	of	participating	
 Offers	SBA	504	Fixed	Asset	Financing	in	
     estate.		Funding	is	available	for	eligible	
 the	5	northern	counties	of	Idaho,	and	other, Franklin and Walla                       Walla counties.

SBA Small Business Resource Guide                                                                                     15
Development Loan Fund (DLF)                    Loans	up	to	$15,000	for	working	capital,	        SNAP Financial Access
Department	of	Community	Development	.
         expansion	and/or	start-ups	at	prime	plus	2%
906	Columbia	Street	SW.
                       fixed	term.	Need	viable	business	plan.           212	South	Wall,	Spokane,	WA	99202.
PO	Box	48300.
                                                                                  509-456-7174	ext.	111.
Olympia,	WA		98504-8300.
                      Clearwater Economic Development        
                                 Association (CEDA)                               Provides	training,	business	counseling,	and	
Provides	loans	of	up	to	$350,000	through                         small	business	loans	ranging	from	$500-
combined	state	and	federal	resources	
         1626	6th	Ave.,	Lewiston,	ID	83501.               $50,000	to	low-to-moderate	income	entrepre- areas       208-746-0015																											
to	create	new	jobs,	particularly	for	lower	    Provides	loans	from	$2,500	to	$150,000	          a	business	or	expand	an	existing	business.		
income	persons..                               in.Clearwater, Idaho, Latah, Lewis and.          SNAP	also	offers	Individual	Development	
.                                              Nez Perce Co	in	Idaho	where	conventional	        Accounts	to	help	entrepreneurs	to	save	for	
Quest Revolving Loan Fund                      financing	is	not	available.	Technical	           their	prospective	businesses	with	the	boost	
                  assistance	provided	to	borrowers.                of	matching	funds.		SNAP’s	new	Business	
                                                                            Resource	Center	is	an	entrepreneurial	library	
Wenatchee,	WA	98801.
                          Spokane Neighborhood Economic Dev                open	to	the	public	every	Tuesday	and	Thurs-
                                 Alliance (SNEDA)                                 day	from	1	p.m.	to	7	p.m.	or	by	appointment.	
Covers	Chelan.and.Douglas.Counties..

Existing	businesses	only.	Also	offers	GAP	
    715	E.	Sprague	Ave.,	Spokane,	WA	99202.
         Microloan Revolving Fund (MRF)
financing	with	banks..
Pierce County 
                                SNEDA,	offers	loans	of	$5,000—$50,000,	
         Provides	financing	to	for-profit,	independently	
Dept of Community Services
                    risk-based	interest	(10-17%).	SNEDA	can	
        owned	and	operated	start-ups	or	expanding .
                     be	a	source	of	loan	gap	funding	too.		.
         businesses	that	are	unable	to	secure	
Economic	Development	Division.
                                               conventional	financing.		Range	from	$500	to	
3602	Pacific	Avenue,	Suite	200.
               Tri-County Economic Development 
                $35,000.	Funds	can	be	used	for	equipment,	
Tacoma,	WA		98418.
                            District (TEDD)
                                 machinery,	inventory,	operating	capital,	
Sheree	Clark,	253-798-6604;	.
                            fixtures,	and	furniture.		Interest	rates	vary.
                    347	West	Second,	Suite	A,	.
                     Maximum	loan	term	is	six	years.		Serves
Offers	a	variety	of	programs	to	assist	
       Colville,	WA	99114								.
                     Benton, Franklin, Columbia, Garfield,
new	and	existing	businesses	locating	
         509-684-4571	or	800-776-7318.
                   Asotin, Whitman, and Spokane counties. county...Funding.       Provides	rural	and	revolving	loan	funds	that	

sources	for	programs	include:		Housing	and	    can	go	up	to	$250,000,	as	well	as	Micro-
                                                                                                Childcare Microloans (CCML)
Urban	Development,	SBA	and	the	Pierce	         loansin.Adams, Asotin, Ferry, Garfield,
                                               Grant, Lincoln, PendOreille, Stevens,
County	Community	Investment	Corporation..                                                       509-943-9185,
                                               Whitman, and rural Spokane County.
.                                                                                               Financing	for	childcare	providers	to	become	
                                                                                                or	continue	to	be	licensed.		Loans	range	from	
                                               Rural Community Development
MICROLOAN LENDERS                              Resources (RCDR).                                $500	to	$5,000	for	family	home	childcare	
                                               PO	Box	9492,	Yakima,	WA	98909	.                  providers,	and	up	to	$25,000	for	child	care	
                                               509-453-5133;	.                 centers.	Interest	rate	is	5%	(subject	to	
Washington CASH	-	Washington	
                                               Provides	business	assistance,	training,	and	     change).	Eligible	uses	related	to	licensing	
Community	Alliance	for	Self	Help.
                                               microloan	programs	from	$2,000	to	$35,000	       requirements	include	safety	items,	equipment,	
SBA Micro Loan Program Intermediary
                                     ,.       fencing,	etc.	Counties: Benton, Franklin,
                                               inventory,	working	capital,	franchise	pur-       Walla Walla, Grant, Adams, Whitman,
2100	24th	Ave	S,	Suite	380.
                                               chases	and/or	cash	flow	restructuring.           Okanogan, Chelan, Douglas, Yakima,
Seattle,	WA		98144
                                                                                                Skamania, Clark, Garfield, Kittitas,
                                               Child Care Micro-loan Fund                       Klickitat, Asotin, and Columbia.
Helps	people	with	low-incomes	start	and	
grow.small.businesses,.usually.out.of.their.   25	W.	Main	St.	Suite	310.
homes.		Services	include:		20	hours	of	                                                         Credit Rural Development Loans
                                               Spokane,	WA		99201.                    
practical	business	training,	credit	(loans	    509-209-2613.
begin	at	$500	and	increase	in	steps	to	                                                         509-943-9185,	atackett@bfcog.usGap	
                                               Loans	up	to	$5000	to	licensed	family	child	
$5,000),	ongoing	technical	assistance	         care	homes	and	$25,000	to	centers.		Funds	       Provide	funds	needed	between	the	amount	
and	peer	support.		Also	provides	loans	        assist	with	start-up	facility	costs,	health	     of	conventional	financing	available	and	
funded	by	the	SBA	from	$500	to	$35,000	to	     and	safety	improvements,	minor	renova-           the	amount	needed,	of	up	to	75%	of	total               tions	of	licensed	child	care	businesses,	and	    project	costs	($10,000	to	$250,000)	for	
.                                              operational	equipment	acquisition.		Loan	        start-ups	or	existing	private	for-profit	and	
Community Capital Development (CCD)
           applicants	receive	up	to	30	hours	of	free	       non-profit	businesses	in	small	communities	
                                               technical	assistance	and	business	training...    and.rural.areas.of.Benton, Franklin, Walla

                                               Counties served: Ferry, Lincoln, Pend            Walla and Columbia counties	involved	in	
See	listing	on	page	15..

                                               Oreille, Spokane, Stevens                        manufacturing,	value-added	processing,	

Panhandle Area Council                                                                          service	and	retail	operations.		Interest	rate:		
                                               WA Assistive Technology Foundation..             two	points	below	to	two	points	above	Prime.
                                               1823	East	Madison,	Suite	1000	.                  BFCoG Regional Revolving Loans
Offers	SBA	MicroLoan	Program	in	
                                               Seattle,	Washington	98122.             
Boundary, Bonner, Kootenai, Shoshone,
                                               206-328-5116;                     509-943-9185,
and Benewah counties	in	Idaho	and	other	
                                               TTY:	1-800-214-8731                              RRLF	proceeds	provide	gap	financing	for
                                               Nonprofit	lender.		Offers	access	loans	for	      job-creating	business	expansion	within	
AHANA - African American, Hispanic,            assistive	technology,	home	and	vehicle	ac-       Benton and Franklin
Asian & Native American                        cessibility	mods,	loans	needed	by	employ-        beyond	the	available	conventional	financing                               range	from	$25,000	to	$175,000.	Interest	
25	W.	Main,	Suite	300.                         or	other	approved	“Telework”	locations;	and	     rate	is	two	points	below	to	two	points	above	
Spokane	WA	99201.                              microloans	ranging	from	$250	to	$1,000	for	      Prime.	Administered	by	the	Benton-Franklin	
509-838-1881;                 assistive	technology	or	telework	equipment.	     Council	of	Governments.
16                                                                                                                           September 2009
                                                  FREE Loan Briefings
                                                      Downtown Seattle                             Spokane
                                                      - 2nd & 4th Thursday each month              - 1st & 3rd Thursday each month
                                                      Noon to 1:00 pm                              Noon to 1:00 pm
                                                      SBA Education and Training Center.           SBA Training Room.
                                                      4th	&	Battery	Building.                      801	W.	Riverside	Avenue,	Suite	200.
                                                      2401	Fourth	Avenue,	Suite	450.               Spokane,	WA		99201.
                                                      Seattle,	WA	98121.                           509-353-2800
                                                      Tacoma                                       Thurston County
                                                      - 3rd Thursday each month                    - 3rd Tuesday each month
                                                      Noon to 1:00 pm                              1:00 pm to 2:00 pm
                                                      Tacoma Business Assistance Center.           Thurston County Chamber of Commerce.
                                                      (co-located	with	Bates	Technical	College).   809	Legion	Way	SE
                                                      1101	S.	Yakima	Street,	M-123B                Olympia,	WA		98501
                                                      Tacoma,	WA		98405.                           Call	360-357-3362	to	preregister
                                                      Call	253-680-7770	to	preregister
.                                                 Join	us	for	an	informative	session	on	how	the	SBA	Loan	Guaranty	Program	
V E N T U R E CAPITAL                             works.		Your	specific	questions	will	be	answered.
Small Business Investment Company

                                           -	Can	loan	proceeds	be	used	to	consolidate	debt	or	help	with	cash	flow	or	buy	a	building?	.
                                 -	What	are	the	eligibility	and	credit	requirements?	.
General information	202-205-6515.
                -	What	are	lenders	looking	for	when	approving	loans?	.
To order a licensing kit or publication.
         -	Who	can	help	with	a	business	plan	or	a	loan	proposal?	.
                                   -	What	financing	options	are	available?
The	SBIC	Program	fills	the	gap	between	
the	availability	of	venture	capital	and	the	
     Unable to attend a loan briefing in person? Go virtual.
needs.of.small.businesses.that.are.growing.       Noon to 1 p.m. - Every Thursday each month
rapidly.	Licensed	and	regulated	by	the	SBA,	      Participate	from	the	comfort	of	your	home	or	office	via	ReadyTalk.			As	a	virtual	attendee	
SBICs	are	privately	owned	and	managed	            you	can,	use	your	phone	to	hear	the	presenter	and	view	the	Microsoft	Power	Point	
investment	firms	that	make	capital	available	     presentation	on	your	computer.				.
to	small	businesses	through	investments	or	       .
loans.	SBIC’s	are:		high	risk	venture	capital, and click on “$$Need Money for Your Small Business”
and	may	charge	higher	interest	rates	than	
other	sources	of	financing.	This	program	is	
operated	directly	from	the	SBA	Headquar-
ters	office	located	in	Washington,	DC.
                                                  Credit Reports – Where to Get Yours
NWVA Northwest Venture Associates,
L.P. (SBIC).
                                     In	accordance	with	the	Fair	and	Accurate	Credit	Transactions	Act	(FACT	Act),

221	N.	Wall	Street,	Suite	628.
                   you	have	the	right	to	obtain	one	free	copy	of	your	credit	report	a	year	from	each	
Spokane,	WA	99201.
                               of	the	three	major	credit	reporting	agencies.

Preferred	Investment	size	-		$250,000	
           TransUnion,	Equifax,	and	Experian		created
-	$2,250,000.
                                    provide	consumers	with	a	centralized	and	secure	means	to	request	and	obtain	
Investment	Policy	-	Start	up	through	later	

stage	Investment	Type	-	Information	Tech-
        their	free	credit	reports	once	every	12	months.	This	site	provides	credit	reports	
nology,	Healthcare,	Specialty	Retail,	Other	
     but	does	not	provide	credit	scores,	or	more	specifically	FICO®	scores.	Go
Geographic	Preference	-	Northwest
                online to for more info about FICO® scores.

NW Entrepreneur Network.                          Review	your	personal	credit	report	from	each	credit	reporting	agency	at	least
P.O.	Box	40128,	Bellevue,	WA	98015-4128.          annually.	If	you	are	in	the	process	of	applying	for	a	loan,	immediately	notify	your	
425-564-5701;                      lender	of	any	incorrect	information	present	in	your	credit	report.		You	can	dispute	
The.Northwest.Entrepreneur.Network.               any	errors	by	contacting	the	credit	reporting	agencies	directly.	If	you	report	an	
helps	entrepreneurs	make	the	connections	         error	to	a	credit	reporting	agency,	it	must	investigate	and	respond	to	you	within	
and	access	the	resources	they	need	to	
succeed.	Focused	on	helping	entrepre-
                                                  30.days...,.the.          .
Northwest	Entrepreneur	Network	provides	              Equifax                       Experian                      TransUnion
the	knowledge,	mentoring,	and	access	to	
investors	that	creates	and	grows	successful	          800-685-1111.                 888-397-3742.                 800-888-4213.
                                                  Additionally,.business owners and entrepreneurs should check their
                                                  business credit reports	for	accuracy	before	submitting	loan	or	credit	
                                                  applications.	To	get	copies	of	your	business	credit	report,	contact	one	of	the	
                                                  business	credit	reporting	agencies	such	as	Dun	&	Bradstreet	online	at	.

SBA Small Business Resource Guide                                                                                 17
Business Insurance.
                                                                         D&O (“Director and Officer”) Insurance	-	Under	certain	
                                                                         circumstances,	officers	and	directors	of	a	corporation	may	become	
.                                                                        personally	liable	for	their	actions	on	behalf	of	the	company.		This	
Buying	business	insurance	is	among	the	best	ways	to	prepare	for	         type	of	policy	covers	this	liability.
the	unexpected.	Without	proper	protection,	misfortunes	such	as	the	
death	of	a	partner	or	key	employee,	embezzlement,	a	lawsuit,	or	a	       Home-Based Business Insurance	-	Contrary	to	popular	belief,	
natural	disaster	could	spell	the	end	of	a	thriving	operation	            standard	homeowners’	insurance	policies	do	not	automatically	cover	
                                                                         home-based	business	losses.	Commonly	needed	insurance	areas	for	
Ranging	from	indispensable	worker’s	compensation	insurance	to	           home-based	businesses	include	business	property/office	equipment,	
the	relatively	obscure	executive	kidnapping	coverage,	insurance	is	      professional	liability,	personal	and	advertising	injury,	loss	of	business	
available	for	nearly	any	business	risk.	Considering	the	multitude	of	    data,	crime	and	theft,	and	disability.			Contact	your	homeowners’	
options,	carefully	weigh	whether	the	cost	of	certain	premiums	will	      insurance	company	to	update	your	policy.		
justify	the	coverage	for	a	given	risk.
                                                                         Internet Business Insurance	-	Web-based	businesses	may	wish	
Types of Business Insurance to Consider                                  to	look	into	specialized	insurance	that	covers	liability	for	damage	
                                                                         done	by	hackers	and	viruses.	In	addition,	e-insurance	often	covers	
General Liability	-	General	liability	insurance	covers	legal	            specialized	online	activities,	including	lawsuits	resulting	from	meta	
hassles	due	to	claims	of	negligence.	These	help	protect	against	         tag	abuse,	banner	advertising,	or	electronic	copyright	infringement.
payments	as	the	result	of	bodily	injury	or	property	damage,	medical	
expenses,	the	cost	of	defending	lawsuits,	and	settlement	bonds	or	
judgments	required	during	an	appeal	procedure.

Product Liability	-	Every	product	is	capable	of	personal	injury	
or	property	damage.	Companies	that	manufacture,	wholesale,	
distribute,	and	retail	a	product	may	be	liable	for	its	safety.	           SBA Disaster Loans.
Additionally,	every	service	rendered	may	be	capable	of	personal	
injury	or	property	damage.	Businesses	are	considered	liable	for	
negligence,	breach	of	an	express	or	implied	warranty,	defective	
products,	and	defective	warnings	or	instructions.                         The	SBA	is	the	federal	disaster	bank	in	the	wake	of	hurricanes,	
                                                                          floods,	earthquakes,	wildfires,	tornadoes,	and	other	physical	
Worker’s Compensation	-	Required	in	every	state	except	Texas,	            disasters.	If	you	are	in	a	declared	disaster	area	and	have	suffered	
worker’s	compensation	insurance	pays	for	employees’	medical	    
expenses	and	missed	wages.	In	most	cases,	business	owners,	               disaster	assistance.	After	the	President	or	the	SBA	Administrator	
independent	contractors,	domestic	employees	in	private	homes,	            declares	a	disaster,	homeowners,	renters,	and	businesses	of	all	
farm	workers,	and	unpaid	volunteers	are	exempt.                           size	may	apply	for	low-interest	SBA	Disaster	Loans.
Criminal Insurance	–	Despite	heightened	workplace	security,	
theft	and	malicious	damage	are	always	possibilities.	Dangers	             Physical Disaster Loans:	Available	for	non-farm	businesses	of	
associated	with	hacking,	vandalism,	and	general	theft	are	obvious,	       any	size	and	non-profit	organizations.	SBA	makes	loans	of	up	to	
but	employee	embezzlement	is	more	common	than	most	business	              $1.5	million	to	repair	or	replace	damaged	property,	inventory,	and	
owners	think.	Criminal	insurance	and	employee	bonds	can	provide	          equipment....
protection	against	losses	in	most	criminal	areas.
                                                                          Economic Injury Disaster Loans:.Small.businesses.or.
Business Interruption Insurance	-	While	property	insurance	               agricultural	cooperatives	may	be	eligible	for	SBA	assistance	of	up	
may	pay	enough	to	replace	damaged	or	destroyed	equipment	                 to	$1.5	million	if	they	have	suffered	substantial	economic	injury	in	a	
or	buildings,	how	will	you	pay	costs	such	as	taxes,	utilities	and	        declared	disaster	area..
other	continuation	expenses	during	the	period	between	when	the	
damage	occurs	and	when	the	property	is	replaced?		Business	               Real Property Loans:	Loans	up	to	$200,000	for	homeowners	to	
interruption	(or	“business	income”)	insurance	can	provide	sufficient	
                                                                          repair	or	restore	a	primary	residence	to	its	previous	condition.
funds	to	pay	your	fixed	expenses	during	a	period	of	time	when	your	
business	is	not	operational	due	to	a	covered	loss.
                                                                          Personal Property Loans:	Up	to	$40,000	for	homeowners	and	

Key Person (“Key Man”) Insurance	–	A	company’s	business	                  renters	to	repair	or	replace	personal	property	such	as	clothing,	

continuation	plan	outlines	how	the	firm	will	maintain	operations	if	      furniture,

a	key	person	dies,	falls	ill,	or	leaves,	but	if	you	(and/or	any	other	    .

business	partner	or	essential	employee)	are	so	critical	to	the	           Interest Rates:	By	law,	rates	are	not	to	exceed	4	percent	for	
operation	of	your	business	that	it	cannot	continue	in	the	event	of	       homeowners,	renters	and	businesses	unable	to	obtain	credit	
your	illness	or	death,	you	should	consider	“key	man”	insurance.	          elsewhere.	Rates	are	not	to	exceed	8	percent	for	homeowners,	
Frequently	required	by	banks	or	government	loan	programs,	this	           renters	and	businesses	determined	by	SBA	to	have	credit	available	
coverage	is	usually	life	insurance	that	names	the	company	as	a	           elsewhere.
beneficiary	if	an	essential	person	dies	or	is	disabled.	
                                                                          Individuals	who	are	Homeowners and Renters must register
Malpractice Insurance/E&O	-	Some	licensed	professionals	
                                                                          with the Federal Emergency Management
need	protection	against	the	cost	of	lawsuits/claims	alleging	that	
one’s	negligence	or	inappropriate	action	resulted	in	bodily	injury	       FEMA Registration ID Number by calling 1-800-621-3362..The.
or	property	damage;	medical	expenses;	the	cost	of	defending	              speech	or	hearing	impaired	may	call	(TTY)	1-800-462-7585.
lawsuits,	investigations	and	settlements;	and	bonds	or	judgments	
required	during	an	appeal	procedure.                                      Businesses	may	apply	directly	to	the	SBA	for	possible	disaster	
                                                                          assistance.		Go	to	and	access	the	disaster	
Automobile	-	A	vehicle	owned	by	your	business	should	be	insured	          information	linked	to	the	front	page	for	guidance	and	forms..
for	both	liability	and	replacement	purposes.		But	you	may	need	           .
special	insurance	(called	“non-owned	automobile	coverage”)	for	           If	you	have	any	questions regarding SBA disaster assistance,.
employees	who	use	their	own	autos	in	your	business.		This	policy	         please	contact	the	SBA disaster call center at 1-800-
covers	the	business’	liability	for	any	damage	which	may	result	from	      659-2955	or	(TTY)1-800-877-8339.	You can also email to
such	usage.		Some	personal	auto	policies	exclude	business	use,	 
so	be	sure	to	contact	your	current	agent	to	see	if	a	commercial	
policy	is	needed.

18                                                                                                                             September 2009
 Disaster Preparedness
                                                                                 Maintain	a	contact	list	of	all	your	suppliers.
                                                                                 Find	out	how	they	plan	to	supply	you,	if	the	supplier	experiences	
  According to the Washington State Emergency Management                          a.disaster.

  Division:                                                                      Maintain.a.list.of.alternate.suppliers.

  Almost	40%	of	small	businesses	that	close	due	to	a	disaster	                Equipment
                                                                                 Maintain	an	inventory	of	all	equipment	used	by	your	business.

  event	never	re-open.	91%	of	Americans	live	in	places	at	moderate	              Keep	a	maintenance	schedule	for	all	equipment,	as	well	as	

  to	high	risk	of	earthquakes,	volcanoes,	tornadoes,	wildfires,	                  manufacturer	and	service	contact	information	for	each.

  hurricanes,	flooding,	high-wind	damage	or	terrorism.		85%	of	the	
  U.S.	critical	infrastructure	is	owned	by	private	industry.                  Property
                                                                                 Make	sure	your	facility	meets	all	local	building	and	fire	codes.
                                                                                 Know	where	utility	shutoff	s	are	located	and	how	to	operate	them.
Though each situation is unique, any business can be better
prepared if it plans carefully, puts emergency procedures in                  Records
place, and practices for emergencies of all kinds.                              	 Document	all	processes	that	make	your	business	run	from	

                                                                                   answering	the	phones,	to	tracking	finances,	to	distributing	your	

Structural Fires                                                                   product	or	service.

    Install	and	maintain	smoke	alarms	or	a	fire	suppression	system.
             Develop	a	schedule	for	backing	up	all	computer	records.
    Conduct	fire	drills	regularly.
                                              Keep	current	copies	of	all	paper	and	computer	files	off-site	and	
    Reduce	clutter	–	it	is	a	fuel	source	and	can	block	exits.
    Take	proper	precautions	regarding	smoking	and	lit	candles.
Flooding                                                                        	 Insurance	coverage	can	mean	the	difference	between	reopening	
    Most	standard	insurance	policies	do	not	cover	flood	damage	and	
              after	a	disaster	strikes	or	having	to	close	your	doors.	Meet	
     the	resulting	loss	of	income.	Check	with	your	insurance	agent.
               regularly	with	your	insurance	agent	to	ensure	you	have	adequate	
    Build	with	flood-resistant	materials	to	reduce	damage	and	clean	up.
          coverage	and	knowledge	of	how	to	quickly	file	a	claim.
    Check	with	local	authorities	to	find	out	the	100-year	flood	level	of	
     	 Consider	a	policy	that	will	reimburse	you	for	business	disruptions	
     your	structure.                                                               in	addition	to	physical	losses.
    Consider	working	with	a	licensed	contractor	to	raise	electrical	and	
     HVAC	system	above	the	100-year	flood	level	mark.                         Additional tips
    Raise	computers,	electronics,	and	important	files	off	the	floor.          
    Work	with	a	licensed	plumber	to	install	a	backflow	valve	to	prevent	        Post	emergency	numbers	and	procedures	throughout	your	facility.
     sewage	backup.
                                                             Plan	evacuation	routes	and	procedures	for	employees	and	
    Move	critical	items	above	flood	level	during	a	flood	watch.
                 customers,	and	provide	copies	to	all	employees.

Wildfires                                                                        Plan	ahead	to	accommodate	individuals	with	special	needs.

    Maintain	a	30	foot	“combustible-free”	zone	around	your	facility.

    Keep	grass	mowed	and	irrigated,	remove	any	trees	and	

     combustible	material.
                                                    Make a supply kit
    Build	and	renovate	with	flame-resistant	materials.
                       A	well-designed	supply	kit	–	planned	for	the	number	of	employees	
    Keep	the	roof	and	gutters	clear	of	debris.
                               who	may	need	it	-	can	be	invaluable	during	and	after	a	disaster.	
    Attach	non-flammable,	fine-gauge	screening	over	all	chimneys.
            Some	items	to	include	are:	.
    Ensure	that	your	facility	is	up	to	code.                                      Water.             Duct	Tape
    Use	natural	gas	lines	with	flexible	connections	and	automatic	shut-           Food               Radio.and.batteries
     off	valves.                                                                   Tarps          
    Use	flexible	water	lines	and/or	couplings	to	toilets,	sinks,	and	in	          First-aid	kit  Flashlights	(never	use	candles	or	matches)                                                            Plastic	bags  Gloves	(rubber	and	leather)
    Secure	equipment,	including	computers,	to	the	floor	or	walls	to	              Tool.kit           Camera	(to	document	damage)
     prevent	tipping.                                                              Blankets.
    Make	sure	anything	with	a	drawer	or	door,	like	filing	cabinets,	has	           .
     latches	with	a	manual	release.                                                 **Advise your employees to store a small supply at work of
Tornado                                                                             critical personal items, such as prescription medications.
    Establish	interior,	preferably	basement,	locations	for	employees	to	
     gather.	Bathrooms,	corners,	and	short	hallways	are	safest.
    Remember,	a	“watch”	means	a	tornado	could	happen	and	a	                   Important websites
     “warning”	means	you	should	take	immediate	cover.
    Keep	surplus	blankets	in	a	shelter	area.                                  American Red Cross.
The following general emergency preparedness checklist was compiled            .

courtesy of Nationwide Insurance Company and the SBA:                          Federal Emergency Management Agency.


Employees                                                                      .

 	 Identify	an	internal	shelter	in	the	event	that	authorities	tell	you	to	    Department of Homeland Security .

    “shelter	in	place”.                                              

   Establish	a	spokesperson	to	speak	to	the	media	and	the	public.
   Document	each	employee’s	job	and	emergency	contact	info.                   Institute for Business and Home Safety.

   Decide	who	is	in	charge	when	regular	managers	are	unavailable.   

   Create	a	phone	tree	and	designate	individuals	who	will	initiate	the	       .

    communication	process.	                                                    National Federation of Independent Business.

   Train	your	employees	on	the	plan	and	review	it	with	them	regularly.
 	 Identify	the	odds	that	customers	will	be	present	if	a	disaster	
    strikes.                                                                   UW Emergency Management.
   Keep	communications	open.
   Keep	a	copy	of	your	customer	records	off-site.
   Have	an	alternate	worksite	from	which	to	communicate	to	
    customers	during	recovery.                                                 Washington State.

SBA Small Business Resource Guide 	                                                                                        19
                                                                                        Dry	Cleaning	Plants		           	         $		4,500,000.
 SBA Small Business Size                                                                Power	Laundry/Linen	Supply		 	
                                                                                        Car/Truck	Rental		 	            	
 Standards                                                                              Security,	Detectives,	and
                                                                                        Armored	Car	Service	            		        $12,500,000												.
                                                                                        Engineering	Services	           		        $		4,500,000	.                                                                       Building	Cleaning	&	Maintenance		         $16,500,000.
                                                                                        Computer	Programming	           	         $25,000,000.
 SBA	regulations	define	what	is	considered	a	“small”	
                                  /Software/Data	Processing	.
 business	concern	for	purposes	of	obtaining	financial,	
                                Accounting,	Auditing,	Bookkeeping		       $	8,500,000.
 managerial	and	government	contract	procurement	
                                       RETAIL: 	In	most	industry	classifications,	a	retail	concern	is	consid-
 assistance.		.
                                                                        ered	a	small	business	if	its	average	annual	receipts	do	not	exceed	
                                                                                     $7,000,000	for	the	past	3	fiscal	years	(500	employees	for	govern-
 Under	the	size	criteria,	one	set	of	standards	for	each	
                               ment	procurement	of	supplies)..
 industry	applies	to	all	SBA	financial	and	government	

 contract	procurement	programs.		.
                                                     Sample Exceptions.
                                                                                     Mobile	Home	Dealers	                             	               $13,000,000.
 Each	North	American	Industry	Classification	System	
                                   Department	Stores			                             	               $27,000,000.
                                                                                        Variety	Stores	                 	                	               $11,000,000.
 (NAICS)	Code	has	a	specific	industry	size	standard.
                                   Grocery	Stores		                	                	               $27,000,000.
                                                                                        Gasoline	Service	Stations		 	                                    $		9,000,000.
 For	complete	rules,	see	Code	of	Federal	Regulations,	
                                 Motor	Vehicle	Dealers	(New)					                                 $29,000,000	.
 Chapter	13	Part	121.		Available	at	the	Government	
                                    Motor	Vehicle	Dealers	(Used)	 	                                  $23,000,000				.
 Bookstore,	Jackson	Federal	Building,	915	2nd	Avenue,	
                                 Most	Clothing	Stores	                            	               $		9,000,000.
 Seattle,	or	at	the	Seattle	Public	Library
                                             Household	Appliance	Stores	 	                                    $		9,000,000.
                                                                                        Radio	&	TV	Stores	 	                             	               $		9,000,000.
 Questions	about	specific	industries	.
                                                 Heating	Oil	Dealers		           	                	               50	employees.
 not	listed?	Call	206-553-8546.
                                                        WHOLESALE: 		A	concern	primarily	engaged	in	wholesaling	is	
                                                                                        considered	small	if	its	average	number	of	employees	does	not	
AGRICULTURE:		Crops	and	livestock	(except	beef	cattle	feedlots	
                        exceed	100	over	the	preceding	completed	12	calendar	months	(500	
and	chicken	egg	farms)	-	3	fiscal	year	average	annual	receipts	do	
                     employees	for	government	procurement	of	supplies).
not	exceed	$750,000..


Beef	Cattle	Feedlots	                            	    	      $		2,500,000	.

Chicken	Egg	Farms		                              	    	      $12,500,000.
               Training and Workshops for
Ornamental	Nursery	Products		                         	      $					750,000	.

Animal	Aquaculture	&	Animal		Specialty	Farms		 $					750,000	
.                                                                                        SBA	training	facilities	host	no-cost	and	low-cost	monthly	
Agricultural	Services-Planting,	Harvesting,	etc.		 $			7,000,000	                        workshops	for	entrepreneurs	on	a	wide	variety	of	business-
.                                                                                        related	topics.	Ongoing	workshops	are	available	at	the	SBA’s	
Fishing,	Hunting,	&	Trapping		 	                      	      $			4,000,000.              Education	and	Training	Center	in	downtown	Seattle	and	SBA’s	
.                                                                                        Training	Room	in	Spokane.		Join	us	for	SBA	loan	briefings,	tax	
CONSTRUCTION:		General	construction	size	standard	is	$33.5	                              workshops,.SCORE.workshops,
million	average	annual	receipts	for	the	past	three	fiscal	years.		Size	                  .
standard	for	special	trade	contractors	is	$14.0	million	average	an-                      Workshop	Schedule.
nual	receipts	for	the	past	three	fiscal	years.																																							
                                    	- click on “Events Calendar”
TRANSPORTATION:		Considered	small	if	average	annual	receipts	
for	the	past	3	fiscal	years	do	not	exceed	the	specified	amount:.                         SBA	Education	and	Training	Center
.                                                                                        2401	4th	Avenue,	Suite	450
Passenger	Transport	-	Bus	Service		                   	      $		7,000,000.               Seattle,	WA		98121
Trucking		 	                    	                	    	      $25,500,000.      
Storage/Warehousing		                            	    	      $25,500,000.
Travel	Agencies		 	                              	    	      $		3,500,000.               Spokane	SBA	Training	Room
Freight	Forwarding									                      	    					  $		7,000,000.               801	W.	Riverside	Avenue,	Suite	240
Tour	Operators		                	                	    	      $		7,000,000.               Spokane,	WA	99201
Water	Transportation	-	freight	or	passenger		                500	Employees	              509-353-2800
Air	Transportation/Air	Courier															 													1,500	Employees               Call	for	schedule         .
MANUFACTURING:                                        Tacoma	Business	Center                          available	24	hours	a	day.
manufacturing	is	considered	small	if	its	average	number	of	
                             Bates	Technical	College
employees	does	not	exceed	500	over	the	preceding	completed	12	
                          1101	South	Yakima	Avenue
calendar	months	(with	some	exceptions	up	to	1,500	employees)..
                          Tacoma,	WA	98402
SERVICE: 	A	concern	primarily	engaged	in	a	service	industry	
is	considered	small	if	its	average	annual	receipts	do	not	exceed	

$7,000,000	for	the	past	three	fiscal	years..
                                            Skagit	Valley	Business	Resource	Center
Sample Exceptions.
                                                                      204	W.	Montgomery
                                                                                         Mt.	Vernon,	WA	98273

20                                                                                                                                                         September 2009
                                                                 	 Minority	and	women-owned	business	should	apply	for	
Doing Business with the                                                certification	through	the	Washington	State	Office	of	
                                                                       Minority	and	Women’s	Business	Enterprise	at

                                                                       OMWBE	certification	will	help	you	get	contracts	with	
                                                                       state	and	local	agencies	and	schools.		They	also	have	a	
Where do I start?                                                      special	loan	program	with	discounted	interest	rates.		
                                                                 	 Go	on-line	to	the	SBA	website	and	access	the	8(a)
Use this checklist to help you prepare to bid on private and           Business Development assessment tool. It.helps..
government procurement opportunities.                        
                                                                       eligible	for	SBA’s	8(a)	program.	This	customized	tool	.
                                                                       takes	about	10	minutes	to	complete	and	is	available	
	 Get	a	computer	and	get	on	the	Internet!		Even	if	
     you	don’t	have	your	own	website,	you	must	at	least	
                                                                       Your	company	may	qualify	for	SBA	procurement	
     have	an	e-mail	address	to	conduct	business	with	the	
                                                                       certifications	such	as	HUBZone,	SDB	or	8a.		.

	 Find	your	DUNS	(Data	Universal	Numbering	System)	             	 Most	Federal	agencies	have	government	contracting	
                                                                       specialists.		Go	to	to	find	
     number.		Get	this	number	by	calling	Dun	&	Bradstreet	
                                                                       agency	reps	who	work	with	small	businesses..
     at	866-705-5711	or	visit	their	website	at	.
     This	free	of	charge	process	only	takes	a	few	minutes..
                                                                 	 Visit	the	Fed	Biz	Opps	website	at
                                                                    You	can	also	register	as	a	vendor	and	have	bids	.
                                                                    e-mailed	to	you..
	 Find	out	your	NAIC	(North	American	Industry	
     Classification	System)	codes.		These	codes	describe
                                                                 	 Visit	General	Services	Administration	at
                                                                    Check	out	the	GSA	schedule	and	see	the	variety	of	
                                                                    goods	and	services	listed.		You	may	want	to	consider	
     Use	the	U.S.	Census	“SIC	to	NAICS”	website	at	.
                                                                    applying	for	a	GSA	contract	(called	a	“schedule”)	which
                                                                    allows	government	buys	to	purchase	from	you	at	a	
     to	determine	your	NAICS	codes.		Be	sure	to	keep	
                                                                    prearranged	price.		You	can	find	out	how	to	apply	for	a	
     these	codes	handy,	as	you	may	need	them	when	filling	
                                                                    GSA	schedule	at	their	website..
     out	Government	registrations	or	searching	for	bids..

	 Register	your	business	with	the	Central	Contracts	            	 Don’t	forget	about	your	local	government	agencies	
                                                                       and	entities.		Check	with	your	local	cities,	ports,	
     Registration.		Their	website	is	located	at
                                                                       school	districts,	counties	and	other	local	agencies	for
                                                                       information	on	their	purchasing	practices,	small	works	
     Government	are	required	to	be	registered	in	CCR..
                                                                       rosters,	vendors’	lists,	etc.
	 After	signing	up	for	CCR,	be	sure	to	complete	your	
     ORCA	(Online	Representations	and	Certification	
     application)	at
     allows	you	to	enter	your	reps	and	certs	information	just	    Tips to Remember
     once	for	use	on	all	future	government	contracts..
                                                                  	    Print	out	online	applications	and	fill	them	out	on	paper	
	 After	signing	up	for	CCR,	be	sure	to	fill	out	the	         
     additional	information	to	register	in	the	Dynamic	Small	
     Business	Search	at	the	CCR	website.		This	website	           	    Always	keep	copies	of	application	you	have	done	online	

     provides	a	database	for	government	contractors	and	                and/or	mailed	and	faxed	in.		And,	be	sure	you	write	down	

                                                                        the	dates	you	submitted	the	applications	on	the	copies..

     prime	contractors	to	use	when	they	are	looking	for	
     vendors.		.                                                  	    Always.write.down.and.keep.any.passwords,.registration.                       numbers,	MPINS	or	TPINS.		These	can	be	very	hard	to	
                                                                        replace	if	you	lose	them!.
	 Be	sure	to	keep	track	of	your	CAGE	code.		If	you	don’t	
     have	a	CAGE	code,	you	will	get	one	when	you	sign	up	         	    Don’t	hesitate	to	call	the	help	lines	on	websites	if	you	have	

     for	the	Central	Contractor’s	Registration.		The	Federal	           questions.		Once	again,	keep	track	of	who	and	when	you	

     Government	may	use	this	code	when	pays	you	for	                    called..

     goods	and	services..
                                                                  	    If	you	call	a	help	line	and	aren’t	satisfied	with	the	person	

                                                                        you	are	talking	to,	document	the	call,	hang	up,	call	back	

	 Find	your	local	PTAC	by	visiting	the	website	at	.          		Your	local	
     PTAC.assists.with.registrations,.answers.questions.                        Keep documentation of everything! 

     and.offers.workshops.                                                        You may need it in the future.

SBA Small Business Resource Guide 	                                                                              21
Procurement Technical                           Outreach Centers:                               More Procurement Help:
Assistance Centers PTAC                         Eastern Washington PTAC.                        Washington State Department of General
                                                Greater	Spokane	Incorporated.                   Administration .          801	Riverside	Avenue,	Spokane,	WA	99201.
to	assist	businesses	with	any	aspect	           Louise	Fendrich,	509-321-3628.                  360-902-7400	.
of	federal,	state	and	local	government                   Encourages	state	contracts	for	small	firms.	.
contracting.		The	PTAC	provides	assistance	     Serving Counties: Adams, Asotin,
with:                                           Columbia, Ferry, Garfield, Lincoln, Pend        Washington State Office of Minority
                                                Oreille, Stevens, Spokane, Walla Walla,         and Women’s Business Enterprises
Computerized Bid Match Service                                                                  (OMWBE).
                                                Whitman .

We	search	numerous	government	                                                        

databases	for	bid	leads	that	match	your	                                                        Olympia - 360-753-9693
                                                Economic Development Association.of 

company	including	FedBizOpps,	Defense	                                                          Downtown Seattle (co-located	with	SBA)	
                                                Skagit County (EDASC).

Logistics	Agency	buying	centers,	NASA,	                                                         -	206-553-7356;
                                                204	West	Montgomery	St..

Washington.State.Department.of.General.                                                         Tacoma	(co-located	at	Bates	Technical	
                                                Mount	Vernon,	WA	98273.
                        College)	-	253-680-7770
Administration,	and	several	other	agencies.	
                                                Diane	McLeod,
                Manages	a	state	program	to	increase	the	
Bid	leads	are	sent	via	email.	There	is	a	
                                  participation	of	bona	fide	minority	and	
$100	annual	fee	for	this	optional	service.	
                                                Serving Counties: Island, San Juan,             women’s	businesses	in	state	public	works	
All	other	PTAC	services	are	provided	free	
                                                Skagit, Whatcom                                 contracting	and	purchasing	of	goods	and	
of	charge.
                                                                                                services.		Provides	certification	of	qualifying	
                                                Thurston County EDC.                            small	businesses,	conducts	compliance	
Interpretation of Solicitations
                                                665	Woodland	Sq.	Lp.	SE	#201.                   reviews	and	monitors	the	use	of	certified	
We	can	help	decipher	solicitations	
                                                Lacey,	WA	98503.                                firms	by	state	agencies..
by	reviewing	contract	clauses,	terms,	
                                                Tiffany	Scroggs,	360-754-6320.                  .
definitions	and	requirements.	
                                                             General Services Administration (GSA)
                                                Serving Counties: Clark, Cowlitz, Lewis,
Assistance with government
                                                Skamania, Thurston                              GSA	contractors	list	products	in	the	GSA	
registrations and certifications
                                                                                                catalog	for	sales	to	government.	.
Assistance	with	CCR	(Central	Contractor	
                                                Grays Harbor EDC.                               .
Registration),	CAGE	(Commercial	and	
                                                506	Duffy	Street,	Aberdeen,	WA	98520.           Business Links
Government	Entity)	codes,	DUNS	(Data	
                                                Roger.Milliman,               WSU	Tri-Cities.
Universal	Numbering	System)	numbers,	
                                                360-532-7888	or	800-553-6618.                   2710	University	Drive.
(SDB)	Small	Disadvantaged	Business,	8(a)	
                                                Serving Counties: Clallam, Grays                Richland,	WA	99352-1671.
certification,	and	HUBZone	(Historically	
                                                Harbor, Jefferson, Kitsap, Mason, Pacific       509-372-7142;
Underutilized	Business	Zone)	certification.		
Training and Seminars                                                                           Dun & Bradstreet (D&B)
                                                PTAC for Native American firms:                                                  
                                                Northwest American Indian Development
sessions	and	seminars.	Topics	have	                                                             Dun	&	Bradstreet,	providing	rapid	access	
                                                3400	188th	Street	SW,	Suite	310.
included	local	procurement	opportunities,	                                                      to.importial,.global.information,.tools.and.
                                                Lynnwood,	WA	98037.
government	certifications,	construction	&	                                                      expertise,	also	features	the	well	known	
                                                                                                information	about	suppliers,	customers	and	
                                                William Factory Small Business Incubater

Marketing Assistance                                                                  
Assistance	in	determining	where	the	key

markets	are	for	your	products	and	services.     1423	East	29th.

                                                                                                Central Contractor Registration (CCR)
                                                Tacoma,	WA		98404.

                                                Charles	Aycock,	253-722-5800.

Specifications, Standards and Drawing                                                           Central	Contractor	Registraiton,	a	

Assistance	in	locating	necessary	                                                               centralized,	electronic	registration	process	
                                                Serving Pierce County.

documents	for	solicitations.                                                                    designed	to	eliminate	administrative	

                                                                                                duplication,	is	a	requirement	for	contractors	
                                                Tricity Regional Chamber of Commerce.

                                                                                                that	choose	to	conduct	business	with	
                                                7130	W.	Grandridge	Blvd.	Suite	C.

                                                Kennewick,	WA		99336.

PTAC Locations:                                 509-736-0510.

                                                                                                government	agencies.
                                                Serving counties: Benton, Franklin
WA State PTAC Program - Main Center.
                                                           North American Industry Classificaiton
                                                                        System (NAICS)
                                                Idaho Business Network & PTAC
Located	with	Snohomish	County	EDC.
Erin	Nielsen,
                                                             Find	2002	NAICS	codes,	with	links	to	defini-
                                                700	West	State.

                                                                  tions	and	tables	displaying	correspondence	
                                                Boise,		ID		83720-0093.

425-743-4567	ext.	213	.
                                                                        with	SIC	codes,	using	this	new	business	
                                                Jim	Vestermark,	1-800-842-5858	          .

                                                                                              classification	system	created	jointly	by	the	

Snohomish County EDC .
                                                                         U.S.,	Canada	and	Mexico	to	better	reflect	
                                                Provides	procurement	technical	assistance	

728	134th	St.	SW,	Suite	128.
                                                                   the	current	North	American	economy,	
                                                and	information	about	contracting	

Everett,	WA	98204.
                                                                             including	an	expanded	service	sector	and	
Kylene	Binder,
                                                             advanced	technologies.
                                                interested	in	selling	to	government	agencies	

                                                and	large	corporations.
Serving Counties: Snohomish, Chelan,
Douglas, Grant, Kittitas, Okanogan,
Pierce, King

22                                                                                                                          September 2009
This	subcontracting	network	of	the	SBA’s	
                                                SBA 8a Business Development

Office	of	Governmnet	Contracting	not	           The	8(a)	Program	helps	small	disadvantaged	businesses	compete	in	the	market	

only	relates	its	services	but	provides	         place,		gain	access	to	federal	and	private	procurement	markets,	and	prepare	small	

a	competitive	venue	for	contractors	            disadvantaged	firms	for	procurement	and	other	business	opportunites.		The	focus	is	to	

and	subcontractors	to	post	notices	of	          provide	business	development	support,	such	as	mentoring,	procurement	assistance,	

subcontracting	opportunities.                   business	counseling,	training,	financial	assistance,	surety	bonding	and	other	management	

                                                and	technical	assistance.	.

Government Web Portal                           .                                Available to businesses that: .

FirstGov	supplies	direct	online	access	         -	meet	SBA’s	small	business	size	standards.

to	official	federal,	state,	local	and	tribal	   -	have	been	operating	for	at	least	two	years	prior	to	application.

government	transactions,	services	and	          -	are	owned	by	persons	who	are	U.S.	citizens.

information.                                    -	are	owned	at	least	51%	by	one	or	more	socially	and	economically	disadvantaged	individuals

Procurement Gateway                             Socially disadvantaged groups include:.                             -	Black	American.           -	Asian	Pacific	American.

The	Procurement	Gateway	provides	flexible	       -	Hispanic	American.        -	Subcontinent	Asian	American

search	options	for	RFQs	(Request	for	Quo-        -	Native	American

tations),	RFPs	(Request	for	Proposals)	and	     .
Awards	for	the	Defense	Logistics	Agency	        Others	must	provide	evidence	as	to	how	they	have	been	discriminated
(DLA)	Supply	Centers.
                                                Economically disadvantaged businesses must have:.
GSA Federal Supply Service                      -	personal	net	worth	must	be	less	than	$250,000	(equity	in	primary	residence		                                   		and	in	business	excluded).
Qualified	businesses	may	obtain	a	GSA	          -	a	product	or	service	regularly	purchased	by	the	federal	government
Federal	Supply	Schedule	contract	and	post -	click	on	“8a/SDB Electronic Application”
their	products	and	services	on	the	GSA	Ad-
vantage	website	where	federal	buyers	can	
procure	the	products	and	services	to	satisfy	   Small Disadvantaged Business Certification Program (SDB).                       Available	to	businesses	that:.

                                                -	meet	SBA’s	small	business	size	standards.

WA Purchasing                                   -	are	owned	by	U.	S.	citizens.                                                                                                                           	
                                                -	are	owned	at	least	51%	by	one	or	more	individuals	meeting	the	socially	disadvantaged								 

                                                		criteria	as	defined	under	8(a)	program	above.

Take	advantage	of	the	numerous	contracting	
                                                -	Economically	disadvantaged	businesses	personal	net	worth	must	be	.

opportunities	available	to	agencies	through-
                                                		less	than	$750,000	(equity	in	primary	residence	and	in	business	excluded).

out	Washington	being	offered	by	the	State’s	    -	SDB	is	a	Self	Certification	Program	(formal	application	process	not	required).

buyer	of	goods	and	services.                    .

                                                Central Contract Registration (Dynamic Small Business Search).

Small Business Innovation Research              CCR	registration	is	a	MUST	for	SBA	certification	and	any	small	business	wishing	to	do.

(SBIR)                                          business	with	the	federal	government.
Learn	how	to	obtain	funding	for	relevant,	      -	Available	free	of	charge	to	small	firms	seeking	federal,	state	or	private-	sector	contracts.

early	stage	R&D	projects	in	small	technology	   -	Provides	opportunity	to	create,	view	and	update	business	profile.

companies	through	this	program	offered	by	      -	Links	firms	to	current	procurement	opportunities	through	electronic	connection.

the.Department.of.Defense.                      -	Creates	a	marketing	tool	to	sell	your	product	or	service	to	both	government	and	private	sector.

                                                -	Provides	access	to	buyers	looking	for	qualified	vendors.

Federal Acquisition Regulations (FARs)          Register	on-line	at
A	single	source	repository	of	Fedral	
Acquisition	Regulations	for	all	the	military	   HUBZone Empowerment Contracting Program.

services,	this	site	serves	as	an	easy-to-use	   Available to small businesses:.

research	tool	providing	links	to	most	of	the	   -	that	meet	SBA	Small	Business	size	standards.

various	FARs,	supplements	and	updates..         -	located	in	an	eligible	“Historically	Underutilized	Business	Zone”.

.                                               -	at	least	51%	owned	and	controlled	by	persons	who	are	U.S.	citizens;	and.

Commerce Business Daily                         -	at	least	35%	of	its	employees	must	be	HUBZone	residents
                                                Provides	“place-based”	opportunities	for	both	federal	prime	contract	and	subcontract	

Federal Business Opportunity                    benefits.		Determine	HUBZone	status	by	visiting	SBA’s	web	site                              Electronic	application	available	on	web	site
Gateway	for	women-owned	businesses	             SBA Government Contracting 

selling	to	the	government             

                                                206-553-8546	.

                                                Administers	several	programs	and	services	that	assist	small	businesses	in	meeting	

                                                the	requirements	to	receive	government	contracts,	either	as	prime	contractors	or	

                                                subcontractors.		Encourages	government	contracts	for	small	firms	through	Central	

                                                Contract	Registration	(CCR)..


                                                For more information contact:
                                                 Western Washington.         Eastern Washington          North Idaho
                                                 206-553-7341                509-353-2810                208-334-9004	ext	349

SBA Small Business Resource Guide                                                                                       23
                                                                    Surety Bond Guarantee Program SBG.
     Contracting Opportunities for                                  The	Surety	Bond	Guarantee	Program	helps	small	and	emerging	
     Service-Disabled Veterans                                      contractors	obtain	bid,	performance	and	payment	bonds.		
                                                                    The	SBA	guarantees	up	to	90%	of	a	bond	issued	by	a	surety	
     A	new	federal	procurement	program	for	Small	Business	          company	for	construction,	service,	supply	and	manufacturing	
     Concerns	owned	and	controlled	by	service-disabled	             contracts.		To	qualify	as	a	small	business	an	applicant’s	annual	
     veterans	has	been	established	under	The	Veterans	              receipts	must	meet	the	NAICS	standard.	
     Benefits	Act	of	2003	(Public	Law	108-183)	effective	.
     May	5,	2004.		                                                 Seattle	Bond	Office	handles	applications	for	bond	guarantees	
                                                                    on	behalf	of	contractors	domiciled	in	nine	western	states	
     This	act	is	a	further	means	of	assisting	federal	agencies	     and	thirteen	southern	states.	Call	206-553-2746	for	more	
     in	meeting	the	3%	veteran	contracting	goal	set	out	in	         information....
     Public	Law	106-50.

     Federal	contracting	officers	may	now	set-aside	or	award	       Washington State Bond Agencies.
     sole-source	contracts	to	Service-Disabled	Veteran	             .
     Owned	(SDVO)	Small	Business	Concerns	(SBC)	as	                 Western Washington
     follows:                                                       Contractors Bonding & Insurance Company Inc. (CBIC)
                                                                    1213	Valley	Street.

                                                                    Seattle,	WA			98109-0271.

         1.	 Set-aside	contracts	may	be	available	if	there	
                                                                    Brian	Schick,;	Mark	Noma,

             is	a	reasonable	expectation	that	two	or	more	          1-800-765-2242;	206-628-7200

             SDVO	SBC	will	submit	bids	at	a	fair	market	
             price.                                                 Construction Bonding & Management Services of Washington, Inc.
                                                                    11050	5th	Ave.	N.E.,	Suite	#	206
                                                                    Seattle,	WA		98125
         2.	 Sole-source	contract	awards	may	be	allowed	
                                                                    Nicholas	Fix,	Rick	Fix
   	a	reasonable	expectation	that	         1-800-742-8815;	206-361-9693
             two	or	more	SDVO	SBC	will	submit	bids	and	             .
             the	anticipated	contract	price	does	not	exceed	        Hartford Fire Insurance Company
             $	3	million	($	5	million	for	manufacturing	            Larry.Christianson
             contracts).                                            520	Pike	Tower,	Suite	#1004
                                                                    Seattle,	WA			98101
     You	can	participate	in	this	SDVO	SBC	procurement	              206-346-0121
     program	if:
                                                                    Integrity Surety LLC
                                                                    938	N	200th	Street,	Suite	D		
         1.	 51%	or	more	of	the	SDVO	SBC	is	owned	by	               Seattle,	WA		98133
             one	or	more	service-disabled	veterans.                 Kara	Skinner,	206-546-1397;
         2.	 The	management	and	daily	business	                     McDonald Insurance Group
             operations	of	the	SDVO	SBC	is	controlled	              Jeff.Stewart
             by	one	or	more	service-disabled	veterans	or	           Kirkland,	WA		98083
             the	spouse	of	such	veteran	if	the	veteran	is	          425-897-5974;
             permanently	and	severely	disabled.
                                                                    Superior Underwriters
                                                                    2027	152nd	Avenue	N.E.,	C-24
         3.	 At	the	time	of	contract	offer,	an	SDVO	SBC	            Redmond,	WA		98052	
             is	small	as	defined	by	the	size	standard	              Johanis.Sinon,.Margaret.Robbins
             corresponding	to	the	NAICS	code	(13	CFR	               425-643-5200;
             121.201)	assigned	to	the	contract.
                                                                    WUIA dba The Bond Shop
     This	new	rule	allows	small	business	concerns	to	self-          3425	Broadway

     certify	as	a	SDVO	SBC.		It	is	also	recommended	that	           Everett,	WA		98206.

     you	obtain	a	letter	from	the	VA	certifying	that	you	are	a	     Mary	Fauré,	1-800-726-8771,	Ext.	3561,	425-317-3561


     service-disabled	veteran	in	the	event	another	business	

     protests.your.award.                                           Eastern Washington.

                                                                    Contractors Bonding & Insurance Company, Inc. (CBIC)
     For	further	information	of	assistance	to	veterans	please	      N.	901	Monroe,	Suite	#	340
     visit	the	Seattle	District	Office	web	page	for	veterans	at	.   Spokane,	WA		99201                 Marci	Houts,	Hans	Rauth,
     .                                                              1-800-368-2242;	509-326-2244	.
     Mark Costello                                                  .
     Veteran Business Development Officer                           Wolf-Majeskey-Rapp, Inc.
                                                                    Walter	Wolf,	Judy	Rapp,	Jim	Majeskey
                                                                    Spokane,	WA		99220
                                                                    1-800-736-5592;	509-535-9178

24                                                                                                                 September 2009
R e s o u r c es for                                Northwest American Indian Development               Workforce Diversity
                                                    Procurement Technical Assistant Center              - Greater Spokane Inc
M i n o r i t i es                                                               801	W.	Riverside	Avenue.
                                                    3400	188th	Place	SW,	Suite	310.
                    Spokane,	WA	99201
Northwest Minority Enterprise Center                Lynnwood,	WA		98037.
(MBDC)                                              425-744-0738.
                                      Group	meets	monthly	at	the	GSI	(Spokane                                      The	NW	Native	American	Business	
                   Chamber	of	Commerce)	to	promote	
320	Andover	Park	East,	Suite	205.
                  Develop	Center	provides	management	
Tukwila,	WA	98188.
                                 assistance	for	Native	Americans	residing	
          women	and	people	of	color.	
The	mission	is	to	create	and	develop	
              Assistance	is	available	for	start-up	and	           ONABEN - Oregon Native American
business	opportunities	for	minority	firms	
         expanding	businesses.                               Business & Entrepreneurial Network.
between	major	private	sector	corporations	
                                                             3201	BROADWAY,	STE	C.
and	public	agencies	fostering	economic	
            AHANA Business & Professional 
                     Everett,	WA	98201.
development	in	the	communities.
                                       Ralph	C.	Honhongva,	WA	State	Operations	
SBA - 8(a) Business Development 
                   25	W.	Main,	Suite	300.
Program .
                                          Spokane,	WA	99201.
                                 ONABEN	offers	training	and	support
                  focused	on	developing	entrepreneurship	in	
                                   AHANA	stands	for	Asian/Hispanic/
                   Native	American	communities	throughout	
2401	Fourth	Avenue,	Suite	450	.
                    African/Native	American.	Support	group	
Seattle,	WA	98121-3419.
                            for	entrepreneurs	of	color	in	the	Inland	

Helps	socially	and	economically	disadvan-
taged	individuals	enter	the	economic	main-          Idaho Dept. of Transportation
stream,	partly	through	access	to	federal	
          Bureau	of	Civil	Rights.
contracts.		See	page	23.
                           Disadvantaged Business Enterprise
                                                    Support Services.
Minority Business Development Center                P.O.	Box	7129,	Boise,	ID	83707-1129.                                      208-334-4442.
1437	S.	Jackson	Street,	Suite	301.
Seattle,	WA	98144.
                                 and	disadvantaged	business	owners	in	
                                      developing	and	promoting	their	businesses	
The	MBDC	assists	minority	businesses	that	
         in	the	highway	construction	industry.		
have	the	potential	to	earn	$500,000	or	more	

in	revenues	or	are	capable	of	generating	

                                                    Provides	training,	certification,	and	
                                                                                                           “The important thing is
significant	employment	and	long-term	

economic	growth.		Businesses	must	be	

                                                                                                             not being afraid to
                                                    USDOT NW Minority Resource Center
51%	owned	and	operated	by	a	recognized	
            William M. Factory                                         take a chance.
ethnic	minority.
                                   Small Business Incubator
                                                    1423 East 29th Street
Contractor Development and 

Competitiveness Center

                                                    Tacoma, WA 98404
                                                    253-722-5808 or 1-866-DOT-JOBS (368-
                                                                                                           Remember, the greatest

105	-	14th	Avenue,	1st	Floor.

                                                    5627).                                                  failure is to not try.
Seattle,	WA	98122.
                                 participate	in	important	proejcts	in	the	
The	CDCC	provides	assistance	and	support	
          the.near.future,.from.light.rail.and.transit,.to.     Once you find something
participating	in	the	contracting	opportunities	

                                                    of	Transportation	provides	bonds	and	loans	
                                                                                                           you love to do, be the


                                                    for	transporation	related	projects.                      best at doing it.”
Contractors Resource Center.
                       Rural Community Development
2522	E.	Cherry	Street.
                             Resources (RCDR).
Seattle,	WA	98122.
                                 Attn:	Luz	Gutierrez.                                   - Debbi Fields, founder

The	CRC	provides	a	program	accessible	to	

                                                    PO	Box	9492,	Yakima,	WA	98909.
                                                    509-453-5133;	           .
                                                                                                           of Mrs. Fields Cookies
minority	firms	in	the	construction	industry.		
     Specializing	in	the	start-up	or	expansion	of	
Black Dollar Days Task Force (BDDTF).
              small	businesses,	RCDR	provides	business
                               assistance	and	training	resources,	as	well	
116	21st	Avenue.
                                   as	an	SBA	microloan	program	in	the	greater	
Seattle,	WA		98122.

A	nonprofit	organization	that	offers	
              WA Office of Minority and Women’s
entrepreneurial	training,	technical	
               Business Enterprise OMWBE
assistance,	and	information	and	referral	

services	to	existing	business	owners	and	
          Olympia 360-753-9693

individuals	interested	in	starting	a	business.		
   Downtown Seattle (co-located with SBA).

Small	loans	available	through	the	BDDTF	

Campaign	5000	Loan	Fund.	
                          Tacoma (co-located at Bates Technical 

                                                    College) 253-680-7770

SBA Small Business Resource Guide                                                                                      25
                                                 Bureau of Industry and Security                   NFIB’s	purpose	is	to	influence	Public	Policy	
                                                                                                   at	the	State	and	Federal	level	and	be	the	re-
                                                                                                   source	for	Small	and	Independent	Business	
                                      Processes	licenses	for	proposed	exports	
                                                 and	re-exports	of	goods	and	technology	from	
                                                                                                   in	America.

 International Trade                             Idaho Dept. of Commerce & Labor                   Development Counc i l s
                                                 Division of International Business
 U.S. Commercial Service                          WA Economic Development Councils
 U.S. Department of Commerce                                                             
                                                 700	West	State	Street.
 U.S. Export Assistance Center                                                                     EDCs	across	the	state	provide	local	
                                                 Boise,	ID		83720-0093.                                                                           business	assistance	resources,	community	
 The	Center	is	a	cooperative	effort	of	the	      Commerce	208-334-2650	ext	2109
                                                 Promotes	expansion	of	international	trade	        profiles,	seminars,	industrial	site	information,	
 Commercial	Service	of	the	U.S.	Dept.	of	                                                          export	assistance,	and	financing	assistance	
 Commerce,	the	Export	Finance	Assistance	        and	investment	and	support	of	international	
                                                 tourism;	export	assistance	to	Idaho	firms.        to	small	businesses	to	expand	their	
 Center	of	Washington	and	the	SBA.	                                                      
 Assistance	available	in	accessing	and	          Washington State Department of          
 developing	an	international	marketing	          Agriculture
 strategy,	providing	customized	market	                                                            Jobs Plus
 research,	international	trade	data,	leads,	                                             
                                                 International	Marketing	and	Export	
 and	contacts	for	Trade	promotion	events,	                                                         202	Sherman	Avenue.
 programs	and	publications.	Financing	           Assistance	-	360-902-1915.
                                                                                                   Coeur	d’Alene,		ID		83816.
 information	on	export	loans,	loan	              Assists	Washington	companies	to	export	
                                                                                                   208-667-4753;	Toll-Free	800-621-5600.
 guarantees	and	export	credit	insurance	is	      food	and	agricultural	products.		Works	
                                                 closely	with	the	U.S.	Dept.	of	Agriculture	to	    North	Idaho	business	recruiting.	Provides	
 also	available..                                                                                  information	to	businesses	considering	
 .                                               promote	exports	and	the	Governor’s	Office	
                                                 and	industry	to	resolve	foreign	trade	barriers.   relocation	and/or	expansion	to	North	Idaho.
 Seattle	-	4th	and	Vine	Building.
 Pru	Balatero,	206-553-0051.
                                                                                                   Tri-County Industrial Development                           International Trade Alliance ITA
                                                                                                   Council (TRIDEC)
 Spokane - Eastern Washington region.            601	W.	Main	Avenue,	Suite	315.                    Kennewick	509-735-1000	.
 U.S. Department of Commerce                     Spokane,	WA		99201.                               TRIDEC	serves	Benton	and	Franklin                          509-413-1470;	         	         counties.	It	offers	comprehensive	and	
 801	W.	Riverside	Avenue,	Suite	100.
            .                                                 business-specific	assistance	to	companies	
 Spokane,	WA		99201.
                                interested	in	expanding	to	the	Tri-Cities	area,	
                                        as	well	as	economic	development	resources

                                                 companies	establish	or	expand	their	global

                                                 presence.                                         located	in	the	region.
 Boise - Serves Idaho, including
 Panhandle area
 U.S. Department of Commerce                     Port of Seattle                                   Clearwater Economic Development                                                Association (CEDA)
 700	West	State	Street,	2nd	Floor.               206-728-3000	Seattle			.                
 Boise,	ID		83720.                               509-742-9362	Spokane.                             1626	6th	Ave,	Lewiston,	ID	83501.
 208-364-7791;           Offers.information.on.shipping.goods.             208-746-0015	          	        .
                                                 internationally.                                  Operates	in	the	public	interest	to	improve	
 Trade Adjustment Assistance Center                                                                economic	opportunities,	increase
 206-622-2730.                                   Chambers of Commerce.                             employment.skills.and.sustain.preferred.
                                                                                                   lifestyles	for	residents,	communities	and	
 Provides	assistance	to	US	manufacturers	                                                
 affected	by	import	competition.		Services	      In Washington
 include	market	studies,	engineering	  
                                                 .                                                 .
 surveys,	cost	reduction	programs,	product	
 development,	management	information	            In Idaho                                          Technology Resourc e s
 systems	and	financial	services.		     
                                                 .                                                 MIT Enterprise Forum of the Northwest
                                                 Association of Washington Business      
 Trade Development Alliance
 of Greater Seattle                                                 206-283-9595	or                                                             Provides	creative	programs	that	educate	
 Promotes	the	trade	interests	in	domestic	     Independent Business Association .                  and	entertain	to	foster	innovative	technology                                        companies.
 including	King,	Pierce,	and	Snohomish	        16541	Redmond	Way,	Suite	336C
                      Washington State Innovation
 Counties....                                  Redmond,	WA		98052.
                                Assessment Center (IAC)
                                               425-453-8621	.
 U.S. Customs and Border Protection .          The	voice	of	small	business	in	Olympia.                                                                                  Washington	State	University	.
                                                   Pullman,	WA	99164-4850.
 206-553-6944	Seattle;	.                       Provides	information	on	laws,	regulations,	

 509-353-2833	Spokane.                                                                             509-335-8842;
                                               and	taxes..
                                        Offers	the	Innovation	Assessment	Report	
 Assess	and	collect	duties,	taxes	and	fees	
                                                  -	which	serves	as	an	objective,	comprehen-
 on	imported	merchandise,	enforce	customs	
 and	related	laws,	and	the	administer	certain	 National Federation of Independent                  sive	evaluation	of	your	new	product	idea,	a	
 navigational	laws	and	treaties.               Business (NFIB)                                     patent	search	to	determine	if	patents	have	
                                                                             been	issued	for	similar	products.	.
 World Trade Center Tacoma.                    4160	Sixth	Avenue	SE,	Suite	201	.                   .                                Lacy,	WA		98503.
 253-396-1022	or               360-786-8675	or	1-800-NFIBNOW

26                                                                                                                               September 2009
Northwest Entrepreneur Network
               Terabyte Triangle                               253-573-1128	Tacoma.
                                             Assist	businesses	and	the	community	with	
                              environmental	and	economic	development
    20	gigabits	with	“plug-and-go”	locations	for	   issues.		Free	Environmental	consulting.	
network.	Provides	the	knowledge,	mentor-      startups	and	existing	companies.	A	heavily	
ing,	and	access	to	investors	that	creates	    wired	and	wireless	metro	area	ideal	for	e-        Executive Service Corps of Washington.
and	grows	successful	companies.               commerce,	software	development,	and	multi-
.                                             media	businesses.	TT	also	has	state-of-the-       Seattle	206-682-6704	or
Washington Technology Center (WTC)            art	wet	labs	ideal	for	bio-tech.                  Management	consultants	to	NON-PROFIT.                                                                           organizations.		A	group	of	mostly	retired	
300	Fluke	Hall,	Box	352140.                   Tincan                                            business	executives,	managers	and	
Seattle,	WA	98195-2140.                                               community	volunteers	who	contribute	their	
206-685-1920;          509-744-0972;              broad	experience	and	seasoned	judgment	
WTC	helps	companies	develop,	produce	         Supports	social,	economic	and	community	          to	help	nonprofit	and	public	organizations	
and	commercialize	technology	products	        development	through	the	use	of	computer	          statewide.	Modest	fee	for	services..
and	services.	Connects	companies	to	          technology	and	interactive	media.		Projects	      .
academic	researchers	and	laboratory	          include	e-commerce	curriculum	development	 U.S. Government On-line Bookstore
facilities.	Channels	state	and	federal	       for	secondary	schools,	a	Young	         
funding	for	research	and	business	            Entrepreneurs	Center	for	school	and	youth	        Order	publications	(books,	maps,	serials,	
development.		Provides	business	              groups,	community	techology	centers.              videos,	CD-ROMs,	subscriptions)	available	
consulting	services	and	access	to	seed	       .                                       
capital	for	start	up	and	early	stage	firms.   Washington Manufacturing Services                 Documents,	U.S.	Government	Printing	
                                              (WMS) -                             Office.	
Connect Northwest.                            1-800-637-4634;                   .                             Help	manufacturers	become	more	                   Resource Venture - Business and
509-358-2110;             competitive	in	global	markets.	Manufacturing	 Industry -
Connects	science	and	technology	based	        representatives	work	closely	with	local	          Seattle 206-389-7304.
companies	with	the	resources	necessary	       manufacturers	to	assess	their	needs	              Provides	free	information,	assistance	and	
to	succeed.	It	provides	coaching,	            and	then	develop	an	appropriate	action	           referrals	to	help	Seattle	businesses	improve	
mentoring,.business.plan.and.presentation. plan	to	attain	cost	savings	and	increased	           their	environmental	performance.		They	fo-
preparation,.seminars,.and.networking.        productivity.		                                   cus	on	waste	prevention	and	recycling,	water	
events.		Serves	WA,	ID,	and	MT.                                                                 conservation,	stormwater	pollution	preven-
                                              U.S. Dept of Energy                               tion,.and.sustainable.building.
SBIR—Small Business Innovative                Office of Industrial Technologies .
Research -                                  Seattle Public Library
SBIR	programs	fund	early-stage	R&D	           Contact	point	for	inventors	who	are	              Small Business Center -
projects	at	small	technology	companies	       interested	in	participating	in	the	U.S.	Dept.	of	 Central.Library
—	projects	that	have	the	potential	for	       Energy’s	Inventions	and	Innovation	Program. 1000	Fourth	Ave.,	Seattle,	WA	98104
commercialization	in	the	private	sector	                                                        206-386-4645 Business Department
and/or	military	markets.		                                                                      206-386-4636	Quick Information.
                                                                                                Provides	resource	material	on	small	busi-
For answers to technical questions            More Resources                                    ness,	financing,	and	international	trade.	
about specific SBIR solicitation                                                                .                       Better Business Bureau                            Washington Society of Certified Public                   - Western Washington               Accountants -

Submit	written	question	through	the	SBIR/ - Spokane.                    425-644-4800	or	800-272-8273		.

STTR	Interactive	Topic	Information	System	 206-431-2222;                      Provides	referral	services	for	small	busi-
(SITIS).		All	questions	and	answers	are	      The	Better	Business	Bureau	is	a	not-for-          nesses	in	need	of	accounting	and	financial	

posted	electronically	for	general	viewing	    profit,	private	organization	with	the	goal	       management	assistance..

until	the	solicitation	closes.	 .             .

.          .                                  dealings	between	consumers	and	
Sirti -                         businesses	in	the	community.		.                      .
665	N.	Riverpoint	Blvd	.                      .                                                    Labeling
Spokane,	WA	99202-1665		.                     WA Office of the Attorney General                    .
509-358-2000.                                                 Bar Code Basics
Provides	an	incubation	environment	for	       800-551-4636.                              
fast-growth	companies	to	accelerate	          Protects	the	public	by	upholding	the	
               Access	a	Free	Guide	to	Bar	Coding
technology-based	companies	through	           Consumer	Protection	Act	and	enforcing	laws	
         Clothing Labels Guidance
entrepreneurial	coaching;	no-cost	business	 against	anti-competitive	business	practices..
services,	access	to	capital,	and	legal	       In	Idaho	call:		208-334-2424
services	needed	for	formation,	IP	protection	                                                      US	Consumer	Products	Safety	
and.long.term.growth.                         Business Waste Line

Technology Alliance                           Hazardous	Waste	Management	Program	.
                U.S. Dept. of Agriculture .                   Seattle	206-296-3976	.

                                              Open	Monday-Friday,	9	am-	4	pm.
Statewide	consortium	of	leaders	
from	technology-based	businesses,	            Hotline	for	businesses	with	quick	answers	to	

                                              many	hazardous	waste	questions.		Calls	are	
         UPC Council (Uniform	Product	Codes).
research	institutions,	and	high	tech	trade	                                              
associations.	Focuses	are	education,	         free	of	charge.		.

                                                   UPC	Bar	Codes	for	Product	Packaging.
promoting	Washington	as	a	technology	                                                              800-543-8137	or	513-435-3870
leader	and	fostering	innovation.		Alliance	   Environmental Coalition of South Seattle
of	Angels	program	facilitates	access	to                                        Uniform Code Council, Inc
                                              Al	Van	Schaik;               
                                              206-767-0432	Seattle.
SBA Small Business Resource Guide                                                                                27
.                                                                  Underwriting and Security Requirements:
A g r i B u s i n e s s Resources                                  - The	proposed	operation	must	have	realistic	repayment	ability.		
                                                                   -	New	enterprises	may	be	asked	to	obtain	a	feasibility	study	by	a	
USDA Business & Industry (B&I) Loans                               recognized	independent	consultant..                                             -	The	business	and	its	owners	must	have	a	good	credit	history..
Designed	to	encourage	commercial	financing	of	rural	businesses,	   -	The	business	must	have	tangible	balance	sheet	equity	position	
create	and	save	rural	jobs,	and		improve	the	economic	climate	     at	loan	closing/project	completion	of:	10%	or	more	(for	existing	
of	rural	communities.		The	B&I	program	is	lender-driven.		Like	    businesses)	and	20%	or	more	(for	new	businesses)..
SBA,	USDA	guarantees	the	loan	rather	than	lending	directly.	A	     -	There	must	be	adequate	collateral	at	discounted	values..
commercial	lender	requests	the	B&I	guarantee	makes	(and	services)	 -	Hazard	insurance	on	collateral	(lesser	of	loan	amount	or	
the	loan.		Lenders	use	their	own	forms,	loan	documents,	and	       depreciated	replacement	value).
security	instruments.                                              -	Key	person	life	insurance	may	be	required	(decreasing	term	OK)	
                                                                   -	Personal/corporate	guaranties	–	normally	from	all	proprietors,	

USDA B&I guarantees for rural business loans:.                     partners	(except	limited	partners),	or	major	shareholders	(i.e.,	all	

80%	(maximum)	guarantee	cumulatively	up	to	$5	million.             those	with	a	20%-or-greater	interest).

70%	(maximum)	guarantee	cumulatively	from	$5-10	million            -	Inability	to	get	credit	elsewhere	is	NOT	a	requirement.

USDA B&I Loan Sizes:.                                                      Application Process: Lender	&	business	submit	a	joint	

No	minimum;	up	to	$10	million	and	in	some	cases,	$25	million.		
           preapplication	to	USDA,	indicating	a	willingness	to	make	the	loan	

Usually	B&I	loans	range	from	$200,000	to	$5	million.		
                    provided	a	B&I	guarantee	is	approved.		Loans	up	to	$5	million	are	

                                                                           approved	locally;	larger	ones	are	approved	in	Washington,	D.C.

Rate:		Lender’s	customary	commercial	interest	rate	.

											Fixed	or	variable	
                                             USDA B&I Loan Specialists:.


Term:		Working	capital	–	7	years	maximum.
                                 Serves	Clallum,	Island,	Kitsap,	Jefferson,	King,	San	Juan,	Skagit,	

												Equipment	–	15	years	maximum	.
                                Snohomish,	and	Whatcom	counties.

												Real	estate	–	30	years	maximum	.


Structure:		Balloons	are	not	permitted.		Reduced	payments	may	be	
         Serves	Clark,	Cowlitz,	Grays	Harbor,	Lewis,	Mason,	Pacific,	Pierce,	

scheduled	in	the	first	3	years.
                                           Thurston,	and	Wahkiakum	counties.

Fees: 	Lender’s	reasonable	and	customary	fees.		USDA	charges	

an	initial	guarantee	fee	equal	to	2%	of	the	guaranteed	amt	plus	an	
       Serves	Adams,	Asotin,	Benton,	Columbia,	Franklin,	Garfield,	

annual.renewal.fee.                                                        Kittitas,	Klickitat,	Skamania,	Walla	Walla,	Whitman,	and	Yakima	


Authorized Loan Purposes:,.buildings,.leasehold.
improvements,	equipment,	inventory,	&	permanent	working	capital,	

professional	services,	feasibility	study	costs,	loan	fees	&	costs	
        Serves	Chelan,	Douglas,	Ferry,	Grant,	Lincoln,	Okanogan,	Pend	

(including	B&I	guarantee	fee).		Lines	of	credit	cannot	be	guaranteed.
     Oreille,	Spokane,	and	Stevens	counties.

Debt refinancing: The	refinancing	must	create	new	jobs	or	secure	

existing	jobs	(e.g.,	by	improving	cash	flow).		If	a	lender	wishes	to	
     Serves	northern	Idaho.

refinance	a	loan	already	in	their	portfolio,	this	must	be	a	secondary	

purpose	(less	than	50%	of	loan)	&	the	loan	must	have	been	current	

for	at	least	12	months.

Commercial lease projects (retail centers, office buildings,
              Washington State Department of Agriculture -
industrial facilities, etc.):...
                                          PO	Box	42560,	Olympia		WA		98504-2560.
No	owner-occupancy	required.	.
Must	have	enough	committed	tenants	to	break	even..

New	developments	and	renovation	projects	are	eligible.		.
                 Washington State Agricultural Statistics Service
Transfer	of	ownership	and	debt	refinancing	are	normally	not	eligible..
Community	facility	projects	may	be	guaranteed	if	the	financing	is	not	

                                                               Idaho State Department of Agriculture
Borrower Eligibility:–..                 2270	Old	Penitentiary	Rd,	Boise		ID		83712.

manufacturing,	wholesale,	retail,	service	new	or	existing.		Project	       208-332-8500.

must	be	in	a	rural	area	–	beyond	any	50,000+	population	city	and	its	      Free	publication:	“Guide to Idaho Farmers’ Market”

urbanized	periphery.		

Ineligible businesses:.
Owner-occupied	and	rental	housing	projects		(Housing	site	                 Ag Bureau, Greater Spokane Incorporated
development	may	be	eligible.).                                   
Golf	courses,	race	tracks,	and	gambling	facilities.                        For.programs.supporting.agribusiness.
Churches	and	church-controlled	or	fraternal	organizations.                 509-321-3633;
Lending,	investment,	and	insurance	companies|.
Projects	involving	more	than	$1	million	and	the	relocation	of	50	or	       Programs:
more	jobs
                                                                           USDA	Cooperative	State,	Research,	Education	and	Extension
Production agriculture:		Eligible	only	if	the	farm	is	vertically-
                                                                           Tap	into	the	huge	network	of	resources	for	farming,	ranching	or	
integrated,	ineligible	for	FSA	farm	loan	guarantees,	&	the	agricultural	
production	part	of	the	loan	is	secondary	(less	than	50%	and	less	          country	living,	through	your	local	Cooperative	Extension	Office.	.
than	$1	million).		Nursery,	forestry,	&	aquaculture	operations	are	
eligible	without	these	restrictions.		

28                                                                                                                               September 2009
                                      Greater Seattle Chamber of Commerce.



 Requested                            Intermec 

                                      Automated Data Collections .

 Numbers                              877-600-3055.


                                      Internal Revenue Service

                                      Tax information & forms.

Attorney General                      1-800-829-1040	.    .

Washington	-	1-800-551-4636.          Posters—Required	State	&	Federal
Idaho	-	208-334-2424                  Provided	free.	State	links	also	have	Federal	
Better Business Bureau

Spokane	-	509-455-4200.
Seattle	-	206-431-222.
Toll	free	1-800-356-1007.

                                    SBA Education & Training Center.

Business Assistance Helpline          206-553-7311.
                                  Tacoma Business Center.

Washington State                                                                      253-680-7770.

1-800-237-1233                        SBA Disaster Area Office.                       .

                                      Direct,	low-interest	SBA	loans	when	disaster	   Tacoma Dept. of Licensing.

Credit Reports.                       damages	exceed	insurance	coverage.		1-          253-591-5252.

Equifax	800-685-1111.                 800-488-5323                                    .

Experian	888-397-3742.                .                                               Tacoma-Pierce County 

TransUnion	800-888-4213.              SBA Boise Idaho Business                        Chamber of Commerce.

.                                     Information Center                              253-627-2175.

Dept of Licensing Business &          208-334-1696                                    .

Professions Division.                                                                 Uniform Codes Council, Inc.

Master	License	Service.               SBA Alaska District Office                      937-435-3870.

State	Business	Licenses	&	Name	       907-271-4022,	1-800-755-7034                    .

Registration.                                                                         U.S. Customs Service.

360-664-1400	-	Olympia.               SBA Portland District Office                    Taxes	on	imported	goods.

.                                     503-326-2682                                    206-553-0954.

Corporate Division / Secretary of                                                     .

State’s Office Corporate &            SBA Seattle District Office                     U.S. Patent & Trademark Office
Non-profit	Registration	.             206-553-7310	Main	line.                         Registration of Patents &
360-753-7115.                         1-800-877-8339	Federal	Relay	Service.           Trademarks.
Demographic Information.              SBA Spokane Branch Office                       .                    509-353-2800                                    U.S. Export Assistance Center.                                                                        206-553-5615
.                                     Seattle Dept of Licensing.

Department of Labor 
                                  Washington State
& Industries.
                                              Business Assistance Helpline
Industrial	&	Contract	Regulations.
   Seattle Library Quick Info.
1-800-647-0982	or	360-902-5800		.
    Business	Resource	Library.

                                  Washington State Office of Minority &
Department of Revenue.
                                              Women’s Business Enterprises OMWBE.

State	Taxes	-	B&O	and	Sales.
         Southeastern WA Business LInks
                 Olympia	-	360-753-9693.

1-800-647-7706	or	360-486-2345.
                                  Seattle	-	206-553-7356.


Everett Dept of Licensing.
           Spokane Dept of Taxes & Licensing.
             Washington State Insurance
Everett	City	Business	Licenses.
      Spokane	City	Business	LIcense.
                 Commissioners Office .



Everett EDC                           Spokane Public Library.
                        Zip Code - U.S. Postal Service                        Business	Reference	Librarian.
Finance	Programs	&	PTAC	Center        509-444-5336.
425-743-4567                          .

                                      Spokane Regional Business Center.

FEMA - 1-800-462-9029                 509-742-9398

Federal Information Center.
          Spokane BIZStreet Resource Center.

                                    Social Security Administration.

SBA Small Business Resource Guide                                                                29
Self-Employment Tax.                                                 individual	and	do	not	have	income	tax	withheld,	you	must	
                                                                     make	estimated	tax	payments..
The	list	of	items	below	should	not	be	construed	as	all-
inclusive.	Other	information	may	be	appropriate	for	your	            Who Must Pay Self-Employment Tax?
specific	type	of	business..                                          You	must	pay	SE	tax	and	file	Schedule	SE	(Form	1040)	if	
What	is	Self-Employment	Tax?
Self-employment	tax	(SE	tax)	is	a	social	security	and	               •	   Your	net	earnings	from	self-employment	(excluding	
Medicare	tax	primarily	for	individuals	who	work	for	                      church	employee	income	)	were	$400	or	more.
themselves.	It	is	similar	to	the	social	security	and	Medicare	       •	   You	had	church	employee	income	of	$108.28	or	more.		
taxes	withheld	from	the	pay	of	most	wage	earners..                   •	   Your	net	earnings	from	self-employment	are	based	on	
                                                                          your	earnings	subject	to	SE	tax.	Most	earnings	from	
You	figure	SE	tax	yourself	using	Schedule	SE	(Form	1040).	                self-employment	are	subject	to	SE	tax.		Some	earnings	
Social	security	and	Medicare	taxes	of	most	wage	earners	                  from	employment	(certain	earnings	that	are	not	subject	to	
are	figured	by	their	employers.	Also	you	can	deduct	half	of	              social	security	and	Medicare	taxes)	are	subject	to	SE	tax..
your	SE	tax	in	figuring	your	adjusted	gross	income.	Wage	
earners	cannot	deduct	social	security	and	Medicare	taxes.		          Note:		The	SE	tax	rules	apply	no	matter	how	old	you	are	and	
                                                                     even	if	you	are	already	receiving	social	Security	or	Medicare..
SE	tax	rate.	The	self-employment	tax	rate	is	15.3%.	The	
rate	consists	of	two	parts:	12.4%	for	social	security	(old-age,	     Are You Self-Employed?
survivors,	and	disability	insurance)	and	2.9%	for	Medicare	          You	are	self-employed	if	any	of	the	following	apply	to	you.
(hospital	insurance).                                                •	 You	carry	on	a	trade	or	business	as	a	sole	proprietor	or	
                                                                         an	independent	contractor.
Maximum	earnings	subject	to	SE	tax.	Only	the	first	$102,000	         •	 You	are	a	member	of	a	partnership	that	carries	on	a	trade	
of	your	combined	wages,	tips,	and	net	earnings	in	2008	is	     
subject	to	any	combination	of	the	12.4%	social	security	part	        •
of	SE	tax,	social	security	tax,	or	railroad	retirement	(tier	1)	
tax.                                                                 Trade	or	business.	A	trade	or	business	is	generally	an	activity	
                                                                     carried	on	for	a	livelihood	or	in	good	faith	to	make	a	profit.	
All	your	combined	wages,	tips,	and	net	earnings	in	2008	are	         The	facts	and	circumstances	of	each	case	determine	whether	
subject	to	any	combination	of	the	2.9%	Medicare	part	of	SE	          or	not	an	activity	is	a	trade	or	business.	The	regularity	of	
tax,	social	security	tax,	or	railroad	retirement	(tier	1)	tax.       activities	and	transactions	and	the	production	of	income	are	
                                                                     important	elements.	You	do	not	need	to	actually	make	a	
Fiscal	year	filer.	If	you	use	a	tax	year	other	than	the	calendar	    profit	to	be	in	a	trade	or	business	as	long	as	you	have	a	profit	
year,	you	must	use	the	tax	rate	and	maximum	earnings	limit	          motive.	You	do	need,	however,	to	make	ongoing	efforts	to	
in	effect	at	the	beginning	of	your	tax	year.	Even	if	the	tax	rate
or	maximum	earnings	limit	changes	during	your	tax	year,	
continue	to	use	the	same	rate	and	limit	throughout	your	tax	         Part-time	business.	You	do	not	have	to	carry	on	regular	full-
year.                                                                time	business	activities	to	be	self-employed.	Having	a	part-
                                                                     time	business	in	addition	to	your	regular	job	or	business	also	
Self-employment	tax	deduction.	You	can	deduct	half	of	               may	be	self-employment..
your	SE	tax	in	figuring	your	adjusted	gross	income.		This	
deduction	only	affects	your	income	tax.		It	does	not	affect	         Example.	You	are	employed	full	time	as	an	engineer	at	
either	your	net	earnings	from	self-employment	or	your	SE	            the	local	plant.	You	fix	televisions	and	radios	during	the	
tax.	                                                                weekends.	You	have	your	own	shop,	equipment,	and	tools.	
                                                                     You	get	your	customers	from	advertising	and	word-of-mouth.	
How to Pay Self-Employment Tax                                       You	are	self-employed	as	the	owner	of	a	part-time	repair	
To	pay	SE	tax,	you	must	have	a	social	security	number	               shop..
(SSN)	or	an	individual	taxpayer	identification	number	(ITIN).		
Obtaining	a	Social	Security	Number.	If	you	never	had	an	   
SSN,	apply	for	one	using	Form	SS-5,	Application	for	a	Social	        unincorporated	business	by	yourself,	in	most	cases.	However,	
Security	Card.		You	can	get	this	form	at	any	Social	Security	        if	you	are	the	sole	member	of	a	domestic	limited	liability	
office	or	by	calling	(800)	772-1213.	Download	the	forms	at	          company	(LLC),	you	are	not	a	sole	proprietor	if	you	elect	to                                                         treat	the	LLC	as	a	corporation.	For	more	information	on	this	
                                                                     election	and	the	tax	treatment	of	a	foreign	LLC,	see	Form	
Obtaining	an	Individual	Taxpayer	Identification	Number.	             8832,	Entity	Classification	Election.
resident	alien	and	you	do	not	have	and	are	not	eligible	to	get	
an	SSN.		To	apply	for	an	ITIN	,	file	Form	W-7,	Application	for	
IRS	Individual	Taxpayer	Identification	Number.	.

Estimated Taxes
Federal	income	tax	is	a	pay-as-you-go	tax.	You	must	pay	
the	tax	as	you	earn	or	receive	income	during	the	year.	
You	generally	have	to	make	estimated	tax	payments	if	you	
expect	to	owe	tax,	including	SE	tax,	of	$1,000	or	more	when	
you	file	your	return.	There	are	two	ways	to	pay	as	you	go:	
withholding	and	estimated	taxes.		If	you	are	a	self-employed	

30                                                                                                                   September 2009
  Employee vs. Independent
                                                                Information 24 hours a day
  Contractor – Ten Tips for                                     Office	of	the	National	Ombudsman	Receives,	substantiates	
                                                                and	reports	to	Congress	complaints	and	comments	from	small	
  Business Owners                                               business	owners	regarding	unfair	regulatory	enforcement	and	
                                                                compliance	activities	by	federal	agencies.		.,          .
  people	as	independent	contractors	or	as	employees	            Serves	as	the	voice	of	the	nation’s	small	businesses,	working	to	
  will	impact	how	much	taxes	you	pay	and	the	amount	of	         reduce	the	burden	that	federal	policies	impose	on	them,	and	is	the	
  taxes	you	withhold	from	their	paychecks.	Additionally,	it	    source	for	small	business	statistics.
  will	affect	how	much	additional	cost	your	business	must	
  bear,	what	documents	and	information	they	must	provide	       This	site	provides	a	one-stop,	common	access	point	for	Federal	
  to	you,	and	what	tax	documents	you	must	give	to	them..        Government	services	and	information	needed	to	assist	with	start-
  .                                                             ing,.running,
  Here	are	the	top	ten	things	every	business	owner	should
  know	about	hiring	people	as	independent	contractors	          General	small	business	and	environmental	information
  versus	hiring	them	as	employees..
                                                                Internal	Revenue	Service
  1.	 Three	characteristics	are	used	by	the	IRS	to	             .
       workers:	Behavioral	Control,	Financial	Control,	and	     The	Washington	State	homepage	offers	excellent	information	for	

       the.Type.of.Relationship..                               those	just	starting	a	business.		Topics	of	interest:		licensing,	taxes	


  2.	 Behavioral	Control	covers	facts	that	show	whether	        .

       the	business	has	a	right	to	direct	or	control	how	the

       work	is	done	through	instructions,	training	or	other	    Washington	Dept.	of	Revenue.

       means.                                                   .


  3.	 Financial	Control	covers	facts	that	show	whether	         Washington	Dept.	of	Labor	&	Industries.

       the	business	has	a	right	to	direct	or	control	the	       .

       financial	and	business	aspects	of	the	worker’s	job.
                                                                People	census	for	age,	income,	homeownership,	home	values,	

  4.	 The	Type	of	Relationship	factor	relates	to	how	the	       educational	level	down	to	zip	code..

       workers	and	the	business	owner	perceive	their	           .

  5.	 If	you	have	the	right	to	control	or	direct	not	only	      Washington	State	Salary	Survey,,.
       then.your.workers.are.most.likely.employees.             The	Franchise	Registry	lists	names	of	franchise	companies	whose	
  6.	 If	you	can	direct	or	control	only	the	result	of	the	      franchises	can	be	considered	for	the	SBA	loan	program.
       work	done	--	and	not	the	means	and	methods	of	
       accomplishing	the	result	--	then	your	workers	are	       Federal.Trade.Commission
       probably	independent	contractors.	
  7.	 Employers	who	misclassify	workers	as	independent
                                                                Provide	small	businesses	with	information	that	will	help	them	
       contractors	can	end	up	with	substantial	tax	bills.	      determine	what	insurable	exposures	they	may	encounter	doing	
       Additionally,	they	can	face	penalties	for	failing	to	    business	overseas.
       pay	employment	taxes	and	for	failing	to	file	required	   .
       tax	forms.	                                    
                                                                Access	business	tools,	information,	licenses	and	forms	for	
  8.	 Workers	can	avoid	higher	tax	bills	and	lost	benefits	     companies	in	the	State	of	Idaho.
  9.	 Both	employers	and	workers	can	ask	the	IRS	     
       to	make	a	determination	on	whether	a	specific	           Helps	employers	determine	which	laws	administered	by	the	
                                                                U.S.	Dept	of	Labor	apply	to	their	business.	Provides	compliance	
       individual	is	an	independent	contractor	or	an	           information.
       employee	by	filing	a	Form	SS-8	–	Determination	of	
                                                                Offers	confidential	mediation	leading	to	voluntary,	negotiated	
       Taxes	and	Income	Tax	Withholding	–	with	the	IRS.         agreements	to	resolve	employment	discrimination	disputes.
  10.	 You	can	learn	more	about	the	critical	determination	
       of	a	worker’s	status	as	an	Independent	Contractor
       or	Employee	at	by	selecting	the	Small	           Veterans	Business	Outreach	Program	designed	to	provide	
                                                                entrepreneurial	development	services	such	as	business	training,	
       Business	link.		Additional	resources	include	IRS	        counseling,	mentoring	and	referrals	for	eligible	veterans	owning	or	
       Publication	15-A,	Employer’s	Supplemental	Tax	           considering	starting	a	small	business.
       Guide,	Publication	1779,	Independent	Contractor
       or	Employee,	and	Publication	1976,	Do	You	Qualify	       The	gateway	to	government	food	safety	Information.
       for	Relief	under	Section	530?	These	publications	
       and	Form	SS-8	are	available	on	the	IRS	Web	site	at—The	Food	Marketing	Institute	has	publications, 	or	by	calling	the	IRS	at	800-829-3676	      food	and	health	safety,	grocery,		demographic	and	marketing	

SBA Small Business Resource Guide 	                                                                          31

                                             H                                           R
                                             Hazardous	Waste	27                          Regulatory	and	Recordkeeping		           	
Accountants		27                                                                          	        Requirements		2,	6
                                             Hobby		7
Application	for	Business	License		4                                                      Research	and	Development		27
                                             HUBZone		23.
Agribusiness	Resources 28                                                                Resources	for	Women		10
                                                                                         Revenue,	WA	Dept	of		2,	4,	6
Barcodes	27                                                                              S
Better	Business	Bureau		27,	29	              Idaho	Business	2,	4,	7                      SBA	Loan	Guarantee	Program		12,	13
Bookstore,	US	Govt	Online		27                Independent	Business	Association		26           What	a	Lender	is	Looking	for		14
Business	Licensing		4                        Independent	Contractor		31                     Frequently	Asked	Questions		14
Business	Plan		8                             Innovation	Assessment	Center		26            SCORE,	Counselors	to	America’s	Small
Business	Record	Search		4                    Insurance		3,	18                            	     Business		10
. .                                          Intellectual	Property		5                    Service	Disabled	Veteran	Contracts	24
                                             Internal	Revenue	Service		6                 Size	Standards		20
C                                            International	Trade	Assistance		26          Small	Business	Development	Centers		11
                                             Internet	Websites		7                        Small	Disadvantaged	Business	Certification	
CCR-Contractor	Registry		23                                                                    Program		23
Chambers	of	Commerce		26                     K                                           Social	Security	Administration		6,	30
Checklist	for	Starting	a	Business		2                                                     Sole.proprietorship..3
Contracting	Licensing		4                     King	County	Bar	Association		3
                                                                                         State	Regulations		2	-	4,	6,	7
Contracting	Help		21	-	24	                                                               Surety	Bond	Guarantee	Program		24
Copyrights		5                                L
Corporation	Registration		3,	5
                                             Labor	and	Industries,	WA		2,4,	6
Counseling	&Training		10,	11,	20,22                                                      T
                                             Labeling	27
                                             Legal	Resources		3
Credit	Scores		17                                                                        Taxes		2,	4,	6,	7,	30,	31
                                             Legal	Business	Structures		3
                                             		Limited	Liability	Companies	(LLC)			3     Technology	Resources		26
                                             ..Limited.Liability.Partnerships..3         Trade	Name	Search		2,	4,	5
D                                            Licensing	2,	4,	6,	7                        Trademark		5
                                             Loan	Options	15                             Training	for	Entrepreneurs		10,	11,	20,	22
Disaster	Loans		18
Disaster	Preparedness		19                    Loan	Briefings	16
                                             Loan	Guarantee	Program	(SBA)		12            U
                                                                                         Unified	Business	Identifier	Program	(UBI)	
E                                            M                                                 2,	4,	5	
                                             Microloan	Lenders		16                       Uniform	Code	Council,	Inc		27
Economic	Development	Councils		26
Electronic	Filing	System	(ELF)		6            Minority	Small	Business	Assistance		25
Employment	Security	Department		6            Minority	8(a)	Business	Dev	Program		23
Employee	Tax		6,	30,	31                                                                  V
Emergency	Preparedness		19                   N
Environmental	27                                                                         Veteran	Contact		24.
                                             National.Federation.of.Independent.         Veteran	Loans	-	Patriot	Express		24.
Export	Assistance		26
                                                  Business		26                           .
                                             Nonprofit	Corporate	3,	5,	6
Federal.Regulations..6                       O
Financing	Options	12	-	15,	28                                                            Washington	Manufacturing	Services		27
                                             Occupational	Safety	and	Health	             Washington	State	Bar	Association		3
Financial	Statements			9,	14
                                                   Administration.OSHA..6                WNET	Women’s	Network	for	
Food	Processing	7
                                             Office	of	Minority	and	Women’s	Business	        Entrepreneurial	Training	WNET		10
Franchising		5
                                                   Enterprise	(OMWBE)		10,	25            Women’s	Business	Centers		10
Frequently	Requested	Numbers		29
                                             Office	of	the	Secretary	of	State		3,	5,	6   Workshops		10,	11,	20,	22
                                             Ombudsman	SBA	National		31
Grants                                       P
  Federal	Grant	Resources	15
                                             Partnerships		3,	4,	6
  Catalog	of	Federal	Domestic	Assistance		
                                             Patents		5
                                             Procurement	Technical	Assistance.
                                                  20,	21	-	24

32                                                                                                                  September 2009
Attend an SBA Loan Briefing and get your questions answered.

                                                                                                                $$ Need a loan to start, expand or buy a small business?

FREE Loan Briefings in Seattle, Spokane, Tacoma and Thurston County
Downtown Seattle                      Spokane
- 2nd & 4th Thursday each             - 1st & 3rd Thursday each
month                                 month
Noon to 1:00 pm                       Noon to 1:00 pm
SBA Education and Training            SBA Training Room
Center                                801 W. Riverside Avenue, Suite
4th & Battery Building                200
2401 Fourth Avenue, Suite 450         Spokane, WA 99201
Seattle, WA 9821                      509-353-2800

Tacoma                                Thurston County
- 3rd Thursday each month             - 3rd Tuesday each month
Noon to 1:00 pm                       1:00 pm to 2:00 pm
Tacoma Business Assistance            Thurston County Chamber of
Center                                Commerce
Bates Technical College               809 Legion Way SE
1101 S. Yakima Street, M-123B         Olympia, WA
Tacoma, WA                            Call 360-357-3362 to preregister
Call 253-680-7770 to preregister

Please arrive 15 minutes early to check in.
Call location to confirm workshop

Unable to attend a loan briefing in person? Go virtual.
Noon to 1 p.m. 

Every Thursday each month
Participate from the comfort of your home or office via ReadyTalk. As a virtual attendee you can, use 

your phone to hear the presenter and view the Microsoft Power Point presentation on your computer. 

Here’s how it works:

On the phone: Dial toll-free to 1-866-740-1260. When prompted, enter the Participant Login Access
Code of 3109402 to join the conference call.

On the computer: Log onto Type the same Participant Login Access Code of
3109402 in the box on the left of the screen, fill in a simple participant registration form to join the live
session and view the PPT. You will be able to ask questions too.

Download a copy of the presentation at, go to Spotlight and
click on “$$ Need a small business loan” then select Free Loan Briefing.

           Washington State and Northern Idaho Counties Served

Seattle District Office
2401 4th Avenue, Suite 450
Seattle, WA 98121

Washington State counties: King, Pierce,
Snohomish, Thurston, Kitsap, Skagit,
Whatcom, San Juan, Clallam, Jefferson,
Mason, Grays Harbor, Island, Lewis and

Portland District Office
1515 SW 5th Avenue, Suite 1050
Portland, OR 97201

Washington State counties: Clark, Cowlitz,
Skamania, Wahkiakum

Spokane Branch Office
801 W. Riverside Avenue, Suite 200
Spokane, WA 99201

Washington State counties: Adams, Asotin,
Benton, Chelen, Columbia, douglas, Ferry,
Franklin, Garfield, Grant, Kittitas, Klickitat,
Lincoln, Okanogan, Pend Oreille, Spokane,
Stevens, Walla Walla, Whitman, Yakima
Northern Idaho counties: Benewah, Bonner,
Boundary, Clearwater, Idaho, Kootenai,
Latah, Lewis, Nez Perce, Shoshone