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 Starting &
 Managing Your
 Own Business

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                    Starting & Managing
                    Your Own Business                                                                                      NATIONALLY RECOGNISED

                    Certificate IV in Small Business Management BSB40407

                     Course Outline
AustralianCollegeQED Students who successfully complete the course may be eligible for credits towards: the Bachelor of Business offered
                    by James Cook University (QLD), nominated courses offered by University of Technology Sydney (NSW). For more
                    information or for degree study options or course fee information you can contact the above mentioned Universities.
                    Tutorial 1. Research Business Opportunities                  Topic 6: Planning promotional activities
                    BSBSBM301A                                                   Topic 7: Organising promotional activities
                    Topic 1: Starting out                                        Topic 8: Measuring promotional response
                    Topic 2: Researching business opportunities                  Topic 9: Reviewing and reporting on promotional activites
                    Topic 3: Business success case studies 1                     Topic 10: Tutorial summary
                    Topic 4: Characteristics of a small business                 Tutorial 6. Undertake Marketing Activities
                    Topic 5: The attributes of a business operator               BSBMKG414A
                    Topic 6: What to expect from running a small business        Topic 1: Understand marketing
                    Topic 7: Undertaking a feasibility study                     Topic 2: Business success case studies 6
                    Topic 8: Conducting a swot analysis                          Topic 3: Preparing a marketing plan
                    Topic 9: What will be your competitive edge?                 Topic 4: Planning marketing activities
                    Topic 10: The information you need to know                   Topic 5: Implementing marketing activities
                    Topic 11: Professional organisations                         Topic 6: Managing your marketing activities
                    Topic 12: Understanding your marketplace                     Topic 7: Reviewing your marketing activities
                    Topic 13: Undertaking a gap analysis                         Topic 8: Analysis of customer feedback
                    Topic 14: Researching your market                            Topic 9: Tutorial summary
                    Topic 15: Competitor analysis
                    Topic 16: Tutorial summary                                   Tutorial 7. Address Customer Needs
                    Tutorial 2. Establish Legal and Risk Management              Topic 1: Identifying your customers
                    Requirements of Small Business BSBSMB401A                    Topic 2: Business success case studies 7
                    Topic 1: Business success case studies 2                     Topic 3: Techniques for providing good customer service
                    Topic 2: Understanding business and company                  Topic 4: Some common causes of misunderstanding
                    structures                                                   Topic 5: Overcoming objections
                    Topic 3: Essential business operating requirements           Topic 6: Effective communication
                    Topic 4: Company legal requirements                          Topic 7: Customer service policies and procedures
                    Topic 5: Legislation, codes and regulatory                   Topic 8: Quality and customer service
                    requirements                                                 Topic 9: Maintaining customer relationships
                    Topic 6: Negotiating and arranging contracts                 Topic 10: Negotiating sales
                    Topic 7: Franchise business requirements                     Topic 11: Tracking customer satisfaction
                    Topic 8: Importing and exporting business                    Topic 12: Tutorial summary
                    Topic 9: Tutorial summary                                    Tutorial 8. Review and Maintain a Website
                    Tutorial 3. Undertake Small Business Planning                Topic 1: Website foundations
                    BSBSMB404A                                                   Topic 2: Business success case studies 8
                    Topic 1: Good business planning                              Topic 3: Designing your website
                    Topic 2: Business success case studies 3                     Topic 4: Maintaining and updating your website
                    Topic 3: The elements of a business plan                     Topic 5: Reviewing content for update
                    Topic 4: Planning your business branding                     Topic 6: e-Commerce overview
                    Topic 5: Developing your business plan                       Topic 7: Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) basics
                    Topic 6: Developing strategies for minimising risks          Topic 8: e-Security
                    Topic 7: Writing and presenting your business plan           Topic 9: Tutorial summary
                    Topic 8: Tutorial summary
                                                                                 Tutorial 9. Establish Networks
                    Tutorial 4. Plan Small Business Finances                     BSBREL401A
                    BSBSMB402A                                                   Topic 1: What is networking?
                    Topic 1: Analysing the financial requirements of the business Topic 2: Business success case studies 9
                    Topic 2: Business success case studies 4                     Topic 3: Networking skills
                    Topic 3: Developing a financial plan                          Topic 4: How to build a business network
                    Topic 4: Acquiring finance                                    Topic 5: Networking at conferences and events
                    Topic 5: Building a financial budget                          Topic 6: Practical networking tools
                    Topic 6: Business cash flow                                   Topic 7: Presenting your business
                    Topic 7: Accounting procedures                               Topic 8: Negotiating skills
                    Topic 8: Overview of MYOB accounting for small               Topic 9: Preparing a business presentation
                    business                                                     Topic 10: Tutorial summary
                    Topic 9: Annual reporting
                    Topic 10: Analysing business performance                     Tutorial 10. Market the Small Business
                    Topic 11: Tutorial summary                                   BSBSMB403A
                                                                                 Topic 1: Marketing your small business
                    Tutorial 5. Promote Products and Services                    Topic 2: Business success case studies 10
                    BSBMKG413A                                                   Topic 4: Growing your business
                    Topic 1: Understanding promotion                             Topic 3: Developing new marketing strategies
                    Topic 2: Business success case studies 5                     Topic 5: Measuring business performance
                    Topic 3: Advertising for business                            Topic 6: Optimising business performance
                    Topic 4: Business promotional activities                     Topic 7: Entrepreneurship
                    Topic 5: Website promotion                                   Topic 8: Tutorial Summary

                                                                                    Institute: Australian College QED
                                                                                    Name:       John Robertson
                                                                                    Validity:   31/12/06
                                                                                    Student ID: 304509

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                     Starting & Managing
                      Your Own Business
Do you want to be your own                            These skills are something you learn.
boss in your own business?                            And for those who decide to commit
                                                      to learning how to manage their
Or                                                    business properly, the rewards are
Do you have an existing                               unlimited!
business you would like to                            Let’s face it ... few people are born with the skills to
manage better?                                        manage their own business. It takes research, learning,
                                                      skills and knowledge to find out what makes a business
Do you manage a small                                 not just run—but grow!
business for someone else?                            In the Starting & Managing Your Own Business Course
                                                      you will gain a unique understanding of what it takes to
                                                      establish a small business, the critical factors you need
Do you advise people in small                         to consider when putting your business together and
business?                                             the essential requirements for growing your business to
Setting up and managing a small                       You will learn about researching business opportunities
business requires preparation,                        and what makes a business viable, how to undertake
                                                      financial and business planning, the operational side of
planning, finance, marketing and a                     things and what you need to do to get your business into
sound understanding of what drives                    shape.
business growth.                                      This course is not for the faint-hearted. This course is a
                                                      rigorous exploration into the scaffolding that makes up
                                                      a business.
                                                      Ideally, you will have a small business, be in the stages
                                                      of setting up a small business or be planning to set up a
                                                      small business. Essentially, you will need some basis for
                                                      developing business plans, financial plans and marketing
                                                      approaches. This course is not just about the theory of
                                                      managing a small business—yet it does contain a good
                                                      base of theory, it has to—it is about practically applying
                                                      the skills and knowledge you gain to a real situation. So
                                                      you are going to need to have something you can apply
                                                      that practical application to.
                                                      Managing a small business requires more than luck.
                                                      Gaining an understanding of your legal and financial
                                                      responsibilities, knowing how to plan for contingencies,
                                                      having the skills and templates to properly promote your
                                                      business, expand your networks and develop customer
                                                      strategies is all part of small business management.

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Australian College QED                                                                                    Facts Pack
So what’s it really like working in                          for those who cannot
                                                             attend       classroom
small business?                                              training. It’s also ideal
Well, for one thing, it’s not for everyone. That is, not     for anyone who wants
everyone is suited to running their own business. Why        to integrate their
do we say this?                                              learning into their
Managing a small business takes guts, determination,         existing       business.
dedication and commitment. It involves long hours—           It fits around your
you simply don’t walk out the door like an employee—         business and allows
and you have to be prepared to stretch yourself in ways      you to choose the
you never thought possible. You can’t simply go out and      time and place you
run a small business if you aren’t prepared to put in the    want to learn.
work. But how do you know what sort of work to put           You will receive your
into your business? That’s where this course comes in.       additional learning
The Starting & Managing Your Own Business Course             packs each month after the first pack. This spread of
provides you with a detailed road map, if you like. It       your modules helps you to pace yourself.
gives you the tools to prepare and manage your business      We know every student is different, so you proceed at
in a constructive way. It helps to cement your business      your own pace. If personal matters intrude on your
approach and gives you the means to proactively apply        time, you can request a delay in receiving tutorials and
the principles of sound business management to your          doing assignments. There is no penalty or disadvantage
enterprise.                                                  to you if you delay your course.
                                                             Your 10 tutorials teach you the skills and knowledge you
About the course                                             will need to get started in small business management.
There are 10 comprehensive and practical modules in          Your 10 assignments are a mixture of questionnaires,
the Starting & Managing Your Own Business Course;            real-situation case studies, research projects, practical
6 of them are electives. So, you can discuss the options     activities and business projects. They demonstrate your
of changing your electives if you wish to other electives    progress and allow you to learn as you achieve.
that are available through the College.                      Your course also includes a CD packed with useful
The course is conducted by distance learning, i.e. it’s a    business templates that you can use to develop your
correspondence course. You study at home or at work.         projects and apply in your business. All these materials
You choose the day and time which suits you best. You        have been produced in consultation with the industry.
do not attend classes, so travel to and from the College     What’s more, you will have access to the eCampus that
is not involved.                                             provides a Discussion Forum, so you can communicate
Right from your first lesson, you’ll be working with your     with other students across the country; a Library of
tutor, learning to understand the essential knowledge        great downloads and articles; and the eLearning Centre
and skills required to manage a small business.              that has been specifically developed to provide you with
                                                             lots of extra activities for your learning.
Each learning module in your course contains a tutorial
and assignment project. Plus the modules are packed          By the completion of this course, you will have learnt
with practical activities for you to do so that you can      about business infrastructure, preparing marketing
practice your learning in a real setting. The Starting &     plans, putting together a business plan, analysing
Managing Your Own Business Course is structured as a         business finances, monitoring business operations and
step-by-step, progressive learning program so you learn      promoting your business products or services. You’ll
in the most advanced way possible.                           certainly have earned your qualification.
Most students require twelve months to complete this         We will be assisting and encouraging you towards your
course. But if you want to go faster or slower than the      goal and guiding you in your small business.
average, you can speed up or slow down. There is no
pressure to go faster than is comfortable for you. We
know you learn best when you enjoy your studies. Tutor
                                                             Your personal tutor to
support and guidance is the same whether you go fast         guide you
or slow.
                                                             You will be assigned an expert tutor who knows the
                                                             ins and outs of managing a small business. You and
What your course includes                                    your tutor will work closely together throughout the
                                                             course to develop your knowledge and skills so that
When you enrol in the Starting & Managing Your Own
                                                             you know more than just the theory of small business
Business Course you will receive a Starter Pack containing
                                                             management—you will gain practical experience by
your first learning module (tutorial and business research
                                                             actually applying your knowledge and skills in a real
assignment project). This allows you to preview the
                                                             business setting. Ideally, this will be your own business.
program and decide whether it is right for you.
                                                             Alternatively, you will need to be able to access a
Your course materials are delivered to you in a              business for the practical aspects of the course.
beautifully presented folder. Each module has been
                                                             Your tutor’s role is to assess your assignments, develop
specifically developed to provide a flexible approach
Page 2                                                                   
Australian College QED                                                                                     Facts Pack
your skills and coach you to a level of competency so        about making an application, explain the RPL process
you’ll earn your national qualification.                      and discuss whether it is right for you. If you decide to
Your tutor will provide you with valuable feedback and       proceed then you will be enrolled in the RPL pathway. At
insight into every aspect of the industry, via one-to-one    this point you will need to submit the RPL fee. This fee is
tuition. This can be by post, telephone and/or Internet      non-refundable even if you do not achieve recognition.
liaison. You will be guided every step of the way on this    An RPL Toolkit will then be sent out to you. The RPL
exciting journey to becoming qualified in small business      Toolkit is designed to help you put together a portfolio
management.                                                  to show that you can do what you say you can do.
                                                             You can apply for RPL if you have evidence:
What you can hope to achieve                                 • of prior training and qualifications
This course has been developed specifically to cater to       • of previous work/life experience in small business
the needs of small business in Australia. It meets all the
requirements of the Certificate IV in Business (Small         • to show how you have kept these current.
Business Management) BSB40407. It is also nationally         This evidence you gather needs to show that you are
portable so that it will support a huge range of future      competent now. If you undertook qualifications longer
moves and developments in your work. In addition, the        than two years ago, for example, then you will need to
ACQ Starting & Managing Your Own Business Course             show how you have maintained your competence.
is recognised by government, industry and higher             It is important to understand that RPL is an ‘assessment
education institutions.                                      only’ pathway. You do not undertake any training or
By the completion of the course, not only will you have      learning activities, so you won’t receive any learning
gained a thorough insight into the workings of small         materials. But you will receive guidance and support
business but you will also have gained a nationally-         with your RPL application from your assessor.
recognised qualification.

Language, literacy and numeracy                              Who is suited to this course?
One important thing we must mention is that your             This course will be suited to you if:
course involves reading and calculating (you will be         • you are a small business owner or preparing to be a
learning things like financial planning, operational            small business owner
budgeting and business cash flow). Therefore, you need        • you have been a small business owner in the past and
to have good English literacy skills (reading, writing,        you want to further develop your skills
comprehension) and good numeracy skills (working
with numbers). Also, you will need to be able to interpret   • you manage a small business for someone else
standard legal information required in business.             • you advise others on small business management
Your tutor will assist you with reasonable levels of
understanding but if your English language, literacy         What you’ll learn from the
and numeracy skills are not to a good standard to start
with then you may find the course too challenging to          course
undertake.                                                   The vocational outcomes of your course mean that by
                                                             completion you will have learnt how to:
There are no formal prerequisites needed to enrol in this    • understand and apply the structures required to
course; however, access to a small business environment        operate a small business
and the ability to undertake practical business projects     • research business opportunities, network with other
is required.                                                   people and relate to a small business environment
Our College will also consider your application on the       • apply a range of financial skills such as
basis that you are able to achieve the knowledge and           understanding financial statements, analysing cash
skills required and learn in a distance environment.           flow and preparing operational budgets
                                                             • make decisions about business operations and
What if you already have                                     • use own judgement in a legal and ethical context
some of the skills?                                          • undertake a competitor analysis, prepare marketing
                                                               strategies and marketing plans
If you feel you already have the modules or some of          • assess customer needs for products and services,
the modules of this course then you can apply for              and understand market demand
Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL). You can only            • undertake business promotion and development for
apply for a whole module; not part of a module.                expansion and growth.
Our RPL program is supportive, flexible and thorough.         When you have successfully completed the course
If you feel you have some or all of the modules of           you will have the broad range of skills and knowledge
competency then you should contact the College for           required to successfully manage a small business.
an initial telephone discussion. We will talk with you

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                                                                Contact Us

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                                                                COURSE ENQUIRIES
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What you need to get started                                    Online: 
To undertake this course you will require:
• a good command of English
• an interest in small business management
• access to a small business for the practical application
   components                                                   COURSE ENROLMENTS
• computer literacy to use the Internet and a good level of     Freecall:        1800 790 490
   computer skills
• access to a computer with word processing and                 International:   +61 2 9386 2500
   spreadsheeting software is required                          By Fax:          +61 2 9387 7605
• a willingness to learn and the desire to succeed.             Online:
If you have these essential requirements then you can get
started immediately and be on your way to developing your       Email: 
knowledge and skills in small business management.              By Mail:         Australian College QED
                                                                                 PO Box 730
What you will receive                                                            Bondi Junction NSW 1355
• College course folder and student case                                         Australia
• 10 comprehensive learning tutorials
• Practical work related assignments with constructive
  tutor feedback
• The E-Myth Revisited
• Transcripts of Study showing your progress                    COLLEGE MATTERS
• Student Handbook and Learner Guide
• CD of practical business templates                            By Phone:        (02) 9386 2500
• College support and assistance                                By Fax:          (02) 9387 7605
• Student ID Pass and academic discounts
• Access to eCampus, eLearning Room, Discussion Forum,          By Mail:         Australian College QED
  eNews                                                                          PO Box 730
• Up to 3 years, plus a further 2 years conditional                              Bondi Junction NSW 1355
  extension, to complete your course and graduate
• Your Award presented on sealed parchment with your                             Australia
  final Academic Transcript                                      In Person:       Building Level 1

Being awarded your                                                               410 Oxford Street
                                                                                 Bondi Junction NSW
qualification                                                    Principal:
When you graduate you will be awarded a:                        Email: 
Certificate IV in Business (Small
Business Management) BSB40407                                   Australian College QED is located in the heart of the
When you complete the course you will be confident in            eastern suburbs, a stone’s throw from one of the most
establishing a leading, competitive and profitable business.     famous beaches in the world, Bondi Beach.
You will hold a nationally recognised qualification. How far     Come in and visit us some time!
you go within business will only be limited by your desire to
succeed and your determination.

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