Wireless Data for Your Small Business Exploring the Possibilities by hjh63417


                    Wireless Data for Your Small Business
                         “Exploring the Possibilities"

Presented to:
SOHO Conference

Presented by:
Greg Julian – Wireless Data Manager
Bell – BC Region
                                            Oct 20th, 2004

1   Bell in Western Canada
2   Applications

3   Considerations

4   Solutions

5   Resources, Contact and Q&A

Bell in Western
Operating in BC and Alberta since 2000
        •   Over 700 employees
        •   Bell Mobility $333M 1X Network
National Call Center and NOCC located in Vancouver
Largest Wireless Operator in Canada
        •   >4.6 Million Subscribers
Leading all North American Carriers in Customer Loyalty
Bell Mobility is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Bell Canada
        •   Incorporated April 29, 1880.
        •   Currently there are 1500 employees in BC and Alberta
        •   Service portfolio includes: Satellite, WLAN, I/P, Local, L.D., Managed
            Solutions, Security, Wireless voice and Data Solutions
        •   Bell investment Western Canada >$1B with additional .5 billion target for BC
            over the next 3-4 years
        •   Over 50 Bell owned Stores and growing
        •   >350 retail points of presence in BC and Alberta
        •   Official Sponsor of the 2010 Winter Olympic Games

>94% of Canadian

US Coverage for
wireless voice and
data services with
Sprint PCS
Other International
roaming is also

Bell Store Locations
Bell uses a combination of stores and a dealer network
*These stores are opening soon
Locations in the Lower Mainland       Scottsdale Centre
 Blundell Centre*                     Semiahmoo Shopping Centre
 Brentwood Town Centre                Sevenoaks Shopping Centre
 Capilano Mall                        Willowbrook Shopping Center
 Coquitlam Centre                     1588 West Broadway
 Guildford Town Centre                Other Locations
 Lougheed Mall                        Cottonwood Centre (Chilliwack)*
 Metropolis                           Aberdeen (Kamloops)
 Metrotown Centre                     Orchard Park (Kelowna)
 Nordel Crossing                      Pine Centre (Prince George)
 Oakridge Centre (K)                  Bay Centre (Victoria)
 Pacific Centre                       Hillside Shopping Centre (Victoria)
 Park Royal                           Mayfair Shopping Centre (Victoria)
 Robson, 1100 Robson Street*          Woodgrove Centre (Nanaimo)

Wireless Data Applications
Email, Internet, Voice
Telematics/Location Based Services
Point of Sale Terminals
Custom Solutions

Integrated Devices
•       Ruggedized
•       Portable
•       Operating System
•       Interface (keyboard/screen)
•       PCMCIA/Phones
•       IP Stack
•       GPS
•       Intrinsically Safe
•       Military Specification

Some Considerations for Wireless Solutions
1. Is this a real-time, anywhere cost effective application
2. Are there alternative solutions (technology, synchronization)
3. How many users are there and how will they be supported
4. Is there an existing applications or hardware that is being targeted
5. Is there are requirement to access information off-line access
6. What is the requirement for battery life
7. Is this application optimized for wireless connectivity?
        Will it render properly on the hardware, what are the bandwidth
        requirements and what is the total monthly usage?
8. What is your remote access strategy and connectivity requirements
9. What are your timing and budget requirements

                                     What are the benefits?

  Benefits of Wireless Email

Delivery of emails to you with the ability to reply or
  forward instantly
Enhance Productivity
      Improve responsiveness to customers & co-
      Manage email messages when travelling &
Send messages at your convenience
Nationwide roaming: coverage in nearly all major
  urban areas of Canada & US
Considerations for Wireless Email Solution
 What type of email are you currently using
 How many users will you be supporting
 What type of devices will be used (PC, Handhelds)
 Will this device also be supporting voice services
 Do you require access to other applications
 What is your timing and budget requirements
 What are the requirements for battery life
 How do you want to synchronize email (Push or Pull)
 Do you require attachment viewing (what type of files)

Audiovox 5050   Key Features
                Voice features :
                       •Ring type and ring tone selection
                       •3-way call, dial from contacts, call log, speed dial and
                       last number
                •Full wireless access including email and messaging, full
                HTML browser,
                •Full PIM access including contact and calendar information
                •Read/modify documents on Pocket Excel, Pocket Word,
                Media player, hand writing recognition, voice recorder
                •OS: Pocket PC 2003 Phone Edition

                 Hardware Specifications
                 •Intel Cotulla 400 MHz
                 •SDIO card expansion
                 •Talk Time, 4 Hours
                 • Standby Time, 145 Hours
                 • PDA Time, 15 Hours

Handspring Treo
                  Key Features
                  Voice features
                         • Call management features include large number dial
                         pad, speed dial, three-way calling, call history, caller ID
                         and call waiting.
                         •Simple contact look up, speakerphone, assign unique
                         ring tones—and even a picture—to contacts
                  •Full wireless connectivity including email and messaging
                  capabilities, HTML web browser
                  •Full PIM access such as contact and calendar information
                  •Digital VGA camera, 640 by 480 resolution, 0.3 mega pixels
                  •OS: Palm OS 5.2.1 H

                       Hardware Specifications
                       •144 MHz ARM processor
                       •32 MB RAM
                       •Battery: Up to 4 hours talk time and
                       10 day standby
                       •SD/MMC I/O

Data to Go with Phone Sync
Data to Go Software includes 2 elements: Connectivity
                  and Phone Sync.
Access your e-mail, corporate network and work tools
Connect to the Internet using digital phone and laptop

Phone Sync – New!
An end user application to allow customers to synchronize their
     contacts directly into their handsets.
Ability to update & edit your Mobile Phonebook with MS Outlook on
     your personal computer.
Samsung a460, a500, n400 and N370 are not supported

                                                                    Phone Book   Outlook

Sierra Wireless AirCard 555
 • Provides mobile access to critical info

      •Wireless Internet access
      •Built-in cell phone capability
      •Two-way text messaging
      •Internet / Intranet access
      •Bell Mobility 1X Data
      •Faster data speeds (up to 163 kbps)
      •Always-on and Instant-on

Compatible with:
    • TypeII PCMCIA slot and Windows, Pocket PC, Pocket PC 2002
    and Handheld PC 2000

POP3 SMTP Email Support Service



        1.    mail.1xbell.ca


1st Carrier in Canada to have a software store
that supports Pocket PC; Palm and RIM

                  Over 30,000 applications
         Email Support: 97% satisfaction in 24 hrs
   BlackBerry™ From Bell Mobility
BlackBerry™ is a wireless         RIM 6750   RIM 7750
   end-to-end email
   solution and PIM
   manager using the
   portable BlackBerry
   Wireless Handheld.
BlackBerry is the software
   and RIM is the product
   vendor name.

                                                            What is it?

BlackBerry™ Overview Features
                Key New
                       Send and receive email including reply, reply to all,
                       and forward.
                       •Synchronizes Calendar, Contacts & Tasks with
                       desktop cradle
                       •Easy to use full QWERTY keyboard for message
                       •Menu driven with roller wheel navigation
                       •Easy to read display with back light
                       •Form Factor - easy to carry with discreet silent alert
                       •Operates on Bell’s 1X network
                       •Low power usage rechargeable battery
                       Hardware Specifications
                       •14 MB Flash Memory plus 2 MB SRAM
                       •Rechargeable/removable lithium battery
                       •Backlit QWERTY keyboard
                       •Cradle for synchronization and recharging
                       •Standby time: 192 hours*
                       •Talk Time: 3.3 hours*

Attachment Viewing
 The Attachment Service feature allows users to
  access attachment content from their
 With the attachment viewer, users can:

      Select attachments within a message
      Choose to view the full document, table of
      contents or selected sections
      View popular document formats including
      Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Corel
      WordPerfect, Adobe PDF, HTML and ASCII
      text files

   Features and Benefits
Feature                              Benefit
“Always On, Always Connected”         Messages are sent directly to the device when received
                                      The user does not have to request messages
Wireless e-mail with “push” e-mail    Wireless e-mail allows the user to read, reply, forward and file messages
functionality                        just like your desktop.

Built in Cellular Phone              Receive/place calls
                                     Check voice mail messages
                                     Allows direct dial phone numbers listed in e-mail or the address book.

Mobile Browser                       Browse the Internet at any time (in 1X coverage)
                                     More powerful browser platform

Two-Way Text Messaging               Send and receive short text messages
                                     Two-way SMS works everywhere in Canada

Personal Organizer                   Contacts, Calendar, Address Book, Memo Pad, Task list and Calculator
                                     Keep organized.

BlackBerry Web Client                Have all your e-mail forwarded to one device
                                     Personal Web Mail Account (user@bell.blackberry.net) 5MB of storage
                                     up to 10 existing email accounts (including ISP accts)

Coverage on the 1x network           Extensive Canadian coverage
                                     U.S. coverage

    BlackBerry Web Client
•   A unique handheld-specific email address is provided with each
    BlackBerry handheld
                  •   user@bell.blackberry.net

The new email account is a personal and private web-based email address:
     • Set up your own unique user name
     • Send and receive email from this address
     • Storage for 5MB of email messages
     • Accessible from any HTML browser
     • Managed through the BlackBerry Web Client
     • Can put up to 10 email addresses on handheld (POP3 and forward)

•   BlackBerry Web Client can be used with the BlackBerry Enterprise Server

    Access email and change settings at      www.bell.ca/wirelessemail

Web Client

    Wireless Data Specific Website

General information
Case Studies
Special Offers
Data Applications
Integrated Devices

What will the future hold? …

 •   Larger selection of devices with improved feature sets and
 •   New mobile specific applications will continue to emerge
     that are developed specifically for mobile networks and
 •   Push to Talk (Walkie Talkie) on CDMA network
 •   Assisted GPS basic tracking solutions (currently supported
     on Bell Network)
 •   WiFi 802.11 interoperability with Cellular
 •   Migration to Next Gen (>800 Kbps, mobile IP)

Contact Info

   Greg Julian


Intrinsically Safe Raven
    The AirLink Raven CDMA is a rugged, intelligent
  wireless data platform designed to enable real-time,
     two-way communications with remote assets.
   The Raven has received Class I Div II certification.
Key Features
•Environmental operating range –30 to +75 C
•LEDs show status of modem/network operation
•Serial port for mobile data applications
•On-board ARM processor
•Over the air programmable firmware upgrades              Applications
•Interface for monitoring two digital inputs              Oil & Gas
•Reliable Store & Forward mode (out of coverage)          Public Safety
•Class I Div II, Intrinsically Safe                       Atmospheric/Environmental
•High speed data transfer rate                            control and monitoring
•Full duplex transceiver                                  Telemetry/SCADA
•Low power consumption                                    Field Force Automation
•Proven technology                                        ATM/POS
•Compact size                                             Other (Security/VMS/Router
•Rugged aluminum case                                     back-up)
•Optional mounting brackets

Panasonic CF 18
  The CF18 Toughbook is a notebook computer with a
convertible LCD screen. With its ability to convert from
 clamshell to tablet this computer enhances its mobile
         functionality for workers in the field.
Key Features
 •   Wireless Ready, embedded Sierra SB555
 •   Voice capable with headset
 •   Convertible from clamshell to tablet
 •   Magnesium alloy case
 •   Shock and Vibration (MIL –STD-810E)                              “The ability to convert
 •   10.4-type Transmissive LCD with touch screen (Convertible)     from clamshell to tablet,
 •   Wireless Ready (WAN/WLAN/Bluetooth)                               creates a whole new
 •   Light weight at 2.0 kg (Ruggedized Mobility)                      dimension of mobile

Key Benefits
     • Quick and easy convertible operation – from clamshell to tablet
     • Lightweight

Panasonic CF 29
 The CF29 Toughbook boasts a host of innovations,
     wireless applications and rugged features.
Key Features
 •    Wireless Ready, embedded Sierra SB555
 •    13.3” tranmissive active matrix (TFT) color LCD with
      touch screen
 •    Ultra strong magnesium alloy case
 •    Vibration and shock resistant (MIL-STD 810F)
 •    Water and dust resistant, IP54 (MIL-STD 810F)
 •    Incredible battery life of up to 8.5 hours
                                                             “The rugged notebook
                                                               that can handle the
Key Benefits                                                     toughest jobs .”
     • Withstands drops from height of 90cm,
     • Able to operate under extreme conditions

BlueTree M2M Express
 The M2M Express is a rugged modem that will provide
   a cost effective solution to companies that require
                  wireless connectivity.
Key Features
 • Standard RS232 serial connection
 •153.6 kbps pack-switch data (1XRTT)
 •14.4 kbps circuit-switched data (IS-95)
 •Short Message Service (SMS)
 •Programming via AT Commands or BlueVue Software
 •Full set of diagnostic LED’s
 •Full duplex transceiver
 •Rugged exterior
Target Markets
 •Meter Reading
 •Traffic Signal and Displays
 •On-board vehicle Computers
 •Surveillance video Cameras
 •Data Logger


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