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									Do you think that gender is mainly a fixed biological feature of humans, or is gender mostly socially constructed? Why do you feel this way? The first place I look for answers to such socially fundamental questions is science. Something interesting is that sexual dimorphism (that is, difference between the sexes) is relatively very low in humans compared to other animals. Biologically, there are obviously differences in people in gender. There are some inborn differences in thinking and personality that evolution gave us to optimize our roles when humans were just in tribes and our functions were done more on instinct than social construct. However, I think that if there was no pre-existing social construct to affect us as we grew up, the differences that we now use to identify people as their genders would be absent. I'm saying that it's mostly socially constructed. Now, there is merit to social constructs; they used to be useful. Up until relatively recently, a system for social functioning might have worked better than nothing for most peoples. Men had roles and women had roles. However, I think the subservient way that women have been treated was mostly done because it was easy. If there is at all some biological reason that women have been treated the way they have, it's very weak. It will be a step in human evolution (which I think at this point will be entirely dependent on our minds rather than our genes) to stop assuming anything about people based on their gender (besides the basic biological stuff.)

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