B.S. Entrepreneurship and Small Business Management 2008-2009

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					                                  B.S. Entrepreneurship and Small Business Management 2008-2009
                                                      Advising Worksheet for:

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                                       • Some listed courses may have required prerequisites – please consult
the Advising Center                            undergraduate catalog
     630‐637‐5266                      • Transfer students must complete at least nine credit hours of major
advisingcenter@noctrl.edu                      coursework at North Central College
                                       • At least 60 credit hours must be taken at a four-year institution

                           (The following information is to be used as an advising tool only –
                       please consult the undergraduate catalog for official academic information)

NOTE: A minimum of 42 credit hours are required.

    Course                          Course Title                         Term Completed            Credit   Grade

    BUS 105        Introduction to Business Law
    ACC 201        Accounting Principles I/ Financial
    ACC 202        Accounting Principles II/Managerial
    BUS 241        Business and Economic Statistics
    ECN 250        Microeconomic Principles
    ECN 252        Macroeconomic Principles
    BUS 262        Management of Organizations
    BUS 268        Marketing
    BUS 384        Human Resource Management
    BUS 395        Small Business and Entrepreneurship
    FIN 340        Small Business Finance
    BUS 397        Internship
    BUS 460        Management Information Systems
    BUS 495        Business Plan Development

                                                    B.S. REQUIREMENTS
    CSC 160        Computer Science I
    MTH 152        Calculus II
                                            CHOOSE ONE OF THE FOLLOWING:
    One MTH
 elective beyond
    One CSC
 elective beyond
                                            CHOOSE ONE OF THE FOLLOWING:
    ACC 307        Cost Accounting
    BUS 446        Operations Research
    ECN 445        Econometrics
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