Mentors Online Startup Questionnaire for Mentees by ouz10208


									Startup Questionnaire
for Mentees

Note to Mentees: This questionnaire is designed to help you frame some preliminary questions or
topics you can discuss with your mentor. Some of the areas covered may not be relevant to you at
this stage of your career or in your area of specialisation so you can choose to complete all or
none of the questions as you see fit.

 Questions                                                                       Yes     No

 1.      I have set goals for my business for the next two years

 2.      I have set personal development priorities for the next two years

 3.      I have considered how I might develop towards emerging areas

 4.      I have recently considered new business and marketing strategies
         for my consultancy

 5.      I take responsibility for keeping my skills up to date by undertaking
         planned professional development activities

 6.      I use my downtime effectively

 7.      I consult professionals such as accountants, taxation advisors and
         solicitors when appropriate

 8.      My business is growing at a rate I’m satisfied with

 9.      I need to invest some time in effective networking

 10.     I seek and evaluate feedback from my clients

 11.     I regularly extend myself and move outside my comfort zone

 12.     I feel I am suited to the work I do


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