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					Web address is www.visn20.med.va.gov/tc

Before you can read CPRS you must install the ICA Client

Click and follow instructions (open it and install)
Now enter your Username and Password and click Login.
The desk top appears with several icons – including CPRS and Vista. You should be able to
access these.
The 2nd time you want to log in from home you need to enter the full web address again
because at this point the history does not have a record of the ICA web client being installed.
The 3rd time you login from home you will be able to use the address from the history in the
address bar.

There is a time out element. If you have CPRS, VistA or Outlook open they will stay open as
long as you are actively using them. But if you want to open another session or go to Vista you
may need to login again - the active desktop where you select what option to open only stays
open for 15 minutes or so.