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									                    BELCHFORD & FULLETBY PARISH COUNCIL
        Minutes of the Parish Council Meeting held on Wednesday 14th July 2004
                                      Start 8.00pm

Those present: Councillors D. Black (Chairman), P. Thompson, A. Read, A.
Simmons, J. Newby, J. Roe, G. Littleworth, Mrs D Ward, Mrs J Kirby, Mrs M Cotton,
Clerk Mrs T Walker and 8 members of the public

Mr Trowsdale, Head of Development Control at ELDC had been invited to give a talk
on planning matters. He discussed how important it is for Parish Councils to only
comment on matters relating to planning when they wish to object to applications,
the importance of the local plan to parish councils, the aim to direct new applications
to towns and large villages where they have services available and the appeal
process. After questions from the public, Mr Trowsdale also commented on how
ELDC is hoping to improve the service they provide, by improving their complaints
procedure and being monitored on how quickly they process applications.

018 Chairman thanked Mr Trowsdale for the talk and answering all the questions
also the public for attending. Before starting the main part of the meeting the
chairman thanked Jill Newby (previous clerk) for all her work over the previous years
and presented her with a bouquet of flowers from all the Council members

019    Apologies for absence: Received from District Councillor Mrs I Simons.

020 Approval of minutes: It was proposed, seconded and resolved unanimous
to accept the minutes of the meetings held on 12th May and 30th June to be an
accurate record. The chairman signed them

021 Clerks report: The parish council has been registered as an employer, a set
of financial regulations are to be passed around and discussed at the next meeting,       Clerk
it was necessary to report if the parish has any traditional road signs – Fulletby has

022 Training: Councillor Newby showed an interest in a training seminar on 21st
September, Councillor Ward a seminar at Anwick in October and Councillor Cotton           Clerk
possibly the LALC AGM in October. It was proposed seconded and resolved
unanimously to pay the £17.50 fee for the AGM should Councillor Cotton wish to
attend. Clerk to inform all councillors of dates, times and places.

023 Correspondence: letters had been received from - Fulletby and Belchford
Initiative, notification of planning approval and refusal, funding available from the     Cllr Roe
Lincolnshire Wolds Fund and information on free trees. Councillor Roe agreed to
complete the free trees form and send it off.

024 Stiles: Clerk was asked to contact Mr Stockdale to see who was responsible            Clerk
for clearing the collapsed stile from the field and to investigate what happens next
regarding the replacement of stiles

025 Local Plan: It was decided there were no particular problems with the plan
and councillor’s felt it would benefit Belchford and Fulletby. Clerk asked to write       Clerk
relaying these comments

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        Minutes of the Parish Council Meeting held on Wednesday 14th July 2004
                                      Start 8.00pm

026 Conservation order: Before a decision was made on this, councillors
requested more information on the effect a conservation area would have on                 Clerk
properties within that area and how small a conservation area could be

027 Tree preservation order: Councillor Roe (tree warden) presented a draft
letter in support of a TPO at Holly Cottage. After a discussion it was proposed,           Cllr Roe
seconded and resolved unanimously to continue with the application but for the trees       Cllr Kirby
on both sides of the road. The letter would not be sent until Councillor Kirby had         Clerk
spoken to Mr and Mrs Bandeen because the trees were on their land.

028 Finance:
   a) Current account -£16.34, deposit account £2131.50, charity accounts
      £308.95. Clerk apologised for the current account being overdrawn. Barclays
      bank had said there would be no charges just interest on the amount
      overdrawn. Clerk said she would cover these charges.
   b) Clerk requested a transfer between the council’s accounts for £500.00 be
      made. A letter to authorise this was signed by the signatories                       Clerk
   c) VAT refund of £49.10 has been received and the final amount of £800.19 will
      be received from Countryside Agency soon
   d) Cupits have been paid £820.00 cheque number 100254 (parish plan)
   e) It was proposed, seconded and resolved to pay the village hall £14 for two           Clerk
      meetings, cheque no. 100256, unanimous
   f) It was proposed, seconded and resolved to pay the cost of engraving a cup            Clerk
      for the brownies £5 cheque no. 100257, unanimous
   g) It was proposed, seconded and resolved to pay the clerks salary and
      expenses £238.85 cheque no.100255, unanimous

Councillor Newby declared an interest in agenda item 13 – Village signs
minute number 029

029 Village signs: It was proposed, seconded and resolved unanimously to ask
Mrs J Newby to ‘touch up’ the five village signs and for them to be sandblasted,
recoated and repainted one per year. It was suggested the least rusty sign was not
repaired but became the first sign to be sandblasted. It was agreed to leave this to
the discretion of Mrs J Newby
                                                                                           Cllr Black
030 Benches: Councillor Black volunteered to renovate the bench in Belchford
and Councillor Simmons the bench in Fulletby

031 Recreation land: A discussion followed relating to the purchase or long-term           Clerk
lease of the land behind the Blue Bell Inn. It was proposed, seconded and resolved,
vote 7 yes and 3 no, to write to Mr Pickles expressing an interest in the acquisition of
this land

032 Next meeting: 15th September 2004. Dog fouling, financial regulations.
Meeting closed at 10pm

Signed __________________          Date: ____________

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