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					                                                              The Monthly Magazine of Temple Emanu-El
                                                                                June 2009 - Sivan 5769 Vol. LVII No. 10
                                                                     Chardonnay Shabbat Services Start Friday, June 5th
                                                                     5:00 pm - Wine, Fruit and Cheese Pre-Oneg
                                                                     5:45 pm - Chardonnay Shabbat Services

                                                                                                                  Havdallah with Rabbi Cohon on Lag Ba’Omer; and
                                                                                                                  the Congregational Retreat in Rio Rico!
Staff photos donated by Jon Wolf Photography

                                                                                                                  The Century Celebration!
                                                                                                                  Part 4 -- 1914-1924
                                                                    From Rabbi Cohon’s Desk
                                                                    Teach Your Children Well                      By 1914, Arizona had completed
                                                                                                                  the evolution from untamed Re-
                                                                     Jewish tradition has always strongly         gional Territory to official 48th
                                                                     emphasized the importance of properly        state. The population of Tucson
                                                                     raising children, and particularly educat-   had more than doubled in four
                                                                     ing them. From Proverbs’ injunction in       years… the El Paso and South-
                                                                     the Tanakh, the Hebrew Bible, to “raise      western Railroad was extended
                                                                     a child well in his youth and in old age     west to Tucson, soon to be sold and integrated into the
                                               that child will not stray” to the deep, supportive bonds that      Southern Pacific system…and the Kress Company (aka
                                               are so typical of Jewish family relationships, the moral and       the “Five and Dime”) commissioned the earliest watercolor
                                               intellectual instruction of children is central to Judaism.        rendering of the Temple on Stone Avenue, to be sold as a
                                                                                                                  postcard in its stores.
                                               Real Judaic education is at the heart of what creates Jew-
                                               ish identity in a meaningful and lasting way. And education        With its synagogue in place and in response to increasing
                                               is established as a central obligation for all parents—and         local needs, the national growth and progression of Juda-
                                               grandparents.                                                      ism, and events around the world, the Jewish community of
                                                                                                                  Tucson was in need of the next phase of planning and or-
                                               As the Talmud in the Tractate on holiness, Kiddushin, ex-          ganization; the women would provide the impetus for both.
                                               plains, "A father is obligated to do the following for his son:    This was not just a Tucson phenomenon. Especially in the
                                               to circumcise him, to redeem him if he is a first born, to         Reform Jewish movement, Judaism in the United States
                                               teach him Torah, to find him a wife, and to teach him a trade.     was experiencing an elementary feminization. Responsibil-
                                               Others say: teaching him how to swim as well."                     ity for home, the synagogue and its religious school, and
                                                                                                                  social services for the community came to be seen as the

                                                                                                                  continued on page 4
In other words, parents have the responsibility to give chil-     develop our Jewish identities.
dren a sound and strong religious identity, to help them find     As we enter this summer season, I encourage you to seek
appropriate life-partners, to learn and master a profession,      new opportunities for Jewish growth and learning, and so
and to take care of themselves physically in safety. We all       model for your own children or grandchildren just what you
have the fundamental duty to our children to enable them to       want for them.
become Jewish adults: self-sufficient, healthy, and moral.
                                                                  L’shalom v’rei’ut, in peace and friendship,
At the heart of these obligations is the teaching of Torah,
for it is the commitment to ethical learning that makes life      Rabbi Samuel M. Cohon

Interestingly, nowhere does it say that one of our primary
tasks is to make them happy. Judaism is much more fo-
cused on good, of course, and this is reflected throughout
our tradition.                                                           Please Join Us for the Bar Mitzvah of

Perhaps you have heard of the term “pediatric Judaism”.                         Boaz Micah Cohon
This reflects the tendency of some of us to think of Jewish
education as something for kids that ends with bar or bat
mitzvah. We also tend to think of it as the responsibility of
                                                                               Shabbat Shlach Lecha
others, usually religious schools or tutors.                                  Saturday, June 20th, 2009
                                                                          Shabbat morning services at 10 AM
But the Talmud is very clear here. The responsibility for                      Kiddush lunch to follow
teaching our children about Judaism, and for modeling Jew-
ish living, is ours. When we support and encourage the
study of Torah, when we teach ethical living, we are fulfilling                    Temple Emanu-El
our fundamental duties as Jews.                                                225 N. Country Club Road
                                                                                   Tucson, AZ 85716
That means that our own Judaism needs to continue to
grow, and that we ourselves must commit to a regular pro-
gram, however modest, of learning Torah and continuing to                  Rabbi Samuel and Wendy Cohon
                                                                              Rhody and Greg Downey
                   Don’t miss the “Too Jewish”
                   Radio Show with Rabbi Sam Cohon
                   & Friends! Sunday mornings AT 9
                   am in Tucson on KVOI AM 690 and
                   in Douglas, Bisbee, and Sierra Vista
                   on KATR 930 AM!                                              Temple Emanu-El
                                                                              Second Century Fund
    Our amazing guests in June are:

    June 7th – Barbara Kirshenblatt-Gimblett, author                 You have an opportunity to ensure the future of
       of “The Art of Being Jewish in Modern Times”                 Temple Emanu-El by simply making a bequest in
    June 14 – Dara Horn, author of                                            your will. It is as easy as that!
       “All Other Nights”                                                      Your contribution will inure
    June 21 – Jason Lezak, 2008 Olympic                                   to the Endowment Fund and will be
      gold-medalist in freestyle swimming                             used in perpetuity for generations that follow.
    June 28 – Dr. Uri Herscher, Founder and
      President of the Skirball Cultural Center
                                                                        For further information, call Legacy Chair
                                                                           Liz Weiner-Schulman at 299-6609
       Want to sponsor the show? Call 327-4501!
     Visit our web page at

                   Thoughts to Nosh On                                                 Musical Notes
                                                                                       Chardonnay Shabbat
                 I am proud to announce that I just recent-
                                                                                        It’s June! June is the month when true
                 ly took up the game of golf. But in case
                                                                                        Tucsonans rejoice. There is no anxi-
                 you are wondering, I have not played a
                                                                                        ety about the weather—we know with a
                 round with a priest and a minister just
                                                                                        placid certainty that it will be HOT and
                 yet. So far I have played a grand total of
                                                                                        dry until monsoon season sometime
                 two rounds over the past six months. But
                                                                                        next month. Seasonal birds, students,
                 in those two rounds, I discovered some-
                                                                                        and fair-weather residents have already
                 thing quite intriguing. I have found that
                                                                   flown back to the temperate north, traffic diminishes and
my time on the links gave me a greater appreciation for
                                                                   one can park right next to the University of Arizona. The
Jewish prayer.
                                                                   blasting summer sun gives way to lovely sunsets and tem-
                                                                   perate evenings, perfect for swimming and dining outdoors.
Aside from the beautiful nature of the courses in the Tucson
                                                                   Best of all, at Temple Emanu-El, June ushers in the sum-
desert, and my constant prayers that my drives would not
                                                                   mer season of Chardonnay Shabbat Services--beginning
veer so far to the right that they actually hit houses, I began
                                                                   this year on Friday, June 5th with Rabbis Cohon and Sharff
to see the correlation between prayer and golf.
                                                                   and me.
First of all, I know no one can just show up at a course twice
                                                                   Chardonnay Shabbat services are a cool, relaxed way to
a year and expect to shoot par or better or even necessarily
                                                                   usher in Shabbat. We begin unwinding from the cares of the
under 100. This is quite similar to Jewish prayer. One term
                                                                   week at 5 pm with a wine, juice, fruit and cheese Pre-Oneg
for prayer is avodah, which literally means ‘work.’ In order
                                                                   in the Sy Juster Auditorium. All your Temple friends will be
to have a successful worship experience like a good round
                                                                   there visiting, noshing and enjoying this brief window of re-
of golf, one really needs to take the time to practice.
                                                                   pose as we prepare for Shabbat.
Also golf, like prayer is a private experience done in a com-
                                                                   At 5:45 pm, we begin Kabbalat Shabbat services in the
munal setting. Think about it, it is just you and the ball while
                                                                   Rubin Family Sanctuary with Rabbis Cohon or Sharff and
gathered with three other people, all hoping to accomplish
                                                                   myself. Chardonnay Shabbat services are lively, musical,
the same task. And golf, like prayer, also involves a lot of
                                                                   and fun. And, since they are planned to last about an hour,
shmoozing. No wonder why so many of us enjoy playing
                                                                   they are wonderful services for the whole family to attend—
the game.
                                                                   even families with younger children.
Of course this metaphor only works so well. Unlike golf, one
                                                                   Following services, congregants are free to go home for
does not need any additional equipment, though there are
                                                                   Shabbat dinner, or to go out to dinner together. This sum-
times in the Temple building where I think a beverage cart
                                                                   mer, make Friday night “Family and Friends Night” at the
would come in handy. I’ll let you know the next time I head
                                                                   Temple’s Chardonnay Shabbat. After the first few weeks,
out to hit the links. Hopefully it will be sometime before next
                                                                   you’ll wish it could be summer all year long!
Rosh Hashana.
                                                                   Todah Rabbah
Speaking of which, we are in the process of organizing a
golf tournament for next year in honor of Temple’s 100th
                                                                   Wednesday, May 13th, I was presented with the JFSA Out-
Anniversary. If you are interested in playing, sponsor-
                                                                   stanind Judaic Educator Award at the Jewish Federation’s
ing, volunteering, or would like to join us for a morning of
                                                                   Annual Meeting. I am very grateful to Rabbi Cohon, Lori
great fun, please let us know by calling the Temple office at
                                                                   Riegel, Sharon Megdal and others who nominated me for
327-4501. More details will follow as they develop. In the
                                                                   this award, wrote letters of recommendation, or otherwise
meantime, we are looking forward to seeing you both in the
                                                                   supported my nomination.
shul and on the links.
                                                                   My thanks as well to all who contributed to my fund, to Tem-
                                                                   ple Emanu-El, to the JFSA, and to other Jewish organiza-
                                                                   tions in my honor, and to all who called or wrote to express
Rabbi Benjamin Sharff                                              your congratulations. I appreciate your generosity and kind-

                                                                   Marjorie Hochberg
                                                                   Cantorial Soloist
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domain of women. The Jewish women of Tucson, pioneers                                       Member Services
in every sense of the word, were probably out in front of this
movement.                                                                                   At the end of April, we had 52 new
                                                                                            member households, compared
Just as they had insisted it was time for a synagogue in Tuc-                               with 43 new member households
son and nurtured the creation of Stone Avenue Temple, by                                    at the same time last year. Please
1914, the Hebrew Ladies Aid Society was making plans to                                     help us to make these new mem-
ensure that the temple had adequate funding and the best                                    bers feel welcome!
possible spiritual leadership. The Society was also continu-
ing with its mission to provide help to the needy, accomplish                              100 Shomrei members in our
charitable acts, and perpetuate religious instruction for the                              100th anniversary year: That’s
community’s children.                                            our new membership campaign in honor of our 100th an-
                                                                 niversary. Shomrei (Guardian of Temple) dues begin at
After the Temple Board requested the resignation of Rabbi        $2,500. If you are able to participate at this level, or higher,
E. M. Chapman, Rabbi Emil Ellinger of San Diego was en-          we would love to have you join us.
gaged in September 1914, at a salary of $1,500. At the time,
the Arizona Daily Star referred to Dr. Ellinger as, “a man of    All dues statements for next year (July 2009 through June
education and culture.”                                          2010) have already been mailed. Dues are payable on re-
                                                                 ceipt, or with an acceptable payment plan (automatic credit
In 1917, the Hebrew Ladies Aid Society, still referring to       card deductions, please). Please remember to return your
themselves unofficially as “Sisterhood,” voted to change         2009-2010 dues commitment form and payment so we can
their formal name to the Women’s Auxiliary of the Interna-       process your dues commitment.
tional Order of B’nai B’rith. Mrs. L. Rosenstern was named
President, and dues were set at twenty-five cents a month.       It’s probably not too early to remind everyone that in keep-
Members continued to visit and financially care for the sick,    ing with Temple Board policy, in order to receive High Holy
work for the Orphanage and participate in the work of com-       Day tickets, members should have no outstanding financial
munity charities, all while pursuing fundraising projects for    obligations from prior years, and membership dues and Re-
Temple.                                                          ligious School and ECE fees for the new year (’09-’10) must
                                                                 be paid in full or must be current in a payment plan.
After America’s entry into World War I, the women contacted
Red Cross headquarters about securing work assignments           For the foreseeable future, I will be continue to be avail-
for the war effort. Tuesdays and Fridays were selected as        able in the Temple office to handle all membership and dues
the days for Red Cross work. Two second-hand sewing              questions, as well as reduced dues requests. My regular
machines were purchased so projects could begin for the          office hours will be:
organization’s French and Belgian war relief program. Sal-
vage work for the Red Cross was also begun. After the war,       Mondays, 9:00 am           Sunshine Swim School
sewing continued for “the poor school children” in Tucson.       to 12:00 pm
A fund was started for the purpose of maintaining a rabbi.       Tuesdays, 2:30 pm
Each member was asked to solicit funds from one or more          to 5:00 pm
male acquaintances. In 1921, the sisterhood affiliated with      Thursdays, 9:00
the National Federation of Temple Sisterhoods.                   am to 11:00 am           It’s so much
                                                                                          fun to learn
In 1924, after several years without a rabbi in Tucson, the      If you need to reach     to swim!

women requested guidance from Hebrew Union College re-           me, please call the
garding selection of a rabbi. The reply was shared with B’nai    Temple office and I             Swim lessons for all ages
                                                                                                  6 months old and up.
B’rith. By July, Rabbi Benjamin Cohen, formerly serving con-     will return your call.
gregations in El Paso and Bellingham, WA, was hired, with                                  Temple members receive $5.00 OFF
                                                                                            per child for one session with this ad.
the intent of providing some unity to the increasingly diverse   B’shalom,                               Some restrictions may apply.
                                                                                                         Expires Dec. 2009
and independent Tucson Jewish community.
                                                                 Donna Beyer              1850 W. Orange Grove Rd.
Norma Cohen and Sally Duchin                                     Membership Chair               544-4976
Centennial Committee                                                                                East
                                                                                           8484 E. Speedway Blvd.

NEXT MONTH: 1925-1937                                                                           886-6005

                        WRJ Heads into                         High Holy Days Participation!
                        Summer and Simchas                     Sign Up Now for This Fall!

                        WRJ is delighted to be sponsoring      It’s your turn if your last name begins with A-M.
                        the Oneg Shabbat honoring the
                        Bar Mitzvah of Boaz Cohon on           It is time to begin planning for the High Holiday Honors com-
                        Saturday, June 20th. If you would      mittee to begin working. Temple staff and volunteers are al-
                        like to participate, you may make a    ready beginning preparations for Rosh Hashanah and Yom
                        contribution to WRJ or to the Tem-     Kippur services.
ple Oneg fund. Or call Dana Adler for additional opportuni-
ties.                                                          Ten years ago, Rabbi Cohon led Temple to began a wonder-
                                                               ful tradition of including all members of the congregation who
As we slide into summer, sweltering days and Chardonnay        so wished to have the honor of participating High Holy day
Shabbats, WRJ is still in the process of putting together      services. Because of the growth in congregational member-
a board and activities for the next fiscal year. In review-    ship, we have divided these honors up alphabetically. This
ing source materials in preparation for writing some of the    year it will be the turn of members whose last names begin
history articles that will appear in the Temple Times during   with the letters A-M to participate.
Temple’s Century celebration, I was struck by several ob-
servations, very relevant to this process.                     If that is you, please fill out the bottom of this form to indicate
                                                               your interest and return to the Temple office by June 28.
First, it is the women of Temple Emanu-El (without whom        Even if you are not able or interested in participating, please
there would be no Temple Emanu-El!) who have always            complete this form.
provided the driving force to insure the perpetuation of
Jewish culture, learning and caring within the temple com-     Thank you.
munity. Second, many of the problems and obstacles that
confronted our foremothers in the early 1900’s are not un-     Ruth Dickstein
like the challenges of today: Who will lead…how to raise       Chair, High Holy Day Honors
money and where can it best be spent…why do dishes and
utensils disappear from Temple…which community causes
                                                               ____ Yes, please include me/us in participating in High
deserve our time and attention.
                                                               Holiday Services!

Yes, Temple is no longer in its embryonic stage, so there
are more committees to participate in this kind of problem-
solving. However, the effectiveness of your WRJ still de-
                                                               (Name(s) of all members of your family who wish to
pends upon the participation of dedicated women. Take on
one tiny piece of the pie, and the whole will turn out to be
sunptuous! Pardon the food metaphor, but we are Jewish,
                                                               I will be attending: (Check all that apply)
after all. Call Dana Adler and talk about what you might do.
And watch for a June meeting date so that you can partici-
                                                               __ Evening Rosh Hashanah(Sept. 18)
pate. We look forward to your excellent ideas!
                                                               __ Rosh Hashanah morning (Sept. 19)
Norma E. Cohen
Women of Reform Judaism
                                                               __ Early Kol Nidre Services,5:30 PM (Sept. 27)

                       Calling All Singers!                    __ Late Kol Nidre Service 8:15 PM (Sept. 27)
                  Tired of singing in the shower?
              Contact Marjorie Hochberg at 327-4501            __ Morning Yom Kippur Service (Sept. 28)
             about singing in the High Holy Day Choir!
                                                               __ Afternoon Kol Nidre Service (Sept. 28)
                      Rehearsals begin August!

                                                               __ Yizkor and closing Service Yom Kippur (Sept. 28)

                                                               __ I regret I cannot participate

                                         June Shabbat Service Schedule

             Chardonnay Shabbat                                            Friday, June 26th
                                                                  5:00 pm - Chardonnay Shabbat
             Services Begin!                                     Wine, Fruit and Cheese Pre-Oneg
             Friday, June 5th                             5:45 pm - Chardonnay Evening Shabbat Services
              5:00 pm - Chardonnay Shabbat
              Wine, Fruit and Cheese Pre-Oneg                           Saturday, June 27th
5:45 pm - Chardonnay Shabbat Services                                  8:30 am - Torah Study
5:30 pm - Tot Kabbalat Shabbat Dinner                           10:00 am - Shabbat Morning Services
     6:15 pm - Tot Kabbalat Israeli Shabbat Services              5:00 pm - Babies and Bagels and
      Oneg Sponsored by Maria and Neil Russakoff              Wandering Jews Desert Museum Havdallah
       in honor of the Bar Mitzvah of Max Russakoff                       Hike and Service
                                                                       Torah portion - Korach
                                                                        Numbers 16:1 - 18:32
               Saturday, June 6th
                  8:30 am - Torah Study
              10:00 am - Shabbat Services
              Bar Mitzvah of Max Russakoff
                   Torah Portion: Naso
                   Numbers 6:1 - 7:89

                                                                 Q                                                              uuuuuuuuu
                Friday, June 12th                                SETTINGS                                              inc.

           5:00 pm - Chardonnay Shabbat                       complete event design & coordination
          Wine, Fruit and Cheese Pre-Oneg                               now offering invitations and

   5:45 pm - Chardonnay Evening Shabbat Services                            personal stationery too!
Oneg Sponsored by Tammye and Scott Gregoire in honor
                                                                                            Jennifer Miller Grant
         of the Bar Mitzvah of Taran Gregoire
                                                                                               (520) 529-0056
              Saturday, June 13th
                  8:30 am - Torah Study
          10:00 am - Shabbat Morning Services
              Bar Mitzvah of Taran Gregoire
               Torah portion: Beha’alotcha
                   Numbers 8:1 - 12:16                  Start        Forever u n d e r
                Friday, June 19th                                          Tu c s o n ’s S t a r r y S k i e s
             5:00 pm - Chardonnay Shabbat
            Wine, Fruit and Cheese Pre-Oneg
                                                                                         •	 Award-winning dining:
     5:45 pm - Chardonnay Evening Shabbat Services
                                                                                            create your own delectable
                      and Date Night
                                                                                            wedding menu
    Oneg Sponsored by the Women of Reform Judaism
                                                                                         •	 Panoramic mountain & city views
        in honor of the Bar Mitzvah of Boaz Cohon
                                                                                         •	 Outdoor / rooftop ceremony
                                                                                            & reception under the stars
              Saturday, June 20th
          10:00 am - Shabbat Morning Services                        Weddings • Special Events
               Bar Mitzvah of Boaz Cohon
                                                              2008 TiTle SponSor
           4:00 pm - Shabbat Mincha Services                 Jewish Federation of
             Bat Mitzvah of Taylor Kauffman                   Southern Arizona
              Torah portion: Shelach Lecha
                  Numbers 13:1 - 15:41

                                                          Voted #1 ResoRt/Hotel          foR   2008 - Ranking aRizona

6                                                          I t ’s t h e s o u l o f w h e r e y o u w a n t t o b e .
                                                       245 East Ina Road • (520) 297-1151 • (800) 722-2500 •
                                                                                       Temple Wandering Jews                             Drash Program
                                                                                       and Babies and Bagels                             I hope this finds you contemplating writing and presenting
                                                                                       Evening Havdallah Experience
                                                                                                                                         a drash. Perhaps during this contemplative period you are
                                                                                       at the World-Famous Arizona-                      wondering from what sources you could obtain inspiration
                                                                                       Sonora Desert Museum                              and direction for your task. Here are a couple that should
                                                                                                                                         do just that.
                                                                      Saturday, June 27thst from 5 pm to 8 pm, Temple Emanu-
                                                                      El’s Wandering Jews hiking club and Babies and Bagels              The first is our own Rabbi Samuel M. Cohon. It is a distinct
                                                                      are hosting a Havdallah Experience at the internationally          pleasure to read Rabbi’s Weekly Torah Talk. His ability to
                                                                      acclaimed Arizona Sonora Desert Museum. Desert hikers              analyze the Torah portion and then discuss it in light of the
                                                                      enjoy a relaxing dinner together, participate in a short, lively   world today is truly enviable. You can find the entire collec-
                                                                      Summer Solstice Havdallah Service led by Rabbi Samuel              tion of Weekly Torah Talks at the Temple’s website (templ-
                                                                      M. Cohon and delight in this magnificent setting as they take
                                                                                                                                Just click on “Rabbi Cohon’s Weekly
                                                                      a peaceful evening stroll among the flora and fauna of the
                                                                                                                                         Torah Talk” on the left side of the page and you will open the
                                                                      Desert Musem, accompanied by Abe and Norma Lackow,
                                                                                                                                         door to a wealth of knowledge and inspiration.
                                                                      Temple members and Desert Museum docents.
                                                                                                                                         The other source to pursue is the website Click on
                                                                                                                                         “Weekly Parasha” at the top of the home page. There you
                                                                                                                      there is a
Wandering Jews Hike to Wasson Peak, May 2009. Photo by Steve Shawl.

                                                                                                                                         will find seven selections each of which can give you a great
                                                                                                                                         deal of valuable information. The seventh selection, “Write a
                                                                                                                                         Dvar Torah,” takes you by the hand and leads you through
                                                                                                                      at the Desert
                                                                                                                                         the process of writing a drash.
                                                                                                                                         Good luck in your drash pursuits. Give me a call at 529-2733
                                                                                                                      are urged
                                                                                                                                         to let me know how things are going and when you would
                                                                                                                      to purchase
                                                                                                                                         like to share your drash with your fellow congregants.
                                                                                                                      the     meal
                                                                                                                      at        the
                                                                                                                                         Our darashanim for June are:
                                                                      Ironwood Cafe offered at $10.25. Temple members are                June 5th - Russakoff Family
                                                                      allowed to bring in food to accommodate those who keep             June 12th - Gregoire Family
                                                                      kosher provided that at least half our party purchases the         June 19th - Cohon Family
                                                                      meal. Admission to the museum is free for Desert Museum            June 27th - Joe Steiner
                                                                      members; otherwise the summer evening admission price
                                                                      is: $6 for adults aged 13 and above, $2.25 for young people        Joe Steiner
                                                                      aged 12 and under.       We also have a limited number of          Drash Chair, (520) 529-2733
                                                                      coupon for $2 off the adult admission price available for the
                                                                      earliest registrants.

                                                                      This event is open to the community. However, reservations
                                                                                                                                                     WRJ of Temple Emanu-El
                                                                      are required in order to receive the Temple admission                                 Gift Shop
                                                                      discount, and to reserve meals. For reservations, call                            327-4501, ext. 22
                                                                      the Temple office at 327-4501 no later than 5:00 pm on
                                                                      Wednesday, June 24th.                                                          Judaica for all your home, festival
                                                                                                                                                           and life-cycle needs.
                                                                      The Arizona-Sonora Desert Museum is located at 2021
                                                                      North Kinney Road. From Speedway Blvd, just west of the                              Monday 1 pm to 3 pm
                                                                      freeway: Head west on Speedway 12 miles. Turn right onto                           Tuesday 3:30 pm to 6 pm
                                                                      Kinney Road. In about 2.5 miles, the Desert Museum will be                       Thursday 9:30 am to 12:30 pm
                                                                      on your left.                                                                        Friday 10 am to 1 pm

                                                                                                                                                     For more information or to volunteer, contact
                                                                      Questions? Call the Temple office at 327-4501.
                                                                                                                                                             Dana Adler at 241-4381 or
                                                                      Laura Olesen                                                                        VISA and Mastercard accepted.
                                                                      Wandering Jews Committee

                       Strauss Early Childhood                   Taken from the Childcare Exchange magazine authored by
                                                                 early childhood educator Roger Neugebauer:
                       Education Center
                       In my sixth year at the Strauss ECE,        “‘A good name will shine forever.’
                       we have ten classrooms and are in
                       the process of converting one of our        “Financiers measure the success of their investments
                       older classrooms into a young toddler       by their return rates – the percent of profit an invest-
                       room. It will be ready to go by June        ment returns. Centers can measure their success by
                       1st, 2009, the first day of our summer      another form of return rate – the rate at which families
session.                                                           return to the center. For directors who have been in
                                                                   charge for less than ten years, there is only one return
Our success is made possible by:                                   rate that applies – the frequency with which families re-
                                                                   turn to the center to enroll their subsequent children. If
The strenuous NAEYC re-accreditation process.                      families routinely enroll additional children in a center,
Teachers are working extremely hard to ensure that all of the      this is a probable sign that the center is doing some-
NAEYC criteria and standards are met. Teachers are going           thing right.”
to school and in some cases, back to school, to work on the
requisite degrees required by NAEYC to be qualified early        At the Strauss ECE we have 31 families with their second,
childhood education teachers at our school.                      third and in one case, their 4th child with us. It is a thoughtful
                                                                 testament to the extraordinary quality and dedication of our
Continuing Programs and Activities:                              teaching staff. I could not be more proud of the outstanding
The Pre-Kindergarten students have continued to enjoy play       work they do day in and day out.
dates with the children from the Arizona School for the Deaf
and Blind. We have all truly benefited by this wonderful ex-     And I thank all of you for supporting high quality early Jewish
perience.                                                        childhood education.

 We have been able to attend the Tucson Hebrew Academy           B’Shalom,
for some of their performances and have loved seeing some
of our Strauss ECE alumni in them.                               Lyn Henry
                                                                 Director, Strauss ECE
We have sign language, music, dance and movement and
Israeli dancing as enrichment activities. We also offer physi-
cal education classes. Children have the opportunity to
experience all kinds of movement and to learn more about
their bodies. Judaics are also incorporated in the children’s
weekly lessons.

We have been making playground improvements! Thanks
to our parent committee with its chair, David Harris, we have
been raising money for our playground. We are concentrat-
ing on those areas for infants and young toddlers and have
thus far raised over $2500. We have also been awarded a
grant of $440 from SAzAEYC (Southern Arizona Associa-                                                                                 ECE students celebrating Passover and Purim!
tion for the Education of Young Children ) to help with this
project. Two of our parents, Ilana Addis and Stacy Protas ,
had a jewelry party and $425 was donated to our school. All
the children and teachers are excited about the new chang-
es on the playground!

Our families have also generously participated in the Jewish
Family Services diaper drive and in a stuffed animal drive for
the fire department. The fire department came to our school
and gave a fire safety presentation as well as gratefully col-
lecting the animals!

                     Kurn Religious School                        This year certainly could not have gone as smoothly as it did
                                                                  without our fabulous, supreme and terrific Religious School
                      It is hard to believe how quickly this
                                                                  Assistant, April Bauer. April has a tremendous ability to
                      school year has gone… and exciting to
                                                                  be proactive and figure things out, and is highly organized
                      look back at all that we have accom-
                                                                  and efficient.
                      plished since the fall. As you prob-
                      ably know, I began the school year
                                                                  A special thank you to acting president Jason Feld, for tak-
                      teaching the 4th grade class, which
                                                                  ing on many, many hours of volunteer work to guide our
                      also marked my fifth year teaching at
                                                                  congregation through quite a few transitions. Jason has
                      Temple Emanu-El and my 18th year of
                                                                  always made himself available to me to answer my ques-
teaching Hebrew and Judaism. 18 is a special number, so
                                                                  tions and provide perspective and advice.
it seems fitting that my 18th year of teaching also marked a
big change for me… when I took over as Youth Education
                                                                  Last, but certainly not least, I would like to thank my daugh-
Director on October 5th.
                                                                  ter Logan, who has probably felt this transition the most!
                                                                  Although Logan enjoys coming to my office to get jelly
I would like to dedicate this column to the many people who
                                                                  beans, she also had to transition from being the daughter
helped make that transition as smooth as possible. First of
                                                                  of a teacher to the daughter of an education director, which
all, our amazing faculty of teachers, teaching assistants and
                                                                  definitely put her in the spotlight among her peers. Logan
specialists is the heart of our program. We are only suc-
                                                                  has helped me decorate my office, laminate items and has
cessful classroom by classroom. Please be sure to thank
                                                                  spent many hours here doing homework and entertaining
both your child’s teacher and teaching assistants … many of
                                                                  herself, all of which is appreciated!
whom were new faces this year. I was faced with the need
to make changes in some of the classrooms, and could not
                                                                  Please note the following dates for the upcoming school
have done this without the skills and talents of our staff.
                                                                  year: Sunday, August 16th – 11:30 am Welcome Back
                                                                  Pizza Party & Meet the Teachers
Our Youth Education Committee also deserves high praise.
                                                                  Tuesday, August 18th – 4 pm - 1st Day Hebrew School
They have been incredibly supportive of both me and all of
                                                                  Sunday, August 23rd - 9 am – 1st Day Religious School
the programs we offered this year. With Bess Ecelbarger
at the lead, our YEC organized a wonderful Mitzvah Day,
Purim Carnival and end of year Siyyum Celebration. They
                                                                  Lori Riegel
                                                                  Kurn Religious School Director
have also assisted me with a curriculum rewrite, staffing
changes and numerous other decisions I was faced with.
They have really been the champions of our school this
year, and I owe a huge amount of gratitude to all of the vol-
unteers on the committee.                                          The Rick Recht Concert Committee would like to thank
                                                                   our generous sponsors who made the event possible:
Our full-time staff at Temple is also deserving of recognition.
Rabbi Cohon has provided excellent guidance, support and                    TITLE SPONSOR: Temple Emanu-El
advice to me throughout this school year. I also greatly ap-                    Women of Reform Judaism
preciate both Rabbi Sharff’s and Cantorial Soloist Marjorie
Hochberg’s participation in our faculty teaching two of our                             Café Italiano
grades, and willingness to lend a hand whenever needed.                      Creative Arrangements by Sylvia
Also high on the list of thank you’s is Program Coordinator                    elle wine country restaurant
Mila Anderson and Facilities Manager Oleg Shishkovskiy.                      Hampton Inn & Suites on Wilmot
Mila is often at the heart of the wonderful youth and family              The Rialto Theatre – Matisyahu Concert
programs we offer, and Oleg has really kept things running                               Sous Chef
smoothly for us by responding quickly and efficiently when-                     Gary Tenen, Alphagrahpics
ever we needed something in the building. Natalie Waxen-                      Deborah Fernandez-Turner, DO
berg, Temple’s Rabbinic Assistant, not only teaches our 7th                        Wild West Promotions
grade on Sundays, but is also our quick-responding “techie”,
and helped me numerous times when I first moved into my                And Special thanks to Organizer, Lori Riegel!
office. The next time you are in the Temple Office, please
give a special thank you to Karen Nelson, who makes our             If you have not done so already, please enter our raffle
fliers, answers questions with care and concern and is there                for a free pair of tickets to the June 11th
to greet you happily and help track down the answers to any                           Matisyahu Concert!
questions relating to the Temple or Religious School.                          Call Lori at 327-6722 for details.

Rabbi’s Discretionary Fund
 Leo and Eunice Morris in memory of Fred Rosen Burt
Lazar in memory of Brenda Lazar John and Deb Judin Al          Chevra Kadisha Fund
and Janice Kivel Stanley and Lillian Boas in memory of Fred      Doris Nelson in appreciation of Rabbi Cohon
Rosen Gerrie Weiswasser in memory of Sam Sklar Joan
and Jack Cole in honor of Rabbi Cohon ‘s 10th anniversary       Dickstein Memorial Endowment Fund
Irving and Sylvia Bartz in memory of Meyer Gerstel Renee         Bunny and Gerry Matlick in honor of Harold Zimmerman’s
Geffen in appreciation of Temple Emanu-El Doris Nelson in       90th birthday Steve and Ruth Dickstein in memory of Esther
appreciation of Rabbi Cohon Cynthia Shenker in memory of        Greenfield Steve and Ruth Dickstein in memory of Rebecca
Dr. Lewis Shenker, Mollie Sorkin Berger, and Bonnie Sorkin       Eve Dickstein Rene and Ted Silverman in honor of Steve
Cahn Dr. and Mrs. William Becker in memory of Elmer             Dickstein’s special birthday Steve and Ruth Dickstein in
Goldwyn Olga Cohen in memory of Esther Gold Bella              memory of Eve Dickstein Steve and Ruth Dickstein in honor
Whitman in memory of Stephen Cannon Gladys Hanfling             of Rabbi Baruch Cohon’s 2nd Bar Mitzvah Bunny and
in honor of the Bar Mitzvah of Rabbi Baruch Cohon               Jerry Matlick in honor of Fern Feder being named Woman
Gladys Hanfling in honor of Faith Alster’s granddaughter’s       of the Year Steve and Liz Weiner-Schulman in memory of
Bat Mitzvah Gladys Hanfling in honor of Mila Anderson           their grandmother, Eva Ossin Weiner Steve Schulman and
for her efforts to make the Temple Retreat such a success       Liz Weiner-Schulman in honor of Lisa Beyer’s attaining her
Gladys Hanfling in memory of Leonard Schutzman                  Masters Degree Steve Schulman and Liz Weiner-Schulman in
Ronald Cohen Hal and Charlotte Hegwer in honor of Boaz          honor of the marriage of Bryna and Harold Bongarten
Cohon’s Bar Mitzvah Sally Kreida in memory of Harry P.
Direnfeld Cynthia Shenker in memory of Jean Gallner and         Gottlieb Memorial Fund
Beatrice Rybstein Mal Eisenberg for having a safe and non-       Judy Lefton in memory of her grandfather, Max Lipsic
complicated journey Peter and Marian Schwartz in honor of
Rabbi Baruch Cohon’s Bar Mitzvah Jack and Irene Steindler       Jacobson Scholarship Fund
in honor of Rabbi Baruch Cohon’s 2nd Bar Mitzvah                 Micki and Jerry Shulman in honor of their 53rd
Associate Rabbi’s Discretionary Fund. 
 Jake and Sherry Jacobson in memory of Ray Feinberg            Lillyan A Kaplan SACTACC Fund
Joanne and Michael Rainbow in memory of her uncle, Murray         Marjorie Hochberg in memory of Star Wishon
                                                                 Myerson Campership
Cantorial Soloist Discretionary Fund                             Mr. and Mrs. Murray A. Handler in memory of Morris
 The Megdal Family in honor of Marjorie Hochberg being          Gelberg
named Judaic Educator of the Year
                                                                 Music Fund
Bernice Epstein Social Action Fund                               Bill and Eve Smith in memory of Susan Smith and Sig
 Ruth and Sam Reiter in memory of Henry Darmstadter            Smith Layha Emma in memory of her husband, Alexander
Robert and Harriet Hirsch in memory of Sidney Nelson Sylvia     Emma
Ulan and Family in memory of Harry S. Berlat
                                                                 Nogales Cemetery Fund
Bilgray Fund                                                     Esther Capin in memory of Robert Bracker
 Ruth Winger in memory of her brother, Sidney Gilberg
Ruth Winger in memory of Fred Rosen Simon Rosenblatt and        Oneg Fund
Louise Greenfield in honor of Steve Dickstein’s 70th birthday    Hal and Charlotte Hegwer in honor of Hal Hegwer’s
                                                                 Birthday Blessing
Caring Community
 Sandra Birnbaum and Martin Birnbaum in memory of their         David & Helen Plotkin Sponsor-A-Student Fund
mother, Beatrice Birnbaum Milton and Marilyn Kaufman             Diana Simpson in memory of her mother, Matilda Angel
in honor of George Parlmutter’s 90th birthday Milton and
Marilyn Kaufman for a speedy recovery of Murray Weiss Ted       Religious School Fund
Karnofsky in memory of his mother, Lena Karnofsky, and his        The Medgal Family in honor of Keith Dveirin being named
brother, Eugene Karnofsky Lola Grabb in memory of Olga          Young Man of the Year Lori Riegel in memory of her father,
Grabb                                                           Cary Bercovitch Judy Mayer in memory of Jane Elin

                                                              Ann Lapidus donation of centerpieces and decorations Hal
Remembrance Fund                                             and Charlotte Hegwer in appreciation of the Northwest Shabbat
 Fern and Cary Marmis in memory of Sidney Nelson            Services Simon Rosenblatt and Louise Greenfield in honor of
Esther Capin in memory of Sol Nathan Harriet Rosenstein in   Bruce and Donna Beyer’s 40th wedding anniversary Bruce
memory of Morton Rosenstein                                  and Donna Beyer in honor of the birth of Marty and Marilyn
                                                              Halpern’s grandson, John Joseph
Fred & Gert Rosen Memorial Fund
 Harry Karchmer in memory of Fred Rosen Irene Sarver in     21st Century Legacy Fund
memory of Fred Rosen Betty Ann Sarver in memory of Fred      (Temple Emanu-El Endowment Fund)
Rosen Robert and Harriet Hirsch in memory of Fred Rosen      Ronald and Diane Weintraub in memory of his mother,
                                                              Beatrice Weintraub Ronald and Diane Weintraub in memory
Sam & Jane Kurn Fund                                         of Fred Rosen Roberta Bracker in memory of her husband,
 Hindy Pino in memory of Betty Sichel                       Robert Bracker Roberta Bracker in memory of her father-
                                                              in-law, Charles Bracker Roberta Bracker in memory of her
Simchas & Happy Occasion Fund                                father, Sol Bracker
 The Megdal Family in honor of Danny Gasch being named
Man of the Year Hal and Charlotte Hegwer in honor of Rabbi
Baruch Cohon’s 2nd Bar Mitzvah

Strauss Early Childhood Education Fund
 Robert and Olga Strauss in memory of Fred Rosen Sue
Scheen for improvements in our playground Ilana Addis
for improvements in our playground Stacy Protas for
improvements in our playground Sharon Geiger in memory
of Julius Lindenberg Rabbi Benjamin and Joy Sharff for
improvements in our playground Fred and Leah Richter in
memory of Sylvia and Nathan Richter the Martin family in
honor of the Bris of Zev Joseph Martin The Family of Dina
Spector for improvements in our playground
                                                                                           F I F T H     A N N UA L

Temple Emanu-El
                                                                               er wine tou r
 Martin Heilbraun in memory of Sylvia Heilbraun James
                                                                             mm STARTING MAY 26!
and Ruth Friedman Simon Rosenblatt and Louise Greenfield
Peter Eisner Kathy and Ron Margolis for Rabbi’s Pantry in
memory of Kenneth Napoli Dan Kirchner Pearl Lasky in
appreciation of the Yizkor service Warren Bodow Morton
and Francine Shafton for Rabbi’s Pantry in memory of Fred
Rosen Charlotte Kendis in memory of Fred Rosen Irene
and Jack Sarver: donation of many books

 Dear Friends,

 Thank you for electing me as a Director to the Temple                 WINE COUNTRY RESTAURANT

                                                                  2 courses 2 wines22dollars
 Board of Directors. I would especially like to thank all
 those who signed my petition.

  I will work hard for transparency and improved                           newregionevery 3weeks
  communication between the Board of Directors and                     throughout the summer, available nightly
  the Congregation.
                                                                          3048 east broadway at country club
    Robert Estrin                                                          327-0500 |

Happy June                         Gerald Sapin           21   Dr. Ron Schifman
                              14   Robert Cohen           22   Gilbert Kurland
Birthday!                          Boaz Cohon                  Sylvia Ulan
1    Arthur Dumes                  Michael Fox            23   Sheila Bart
     Alizda Garma-Contreras        Gerald Gendell              Suzanne Bloomfield
     David Gibbs                   Ann Lapidus                 Rena Bransky
     Sondra Marcus                 David Morgan                Teddy Horowitz
2    Dr. William Becker       15   Sara Baker                  Barry Kalpin
     Caroline Dreyfus              Jonathan Katz          24   Daniel Marks
     Yukari Iventosch              Kenneth Reynolds       25   William Bauer
     Rachel Levy                   Shirley Rochman             Deandra Binder
     Natalie Robbins               Peter Schwartz              Kaitlin Haley
     Charlotte Toppel              Laura Sherman               Elsa Leibovitz
3    Elsa Bortman                  Mark Sherman                Martha Rothman
     Roberto Veytia                Gary Tenen             26   Rabbi James Botwright
4    Roberta Bracker               Levi Tenen                  Lindsey Molk
     Jake Dunham              16   Robert Bransky              Kira O’Shea
     Bryce Megdal                  Shipherd Reed          27   Zachary Brown
     Micki Shulman            17   Ann Eisenberg               Leatrice Ennis
5    Scott Arden                   Lawrence Hafter             Jacob Glaser
     Richard Belkin                Eileen Palles               Logan Jacobs
     Devin Katz                    Esther Spiegel              Nicole Keel
     Sam Migliazzo            18   Dr. Bernard Cohen           Joy Miller-Frilot
     Barbara Sussman               Richard Gordon              Dr. Joseph Steiner
     Brendan Weinberg              Diana Haas             28   Craig Gross
6    Sabina Anderson               Dr Kevan Schlamowitz        Alex Smythe
     Paulette Gootter              Steve Shawl                 Sandra Snyder
     David Harris             19   Murray Abramson             Ellen Yasmer
     John Kaiser                   Pearl Feld             29   Carol Tornow
7    Shirley Dennis                Ken Goodman            30   David Bonin
     Taran Gregoire                Dr. Harvey Meislin          Allegra Cronin
     Andrew Messing                Kevin O’Shea                Jonathan Rothschild
     Barton Rochman                Morton Reich
     Bari Ross                     Logan Riegel
8    Jenna Cohen                   Shelly Silverman
     Martin Heilbraun              Lee Tencer Reiss
     Ruth Rappaport           20   Jonathan Contreras
     Roberta Watson                Brad Dux
9    Wendy Agron                   Taylor Kauffman
     Steven Golden                 Simon Moret
     Claudine Gootter              Benjamin Sargus
     Janice Meltzer
     Claudine Messing
     Yolanda Montes
     Lee Silva
10   JoAnne Naef
     Sara Taetle
11   Antonia Esquibel
12   Burt Derman
     Claire Dunham
     David Sherman
     Florence Weiss
13   Jodi Bransky
                                                   3015 N. Oracle Road - Tucson, Arizona 85705
       & GENERAL CONTRACTORS                       IN CASE YOU DIDN’T KNOW...

  *LICENSED         *BONDED      *INSURED          EVERGREEN CEMETERY your Jewish Cemetery
                                                   location in Tucson, also provides complete undertaking
                                                   services within our grounds at EVERGREEN.

                                                   THIS MEANS:
                                                   Experienced funeral and burial services in one location.
           KEN GOODMAN                             COST SAVINGS:
                   PRESIDENT                       Due to elimination of some traditional funeral expenses
                                                   because of a singular location. Less emotional strain
                                                   because arrangements for funeral and burial needs are
                                                   done only once.

                                                    Arrangements for Prearranged Funeral Packages
                                                   can be made with Evergreen.
423 Olsen Avenue          Phone: (520) 884-1114
Tucson, AZ 85719            Fax: (520) 884-9456                  For further information
                            Cell: (520) 631-0494                   CALL: 888-7470

                                                            Marty & Marilyn Halpern
                                                            Alison & Philip Neja
                      Happy June                            Walter & Carol Tornow
                      Anniversary                   24      Chad Anderson & Erica Meltzer
                                                            David & Ana Bynes
                      1 Jack & Joan Cole                    Gerald & Helen Hirsch
                      3 Eric & Margaret Kendle      25      Victor & E. Patricia Resnick
                                                            Bryan & Tamara Sargus
     4   Martin & Barbara Harow                     26      Morris & Beverly Fine
         Rex & Allycyn Jacobs                       27      H. Wayne & Mila Anderson
         Arthur Statman & Vikki Spritz                      Steven & Cindy Goldberg
     5   Jeff & Dana Gilmore                                Joseph & Paulette Gootter
     6   Ralph & Sally Duchin                               Steve & Mindy Henry
         Michael & Cindy Sadowsky                           Jonathan & Marcia Katz
         Andrew & Vicky Sherman                             Stephen & Lena Saradnik
         Lawrence & Barbara Temkin                          Ralph & Roz Stein
     8   Scott & Angie Goorman                      29      Daniel & Michelle Kirchner
     9   Jason & Bonnie Hurwitz                     30      Gene & Melissa Einfrank
         Cook & Marcy Islas                                 Arnie & Poornima Friedman
         Mike & Alice Tannenbaum                            Lawrence & Cynthia Hafter
 10      Jeff & Fran Bickert                                Frank & Janet Marcus
         Chuck & Em Fletcher                                Richard & Elaine Solomon
 11      Steve & Jeannette Shawl

                                                                                                              photo by joe Steiner.
                                                                                                              Steve Nevins, Robert Inigo, Victor Villareal, John Asselin
 12      Victor & Dora Chiquiar-Arias
         Arnie & Penny Epel
         Art & Sharon Geiger
         Hal & Charlotte Hegwer
         Martin & Carol Navarrette
 14      Bruce & Donna Beyer
         Mo & Amy Goldman
         Rabbi Richard & Lois Safran
         Steven & Shelly Silverman
         A. Steven & Eleanor Ulin
 15      Toni Miller & Peter Lasho
         Steve & Lynn Sacks
         Les & Susan Wallach                     Infrastructure and Our Temple’s
 16      Manuel & Elda Garma
         Fern & Cary Marmis                      Unsung Heroes
 17      Ned & Suzanne Bloomfield
         Michael & Sonny Kaye                    Infrastructure is a term often heard these days when it comes
         David Mandel & Leah                     to national and local events and policies. Infrastructure has
         Glashow-Mandel                          to do with elements indispensible to our society such as
 18      Foster & Carol Kivel                    roads and bridges and how they function. How does that
 19      Jerry & Marsha Julius                   term relate to Temple Emanu-El? Does Temple have indis-
         Barton & Shirley Rochman                pensible needs? Indeed it does.
         Sanders & Ruth-Jean Solot
         Bob & Olga Strauss                      All too often we take for granted the many contributions to
 20      Arthur & Ann Goldberg                   our Temple’s infrastructure made by many unsung heroes.
         Ed & Lynda Rogoff                       John Asselin, Robert Inigo, Steve Nevins and Victor
 21      Charles & Renee Freund                  Villareal form one group of heroes who work diligently to
         Stanley & Elaine Goldberg               maintain our large and complicated facility. This group con-
         Myron & Joan Rosenbluth                 tributes so much that makes life at Temple attractive. Be sure
         Larry & Jan Zeger                       to say hello and thanks to our facilities team members!
 22      Arnold & Carole Adler
 23      Larry & Doris Chapman                   Joe Steiner
Rei’ut Jewish Singles,
June Activities for “Boomers,” aged 45-65

Wednesday, June 3rd at 5:00pm Happy Hour at Blanco’s in La Encantada Shopping Center.
Half price appetizers and drink specials. RSVP to Barbara Esmond at 299-1197 by Tuesday,
June 2nd.

Wednesday, June 10th at 7:30pm Coffee and conversation at the Coffee X-Change at Camp-
bell and Grant. Come shmooze and meet some new friends. Look for the Rei’ut sign.

Monday, June 15th at 6:00pm Meet at the JCC to hear the Tzofim Friendship Caravan. They are a group of highly talented
Israeli teenagers that travel throughout the US with song and dance. The concert is free.

Sunday, June 21st at 4:00pm Pot luck pool party at the home of Ron Cohen. Bring your swim suit and towel. Call Ron by
Friday, June 19th at 615-1205 to tell him what food item you will be bringing.

Tuesday, June 23rd at 6:00pm Dinner at Bangkok Café, 2511 E Speedway. Hosts are Mike and Fern. RSVP to Mike at
744-8624 by Monday, June 22nd.

Wednesday, June 24th at 7:30pm Coffee and conversation at the Coffee X-Change at Campbell and Grant. Come sh-
mooze and meet some new friends. Look for the Rei’ut sign.

Sunday, June 28th at 7:00am Hike to Josephine Saddle in Madeira Canyon. For more info and to sign up for the hike,
please call Simon at 731-1206 by Thursday, June 25th so he can arrange for car pooling.

Gail Ben-Jamin
Rei’ut Chair

                                                                  Temple Cycle of Life

  Mark Cohen                     Office (520) 622-0912
  Owner                           Cell (520) 977-6334
                                  Fax (520) 546-5720
     Full-Service Event Planning for all of your

                 Our services include:
      DJ’s and Bands--Security--Limo--Catering--
         Video--Slide Shows--Theme Parties--
         Full Bartending Company--and more!                       Adult Confirmation
                                                                  Mazal Tov to our Adult Confirmation class, confirmed
 Wild West Promotions is a locally owned, Jewish business that    on Saturday, May 30th. Pictured at left: Joe Steiner,
 has been serving Tucson for 20 years. We will work with you to
                                                                  Joan Weinberg, Rabbi Samuel M. Cohon, Heather
   make your event smooth and stress-free, to fit any budget.
                                                                  McLaughlin, Olga Cohen, Eddie Garcia (not pictured,
 5425 E Broadway #167                    Jeanette Shawl).
 Tucson AZ 85711

                                               Temple Cycle of Life
About the Temple Times                         Mazal Tov, B’nai Mitzvah!
Contributors this issue:
                                                                        Max Russakoff
Rabbi Samuel M Cohon
                                                                        June 6th
Rabbi Benjamin Sharff
Marjorie Hochberg, Cantorial Soloist, Editor
                                                                        Parshat Naso
Donna Beyer, Member Services
Lyn Henry, Strauss ECE Director
Lori Riegel, Kurn Religious School                          Taran Gregoire
Mila Anderson, Program Coordinator                          June 13th
Laura Olesen, Wandering Jews                                Parshat Beha’alotcha
Donna Beyer, Membership Chair
Norma Cohen and Sally Duchin, Century
  Celebration                                                               Boaz Cohon
Ruth Dickstein, High Holy Day Honors                                  June 20th at 10 am
Joe Steiner, Temple Photographer,                                 Parshat Shelach Lecha
  Drash Program, Unsung Heroes

Deadline for the July issue                                 Taylor Kauffman
is Monday, June 1st                                         June 20th at 4 pm
                                                            Parshat Shelach Lecha
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For more information, contact                                                                Condolences
Marjorie Hochberg at 327-4501                                            We mourn the loss to our community of
                                                                          Marcelle Eisen, mother of Elka Eisen
Check out our webpage!
                                                                               Pearl Feld, mother of Jason Feld
                                                          Murray Mondschein, ex-husband of Ruth Mondschein &
                                                                             father of Joan & Paula Mondschein
                                                                            Dr. Larry Sayre, son of Dotte Sayre
                                                                  Leonard Schutzman, friend of Gladys Hanfling
                                                                     Jean Simon, grandmother of Melissa Haller
                                                                              May their memories be a blessing.

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