Abc               29 January 2007

                                  TARGETED AT SME OWNERS

                   HSBC has joined forces with Standard Life to launch a new SIPP1 proposition
                   designed to enhance the bank’s current pension portfolio and bridge the gap between
                   its stakeholder pension (SHP) and SSAS/SIPP Practice2.

                   The new SIPP is aimed at small-to-medium sized business (SME) owners and
                   directors who want to enjoy the benefits of a SIPP but do not have sufficient assets to
                   take advantage of HSBC’s current bespoke solution.

                   Ian Martin, head of pensions and retirement income at HSBC said: “In an age of
                   increasing longevity and a decreasing state pension HSBC’s SIPP provided by
                   Standard Life is further proof of our commitment to ensuring customers are
                   financially prepared for their retirement by providing them with a holistic pension

                   HSBC’s SIPP provided by Standard Life requires a minimum contribution of only
                   £10,000, although it is ideally suited to customers who have already built up a fund
                   worth £100,000 or more at retirement. It is available from HSBC’s UK network of
                   commercial financial planning managers (CFPMs), with investment advice backed by
                   HSBC’s global multi-manager team who will recommend selected funds from
                   Standard Life’s range.

                   HSBC’s head of commercial insurance and investments, Mark Hussein said:
                   “Introducing HSBC’s SIPP provided by Standard Life to our portfolio of investment
                   and insurance solutions is a win-win situation for our commercial customers. The
                   benefits of a SIPP include the ability to invest in commercial property and the breadth
                   of investment and retirement income options available make it ideal for our medium-
                   high net-worth business owners.”


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HSBC Enhances Pension Portfolio with New SIPP Targeted at SME Owners/2

Mark continued: “We can now offer our customers a comprehensive range of
solutions to match both their business and individual retirement needs through
HSBC’s dedicated team of commercial financial planning managers.”

For further information on HSBC’s SIPP proposition, customers should ask at their
local branch or call their commercial financial planning manager.


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Notes to editors:


A SIPP (Self-Invested Personal Pension) is a tax-favoured wrapper around a group of investments
which are chosen and managed by an investor, with or without the help of a professional adviser.

Compared to a traditional personal pension, a SIPP gives a wider range of investment choice and
greater control over when and how benefits are taken in retirement.

2: HSBC SSAS/SIPP Practice
HSBC currently offer SIPPs through a specialist team (HSBC SSAS/SIPP Practice), who cater for high
net-worth customers - the minimum initial fund comprising contributions and/or transfers is £300k.
This provides a fee-based professional pension consultancy service, together with appropriate
discretionary and/or advisory fund management expertise.

HSBC’s SIPP provided by Standard Life is aimed at medium-to-high net-worth customers (specifically
individuals within small-to-medium sized businesses with a high turnover) who would benefit from a
SIPP but are not wealthy enough for our existing product. It has a minimum single contribution of £10k
and bridges the gap between HSBC’s Stakeholder Pensions (SHP) and the SSAS/SIPP Practice to
ensure HSBC provides a holistic pension service.

HSBC Bank plc
HSBC Bank is a wholly-owned subsidiary of HSBC Holdings plc which is headquartered in the UK.
The HSBC Group serves over 125 million customers worldwide from more than 9,500 offices in 76
countries and territories in Europe, the Asia-Pacific region, the Americas, the Middle East and Africa.
With assets of US$1,738 billion at 30 June 2006, HSBC is one of the world’s largest banking and
financial services organisations. HSBC is marketed worldwide as ‘the world’s local bank’.


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