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									                                           Personal Car Concierge, LLC
                                          Personal Car Concierge, LLC
                                               Buying a car just got easier

Agreement to Hire
I authorize Personal Car Concierge LLC to act as my buying agent for the purpose of procuring a new vehicle.
I acknowledge that it is the responsibility of Personal Car Concierge LLC to secure the best price available for the
car I select, and the most competitive lender lease and finance rates available.*
I understand that Personal Car Concierge LLC will go to great lengths to provide me with the lowest available price,
working solely on my behalf.
The fee for this service is $395 payable to Your Car Concierge LLC. I acknowledge that once I sign this agreement,
I am responsible for $395 payment, even if I cancel my request with Your Car Concierge LLC. Payment is to be
submitted with this agreement to hire. Please send check or money order to:
                                           Personal Car Concierge LLC
                                    536 Mockingbird Way Warrington, PA 18976

Name†: ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________
Address†: ________________________________________________________________________________________________________
City†: ____________________________________ State†:_____________________________________ Zip†: ______________________
Home Phone†: ___________________________ Work Phone: ________________________ Cell Phone: ______________________
Fax: _____________________________________
Email†: ___________________________________________________________ Driver’s License Number†: _____________________
Required Fields

Lease or Purchase (circle one)

Year/Make/Model ________________________________________________________________________________________________
External Color: 1st Choice __________________________ 2nd _______________________ 3rd _____________________________
Interior Color: 1st Choice __________________________ 2nd _______________________ 3rd _____________________________
Please list all options you must have on this vehicle: ______________________________________________________________
Please list all options you do not want on this vehicle: _____________________________________________________________
Please list all options you would not mind having on this vehicle:__________________________________________________
                          We will review your selections and advise you of any additional options
                                at the time we call to confirm your vehicle’s specifications.
Any additional information regarding this vehicle that you would like to provide: ___________________________________
If you would like us to procure a loan for you, please provide a down payment amount: ____________________________
How many months? _________________________________

Signature: __________________________________________________________________________Date: ______________________

          After completing this form as well as the Credit Application, please fax to 215-343-8782.
            Thanks for your business and we will be sure to get back to you as soon as possible.

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