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                     government office for the north west

annual report 2000 - 2001

      Introduction ........................................................................................................................2

      GONW Objectives ...............................................................................................................3

      Partnerships ........................................................................................................................4


      Sustainable Development.................................................................................................10

      Regeneration and Social Inclusion ...................................................................................14

      European Funding ............................................................................................................18

      2000/2001 outturn expenditure ......................................................................................21

      Key to abbreviations.........................................................................................................22

      Organisation chart............................................................................................................23

     government office for the north west                                                                                                       1

annual report 2000 - 2001
Introduction                                                              Looking Forward...

                                                                          In order to realise the true potential of GONW we have embarked
The process of change at GONW gathered pace and has impacted              on an in-depth strategic review. The need for the review was already
upon virtually all parts of the organisation during the year. We          clear well before the regional emergencies arose. The latter made
successfully reshaped GONW in response to the establishment of the        the need for a review essential. This longer term review, entitled
new Learning & Skills Councils and business support structures in the     ‘Making a Difference’, aims to shape GONW by the end of 2003
region and was completed as planned by the end of the year. The           into an organisation capable of delivering the full range of tasks
Crime Reduction team started to take shape under its new director         placed upon us in a way which is co-ordinated, sympathetic to local
and we also began absorbing further responsibilities around the rural     circumstances and accountable to the Centre. This is very much in
agenda and a small cadre of Ministry of Agriculture Fisheries and         the spirit of the Performance and Innovation Unit report “Reaching
Food staff. We laid the groundwork for the amalgamation into              Out”.
GONW of some of our colleagues from the National Health Service
Regional Executive.                                                       The review has identified four themes for further development:
                                                                          identification of new approaches to core programme delivery,
Whilst challenging in their different ways those activities were          promotion of cross cutting agendas, centralisation of service support
conducted to a time-scale which largely permitted consultation with       functions and facilitation of external linkages. The review is being
the affected staff and full consideration of the issues. Such luxuries,   conducted with broad participation of all GONW staff and is being
however, were not available to us in response to two national and         implemented across the organisation.
regional emergencies - the petrol price protests in September 2000
followed by the foot and mouth outbreak in February. Both required        I would wish to put on record my sincere appreciation for the support
the committed support of staff working virtually without warning          which I have received from GONW directors and staff, colleagues
on issues that were totally unfamiliar to them. The response of all       across Whitehall and partners in this and other regions in this, my
staff was magnificent and a measure of the true potential of this          first full year as Regional Director.

                                                                          Keith Barnes

                                 government office for the north west                                                                              2

                       annual report 2000 - 2001
GONW OBJECTIVES                                                            4. To represent and communicate participating Departments’
                                                                              national policy at local levels and provide a channel to inform
                                                                              national policy with local views and issues.
Mission Statement
                                                                           5. To manage, develop and train the staff of the Government Office
To work with regional partners and local people to maximise                   to ensure that they are equipped to deliver their objectives and
competitiveness and prosperity in the regions, and to support                 to work to the Investors in People standard.
integrated policies for a inclusive society.
                                                                           GONW is ambitious for the region and for our contribution to
1. To support and promote a coherent regional approach to                  regional success. Our contribution will be achieved through people
   competitiveness; sustainable development; regeneration and              who:
   social inclusion. This is achieved both through the government
   programmes over which the GO has direct control and by                  •   are capable and professional in all they do;
   influencing the action of partners/partnerships.                         •   demonstrate integrity and earn and offer trust; and
                                                                           •   are responsive, influential and facilitate effective action.
2. To manage the Government’s relationship with regional partners,
   by promoting and supporting effective partnership working.              Cross-cutting Themes
   Particularly with emphasis to sponsorship of the Regional
   Development Agency and support to it in the delivery of its             Government set a key challenge for Government Offices to deliver
   strategy.                                                               against the five cross-cutting themes of:

3. To meet the needs of Ministers, Departments and the public              •   Partnerships
   in delivering high quality services against Service First Principles,   •   Competitiveness
   including: carrying out statutory duties, and delivering a range of     •   Sustainable Development
   programmes and contracts in ways which add value, secure value          •   Regeneration
   for money, and achieve a positive impact on the region.                 •   Social Inclusion

                                  government office for the north west                                                                            3

                       annual report 2000 - 2001
PARTNERSHIPS                                                              •   Direct links between the two organisations exist at many
                                                                              levels; awaydays at senior management and team leader level
                                                                              have helped cement working relationships, develop a broader
Securing the best outcomes for the region from the many                       awareness of one another’s roles, and identify areas for close
programmes for which we are responsible requires close working                working in the future.
with partners at regional and local level. GONW works actively to
build relationships with and between organisations builds consensus       •   GONW sponsorship team ensured that sound financial
and develops joint solutions to regional and local problems.                  management systems were in place and that appointments were
                                                                              in line with Government policy.
Our external relations were put on a more formal - and public -
footing by the signing of a ‘Concordat’ between GONW, NWDA and            North West Regional Assembly
NWRA at the North West Conference in July 2000. The Concordat
defines the areas of responsibility for each organisation and how          •   GONW was been involved in all the NWRA’s key priority groups
they will work together. Our links with the North West Regional               during the year, providing policy advice on the development
Assembly were further strengthened by our work in partnership,                of regional initiatives and assisted in establishing the Regional
firstly to produce, and then review the Regional Planning Guidance             Review process involving GONW, NWDA and the NWRA.
for the North West.
                                                                          •   GONW worked closely with the RPG drafting team within NWRA,
The landscape of the North West has changed as far as post 16                 on the RPG review process and in support of the regional
learning, small business support, and the Careers Service is concerned.       work on Action for Sustainability, the Regional Sustainability
There are now seven new Business Link operators sponsored by the              Framework.
Small Business Service, two “Connexions” services and a further three
in development.                                                           Learning and Skills Councils

North West Development Agency                                             •   Preparations were completed for the opening in April of the five
                                                                              local Learning and Skills Councils in the North West. Existing
•   GONW worked closely with the North West Development Agency                TEC/CCTE structures were being wound down in parallel. Specific
    supporting the implementation of the Regional Strategy and                issues addressed through partnership working included: resolving
    related initiatives.                                                      what boundaries should exist within the region for local LSCs

                                 government office for the north west                                                                              4

                       annual report 2000 - 2001
    and agreeing the location of local LSC offices. Also included        Trade Partners UK
    was the establishment of Task Groups for each of the local LSC
    areas where a cross-section of local partners have helped to        From the national launch of TPUK on 31st March ‘00 the past year
    map provision and produce a report for the incoming Executive       has been a period of exceptional change for the GONW export team;
    Director, there has also been the appointment of a chair and        key elements include:
    fifteen members for each Council.
                                                                        •   Appointment of Peter Hogarth as the International Trade
Small Business Service                                                      Director for the Region
                                                                        •   Wide consultation with regional partners to produce the first ever
•   Seven new Business Link operators, delivering business support          Regional International Trade Strategy
    to SMEs, became operational from April 2001, following a            •   Redistribution of staff in Business Links to take account of SBS
    competitive bidding process managed by SBS with the support             changes and creation of 7 International Trade Teams in new
    of GONW.                                                                locations
                                                                        •   Move of the regional team to NWDA which has provided greater
•   The previous Business Link network in the region was wound              opportunities for joint-working including NWDA taking the chair
    down and the transition process managed by GONW.                        of the NW International Trade Forum

•   The new SBS Regional Management Team was established, with          Despite all this change, customer focus and productivity has remained
    effective linkages developed with GONW Senior Management.           high with successful submission of a proposal under TPUK’s new
    The SBS Team has been staffed with secondees from GONW,             scheme, Passport to Export, to nurture fledgling exporters and
    collocated within GONW premises and the new SBS Director            a high level of mission activity, particularly through the Export
    for the Region, Tom Walker works closely with GONW Senior           Explorer scheme to encourage new exporters to visit Western
    Managers.                                                           Europe. Many of the companies involved returned with encouraging
                                                                        orders. Another key feature of the year has been the increased
•   SBS initiated collaborative work, particularly with the Business    impetus placed on developing initiatives with regional partners,
    & Europe Group within GONW, on the integration and                  notably MIDAS, to promote trade opportunities arising from the
    simplification of services available to small firms.                  Commonwealth Games.

                                  government office for the north west                                                                           5

                       annual report 2000 - 2001
Connexions                                                                Voluntary and Community Sector

•   GO-NW supported the introduction of the new Connexions                •   Significant support, and now Home Office resources, has been
    Service to help 13-19 year-olds, with the launch of the service           provided for three regional networks - Voluntary Sector North
    in Cheshire, Warrington and Cumbria in April and Greater                  West, Forward North West and the North West Volunteering
    Merseyside in Autumn 2000. The Connexions Partnerships                    Forum. Support to the black and minority ethnic network
    in Lancashire, and Greater Manchester continue to develop                 (Forward North West) has also been provided through a part
    proposals for launch in 2002.                                             time secondment of a GONW member of staff.

•   The Connexions Service will be a universal service to help young      Rural Forum & Rural White Paper
    people make the transition to working life and adulthood. It
    will offer advice and guidance, and in particular, will support       •   GONW and MAFF continued joint chairmanship of the Rural
    those young people at risk of exclusion or not realising their full       Forum for the North West of England. There were three general
    potential.                                                                meetings, a fourth being displaced by the need to concentrate
                                                                              on the Public Examination of Draft RPG in the fourth quarter.
•   Significant preliminary work was done with existing borough-               Two extra-ordinary meetings were called by the North West
    wide partnerships in a number of areas in preparation for their           Development Agency to enable them to consult the membership
    development into full LSPs and we began the roll out of new LSPs          on their Rural Action Plan and launch the findings of their Rural
    in those areas where existing structures are not yet in place.            Planning work.

Learning Partnerships                                                     •   The Rural Forum consulted its membership and provided a
                                                                              response to the public consultation on Draft RPG. The Forum
•   Learning Partnerships focus on bringing greater coherence and             continued to enjoy good attendance. The membership regards
    co-ordination to local post-16 education & training and lifelong          the Forum as a principal means of networking whilst the rural
    learning in such areas as student/learner support, adult numeracy         agencies use it as a sounding board. Following the launch of the
    and literacy and adult and community learning. GONW has                   Rural White Paper in November 2000, the Forum’s future role is
    continued to broker 18 Learning Partnerships across the North             to be developed as the Regional Sounding Board.

                                  government office for the north west                                                                            6

                       annual report 2000 - 2001
•   The North West Costal Forum led by the Government Office,             •   DCMS activities are noted below. Other activities appear in the
    established itself at the end of 2000 - 2001 in order to promote         Regeneration and Social Inclusion chapter.
    integrated costal zone management and encourage sustainable
    development of coastal land and cities and the adjoining marine      Department for Culture, Media and Sport
                                                                         •   We supported the development of the North West Cultural
North West Housing Forum                                                     Consortium and the production of a regional cultural strategy.
                                                                             A draft strategy, a cultural industries cluster report and a data
•   A Regional Housing Forum, made up of representatives from local          report have been produced jointly funded with the Northwest
    authorities, registered social landlords and other key agencies in       Development Agency. The strategy will be published in July 2001.
    the region is now established. A member of the GONW Housing              A web site has been set up and a consortium post has been
    Team has been seconded to the Forum as its Link Officer                   established in partnership with the regional cultural agencies and
                                                                             the NWDA.
Central Office of Information
                                                                         •   We also supported the development of local cultural strategies,
•   Close co-operation with the Central Office of Information                 the DCMS Creative Partnerships initiative and facilitated regional
    resulted in a number of successful regional launches of                  consultation on a range of issues including film and the
    Government policy (The Urban and Rural White Papers, the 10              Communications White Paper. Advice has been given on New
    Year Transport Strategy). Effective presentation of government           Deal for Communities and SRB 6 applications; and contributions
    policy in the region remained a top priority for GONW.                   made to the European Single Programmes and Regional Planning
Other Government Departments and Agencies

•   Secondees from the Department of Culture, Media & Sport,
    Home Office, NHS Executive and from the Police, Prison and
    Probation Services made important input throughout the year.
    Likewise the Drug Prevention and Advisory Service which is
    collocated with GONW.

                                 government office for the north west                                                                              7

                      annual report 2000 - 2001
COMPETITIVENESS                                                          North West Regional Intelligence Unit

                                                                         •   GONW has supported the creation of the Regional Intelligence
GONW works with regional partners and local people to maximise               Unit, providing advice on data sources and its work priorities.
competitiveness and prosperity in the region, supporting and
promoting a coherent regional approach.                                  Regional Selective Assistance (RSA)

GONW administers a number of DTI business support programmes,            •   RSA grants totalling £17.4m were offered to companies to
and works closely with the North West Development Agency                     assist £182.1m of investment, creating and safeguarding over
(NWDA) and others to promote regional competitiveness.                       11,000 jobs. RSA played an important part in attracting
                                                                             inward investment projects, and improving the competitiveness
GONW continues to work closely with NWDA, SBS/Business Links                 of indigenous businesses. Major projects included Swiss Life,
and the region’s Universities to improve cross-regional networking.          Liverpool, Exxon Mobil, Manchester and Lever Bros, Port Sunlight.
We have helped ensure that policy developments from the Science
and Innovation and Competitiveness White Papers are properly             Enterprise Grant Scheme (EGS)
implemented and co-ordinated with regional strategies.
                                                                         •   EGS support was important in supporting and encouraging
We have worked with NWDA on its deployment of Regional                       quality investment by SMEs. EGS grants totalling £4.5m were
Innovation Fund monies (and predecessor funds) to co-ordinate                offered to companies to assist £36m of investment.
activity in key areas such as inward investment, Regional Supply
and Innovation. This has helped to secure the region’s University        SMART
Innovation Centre in Organic Chemicals; the roll out of the Incubation
Partnership; plans for a Regional Centre of Manufacturing Excellence     •   Once again the quality and quantity of SMART cases increased
and advising on the second round of the Higher Education Reach Out           resulting in our most successful year to date. This reflects
to Business and Community Fund. In addition we have sought to                a stronger customer focus both to SMEs and the business
align business support provision from Structural Funds and engaged           support community. We have moved to a continuous call that
partners in a more strategic debate about its use. GONW also                 has been well received by both SME customers and business
chaired the North West Science and Daresbury Development Group               support intermediaries. Of the six national “SMART Achievement
which has led to the establishment of a North West Science Council           Awards” in England, one was from the North West, Ultraframe
and Action Plan.                                                             of Clitheroe.

                                 government office for the north west                                                                             8

                      annual report 2000 - 2001
North West Innovation Strategy

•   GONW continues to liase with NWDA on the practical
    implementation of key elements of the North West Innovation
    Strategy optimising the use of Structural Funds. We have also
    worked closely with the North West Universities Association to
    achieve further exploitation of the region’s knowledge base.

•   Considerable effort was made to ensure that the “Innovation
    Agenda” was properly reflected in the subsequent delivery of

North West Euro Forum

•   The National 3 e’s event was hosted at the Reebok Stadium in
    Bolton. The North West was also the first region to establish a
    Euro Forum web site.

                                government office for the north west   9

                      annual report 2000 - 2001
SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT                                               •   Over the last year, work on AFS has been led by the Assembly’s
                                                                          cross-sectoral Sustainability Steering Group with membership
                                                                          from the NWRA, GONW, NWDA, English Nature, Environment
GONW works with regional partners to support and promote a                Agency, Local Authority LA21 representative, Sustainability North
coherent regional approach to sustainable development.                    West, Co-op Bank, NHS Regional Executive and Voluntary Sector
                                                                          North West.
The North West Regional Framework Action for Sustainability (AFS)
was initiated by GONW and is being developed by the North West        Regional Planning Guidance
Regional Assembly’s (NWRA) cross sectoral Sustainability Steering
Group.                                                                •   The Regional Planning Body (RPB), hosted by the NWRA,
                                                                          published Draft Regional Planning Guidance (draft RPG) in July
GONW is also working closely with NWRA on the formulation of              2000 at the Assembly’s Annual Conference. Public consultation
Regional Planning Guidance (RPG) which will set out guidance for          on draft RPG took place almost immediately and ended in
sustainable development in the North West over the next 15-20             October 2000. GO-NW commissioned the Public Examination
years. Our Environment Team supports and promotes environmental           Panel and gave it support throughout the pre and post
best practice within the region and works to embed sustainable            examination periods. During these times the Office’s liaison
development principles within both Local Agenda 21 (LA21) Plans           role with the RPB and its planning team were properly
and Community Strategies. The planning team discharges the                diminished. GO-NW successfully fielded a substantial cross-office
Secretary of State’s statutory planning roles, working closely with       planning team to represent the Secretary of State at the Public
local authorities.                                                        Examination that began in February 2001.

Regional Sustainability Framework

•   AFS objectives were used to appraise the NWDA’s Regional
    Strategy and the review of RPG and are being used to appraise
    LA21 Plans. AFS has also informed the development of the new
    European Regional Development Fund Programme. The Regional
    Assembly endorsed AFS in April and it was launched in July.

                               government office for the north west                                                                            10

                     annual report 2000 - 2001
Town Centre Management                                                     Energy Efficiency & Environmental Management Best Practice

•   GONW examined ways of promoting town centre management                 •   GONW continues to employ five contracted Energy and
    in the region. This is already endorsed in national planning policy,       Environmental Advisers to promote these programmes to
    but we saw a need to push it at a regional level too. GONW                 business. Despite the abrupt resignation of an adviser, 183 SMEs
    published a free publicity booklet “Town Centre Management in              were visited during 2000/01. In addition, the programmes were
    the North West of England” which aimed to raise awareness of               promoted at Envirenergy 2001; a major GONW sponsored annual
    what town centre management has to offer. It also contained                event for North West business with over 280 attendees and 54
    examples of good practice in the North West. We followed this              exhibitors.
    up with a series of visits to local authorities and presentations to
    interested organisations.                                              Regional Renewable Energy Strategy

•   GONW organised an innovative conference of town centre safety,         •   GONW, in collaboration with Sustainability North West
    bringing together town centre managers, the police and local               commissioned and supervised a DTI funded scoping study into
    authorities.                                                               the potential of renewable energy in the North West. The
                                                                               study report was launched in March and a group of key
•   GONW attends the North West branch of the Association of                   regional partners has been set up to follow up the Report’s
    Town Centre Managers.                                                      recommendations.

Local Agenda 21                                                            Transport

•   GONW worked with Local Authorities to develop LA21 Strategies          •   GONW promoted and organised five seminars in the region
    to meet the Prime Minister’s deadline. We visited the ten                  covering Cycling, Light Rapid Transit, Ports, Speed Camera
    least advanced authorities, grant-aided individual LA21 projects,          Hypothecation and Local Transport Plan monitoring. We also
    presented at regional fora and hosted a very successful Regional           contributed to the NWRA’s preparation of the draft Regional
    LA21 Conference. 87% of North West Authorities successfully                Transport Strategy incorporated with the Draft Regional Planning
    met the December 2000 deadline.                                            Guidance documnet.

                                  government office for the north west                                                                             11

                       annual report 2000 - 2001
•   Work continued on the two area based multi-modal studies in          Town and Country Planning
    the region and consultants were appointed on a third - the M60
    J12-18, which is due to report Autumn 2002.                          •   GONW is responsible for scrutinising emerging local authority
                                                                             development plans to ensure that they reflect national and
•   GONW considered and provided advice to Ministers on 9 local              regional planning policies. GONW is also responsible for
    transport plans from 24 authorities in the region, including             administering over 40 different types of statutory casework on
    the region’s two Passenger Transport Authorities. £242m, (an             behalf of Secretaries of State.
    increase of 140%) was allocated for the integrated local plan
    schemes in the region for 2001/02.                                   •   Major planning objectives in the North West continue to include
                                                                             the protection of the Green Belt, the open countryside and the
•   GONW continued to develop the innovative Lake District                   coast, and sites of scientific interest, listed buildings and rights
    Transport Strategy which is designed to achieve a high quality           of way. GONW has also implemented national planning policy
    access system meeting the needs of those who live, work in, or           in resisting the trend towards out of town shopping and leisure
    visit the area whilst protecting the Lake District environment.          development and instead channelling investment back into town
•   GONW started work with the Highways Agency on twelve trunk
    road Route Management Strategies - to ensure road planning ties      •   Following publication of the new Planning Policy Guidance note
    in with regional transport and planning decisions and to ensure          3 “Housing” in March 2000, GONW has been promoting the
    road users and local people have an input.                               re-use of previously developed land for new housing instead of
                                                                             greenfield sites.
•   We added two new North West schemes to the Targeted
    Programme of Improvements - A595 Parton-Lillyhall Improvments        •   Significant cases in which GONW was involved in 2000/2001
    and M62 Junction 6 Improvments.                                          include: a compulsory purchase order by Manchester to acquire
                                                                             land for the proposed new Shudehill Interchange to improve
•   Metrolink’s Extension to Eccles opened in summer 2000 and                public transport access to the City Centre; a batch of small
    Manchester Airport’s Second Runway opened in spring 2001.                CPOs by Rochdale to acquire land needed to enable reopening
                                                                             of the Rochdale Canal and proposals for significant new retail
•   The Strategic Rail Authority started the Manchester Strategic Rail       development in Bolton, East Manchester, Kirkby and Widnes.

                                 government office for the north west                                                                               12

                       annual report 2000 - 2001
Mersey Basin Campaign

•   GONW continues to sponsor the Campaign, which is on course to
    achieve its water quality targets. GONW secured an additional
    £136k for the Campaign in 2000/2001 and negotiated a one year
    extension of the Chairman’s tenure.


•   GONW commissioned the North West Biodiversity Forum to
    prepare a booklet on biodiversity in the North West in order to
    inform strategic decision-makers on the regional priorities. The
    booklet was published in August.

                                 government office for the north west   13

                       annual report 2000 - 2001
REGENERATION AND SOCIAL                                                 Health

INCLUSION                                                               •   GONW has continued to develop joint working with the Regional
                                                                            Office of the NHS Executive. There is a strong base from which to
                                                                            establish the Integrated Public Health Groups required by the PIU
GONW works with regional partners and local people to bring a               report “Reaching Out”, and the NHS National Plan. These are to
coherent approach to regeneration and social inclusion in the region.       be in place by April 2002, but a formal work programme is being
                                                                            agreed. A joint meeting, with over 30 staff from each office, has
The Government is committed to reducing the gap between the                 supported this process.
most disadvantaged neighbourhoods and the rest of society. Many
government programmes contribute to this goal, and GONW seeks           •   More integrated action on health protection is being established
to maximise the impact of mainstream programmes, and focus                  covering emergency planning, communicable diseases, and
resources from targeted area initiatives to deprived areas.                 environmental hazards.

Housing resources contribute to improving both public and private       •   The main areas of work to improve health and reduce inequalities
sector housing, improving living standards and quality of life across       and social exclusion are:
the region. Increasingly, health and crime budgets are being used
collaboratively to switch the balance from treatment to prevention.         -   providing a health dimension and framework for regional
The Welfare to Work programme administered by the Employment                    strategy development, and the cross-cutting themes of
Service is having a marked success in increasing employment. Area               regeneration, sustainability, and social exclusion;
initiatives such as New Deal for Communities, Sure Start and Health         -   supporting health system improvement in neighbourhood
Action Zones are having a real impact in communities of greatest                renewal, community plans, and local strategic partnerships;
need, and the SRB programme, for which the NWDA is responsible,             -   joint development work on priority topics such as community
continues to provide significant resources to regenerate local areas.            safety and housing, and priority groups such as children
GONW supports the co-ordination of these and other initiatives.                 and young people through Sure Start Children’s Fund, and
                                                                                teenage pregnancy programmes.

                                 government office for the north west                                                                            14

                       annual report 2000 - 2001
•   The closer working has contributed to the developing regional         New Deal for Communities
    partnerships in the North West. The previous North West Health
    Partnership will be strengthened in the process of establishing the   •   GONW supported two Pathfinder areas (Liverpool - Kensington,
    Integrated Public Health Group. A focus plan will be provided             and Manchester - Beswick and Openshaw) through their first full
    by the production of a North West Health Investment Plan, one             year of delivery, and completed mid-year and annual reviews.
    of the daughter strategies to the Regional Development Agency’s           We also supported four Round 2 NDC areas (Knowsley, Salford,
    overall strategy.                                                         Rochdale and Oldham) through Phase 2 and in April Salford,
                                                                              Rochdale and Oldham received full approval for their Delivery
Housing                                                                       Plans and will now proceed to implementation. The Knowsley
                                                                              plan has been approved and they are now officially in phase 3.
•   Local housing strategies of all NW local authorities were
    scrutinised, and each authority visited as part of the Housing        Liverpool Housing Action Trust
    Investment programme (HIP) assessment process. £353m was
    allocated for housing investment in 2001/02.                          •   Focusing on the improvement and redevelopment of high rise
                                                                              blocks in the city, the Liverpool HAT spent just over £18m (of
•   An updated Regional Housing Statement was produced jointly                which £17.8m was grant-in-aid). Outputs achieved to date
    by GONW and Housing Corporation (NorthWest) to inform local               include 1,187 new homes built, 60 homes refurbished, about
    housing strategies and programmes. A Regional Housing Forum,              2,500 jobs created or retained and over £40m private sector
    made up of representatives from local authorities, registered             funding levered in. The HAT Programme is due to run until March
    social landlords and other key agencies in the region is now              2005.
    established. A member of the GONW Housing Team has been
    seconded to the Forum as its Link Officer.                             New Start

•   Five Large Scale Voluntary Transfers were successfully undertaken     •   2000-2001 saw the continuation and strengthening of New Start
    and eight applications for inclusion in the Transfer Programme for        Partnerships in areas across the North West, with good practice
    the coming year were received.                                            being disseminated into neighbouring areas. Partnership working
                                                                              both within and between New Start areas is enabling young
•   The Rentcharges Unit continued to process applications for the            people at risk of dropping out of education and training to be
    apportionment and redemption of rentcharges for the whole of              re-launched with a secure future.
    England, dealing with a total of 761 cases.

                                 government office for the north west                                                                            15

                       annual report 2000 - 2001
Sure Start                                                                 •   During the year the team administered 108 projects under the
                                                                               Crime Reduction Programme (CCTV, Targeted Policing, Reducing
•   Sure Start is the area based strategy to support children under            Burglary, Violence Against Women, Schools and Prostitution)
    four and their families, and to tackle child poverty. The Sure Start       totaling over £17 million. The team also administered a further
    Unit, GONW, NHS Executive, and the Social Services Directorate             22 projects under the Neighbourhood Wardens initiative, totaling
    work with 23 partnerships in the North West. The assessment                £3 million.
    of Sure Start proposals has been ongoing during the year to
    strengthen the inclusion of health elements which will affect          Drug Prevention Advisory Service
    young children and their families, including smoking, dental
    health and pregnancy. Inclusion of Sure Start initiatives in the       •   GONW works closely with DPAS on the wider environmental
    assessment of Teenage Pregnancy Strategies will help strengthen            factors that influence drug abuse. DPAS has reviewed and
    services for young parents.                                                contributed to regional and local plans to ensure consistency with
                                                                               the objective of tackling drug abuse.
Crime Reduction Team
•   Following the publication of the Governments Crime Reduction
    Strategy in November 1999 the new Home Office Crime                     •   The new Liverpool Partnership Group (the City’s LSP) has
    Reduction Team was established during the year 2000. A key                 developed a 10-year strategy for the City of Liverpool, ‘Liverpool
    aim of the team is to reduce crime and disorder by improving the           First’. The strategy takes a holistic approach to integrating
    effectiveness of the 43 Crime and Disorder Reduction Partnerships          service delivery across agencies, aiming to improve health and
    in the North West building and maintaining strong relations                educational attainment, stabilise the population and improve
    with the partnerships and offering advice and guidance on crime            support for business.
    reduction matters.
                                                                           •   Liverpool Vision, an urban regeneration company, responsible
•   The team comprises secondees from the Police, Local Authority,             for regenerating the City Centre, was established by the NWDA
    Prison, Probation and Fire Services, together with career Civil            and others Skidmore Owings Merrill won an international design
    Servants.                                                                  competition to develop a masterplan, which will identify key
                                                                               projects; investment opportunities will be identified over the next
                                                                               10 years.

                                  government office for the north west                                                                               16

                       annual report 2000 - 2001
Kensington NDC                                                             •   The NDC programme is targeted at Beswick and Openshaw
                                                                               and will spend £52m over 10 years. Ministers approved the
•   The Kensington New Deal for Communities area lies within the               delivery plan in 1999. It is tackling the problems of the
    so-called Inner Core Zone that suffers from endemic economic               area through a targeted and neighbourhood focused approach
    and social decline. The NDC programme is a key element of the              in key programme areas such as worklessness, crime, health
    City’s plan for Regeneration, as set down in the Liverpool First           improvement and physical environment. The programme has
    document. The Liverpool Partnership Group, now the designated              successfully completed its first year and is one of the leading
    LSP under Neighbourhood Renewal programme, actively supports               Pathfinder Areas in the country.
    the NDC partnership’s delivery plan, proposals for housing
    improvement and an intermediate Labour Market in March 2001.           Rebuilding Manchester Programme
    The final total grant approved, nearly £62m, is the highest award
    to date. In line with the national programme, the partnership          •   Manchester’s recovery from the 1996 bombing continues. The
    will tackle the problems of its area in collaboration with the local       Royal Exchange, the new Marks and Spencer store, the
    community and partners agencies. The partnership has had a                 Printworks, the new Exchange Square and New Cathedral Street
    testing year, challenged by staffing difficulties and the need to            are now open, and Phase 1 of the Arndale Centre improvement
    revise its housing and ILM proposals, but has learnt from the              completed, and the Millenium Quarter is now rapidly being
    experience.                                                                developed including the City Park, Urbis and the Triangle

East Manchester                                                            •   Work on the completion of the transport programme continues
                                                                               with statutory consent for the Transport Interchange CPO,
•   East Manchester is a high priority for regeneration in the Regional        and a start on construction of the £20m inner ring road
    Strategy (NWDA), and recognised as a prime focus for national              between Regent Road and Trinity Way. Work has also begun
    and regional regeneration initiatives. The East Manchester Urban           on refurbishing Market Street. The Arndale North and the
    Regeneration Company, New East Manchester Ltd, is overseeing               Wintergarden (Cannon Street) are under discussion.
    the strategic direction of the regeneration of the wider area,
    including capitalising on the legacy of the Commonwealth Games
    in 2002, and the NDC, HAZ, SRB, EAZ and SAZ programmes. The
    regeneration framework was launched in February.

                                  government office for the north west                                                                           17

                       annual report 2000 - 2001
EUROPEAN FUNDING                                                       GONW also worked closely with NWDA to support the European
                                                                       Strategy Group, one of several ways in which NWDA is seeking to
                                                                       deliver the strategy role assigned it by ministers.
European programmes provide a key means of delivering the GO’s
five cross-cutting themes in many parts of the region.                  Objective 1

GO-NW acts as the Secretariat for the administration of European       The European investment programme, using Objective 1 monies,
Structural Funds Programmes in the region, in support of the local     was judged to be of major significance for the economic future
Programme Monitoring Committees:                                       of Merseyside by GONW, the EC and sub-regional players. A
                                                                       robust comprehensive partnership was formed and it was agreed
•   Objective 1 in Merseyside;                                         that partners, as well as GONW, would contribute financially to its
                                                                       management, employing a number of staff from outside GONW to
•   Objective 2 areas - Greater Manchester, Lancashire and Cheshire    bring in further expertise.
    and West Cumbria and Furness;
                                                                       The preparation of the SPD in the early part of the year focused
•   Objective 3 that combats long term unemployment and                strategic thinking around four key priorities:
    adapts the workforce to industrial changes (regionwide outside
    Merseyside).                                                       •   Developing Businesses
                                                                       •   Developing People
•   Community Initiatives                                              •   Developing Locations
                                                                       •   Developing Communities
In total, £279m of European funding was committed during
the year. Work continued on the preparation of the new                 It also required the inter-weaving of three cross-cutting themes within
European Programmes, including discussion and finalisation of the       the programme, to improve the quality of project submissions and
new Objective 2 map and drafting of new Single Programming             the programme’s overall impact:
                                                                       •   Social Inclusion and Equal Opportunities
GONW appointed an official at director level during the year to lead    •   Environmental Sustainability
the objective 1 programme in Merseyside.                               •   Information and Communication Technologies

                                 government office for the north west                                                                             18

                      annual report 2000 - 2001
To give added weight to this strategy, sub-boards (called Panels and   •   The SPD was “signed off” by Commissioner Michael Barnier and
Advisory Groups) were established below the main board (i.e. the           formally adopted at the end of March 2001. The Programme was
PMC) to provide non-executive direction and partnership input on           launched by the PM/RC at its inaugural meeting on 31 March and
the priorities and cross-cutting themes.                                   opened for business on 31 March. It contains three priorities:

The SPD was approved by the EC in July and the programme officially         -   Priority One: Business and Ideas. Designed to create and
launched later that month. This was followed by a hectic period of             protect jobs and income by stimulating new entrepreneurial
programme mobilisation, which lasted until the beginning of 2001,              business starts, innovation and e-commerce and by improving
and the handling of around 1,000 project applications.                         the business performance of existing SMEs.

As the year unfolded and the new team was finally assembled,                -   Priority Two: People and Communities. Concerned with
some streamlining of the governance procedures and processes took              empowerment and enabling the socially excluded to access
place and a much more proactive, strategy-led style imposed on                 income and employment.
the management of the programme, the full benefits of which are
expected to be seen in 2001/2002.                                          -   Priority Three: Strategic Regional Investment. Implemented
                                                                               through 15 Economic Development Zones, a new concept
                                                                               designed to draw upon the physical assets of the Programme
Objective 2                                                                    area and develop new opportunities, which are in themselves
                                                                               of regional significance, for investment and, critically, the
•   Work proceeded apace during the year on the preparations                   creation of jobs.
    of the Objective 2 Single Programming Document. Extensive
    consultation with partners through an interactive website (a       •   Two key decisions were taken at the PM/RC’s first meeting:
    process applauded by the Commission); thematic groups and
    strategy days resulted in a high quality response to the               -   Delivery of the Programme would be predominantly through
    region’s needs and problems. Aside from a protracted debate                Accountable Body Action Plans.
    around the targeting of resources under Priority 2 of the
    SPD negotiations with the European Commission were more                -   £1M would be allocated from Priority 1 to the NWDA as a
    constructive, straightforward and less confrontational than in             response to the impact of foot and mouth disease in rural
    previous rounds.                                                           areas.

                                 government office for the north west                                                                          19

                      annual report 2000 - 2001
Objective 3                                                              Previous Programmes

•   The Objective 3 Programme for 2000-2006 was launched in June         •   Last year’s Annual Report highlighted key projects funded under
    2000. More than 600 projects were received in the first bidding           the previous Objective 2, Objective 5(b) and Community Initiative
    round, which closed in September 2000. 344 projects worth                Programmes. Work has continued to manage these programmes
    £34.8 million were approved.                                             and projects to a successful conclusion.

•   At its meeting on 31 March 2001 the PM/RC, which now has joint
    responsibility for Objective 2 and Objective 3, launched a second
    round including bidding for projects which have demonstrable
    links with Objective 2 which no longer includes ESF provision.

Rural Issues

•   GO-NW contributed to the development of the European Rural
    Development Programme (ERDP) and worked with MAFF on
    the Regional Appraisal Panel organised to judge applications for
    ERDP grants. The Office is represented on the two regional ERDP
    consultative panels.

Community Initiatives

•   Four new community initiatives - Urban II, Leader +, Equal and
    Interreg III - are planned for the period 2001 - 2006. The central
    area of Burnley has been selected for Urban II in the NW but the
    Community Initiative Programme has yet to be considered by the
    Commission. National Programmes for the other 3 initiatives are
    still being worked up centrally by sponsor Departments.

                                 government office for the north west                                                                             20

                       annual report 2000 - 2001
2000/2001 outturn expenditure                                                                                       £m
                                                                      RSA                                         29.60
DETR Funded Programmes                                         £m     SMART                                        1.68
HIP Annual Investment Programme                             285.20    Other Programmes                             4.03
HIP Disabled Facility Grant                                  10.87
Estate Action                                                 1.78    HO Funded Programmes
Liverpool HAT                                                17.80    Partnership Development Fund                 1.97
Transport Policies & Programmes                             103.00    Reducing Burglary 1, 2 &3                    2.59
New Deal for Communities                                      6.25    CCTV                                         7.15
Neighborhood Wardens                                          1.30    Schools                                      1.61
Other Programmes                                              1.85    Domestic Violence/Violence against Women     1.37
                                                                      Targeted Policing 1 & 2                      4.63
DfEE Funded Programmes                                                Other Programmes                             0.17
Work Based Training for Young People                        153.79
Work Experience                                               1.44    European Funded Programmes
Careers Service                                              36.58    Objective 1 (ERDF)                          69.00
Work Based Learning for Adults (excl allowances)             23.59    Objective 1 (ESF)                           34.00
Local Competitiveness Budget (incl IiP)                       8.46    Objective 2 (ERDF)                         169.90
TEC Discretionary Fund                                        1.01    Objective 2 (ESF)                           72.30
Strategic Activities                                         15.87    Objective 3 (ESF)                           32.35
Lifelong Learning Partnerships                                1.56    Objective 5b (ERDF)                          5.90
UK Online Training                                            1.93    Community Initiatives                        9.10
UK On-line                                                   23.42
Other Programmes                                              2.82    Grant in aid paid to the NWDA*             155.70

DTI Funded Programmes                                                 2000/2001 administrative expenditure
DTI Core Services                                            14.45    Pay                                           9.6
DTI Other Funding                                             1.17    Accommodation                                 2.0
BTI                                                           1.21    Other Running Costs                           1.8

                                government office for the north west                                                       21

                     annual report 2000 - 2001
Key to abbreviations

AFS        Action for Sustainability                              LSC     Learning and Skills Council
CCTV       Closed Circuit Television                              LSP     Local Skills Partnership
CPO        Compulsory Purchase Order                              MAFF    Ministry for Agriculture Fisheries and Food
DCMS       Department for Culture, Media and Sport                MIDAS   Manchester Investment & Development Agency Service
DETR       Department of Environment, Transport and the Regions   NDC     New Deal for Communities
DfEE       Department for Education and Employment                NWDA    North West Development Agency
DPAS       Drug Prevention and Advisory Service                   NWRA    North West Regional Assembly
DTI        Department for Trade and Industry                      PIU     Performance and Innovation Unit
EAZ        Education Action Zones                                 PMC     Programme Monitoring Committee
EGS        Enterprise Grant Scheme                                RPB     Regional Planning Body
ERDP       European Rural Development Programme                   RPG     Regional Planning Guidance
EC         European Commission                                    RSA     Regional selective Assistance
ESF        European Social Fund                                   SAZ     Sport Action Zone
GAE        General Administrative Expenditure                     SBS     Small Business Service
GONW       Government Office for the North West                    SMART   Small firms Merit Award for Research and Technology
HAT        Housing Action Trust                                   SPUR    Support for Projects Under Research
HAZ        Health Action Zones                                    SME     Small & Medium Sized Enterprise
HIP        Housing Investment Programme                           SPD     Single Programming Document
HO         Home Office                                             SRB     Single Regeneration Budget
LA21       Local Agenda 21                                        TPUK    Trade Partners UK

                            government office for the north west                                                                22

                   annual report 2000 - 2001
4378                Policy/Programme Manager Objective 2         Norman Pearson                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             Anne Lloyd-Williams                   Communications Manager                                              4425

                                                                   Shay O'Rourke                       Ian Jamieson                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   4461
4448                Policy/Programme Manager Objective 3
                                                                                                       Director, Europe (Manc.)
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            Pam Flynn                             Development Manager - Cumbria

                                                                                                                                                             Europe Group
                                                                                                       PA - Jo Rabone

                                                                                                                                                              Business &
4397                                  Committee Secretary              Paul Byrne                                               4005                                                                                                                                                                                        Hazel Blackwell                       Development Manager - Gtr. Manchester & Lancs.                      4426

----               Business Support: Cumbria & Lancashire                      TBC                            David Higham                      4439                                                                                                                                                                        Tony McGee                            Development Manager - Lancashire                                    2912
                                                                                                              PA - Sue Clarke

                                                                                                                                                                                                                Social Inclusion
4129                 Business Support: Greater Manchester             Pat Shilliday                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         Jane Wylde                            Dev. Man. - Gtr. Merseyside, Cheshire & Warrington                  2915

                                                                                                                                                                                                                 Education &
                                                                                                              Responsibility:   Cumbria                                                                                                                    Nigel Burke                     4437
6367     Business Support: Greater Merseyside & Cheshire            Dave Harrison                                                                                                                                                                          PA - Joanne Smedley                                              Richard Perry                         Director's & Corporate Support                                      6402
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           Responsibility:   Cheshire

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            Emma Maitland                         Housing & Regeneration Programmes - North Manc.                     4185

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   Peter Styche                              4202

                                                                                                                                                       Down Team
                                                                                                                                                       Trans. Wind
                                                                                                                          David Duff OBE

4447                          Transition Business Manager          Terry Hephrun                                                                                                                                                   PA - Patricia Mougin                                                                     Liz Gill                              Local Govt. & Regeneration Programmes - Cumbria                     6429
                                                                                                                          PA - Joanne Smedley                                                                                      Responsibility:        Greater Manchester
4453                         Transition Manager Premises               Jane Power                                                               4472                                                                                                                                                                        Margaret Cross                        N'hood Renewal & Regen. Progs. - Cent. & Sth. Manc.                 4329

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           Brian Holmes
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           Deputy Director                                                  Nicky Mailey                          RDA Sponsorship                                                     4305
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           PA - Sheila Bourke
6360            Coastal Issues & Development Plans (West)            Paul Webster                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           Chris France                          Regeneration Programmes - Lancashire                                4411

6468                                           Environment           Peter Wilson                                                                                   Keith Barnes                         4002                                                                                                               Jo Lappin                             Regeneration Programmes - Merseyside & Cheshire                     6327
                                                                                                                                                                    Regional Director
                                                                                                                                                                    PA - Deborah Pilkington
4315                         Knowledge & Information Unit             Brian Eaton                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           Mike Hayward                          Transport                                                           4258

4254       Metropolitan Issues & Development Plans (East) Trevor Tattersall-Walker         Eira Hughes                          4242                                                                                                                                                                                        Barbara Daly                          Connexions - Gtr. Merseyside & Cumbria                              6405

                                                                                                                                                       Planning, Environment
                                                                                                                                                            & Regional Policy
                                                                                                                                                         Co-ordination Group
                                                                                           PA - Althea Thirkettle
4010                              Ministerial Business Unit        Steve Truswell          Special
                                                                                                             Lancashire                                                                                                                                                                                                     Sue Shoreman                          Connexions - Gtr. Manc., Lancs., Chesh. & Warr.                     4440

4233   Planning & Countryside Casew'k: Lancs. & Gtr. Manc.            Dave Arstall

4231    Plan. & Countryside Casew'k: M'side, Ches. & Cumb.       Murray Farquhar                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            Debbie Critchley                      Facilities Management Manchester                                    4045

4205                       Regional Planning & Rural Policy        John Mortimer                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            Phillip Lomas                         Finance                                                             4403

                                                                                                                                                                                        Services Group
4146                                        Strategy Team          Alastair Bishop                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          Bob Hall                              Human Resources & Training                                          4117

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           David Hopewell
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           PA - Diane Roberts                                               Bill Hargreaves                       ICT Technical Manager                                               4063
                                                                                                              John Flamson                      6397
                                                                                                              Director                                                                                                                                                              4401
6431                  Programme Management & Appraisal            Mike Hennesey                               PA - Marie McKee                                                                                                                                                                                              Bridget Croft                         ICT User Support & Training Manager                                 4044

                                                                                                              Responsibility:   Merseyside
----            Programme Management & Support Function                        TBC                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          Bob Dean                              Manchester Colocation & Facilities Mangt. Liverpool                 4370
                                                                                                       Chris Musson
                                                                                                       Operations Manager
6441                             Communications Manager                Tony Hope                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            Deborah Pilkington                    Secretariat                                                         4018
Other individuals working with GONW                                                                                                                                                                                                                        Neil Cumberlidge

                                                                                                                                                                                         Food &

                                                                                                       Mike Hill                                                                                                                                           PA - Kate Sorby                                                  Martin Wood                           Food & Rural Affairs                                                4133
Celia Burn

                               Sure Start                             2938     (CB)                    Director
Andy Nelson                    Basic Skills Unit                      4461    (WH)                     PA - Sheila Bourke                                                                                                                                                           4030
Pat Jefferson                                                 01325 392 622
Martin Cash                    Education Advisors                        or                                                                                                                                                        David Smith                               4324                                           Ian Horton                            Active Community                                                    4313

Kathy August                                                  01325 392 618                                                                                                                                                        Director, Crime Reduction
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   PA - Penelope Schofield
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   Part of GONW Senior Management Team
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            Jaquie Russell                                                                                            4355
Peter Flynn                    NHS Representative                     4280     (ST)    Back                  Contents                           Next                                                                               but reports to the Home Office                                                                                                 Crime Reduction

Janet Matthewman               DCMS Representative                    4341     (ST)

Richard Nutter
                                                                                      Government Office
                                                                      6434    (CB)                                                                                                   Contact Government Office
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Humphrey Claxton                                                  227 1234                                                                                                           for the North West at one
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                                                                                      for the North West
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