What are some of the myths promoted by the alcohol industry

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					   1. What are some of the myths promoted by the alcohol industry?

   Before: You have to drink to have a good time. After: Fairy tales will come true.

   2. In addition to commercials, what are other ways the media send us messages about

   Before: Internet, magazines, billboards. After: Radio

   3. What are some of the negative consequences of drinking?

   Before: Blacking out, alcohol poisoning, liver damage. After: Child abuse, murder, suicide

   4. What strategies are used in alcohol ads to sell us products?

   Before: Sex, bandwagon. After: good looking people, everyone having a good time

   5. Who are the primary targets of alcohol ads?

   Before: Young adults. After: Young adults

   6. According to alcohol companies, why do they advertise?

   Before: to get consumers to buy their product. After: to make as much money as possible.

   7. What would happen to the alcohol industry if people consumed only "moderate" amounts
      of alcohol?

   Before: loss of revenue. After: 80% loss

   8. According to the article, what is the primary purpose of the mass media?

   The primary purpose of the mass media is to introduce audiences to advertisers.

   9. How do ads contribute to attitudes about drinking?

   Before: Encourage it. After: definitely encourage it by targeting heavy drinkers.

   10. What solutions does this article recommend?

Have alcohol ads show negative sides of drinking

I feel that is very disturbing how misleading alcohol commercials are. They make it seem like if you buy
their product that you will end up like the people on the commercial. They only show the bright side of
drinking and make it seem like everyone wants to drink. This is misleading because everyone knows
that alcohol can bring on problems. The problem with the ads is that they make consumers forget about
the consequences. It would be as if a birth control pill commercial promoted sex without the use of a

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