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									February 22, 2008

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Dear [Contact name],

We are pleased to tell you that we have rescinded our proposed changes to
the mileage requirements for travel awards valid for use to and from
Singapore. We have listened to our customers and are not too big to admit
we have made a mistake. As a result, we can still offer the four first-
class tickets you wanted to claim for your frequent-flyer mileage.

At the time you were denied those tickets, we had just recently made the
decision to change our policy and had not received any feedback from
customers. Consequently, we are happy you wrote again and gave us an
opportunity to provide the extra tickets due you under the old terms.

I know the delay in getting your tickets must have created some anxiety
on your part about your planned family vacation, and we are sorry for the

Please do have a nice, enjoyable vacation with these tickets. Thank you
for choosing our airline for all your travel needs.


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