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					          February 22, 2008

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          Dear CONTACT NAME        ],

          We fully appreciate your patience and desire to work with us in
resolving your color print problems with the J200 printer.

          We regret the misunderstanding that leaves you without the $100
diskette that would enable your printer to function
          with the graphics program you purchased from Carborough

          Although we do have a contractual agreement to market
Carborough's graphics program, we have no legally acceptable

          way to provide you with the $100 diskette you need to make the
printer work. We have made further calls and
          completed our research into the problem and have concluded,
just as you did, that the special diskette is all you need
          to perform your printing tasks.

          We realize this is an additional expenditure you had not
planned on. However, we are sure you understand that we have

          no authority to offer you this diskette from Carborough.

          Please let us know what other arrangements you are able to make
with the graphics company. We are eager for you to
          produce the fine quality printing jobs that our printer can

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