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					         Please read before filling out your application form

Criminal Records Bureau (CRB) Application for disclosure
Dear Student ,

                 Congratulations on being made an offer of a place at this university. In order for you to
work in an environment with people under the age of 18 or vulnerable adults, you are required to obtain
a check at the advanced level. Since the search at the CRB may take some time you are strongly
advised to undertake this exercise as soon as possible. In order to gain the CRB clearance the
University will require a completed photograph identification and CRB form, documentary evidence to
confirm your identity and a proof of payment.

In order to confirm your identity for the CRB application the university will require three out of the six
documents below (this must include either your Passport or Drivers License ID card +Paper Part
and a proof of current address)

                 1. Passport *
                 2. Drivers License ID Card and paper form*
                 3. A proof of current address e.g Utility bill/bank statement *
                 4. Birth Certificate
                 5. P45/60
                 6. Marriage Certificate

The cost of obtaining the disclosure is £36 and can be paid online via the University’s online store
which can be found at . Please print a copy of the receipt
and enclose it along with the application form

There are two ways of getting your CRB processed, either by post or by attending a designated CRB
session arranged by the University (dates available on website).

Please make sure you have the following documents before you post your form or attend a CRB

    1.   Completed Photo Identification Form (not required for those on teacher training courses)
    2.   Completed CRB Application Form
    3.   A proof of payment
    4.   Documentary evidence to confirm your identity (passport, proof of address etc..)

The address for those that wish to post their documents is: Darren Leader, Student Recruitment
Office, Hardwick Campus, University of Gloucestershire, St Paul's Road, Cheltenham,GL50 4AZ.
The university will check your details and return your documents by recorded delivery; we will then
send the completed application from off to the CRB. Please note that the university will NOT accept a
CRB disclosure from another institution

                 *Please see overleaf for guidance on completing the application form*
    Do’s and Don’ts when filling out the Disclosure Application
Do’s                                                          Don’ts

*   Use Black ink                                 * Don’t write over the edges of the box
*   Mark choices with an X, not a tick            * Don’t staple any attachments to the form
*   Leave an empty box between words              * Don’t use correction fluid
*   To correct a mistake put a line through        * Don’t fill in sections X, Y and Z
    it and write the correction clearly to the right

The CRB only require applicants to fill out sections A, B, C, D and H, please see
          below for guidance on filling out the required sections.

Sections A & B

Question B13 should be your current course or the course you’re applying for, please also
include your UCAS/GTTR number or current student number. The address should always be
the Hardwick Campus.
Sections C & D

Question C20 should also be filled out if you have indicated your title as Ms on the front page
Section D should be completed if you’ve lived at your current address for less than five years. If
you need additional paper then please write your name and form reference number (on front of
application) at the top of each page.
Section H

Question H67 should be crossed if you have supplied additional information with the application,
this is normally for applicants with an extended address history.

Question H69 no longer requires a signature

            Some important points to note about your CRB application
    1. You can track your applications progress online via the CRB’s website. In
       order to do this you must make a note of your form reference number,
       this can be found on the top right of your application form. The tracker
       can be found on the following link

    2. The University will get sent a copy of the CRB disclosure at the same time
       as the applicant. It is vitally important you do not lose your copy as the
       University destroys its copy after 6 months. Should an applicant lose their
       copy there is no other choice but to apply for another disclosure, this
       could delay or even prevent students attending their placements.

    3. It is unfortunate but CRB disclosures do get lost in the post, please keep
       checking the status of your application to see whether it has been printed
       and sent by the CRB. If your disclosure has been sent but does not arrive
       at your address then you have 90 days to ask for a reprint.

 If you have any further questions regarding CRB applications then
                  please contact Darren Leader on
                   01242 714508 /