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									                       Liver failure signs and symptoms

           Liver failure signs and
                                By Stem Meccoly
                       Liver failure signs and symptoms

Liver failure is a medical problem in which the disease gets worse so quickly that the liver
cannot produce proteins and complete metabolic needs.

In most cases, the problem, end stage liver failure, is unfortunately incurable. The safest
action to help the people with end stage liver failure is to know the problem on time and to
start with therapy.
                                   Liver failure symptoms

The main concern is the fact that symptoms can be considered to different medical disorders,
but are often the clues of end stage liver failure. Some of those signs are in fact not serious.
Itchy skin, unable to sleep, sleepy and breathlessness are concluded as those symptoms.

In some cases when one of the liver failure symptoms show up, they are apparently related
to the one of the benign symptoms, it’s important to perform a total check of the patient to be
sure if the liver operates well. Stomach hurt, short breath, vomiting, jaundice skin, nails and
eyes turn yellow and diarrhea are these some signs. If the patient is left abandoned, liver
failure can end in to death.

Doctors always have to do more tests to confirm in which stage the disease is and how's it
threatening. Thorough laboratory researches are necessary as well. Blood work, brain scan,
proteins and other tests have to be done, too.

Several of the general causes of liver failure is the excessive intake of alcohol, cirrhosis and
even some pills can cause liver disorder.
When the liver is no longer capable to work out metabolic functions, the end stage liver failure
diagnosis is set. The best option in this situation is the liver transplantation.


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