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Usually the moving companies provide their clients with three types of estimates; the binding estimate, nonbinding estimate and binding not to exceed estimate.

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									                   Top signs to look for reliable movers

Movers and packers are mushrooming like never before. This is because people are moving from one
place to another every other day and moving has become a common thing. But how to find a reliable
Chicago movers in the city is one of the mostly asked questions by the customers. They are not able to
find a best company as even a company having a maximum of ten people as staff claims to be the great
packers and movers. You have to be careful while choosing a moving company since some of the
companies may not have enough resources like packing supplies, moving equipments or even a truck of
their own. There are also stories about moving scams in which the moving companies would convince
about their high quality services but in real they may not possess the true signs of reputable movers and

The main thing to be noted is that, whether big or small, the Chicago movers have to prove themselves
that they can provide high quality moving services to the customers. There are certain criteria that
indicate towards reputable moving and storage companies. The first and foremost sign of a good mover
is that they would conduct pre move survey before agreement for moving. Usually they conduct a pre
move survey if they are serious about their job. They would give you a moving estimate after assessing
your household goods rather than forcing you to take their services. This would largely help in creating
an understanding between moving company and the client. Most of the moving and storage companies
in Chicago do this for free of cost. Hence if any movers that you approach are not willing to conduct the
pre move survey, chances are there that they may not be a reputable company.

Usually the moving companies provide their clients with three types of estimates; the binding estimate,
nonbinding estimate and binding not to exceed estimate. You can be assured of the reputation of the
movers if they offer at least two of these estimates. There are also chances to get the best pricing
options with the company too. It is important to verify if the moving company would provide you with a
copy of the document called “your rights and responsibilities when you move” if it is an interstate move.
Usually a reputed moving company would offer you this booklet. Make sure that you clarify everything
concerned with extra charges with the company. You would surely want to know about extra charges or
fees for some or the other additional services provided by the moving companies. The best part here is
that a reputed moving company would inform everything about extra charges in the beginning itself.
They would not demand additional charges in the end and make a fuss there.

Before hiring any moving and storage in Chicago, you need to clarify all the doubts with them. If the
company is responsible they would always be open about any questions you ask. You may want to know
about the damage claim process if any damage would occur to your household goods during the transit.
A good moving company would surely satisfy you with right answers.

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