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Rikvin Widens its Services by Offering Singapore Subsidiary Registration


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									A Singapore subsidiary company is the most popular foreign business structure and foreign company incorporation
in Singapore. It has better benefits and opportunities as compared to other business structures such as Singapore
branch office or Singapore representative office. Rikvin recognized this popularity and responded to the need for
registration assistance by providing a world class service for Singapore subsidiary registration.

“A Singapore subsidiary company holds numbers or benefits and possibilities. It is in effect a Singapore
incorporated private limited liability company. It has a legal personality that is distinct from its foreign parent
company,” Rikvin said.

If a foreign company plans to setup and establish business operations in Singapore using the format of a Singapore
subsidiary company, low corporate tax rates and tax benefits are one of the assurances given. However, before
enjoying such benefits, the foreign company should hire the services of a professional registration firm and
complete necessary documents for registration.

“We at Rikvin welcome any foreign businessmen for any kind of business registration especially, subsidiary
registration. We strive to make things comfortable and friendly to foreigners and we assure smooth and successful
business registration”, Rikvin said.

Rikvin also outlined some of the basic requirements for Singapore subsidiary registration, among which are one
local resident director, unlimited maximum number of directors, a minimum of one and a maximum of 50
shareholders, a local resident and qualified company secretary, a local registered office and S$1.00 as paid-up

In addition to the basic requirements identified by Rikvin, important documents need for subsidiary registration
were also specified such as a certified true copy of foreign parent company's Incorporation Certificate, registered
address details and directors' details of the foreign parent company, directors' particulars such as nationality,
identity card details, residential address details, etc. of the Singapore subsidiary, details of the registered office of
the Singapore subsidiary, Memorandum and Articles of Association (MAA), a power of attorney giving signatory
powers (on behalf of the foreign parent company) to a specific individual, and directors undertaking to act as the
proposed directors of the Singapore subsidiary.

Rikvin is an ACRA registered service bureau which provides a complete corporate solution under one roof for
Singapore company registration of private limited companies, formation of offshore companies with opening of
corporate accounts, business registration including accounting, tax, immigration related to work passes visa and
compliance services in Singapore.

For more information visit:

Rikvin PTE LTD
Address: 20 Cecil Street, #14-01, Equity Plaza, Singapore 049705
Phone: +6564388887

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