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									                              Zabar the Amazing Angel is one of the most interesting books for people of all ages and
all walks of life. Although the content is small it creates an enthusiasm to know more and
more about guardian angels and to find out about their existence. It narrates the instinct
nature of the angel Zabar, and the experience of Bob with him directly. Angel Zabar will
linger in the mind, all throughout the life of a reader who reads this book. It is fun as well as
inspirational to read. It is the perfect book to read while you travel or feel bored. There are
so many books penned about angels, but still “An angel named Zabar” is a unique book with
many truths and information regarding guardian angels, this book will be a great pleasure
to any reader even if they do not have faith in guardian angels. Books about angels are
usually crazy and make one lose track of what’s being said in the process but this particular
book makes use of simpler means to convey the most mysterious message regarding the
presence of guardian angels in every walks of our lives.

According to Bob Miller, writer of “An Angel Named Zabar”, “I find people somewhat
amusing who tell me in one breath that they’re unhappy, broke, and their lives aren’t worth
living, although they are highly religious, instead they make fun of my beliefs and lifestyle”.

This book contains so many hidden questions revealed by the guardian angel, but certain
truths are known only by God and are not revealed to guardian angels. Guardian angels
have saved the lives of so many people in the past who have gone to the extent of taking
their own lives after a disappointing life. Bible, The Holy book of Christians has also
portrayed so many incidents where guardian angels have saved the life of people and
safeguarded them from evil deeds.

Bob the author lived as a small boy along with his parents on Brown’s mountain, where he
first happened to encounter Zabar while he was on a trip to his old abandoned house. Zabar
walks past between heaven and earth as if Dorothy walks down the yellow brick road. As
he asked the Tactiturn about living in a world of smoke and errors, he said, “What a crock.
There's far more danger and pain involved in going to the dentist than I've experienced.
Excitement and adventure, yes; but smoke and mirrors, give me a break. The secret of
wealth and peace of mind has never been a secret. I have never needed or wanted anything
in vain because I've always been open-minded and humble before those whose only
purpose is to lead us down a path of fulfillment and contentment."

It is a unique book authored by Bob Miller, and it contains the precious moments shared by
the author with the angel. It contains valuable information and can be bought online.

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