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1.   Alcohol is safe and makes you look sexy. Alcohol is the life of the party and makes it easier to talk to people.

2.   Music videos, billboards, music, signs, pictures, coasters and other merchandise at bars and stores.

3.   Impairment, hangovers, liver damage

4.   Sex appeal, coolness factor/bandwagon, music jingles

5.   Young population of men and women from late teen years and up


1.   Alcohol is magical, fun, sexy, desirable and harmless

2.   Movies, music,

3.   murder, suicide, car accidents, unemployment and child abuse

4.   What strategies are used in alcohol ads to sell us products?

5.   Problem drinkers and young people are its primary targets.

6.   they only want people who already drink to switch to their brand and to drink it in moderation

7.   If all drinkers did drink moderately, alcohol companies would lose nearly half the income earned from sales of beer, wine

     and spirits.

8.   The primary purpose of the mass media is to deliver audiences to advertisers

9.   The ads promote other things besides drinking like sports, women and magazines. This makes people believe that

     alcohol is a good thing to do during or with all these activities.

10. I don’t believe there are any solid solutions in this article other than to be informed about alcohol ads.

1.   I thought that some of them were kind of funny. However, a few of them would be inappropriate to be on television or anywhere

     that young children might hear or see them

2.   My understanding of the commercials was the same as if I hadn’t read the article, but obviously my response to them is a little

     different because of the ideas that the article has me thinking about.

3.   I remember seeing a few of those ads. Other ones I have never seen before.

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