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Raw Food Deficiencies                      Copyright © 2011                     RawFoodHealthWatch.com
There is lots of mention when people are talking about the raw food diet,
about potential nutrient deficiencies in the diet. It has been suggested that a
diet of just plant foods will undeniably end up with nutrition deficiencies
including iron, calcium, Vitamin D, Vitamin B12, protein and others.

Although it seems as though lots of raw food eaters
have tested as being deficient in vitamins D and B12,
rarely, if at all, have we heard of calcium or protein

Vitamin D Deficiencies

Dependent on where you live on the planet, you may
very well be receiving a healthy dose of the D
Vitamin from just being in the sun's rays.

On a side note... you will never overdose on Vitamin D when absorbing it from
the sun, but, people have the potential of getting too much when taking it by

Now, as more and more people are settling further from the equator, it has
been said the faithful sun isn't necessarily as efficient in providing us with
enough Vitamin D.

To get around that, a lot of food items, like cows milk have been fortified with
the D Vitamin. But a lot of men and women, vegans and meat eaters alike, just
take supplements to keep their D levels proper.

And it's not expensive, I have a D supplement that sets me back a mere $21 and
it is good for a year... one drip on my tongue each day for 365 days. However,
prior to running out to buy a D supplement, cheap or not, get your levels
checked to see if you have a deficiency.

Vitamin B12 Deficiencies

The B12 Vitamin is another nutrient in which, it appears, plenty of folks
(including eaters of meat, and raw and cooked vegetarians), are seeing
deficiencies (or false positives in serum levels).

The way the body processes the B12 Vitamin, makes it extremely difficult to
get low levels topped up when taking B12 orally (using supplements or food),
so, supplements that go indirectly or directly into the bloodstream are
generally best.

Raw Food Deficiencies           Copyright © 2011            RawFoodHealthWatch.com
B12 supplement choices include sublingual (below the tongue supplements),
B12 shots and these days, B12 patches (transdermally through the skin, then
into the blood). The best method to see if you are deficient in the B12 Vitamin
is to test your levels with an MMA test, then go from there.

Protein Deficiencies

Protein is another thing folks get hung up on when discussing raw food

People have often said to me that there is no way to obtain protein when meat
is not eaten. I explain that there is in fact protein in almost all the foods that
we eat and that includes green leafy vegetables, fruits and veggies, nuts and
seeds, etc. And of course, hemp is a great source of quickly absorbed protein.

They go on to say that "you know, we need protein from meat and not protein
from plants" when just a second before they were adamant that protein didn't
exist in plant foods.

Well, I'm here to say that protein from plant foods is more easily assimilated by
our bodies than a piece of cooked flesh.

Although, I will admit that I am not opposed to consuming meat from healthy
clean sources and when in the raw state. For some of you that may be
necessary, it just depends on what you believe and how your body reacts.

I am not here to tell people veganism is the only way. As a matter of fact, I eat
egg yolks raw assuming they are from grain fed, free range animals. Some folks
suggest that egg yolks when consumed raw are ideal sources for protein and
will even keep your Vitamin B12 levels optimal.

Again, it boils down to what you believe and what seems to work for you and
your body.

What Else Should I NOT Worry About?

Iron, calcium and other minerals can be found in greens as well as seeds and
other plant foods. When I get asked (or told) that milk is the only way to get
calcium I respond with a resounding "NO!". My mother even had the nerve to
tell some members of our family that I don't give calcium to my kids, that I
don't "believe" in it. No mom, I don't give my kids dairy products because there
are much better sources of calcium that are available :)

Raw Food Deficiencies           Copyright © 2011            RawFoodHealthWatch.com
Like with any other dietary change, please check with your doctor before making any drastic
changes to your diet.

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