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					The Cavalier
                                                                                                                        October 2010

        A Parent/Student Newsletter keeping you in touch with Archbishop Spalding High School

                                                                    Greetings from the President’s Office
     Archbishop Spalding                           There are times in life when we are confronted by difficult decisions. For most of us,
                                                   we make a thousand decisions each day. Some decisions revolve around work while
         High School                               others are dictated by family needs. With each decision, there are consequences: some
                                                   good and some bad.
 8080 New Cut Road~ Severn, MD 21144
        Phone: (410) 969-9105
         Fax: (410) 969-1026
                                                   During the summer in while visiting my son, I realized sometimes decisions are made
                                                   that are really about life and death. On this particular night, my son was working in
                                                   the cardiac unit during his second year of residency. The day had been fairly calm
                                                   until a father was brought to the hospital with chest pains. After a series of tests, it was
                                                   determined that the father needed surgery. The father thought about the surgery and
                                                   became very frightened. His family spoke with a team of doctors and understood the
                                                   need for the surgery. Plans were taken for the surgery.

          ADMINISTRATION                            A few minutes later, the man decided he did not want the surgery and he wanted to go
                   President                       home. The doctors tried to convince the man to have the surgery. Against their orders,
            Dr. Michael E. Murphy                  the man signed himself out of the hospital.
           Mrs. Kathleen K. Mahar                  Twenty-four hours later, the man was rushed back to the hospital. The doctors quickly
      Assistant Principal, Academic Affairs        realized that surgery was needed immediately. They prepared him for surgery but
         Mr. Lewis R. Van Wambeke                  unfortunately the damage to the man’s heart was too severe. The team of doctors
       Assistant Principal, Student Affairs        worked for an hour to save his life but were unable to save him.
            Mr. William M. Weber
       Assistant Principal, Student Affairs        When my son went to inform the family, there were fifteen family members in the
             Ms. Kaycie S. Bowen                   waiting room. The next few minutes were filled with tears that quickly changed into
           CFO / Business Manager                  anger. The family wanted to know every detail and why this had happened. The blame
           Mr. John C. Coppola, ‘95                was placed on the doctors for not performing a miracle. There was no recognition that
              Director of Athletics                the decision to leave the hospital the previous day had in any way impacted the final
               Mr. Lee R. Dove                     outcome.
           Director of Annual Giving
            Mrs. Katy A. Caruso                    For my son, there was a great sense of frustration. He knew that the man would most
     Director of Alumni & Media Relations          likely still be alive if he had not left the hospital. He was also frustrated by his inability
            Ms. Kristen A. Koehler                 to save the life of a man whose family deeply loved him. No matter how many times he
             Director of Admissions                reviewed the case, there were no other things that could have been done.
             Mr. Thomas E. Miller
        Editor, Director of the President          During my years as an administrator, I have made decisions that have often kept me up
      Mrs. Heide C. Cornet-Hostelley, ‘97          at night. With each decision comes the realization that someone’s life is being affected.
                                                   As parents, we make decisions for our young children regarding what they will eat,
                                                   wear, and watch on television. With each decision, we believe we are doing the right
               IN THIS ISSUE...                    thing. Our sole goal is to help our children grow into intelligent faith filled adults.
Greetings from the President                   1
Principal’s Desk / Finance Office              2   Unfortunately, we cannot prevent our children from experiencing the bumps and bruises
Academic Affairs/President Continued           3   that accompany life as teenager. What we can do is teach them by our example. Things
Student Affairs                                4   that we do and the things we say do not go unnoticed by our children. They learn from
Admissions/Theatre/SHS/Attendance              5
Athletics/Guidance                             6   us and at some point become slightly altered copies of us.
Campus Ministry                                7
LMC/Engineering Design/Cavalier Open           8                                                       Continued on Page 3.
Parents’ Assoc./Support Group                  9
Yearbook/Cav Shop/Turkey Trot/Cav Club        10
Bingo/Broadway/Athletic Hall of Fame          11
Fall Fest Flyer!                              12
Spalding Spring Sensation ~ African Safari!   13                                   Engaging Faith & Learning                               1
                          The Cavalier • October 2010
                                        Principal’s Desk ~ Mrs. Kathy Mahar
I am pleased to share the 2009-2010 SAT results. Spalding’s mean scores remain higher than the local, state, and national scores which
tended to remain the same or decrease. As part of continuous school improvement, the English and Math departments especially,
analyze this data. Curriculum and instruction are subsequently reviewed to ensure students are engaged in learning that develops and
enriches related skills.

                                                        SAT Scores 2009-2010

                                                      Reading            Math              Writing

Archbishop Spalding                                   551                553               555
+/- 2008-2009                                         549                559               553
                                                       +2                 -6                +2

A.A. County                                           501                519               488
+/- ASHS                                              +50                +34               +67

State/MD                                              501                506               495
+/- ASHS                                              +50                +47               +60

National                                              501                516               492
+/-ASHS                                               +50                +37               +63

                                                  From the Finance Office
         TUITION PAID FROM YOUR ACCOUNT                                       TUITION MANAGEMENT SYSTEMS (TMS)
Please note that the last digit of your student’s TMS account                           OUTSTANDING LATE FEES
number will change every year. For example: if the account            TMS applies payment toward all late fee(s) and returned payment
number is 801801801-01 for last year, then this year the account      charge(s) first. Then the balance of the payment is applied to the
number will be 801801801-02. If you do not change your account        tuition. What this means is that your student’s account will be
number, the tuition payment will be applied to last year’s account.   delinquent if the fee(s) are not included in the tuition payment(s).

                                                                      To simplify the process for families, all credit card transactions
                                                                      processed through our convenience fee program will be charged a
www.afford.com                                                        flat 2.99% of the payment amount. Effective Date: April 2010
Phone: 1-800-772-4867
                                                                      Reinstatement Fee
Mailing address with payment stub:                                    Will increase from $25 to $30
Tuition Management Systems                                            Effective Date: Accounts initiated (enrolled or re-enrolled) after
P.O. Box 94634
                                                                      February 1, 2010*
Cleveland, OH 44101

Mailing address without payment stub:                                 Returned Payment Fee
Tuition Management Systems                                            Will increase from $25 to $30
P.O. Box 842722                                                       Effective Date: Accounts initiated (enrolled or re-enrolled) after
Boston, MA 02284-2722                                                 February 1, 2010*
If you have any questions regarding tuition billing please contact
                                                                      In addition, we are increasing our standard Late/Service Fee
Mrs. Jenna Horton at hortonj@archbishopspalding.org or 410-
                                                                      amount from $30 to $40.
969-9105 ext. 226.

   2       Engaging Faith & Learning
                           The Cavalier • October 2010
                                    Academic Affairs ~ Mr. Lewis Van Wambeke
Ebb and Flow to the Academic Year                                        Thinking College

Each year I see a certain ebb and flow to the academic cycle.            In Newsweek’s Kaplan College Guide article entitled The Search
Students typically do well in the first quarter but some begin to        for Authenticity author Bruce Poch, Dean of Admissions at Pomona
struggle in the second quarter as newer material is presented. This      College in Claremont California, described the admissions process
translates into a need for more study time. Students can also see        as matchmaking. College admissions counselors are looking for
their teachers for help – even five minutes can make a difference        “credibility” and “genuineness.” Therefore, it is important for
in their understanding.                                                  students to visit campuses, talk to college students, and search
                                                                         for the college that fits them. Of course, this includes having the
October 21, 2010 marks the end of the first marking period. If your      necessary qualifications. I encourage all students, even freshmen,
child is experiencing academic difficulties contact the teacher first,   to think about what colleges they might want to attend.
then the department chairperson. This communication protocol
has been successful and often a parent-teacher conversation will
answer most or all questions.

Learning Tips:                                                                      From the President Continued
For some reason, people tend to retain ineffective ideas when it         As we enjoy the beauty of fall, I hope that we all take the time to
comes to academics and studying. A recent article in The New             talk with our children about why we make the decisions that affect
York Times entitled “Forget What You Know About Good Study               their lives. We need to set boundaries but also make sure that there
Habits” by Benedict Carey details effective strategies to aid            is an understanding of the reasons behind the decisions. For the
learning. I suggest parents and students read the entire article but     father who lost his life because of a fatal heart attack, he never had
here are some highlights that will help students improve retention:      the time realize the impact his decision to leave the hospital.
    •	   Studying in different locations seems to enhance                We have time to make our children understand. I pray that God
         memory of material.                                             grants us the wisdom and strength to make the right decisions and
    •	   Varying related content while studying helps retention          help out children live long and healthy lives.
         – the idea here is to vary the type of material within a
         subject. For instance, completing math problems that are
         mixed rather than the same type of problem.
    •	   Frequent assessments (tests) followed by feedback –
         practice tests and quizzes not only test learning but
         appear to drastically help long-term retention. The more
         challenging the learning the better.
    •	   Space studying out over time to help long-term retention.

Peer Tutoring – Students Helping Students

Students Helping Students (SHS) is a free tutoring service led by
National Honor Society and National Honor Foreign Language
Society. Members of both groups will offer one-on-one tutoring
in most subject areas on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 7:00 am
to 7:40 am in Room 114. Students can also see Mrs. O’Kieffe,
Resource Coordinator, in room 114 to schedule a subject specific
tutor during lunch periods. Please contact Mrs. Tara O’Kieffe
(x279) or Mrs. Cathy Klase-Markey (x318) if you have questions.

                                                                                  Engaging Faith & Learning                               3
                           The Cavalier • October 2010
                                        Student Affairs ~ Mr. William M. Weber
We have had a positive start to the 2010-2011 school year. I am still    Saturday, October 16, 2010 from 7:30pm until 10:30pm. This is
amazed at how well Spalding students behave in certain situations.       just a reminder that on Wednesday of Spirit Week, 10th and 11th
As a school we take pride in the positive behavior our students          grade students will be taking the PSAT’s and will be finished at
display on a daily basis. Year after year we have new students           11:00 am. Also, 9th and 12th grade students will not have classes on
step-up into the role of positive leader. I cannot remember when         Wednesday, October 13th. It should be a fun-filled week for all!!!
we have had so many students fill this role. This is an incredible
Senior class and they are willing to lead by example. We are so          Some important future events to mark on your calendar:
blessed to be working with such fine young men and women. Thank
you to the parents for allowing us to work with your children.           October 1         Cavalier Open Golf Tournament
                                                                         October 7         Senior Portraits Make-up Day during
Just a reminder that when your son/daughter is sick or not coming                          8:00 am -3:00 pm (Auditorium)
to school, please remember to call the Attendance Coordinator,           October 11        Spirit Week, Theme Day, TBA
Mrs. Rose Trumpler ext. 239, before school. Also, remember to            October 12        Spirit Week, Class Skits, Decade Day;
follow up your phone call with a written note for our files. We                            Everything you wanted to know about
thank you for your due diligence with this matter.                                         Teenagers, but were afraid to ask 7:00 pm;
                                                                                           Separated/Divorce Group 7:00 pm
Three or four years ago the students and the parents formed              October 13        PSAT’s 10th & 11th Grades, 11:00 am Student
a committee to discuss the dance policy at our school. What                                Dismissal; 9th & 12th No Classes
transpired was great and a new policy was formed. Yes, we are            October 14        Spirit Week, Class Color Day, Powder-Puff
a Catholic School and we straddle the fence of being the dance                             Games
police and giving the students a social outlet. The following policy     October 15        Spirit Day, Pep Rally; Early Dismissal
is what we follow at Archbishop Spalding:                                                  11:30am; Homecoming Football Game vs.
                                                                                           Boys Latin 7:00 pm;
•   Students must arrive at the dance within the first hour.                               Athletic Hall of Fame During Half Time
•   Students leaving the school dance more than a half an hour           October 16        Homecoming Dance 7:30 pm – 10:30 pm
    earlier than the end of the dance must notify a chaperone and        October 19        Picture Make-up Day 9th – 11th Grades
    have parent/guardian permission to leave the dance early.                              (Lunch Periods)
•   Students may bring no more than one guest.                           October 20        Seniors Order Cap & Gown – During
•   Students must register their guest before purchasing the ticket                        Community Homeroom
    and check their guest in at the door.                                October 21        College Fair 6:30 pm – 8:30 pm (New Gym) &
•   Students are responsible for their guest’s behavior at all times.                      First Quarter Ends
•   Students and their guests are expected to exhibit appropriate        October 22        Faculty/ Staff Retreat – No School Students
    and respectful behavior at all times.                                October 25        Second Quarter Begins & Seniors Ordering
•   Students and their guests, who fail to comply with this                                Extra Announcements A-L (Every Senior
    expectation, including dancing inappropriately, may be                                 Receives 25 Already)
    asked to leave.                                                      October 26        Seniors Ordering Extra Announcements M-Z
•   The student’s parent/guardian will be notified and the student                         (Every Senior Receives 25 Already)
    may lose future dance privileges.                                    October 31        Open House 12:00 pm – 3:00 pm
                                                                         November 1        All Saints Day, School Closed
We also ask that you continue to check up on your son or daughter
even after the dance. Please do not hesitate to call another student’s
parent just to double check stories.

Spirit week is approaching and we are gearing up for Homecoming.
There are several other exciting events taking place during this
week as well. The Powder Puff football game will take place
during the afternoon school hours on Thursday, October 14, 2010.
Friday, October 15, 2010 will be our Homecoming football game
versus Boys Latin at 7:00 pm and there will be an early dismissal
at 11:30 am. The week will end with the Homecoming dance on

    4     Engaging Faith & Learning
                           The Cavalier • October 2010
                                             Admissions ~ Mr. Thomas Miller
The Admissions Office is accepting applications to the Class of          http://sss.nais.org ), and Academic Recommendation forms*.
2015 as well as scheduling “shadow” visits for prospective
applicants. Applications are completed electronically via our            *Academic Recommendation forms are not required of students
website under the Application Process tab. Parents/guardians of          of elementary/middle schools of the Archdiocese of Baltimore
students wishing to schedule a visit should submit the Shadow            as the information is included in the Archdiocese of Baltimore
Visit Registration Form found on the web site under the Shadow           Catholic High School Information Form.
Days tab. Please check the Admissions Calendar for available
dates. Parents/guardians may also contact the Admissions Office
by phone (410) 969-9105 ext 232 to schedule visits.
                                                                          Spalding Theatre Presents:
Current students who wish to host guests must submit a Student

                                                                                    Our Town
Ambassador Application to the Admissions Office.

On Sunday, October 31, 2010 we will hold our annual Open                                  By: Thornton Wilder
House. Presentations and tours will begin at 12:00 noon, 12:30,
1:00, 1:30, and 2:00 p.m. We rely on students, parents and
alumni (of all ages) to assist with this very important day. Please               Friday, November 12th at 7:00pm
consider joining us in presenting our school to the community.                   Saturday, November 13th at 7:00 pm
If you are willing to help, please send us an email millert@                       Sunday, November 14th 2:00pm
archbishopspalding.org or shelsbyj@archbishopspalding.org or                         Tickets are $10 at the door
call the Admissions Office. Students can sign-up in the Admissions
Office. Thank you in advance for your continuing commitment to
Archbishop Spalding High School.
                                                                                     Students Helping Students
                                                                          Students Helping Students (SHS) – SHS has begun! Come get
Admissions/placement testing for applicants to the class of 2015          help, review for upcoming tests and get organized! National
takes place at Archbishop Spalding on Saturday, December 4th,             Honor Society students are available to provide tutoring
2010. Registration takes place from 8:30 – 9:00 a.m. followed by          in various academic subjects. Students can also learn new
three hours of testing. A $30.00 processing fee is payable by cash or     strategies for studying, organization, and test taking. SHS is
check (students do not pre-register unless special accommodations         offered BEFORE school on Tuesdays and Thursdays in room
are being requested). Other schools in the Archdiocese of Baltimore       114.
will be offering the test the following Saturday, December 11th.
Visit www.archbalt.org for a list of alternate locations.                 Please contact Tara O’Kieffe, Resource Coordinator, at ext. 279
                                                                          or at okieffet@archbishopspalding.org for more information.
Students of elementary/middle schools in the Archdiocese of
Washington test in their school and indicate Archbishop Spalding
High School as a school to receive results. Parents of students in
those schools must contact the Admissions Office to indicate where
Spalding ranks on their list of preferred schools.                                              Attendance
                                                                          When a student is absent, a parent/guardian must notify the
                                                                          attendance coordinator at extension 239 by 9:00 am. Students
January 7, 2011 is the deadline for applications to the class of 2015.
                                                                          must present a written note from a parent/guardian to the
By this date all application materials must have been submitted
                                                                          Attendance Coordinator on the day they return. The note
including: Application for Admission, responses to the Applicant
                                                                          must contain the date(s) and reason for the absence. Notes
Questionnaire, transcripts for grades 6 through the first marking
                                                                          may also be faxed to 410-969-1026. A physician’s certificate
period of grade 8, Music and Leadership Scholarship applications,
                                                                          is required for prolonged absences. For any questions or to
applications for need-based financial assistance (submitted via
                                                                          contact the Attendance Coordinator, Mrs. Trumpler, please
                                                                                    email trumplerr@archbishopspalding.org

                                                                                 Engaging Faith & Learning                            5
                             The Cavalier • October 2010
              Athletics ~ Mr. Lee R. Dove                                             Guidance ~ Mrs. Cheryl S. Ventura
            New School Year Begins With Many Firsts                            October 13 PSAT Testing for grades 10 and 11
Not yet a month in to the new school year and already the athletic             On October 13, students in grades 10 and 11 arrive at the usual
department has experienced several firsts in the school’s athletic             time and are dismissed at 11:00 am. Students should wear their
history. With a start like this it should be an exceptional year.              school uniforms and bring their own calculator.

The Boys Cross Country team held the very first cross country meet              In late September/early October, students received an information
on campus, with opponents from Calvert Hall and Annapolis Area                 bulletin that contains a practice test. Students should set aside
Christian School. The boys usually run home meets at Kinder Farm               time to actually take this pretest and score it as preparation for the
Park but Coach Andy Witte plotted a course over the campus that met            October 13th test day.
the 3.2 mile distance requirements. It was a great day for running and
the event went off without a hitch. The course will be evaluated as to         10th Grade Student and Parent Meeting – Thursday, October
the feasibility of hosting future events on campus. But on this day, the
                                                                               28, 2010 at 6:30 pm, in the auditorium. The topic will be “What
Spalding runners truly felt right at home.
                                                                               Sophomores Need to Know About the College Process.” The
                                                                               Guidance Department will be explaining how the process unfolds
Varsity Field Hockey played its first game ever on the new turf field on
September 9th versus rival St. Mary’s. The field hockey program did            and give students and parents a timeline. All tenth graders and at
not get to test the turf last fall before the end of their season. The Lady    least one of their parents are expected to attend
Cavaliers made the best of their turf debut by taking a 1-0 overtime
victory from the Saints.                                                       College Fair Night: Another Important Date
                                                                               October 21, 2010 is the date for the annual Archbishop Spalding
Varsity football participated in the first I-95 Classic football event at      College Fair Night. The program begins at 6:30 pm in the new
Towson University on September 4th. Private school teams from the              gymnasium. A large variety of colleges have accepted the school’s
greater Baltimore / Washington area combined for one great day of              invitation to attend and will set up information tables for their
football. The Cav’s played in a thriller against MIAA A Conference             school. In addition, there will be presentations on financial aid,
opponent Calvert Hall, only to fall in triple overtime 26-20.                  admissions and NCAA Clearinghouse. Sophomores, juniors
                                                                               and seniors and their parents are encouraged to attend this
The Athletic Department hosted two tournaments new to the Spalding             valuable program.
roster of events. The first annual Cavalier Classic Boys Soccer
Tournament was held on Friday and Saturday of the Labor Day                    Extended Time Accommodations at Spalding
Weekend. The boys’ varsity team defeated metro ranked Fallston 3-1             To qualify for extended time on school based tests, a student must
and played to a 1-1 tie with local rival Old Mill. The Varsity Field           have recent (within three years) professional documentation. This
Hockey team played host for the first annual Cavalier Invitational Field
                                                                               documentation should include both a cognitive and achievement
Hockey Tournament on September 11th. The Lady Cav’s defeated
Chesapeake 2-0 and lost a heartbreaker to local Anne Arundel County
power Broadneck, 1-0.
                                                                               Approval for extended time at Spalding does not guarantee this
Finally, at the start of the fall sports season, the Athletic Administrators   accommodation on standardized tests such as the PSAT, SAT,
and the Athletic Training Staff decided to pursue and enact a                  ACT, or AP exams. Please contact kandracj@archbishopspalding.
departmental policy governing the prohibition of the use of “Sports            org for more information.
Energy Drinks” by our athletes. With the physical effects created
by consuming these beverages (increased heart rate, increases in               Homework Assignments When a Student is Absent
blood pressure and other metabolic responses) in combination with              When a student has to miss school, they need to consult their
the natural adrenaline production and physiological response of the            course syllabus or the teacher’s web page to find out what work
nervous system prior to competition, it was decided that the use               needs to be done. In addition, they may want to phone a friend so
of these products was unnecessary and would be disallowed. The                 that they can determine any other class news. When they return to
stimulation enhancing substances in these drinks such as caffeine,             class, the student should speak with the teacher to find out what, if
guarana, taurine, and other herbal substances all contribute to                anything, needs to be made up.
potentially damaging and possibly serious physical effects on the
cardiovascular system. We first addressed this concern back in mid             When a student’s illness results in an extensive absence of a
August with our coaches and players, and ironically in the Baltimore           week or more, it is imperative that parents email teachers. Email
Sun (9/16) there is a front page (Health & Style Section) article about        addresses can be accessed at the school website which is www.
this very topic. Athletes and parents should inform themselves about
                                                                               archbishopspalding.org. Teachers can be asked to respond by
the mystique that surrounds these drinks.
                                                                               email or to leave work in the main office to be collected by the

    6      Engaging Faith & Learning
                          The Cavalier • October 2010
                                              Campus Ministry
                                    Mrs. Kathy Mayer, Campus Minister
                          Mrs. Caitlin Boyle, Director of Service/Religion Teacher
Thank you… for all the generous donations that poured in for this year’s food drive. We almost doubled our donations, with some
homerooms reaching record levels of items: Hough – 717, Huesgen – 505, Malcolm – 150, Lindahl – 138, Sola – 117 ! Our Juniors
edged out our Seniors by just a bit, followed by Freshmen and Sophomores. Please keep in mind that our annual Blanket Drive will
run from November 1-12 – just two weeks this year! All Blankets should be new and delivered to your son/daughter’s homeroom.

Senior Retreat….All Seniors have signed up and have been assigned their Retreat dates. The listing is posted on the wall near the
LMC and the Campus Ministry office. All Retreats are full and changes may only be made with the approval of the Campus Minister
and if a student is able to find another with whom to switch dates. Students depart ASHS by bus on Wednesday @3PM and return to
school prior to dismissal on Friday. Information packets are mailed home to parents/guardians in advance of the students assigned
Retreat. Please feel free to stop by Campus Ministry, email mayerk@archbishopspalding,.org or call 410-969-9105 ext. 236 with any

Liturgies…Any student who would like to participate as an Altar Server, Cross Bearer, Gift Presenter, Lector or in the Liturgical Mu-
sic Group please let Mrs. Mayer know via email (mayerk@archbishopspalding.org) or stop by the Campus Ministry office. As you
have probably heard through your home parish, changes in the translation of the prayers of the Mass are expected to be implemented
on November 27, 2011. It you would like more information, go to www.usccb.org/romanmissal for the changes and helpful resources.

Sophomore Service Dates…Each student participates in a day of service as part of their sophomore year. The majority of dates are
assigned by homeroom. Students are given permission about a week prior to their date. Sophomores go to their first period class and
are called down to the Chapel. Following an orientation, the group departs and is separated into three separate groups, all accompanied
by a moderator, serving at Our Daily Bread, Beans & Bread, and Franciscan Center. Upon return, the students share lunch and reflect
on their experience. Please do your best to avoid scheduling appointments for your son/daughter on their date. The dates by homeroom
are as follows: Richardson: 9/28/10; Heming/Café: 10/5/10; McKenzie: 10/19/10; Kelly: 10/21/10; Cafe: 11/2/10; Gentile: 11/9/10;
Lewis 11/16/10; Gallardo: 12/7/10; Szulczewski: 12/14/10; Brunner: 1/25/11; Bowden 2/8/11; McFarland 2/15/11; Mach/Café/Make-
up: 3/8/11.

Senior Service Requirement….All Seniors need to have completed and submitted their required Service Hour documentation and
reflection on or before Friday, January 7, 2011. Current seniors are required to complete 45 hours of service (20 outreach /25 unspeci-
fied ). Those who do not comply, are considered ineligible and are unable to participate in any before/after school activities which
includes, but is not limited to clubs, practices, games, work-out room, senior breakfast and all senior/graduation activities.

Important Change in Service Requirement – applicable to Class of 2013/ Class 2014…Beginning with the class of 2013, the service
requirement increased to 60 hours (25 outreach/35 unspecified). All 60 hours may be earned in the category of outreach if a student
prefers this category of service. The requirement for Juniors (’12) and Seniors (’11) will remain at forty-five (45) hours of volunteer
community service (20 outreach, 25 unspecified).

“40 Days for Life”…is an ecumenical international initiative of peaceful prayer, vigil and fasting for the unborn. It begins on Wednes-
day, September 22, 2010 and concludes on Sunday, October 31, 2010 – www.40daysforlife.com. Together we pray for a respect for all
life from conception to natural death.

                         “Apply your heart to instruction, and your ears to words of knowledge” Prov. 23:12

                                                                               Engaging Faith & Learning                             7
                          The Cavalier • October 2010
                    LMC News ~                                             Introduction to Engineering Design ~
                 Mrs. Janet L. DiStasio                                             Mrs. Amy Brunner
Life brings changes. A major change in the LMC this school year        Engineering is in full swing at Archbishop Spalding High School!
is for the first time since 1988, Mrs. Carol Lipman is missing.        Our budding engineers tackled their first group project which was
Mrs. Lipman retired in July. Interestingly she and I were both         Pringles vs. United States Postal Service. Our engineering students
hired the summer of 1988. We did not know each other, but were         had to design and build a packaging envelope that would protect
both from the same Township, Middletown Township, in New               a single Pringles potato chip in the mail. With limited supplies- a
Jersey. I graduated from Middletown Township High School.              gummed business envelope, one piece of scrap paper, an index
She graduated from Red Bank Catholic. We did know some of              card, 2 straws, and 6 inches of masking tape, each team had to
the same people. Starting together and being from the same area        brainstorm their ideas and decide on a solution. The purpose of this
created a special bond between us.                                     project was for students to implement the rules of brainstorming.
                                                                       Like many professions, engineering is grounded in teamwork, and
Carol Lipman was the go to person for the teachers when they           the first step of becoming an engineer is learning how to be an
needed copying, AV help and NO ONE was a better on-line                effective team member. As part of the engineering design process,
shopper than her. She saved Spalding money as she researched           our students implemented the rules of brainstorming. Yes, we did
every book, projector, light bulb etc that was purchased via the       mail their Pringles chips, and are still awaiting the results. The team
LMC. She was amazing at this! She started part time as the LMC         who successfully mails their chip without it breaking could have
secretary but moved up to full time and became the Library Media       a future patent to apply for. As the engineering program moves
Aide. As a quick learner, she became an expert at VCR, overhead        forward, we will be exploring such topics as Product Evolution,
projectors, VHS tapes, LCD projector and all other media repairs.      the Design Process, Technical Sketching, Reverse Engineering,
                                                                       Virtual Design Teams, and 3-D Modeling in Autodesk Inventor.
The students, faculty and staff all loved her. Her children both
graduated from Spalding. As parents, both she and John were very
active members of the Parents’ Association, manning the soda
booth at dances, working on the sound system for the cafeteria, etc.
Her children were the focus of the family. It came as no surprised
that she and her husband have retired to Florida to be with their
grandchildren. Son Chris’ 91 has a second one on the way and
daughter Emily’94 just became a mother earlier this year.

As much as I will continue to miss this wonderful woman, I am
thrilled that she will be able to fully enjoy her family. She will
now have time to do all the things she loves: needlepoint, traveling
on cruises, gardening, reading and just enjoying her grandchildren
in her home and pool.

                  Cavalier Golf Open!
                                     RSVP ONLINE TODAY!
                                        Friday, October 1, 2010
                                    Compass Pointe Golf Course
                                      9010 Ft. Smallwood Road
                                         Pasadena, MD. 21122

                                       Tournament to benefit our
                                             Athletic Programs!

             For more information please contact the
              Office of Institutional Advancement
                 410-969-9105 ext. 243 or 242.

   8      Engaging Faith & Learning
                          The Cavalier • October 2010
                                                      Parents’ Association
The Parents’ Association hosted the New Parent Social on August        your purchases made at Target using any of the cards and ½% of
26. Thank you to all the parents, administrators and teachers who      purchases made anywhere else using the Target Visa card. If you
attended. Special thanks to our Sophomore Class Coordinators           would rather send your card numbers to gbill@eands-mail.com,
Amanda Gartner, Denise Rize and Shelly George who planned the          we will gladly sign-up your cards for you. ASHS will also receive
event and Anita Bragaw, Renee Miller, Jennie O’Friel, Ann Truffer      5% of your purchases at Office Depot if you give them our school
and others who served refreshments and helped with set-up and          name and ID#70047318 at the check out counter. Please help us
clean-up.                                                              to take advantage of all these offers. The dollars really add up!
            2010 – 2011 Remaining Meeting Dates:
  October 12, November 9, December 7, January 11, February 8,                                     Officers
                     March 8, and April 12.                                   Amy Stolarski – President - amywosto@gmail.com
                                                                        Valerie Washington – Vice-President - Val_48331@yahoo.com
The topic of our October 12th meeting is “Everything You Always                 Julie McHale – Treasurer - sjmchale@aol.com
Wanted to Know About Your Teenager.” Please join us at 7:00 pm                 Anna Johnston – Secretary - zlavia@hotmail.com
in the LMC.
                                                                       If you have any questions or would like more information about
Upcoming Hospitality Events – Volunteers Needed!                       any of our activities, please contact any of the officers above.
Open House – Sunday, October 31st 12:00 pm – 3:00 pm
The Parents’ Association hosts a reception in the cafeteria during
the Open House. We would appreciate donations of home-baked
                                                                         Everything you wanted to know about
or bakery items for the reception and volunteers to help serve in           teenagers, but were afraid to ask...
the cafeteria. If you can help with this or would like to serve as a
Tour Guide, please contact Julie McHale at sjmchale@aol.com.             Please join us Tuesday, October 12th at 7:00 pm for an evening
                                                                         sponsored by the Parents’ Association to provide information
Junior Ring Dance – Saturday, December 4th 7:30 pm – 10:30               and resources for parents/families of adolescents living with
pm.                                                                      today’s challenging circumstances.
The Junior Class Parents are involved with decorating and providing
drinks and snacks to the Junior students who will be attending. The      We are honored to have Dr. Rhonda Allen, Medical Director of
Junior Class Coordinators will hold a meeting in October to begin        Pathways as our keynote speaker. Following the presentation
planning for the dance. If you would like to be involved in this         we will have a forum of community agencies available
fun event, please contact Lynne Cooper at lmcoop@comcast.net,            to discuss resources and services to support our children
Michelle Overbay at michelle.overbay@clarkconstruction.com or            and families. For more information please contact Marcie
Colleen Phillips at phillips_valpak@comcast.net.                         Gibbons at gibbonsm@archbishopspalding.org or call 410-
                                                                         969-9105 ext 335.
Giant, Safeway, Target and Office Depot Programs
Please help Archbishop Spalding to provide new technology for
students by registering your Giant, Safeway, and Target Credit/
Visa and check cards. Thanks to your support over the last school            Separated/Divorced Support Group
year, Archbishop Spalding earned over $5,400 from Giant, over
                                                                        Due to the interest and participation of previous groups at
$5,600 from Safeway and $781 from Target. By registering your
                                                                        ASHS we will once again be offering a Separated/Divorced
cards and designating Spalding as the school you want to support,
                                                                        Support Group for students who are/have experienced the
Spalding earns much needed funding. This is easy to do and takes
                                                                        absence/separation/divorce of their parent(s). This opportunity
less than 5 minutes to sign up. We would like all of our Spalding
                                                                        is offered through the Guidance Office, Office of Campus
families to participate in this “Painless Fundraiser”. More ASHS
                                                                        Ministry and Marcie Gibbons, a licensed clinical social
families participating in these programs equals more money for
                                                                        worker. The group meets in the Campus Ministry office. This
ASHS. To sign up for the Giant A+ program, go to www.giant.
                                                                        year the start date is: Tuesday, October 12th at 7:00 pm. Due
com/aplus. The school code for ASHS is 01172. To sign up
                                                                        to the generous support of the Parents’ Association, there is no
your Safeway card, go to www.escrip.com. The school code
                                                                        fee for participation in the group. If you would like additional
for ASHS is 6642757. You may also register your Target credit
                                                                        information, please stop by the Campus Ministry office, email
card, Target Visa card or a Target check card at www.target.com/
                                                                        gibbonsm@archbishopspalding.org or call Marcie Gibbons,
tcoe. The ASHS school code is 7858. ASHS will receive 1% of
                                                                        410-969-9105 ext. 335.

                                                                               Engaging Faith & Learning                             9
                          The Cavalier • October 2010
                                                                                              Cavalier Shop
                                                                      The Cavalier Shop has added several new items to the school store.
                                                                      There is a wide variety of Nike jackets and polos for ladies and
                                                                      men. Another hot item is a dri-fit Nike adjustable hat. The face to
                                                                      face black and red hooded sweatshirt will arrive shortly. These new
       Yearbook Update                                                Nike items took several months to acquire and are just hitting the
                                                                      department stores now. Please stop by and see the new selection.
Please submit yearbook inquires to Mr. Mach.
                                                                      There are several new sports light weight t-shirts recently added to
Senior Portraits – In order to be included in the senior section of
                                                                      the school store as well. They are cross country, hockey (ice), field
the yearbook, all seniors must have their senior portraits taken by
                                                                      hockey, softball and wrestling. Baseball and swimming will arrive
Lifetouch (aka Prestige Portraits).
                                                                      within the next two weeks. As always, we have plenty of football,
                                                                      soccer, lacrosse and basketball t-shirts. A new football t-shirt and
Once you have received your proofs, please make a yearbook se-
                                                                      long-sleeve shirt will be available for purchase at the homecoming
lection as soon as possible. The selected photo must be from the
                                                                      football game. The school store tent will be set up on the grassy
formal settings only. These are the regular shots on blue back-
                                                                      portion as you enter the stadium near the ticket venue.
grounds with drapes for girls, tux for guys.
                                                                      Mark your calendars for school/varsity jacket fittings. Propst and
The final make-up day to be held on-site is scheduled for Oct 7.
                                                                      Son’s will be available for jacket fittings on October 7th and October
Please watch the mail for additional details and appointment times.
                                                                      8th during students lunch periods. A $ 50.00 deposit is required
If this time will not work, or if you prefer to have your portraits
                                                                      with every purchase and the balance is payable upon receipt of
taken at the studio, you can contact Lifetouch at 410-525-1700.
                                                                      the jacket. Jackets are all custom designed and can be made for
                                                                      band, merit awards, clubs, chorus and all sports. It usually takes
Underclass Photo Make-ups and Retakes – Lifetouch will return
                                                                      4 to 6 weeks for the custom jacket to be delivered. This can also
on Oct 17th to take pictures during lunch periods. Picture order
                                                                      be ordered as a Christmas gift for your son/daughter. Just let me
forms are available in the Main Office.
                                                                      know ahead of time and I will make sure to only contact you upon

                                                                      For more information contact Donna Doran in the Cavalier Shop at
                                                                      dorand@archbishopspalding.org or 410-969-9105 extension 257.
                      3rd Annual
  Cavalier Turkey Trot 5K Run/Walk
                                                                                              Cavalier Club
                            Thursday, November 25, 2010               The Cavalier Club hosted a reception for members before the
                                Race start time 8:30 a.m.             Loyola Game on September 17, 2010. It was a great success!
                                       Kinder Farm Park
                             1001 Kinder Farm Park Road               This year the Cavalier Club is kicking off the year with a new
                                  Millersville, MD 21108              event. On November 6, 2010, the Cavalier Club will be host-
                                                                      ing a Fall Festival at the school for adults. The evening will offer
                                                                      great food, dancing, and the opportunity to come out and support
                                       Register online at             your favorite sports team. A portion of the ticket proceeds will go
                              www.archbishopspalding.org              directly to your designated team. Please mark your calendars and
                                                                      place your reservations now! The flyer for our Fall Fest is on Page
                                                                      12 of this Cavalier.
    All proceeds will benefit Archbishop Spalding’s                   Cavalier Club memberships are still available! We look forward to
                     track facility.                                  your participation!

  10      Engaging Faith & Learning
                   The Cavalier • October 2010

                                                                    Paint The Town Green!
                                                      No, we won’t be celebrating St. Patrick’s Day. We will be
                                                      travelling to New York, Broadway specifically, to see the show
                                                      American Idiot, inspired by Green Day’s music and lyrics.
                                                      Join us on Saturday, December 11, 2010. The cost is $100
                                                      which includes transportation, the always magnificent bagel
                    BINGO!                            breakfast, two movies, great company, two snacks and the
The Graduate Mothers Association (GMA) will host      show. You are on your own for lunch, souvenirs, sightseeing,
a Theme Package Bingo on Sunday, November 7th         and dinner.
from 2-5pm in the Spalding cafeteria. Proceeds will   We will leave Spalding’s front parking lot at 7:30. We will
                                                      back at Spalding around 9:30 PM. You will have about two
benefit the Senior Mothers Appreciation event, se-    hours before the show to shop or dine. We will stop on the
nior awards, and future scholarships for Spalding     Jersey Pike for dinner and a restroom break.
students. Tickets are $20.00 in advance, $25 at the
         door. For more information contact           A deposit of $50 is due by November 1, 2010. The balance
ashsgma@gmail.com or visit the school’s website at    of $50 is due by December 1, 2010. Make checks payable
                                                      to ASHS. Questions? E-mail Bert Kiessling at Kiesslingb@
           www.archbishopspalding.org.                archbishopspalding.org

                                                      Join us! It will be a good trip.

             You’re Invited to Archbishop Spalding’s
             Athletic Hall of Fame & Homecoming Game

             Friday, October 15, 2010
             (game starts at 7:00 pm)

             The ‘09 - ‘10 Inductees:
             Stephen Peroutka - Past Parent
             Carrie Parsons Miller ‘94
             Brendan Mannix ‘98
             Matthew Latonick ‘03
             Brandon Woods ‘04
             Matthew Antonelli ‘05
             Cedric Zellner-Fing ‘05

                                                             Engaging Faith & Learning                           11
                The Cavalier • October 2010
              Archbishop Spalding Cavalier Club

               Fall Festival
                      Saturday, November 6, 2010
                              7:00 - 11:00 pm
                 Archbishop Spalding Gym Court Yard
             $35 per person/$45 at the door (Adults Only)
        $10 per ticket will be donated to the team of your choice
                      Fire Pits, Music, Food, Beer, Wine and Games of chance!

                      Attire: Tailgate clothes (dress weather appropriate)
                *In case of inclement weather the event will be inside the gym*
         Questions? Contact Bill Manley at brovend@aol.com Cell -301 –802-1503

         Proceeds to be used for construction of new concession stand.

                                              TICKET ORDER FORM

       Name: __________________________________________________________
       Phone: ___________________Email:__________________________________
       # of Tickets x $35.00 =____________________ Make checks payable to: ASHS
       Athletic Team Name__________________________Girls_______Boys_______
       Charge my (circle one):     Visa     Master Card
       Name on Card__________________________________ Security Code_______
       Card #_____________________________________ Expiration Date_________
           Reserve by October 29, 2010 to ASHS Front Office marked “Fall Festival Tickets”
          To register online go to www.archbishopspalding.org under the events tab.
                         ASHS ~ 8080 New Cut Rd. ~ Severn, MD 21144

12   Engaging Faith & Learning
 Archbishop Spalding High School                                             PRESORTED
                                                                            FIRST CLASS
                                                                            U.S. POSTAGE
   8080 New Cut Road ~ Severn, MD. 21144                                       PAID
                                                                            PERMIT # 922
                                                                             BOWIE, MD

             Address Service Requested

         The Cavalier                    October 2010

  Get your passports ready . . .we’re off on an   African Safari!
        Join us on this adventure and mark your calendars for
                Saturday, March 26, 2011
when we celebrate our 11th annual Spalding Spring Sensation!

   Please check the school website for opportunities to participate,
whether it is organizing and/or donating. We always need volunteers,
and this is a great way to get involved in the school, help your children
                          and make new friends.

  Any queries, please contact Director of Development, Katy Caruso
    at carusok@archbishopspalding.org or 410-969-9105 x 242.

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