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curriculum vitae - Richard Beer


									                                                                                                      Richard Beer CV

76b Crediton Hill, London NW6 1HR
07733 268 737
Date of Birth : 25 October 1973
Nationality : British


Oct 2006 –             JPMH Ltd (
                       Senior Copywriter

                       Copywriting for a rich variety of clients, in both print and digital formats, from Disney and
                       Aston Martin to BlackBerry and Nestlé Purina. My primary focus is digital, which allows me to
                       use my decade of digital experience in multiple roles to full effect, assisting and directing
                       projects at all stages including conception, IA, design, build, and client contact.

Sep 2006 –             Cunning Ltd (
Oct 2006               Copywriter

                       Freelance copywriter on a digital and event campaign for Capital One bank. See
              for interesting details.

Dec 2005 –             Freelance Copywriter
Aug 2006               Mostly copywriting, but I was also employed in design and film-editing roles, creating page
                       mock-ups for mobile-phone content company Film Night and a presentation film-showreel
                       for Universal Comedy. In my spare time I began writing a book.

Nov 2004 –             Wheel Ltd (
Dec 2005               Copywriter / Producer

                       Initially employed as a Producer. I was inspired into finding my true calling, copywriting, by
                       the raw creativity I saw around me every day. Offered the opportunity by the company to do
                       so, I quickly morphed into a Producer/Copywriter, and shortly thereafter into a Copywriter.

                       During my time at Wheel I used my skills in writing, producing, HTML, design and client
                       management on projects for a large number of high-profile clients including Signet
                       (H.Samuel and Ernest Jones websites and emails), Laura Ashley (fortnightly emails and all
                       site content), Sony Computer Entertainment Europe (‘Twisted Metal’ microsite, viral video
                       and emails), Starbucks, Schering-Plough, Marks & Spencer, BT, Lloyds TSB, Opodo,
                       Experian, and Wheel itself.

Jan 2003 –             Protia (
Sep 2004               Creative and Marketing Director

                       Responsible for all copy, branding, marketing, and project management of a variety of
                       technical and interactive projects. My role included a considerable amount of copywriting,
                       project tendering, and managing clients, contract designers and developers. Clients included
                       the National Audit Office, Restaurant Services, and

July 2001 –            Angel Designs (
Jan 2003
                       Angel was a small branding and design company devoted to building useable, attractive
                       websites and print collateral for SME clients, including luxury spa holiday operator Essential
                       Escapes ( My role included everything but the design.

Jan 2000 –             Frag Magazine
Sep 2000               Sub-editor and journalist
                                                                                               Richard Beer CV

                  Sub-edited and contributed to monthly print magazine dedicated to online gaming.

Jan 1998 –        The iGroup - Computacenter’s eBusiness division
June 2001         Web Producer

                  Web Producer responsible for managing the full production lifecycle for a variety of internal
                  and external projects, and overseeing creative development, support and maintenance of
                  websites and online projects for Computacenter, Sanctuary Music, DERA (Defence
                  Evaluation & Research Agency); National Police Training; iGroup’s VPN; Marks &
                  Spencer; BP; IMRG and others.


Software Skills

             -    Microsoft Office, Adobe Photoshop, Image Ready, After Effects and Premiere
             -    HTML, Javascript
             -    Microsoft Windows

Professional Qualifications

             -    MSF (Microsoft Solutions Framework) Software Development Project Management
                  Certification; Sep 2000
             -    Project Management course with Paul Brunton Ltd; May 1999
             -    Advanced Certificate in Marketing, CIM; Sept 98 – May 99


Sep 1992 –   University of York
May 1995     -    History Degree (2i, BA Hons.)

Sep 1987 –   Harrow School
Jun 1992     - A levels: English (A); History (C); Latin (C)
             -    GCSE: 9 As; 1 B

Other Interests

             -    Scuba diving
             -    Computer gaming
             -    Tall-Ship sailing
             -    Film
             -    5-a-side football / keeping fit
             -    Travelling
             -    Table Football

                                      References Available On Request
                                                                                                         Richard Beer CV

Several years ago, whilst still a Producer, I realised two things: that the one discipline I’ve always loved (and
excelled at) was writing; and that I was an idiot if I didn’t start making a living doing what I loved. Fortunately, it
turned out I wasn’t an idiot.

I’ve revelled in words since I can remember, and been a copywriter at heart since I started making up adverts for
John Player Specials in my head before I was old enough to know what cigarettes were. Regardless of my job
title, a reputation for this passion has followed me throughout my career. Now the clue is in the job title, of
course, but the passion is more visible than ever.

More than this, my pre-copywriter experience throughout the digital medium has given me a wider perspective
and better understanding of the industry as a whole. I believe this makes me a better copywriter.

    1) I’m not just a wordsmith. I’ve done my time at many different levels and through many different cycles
       of new media. I’ve been an HTML developer, a Project Manager, a web-hosting administrator, a
       Producer, a Photoshopper, a Film Editor and a Copywriter. My skills and roles have overlapped,
       intermingled, and generally refused to order themselves within distinct boundaries like well-behaved little
       roles should. I’ve done HTML whilst working as a Producer, edited film whilst working as a Copywriter,
       and written copy whilst doing just about everything else.

    2) I am diversely creative. Sometimes my ideas are really good. Sometimes they’re… interesting. But I do
       have a lot of ideas from a lot of different angles. Most of the time those ideas are, by necessity,
       channelled and controlled by very specific briefs, but there’s nothing quite so enjoyable as unleashing
       the foot-soldiers of the imagination from the trench of conventional wisdom, and sending them charging
       headlong across the no-man’s land of That’s-Just-Crazy-Talk! I like to think I am equally capable of both
       kinds of thinking.

    3) I am good at languages. Not Swahili or Navajo, but middle class, geek, corporate, and fanboy… I’ve
       written for spotty teenagers, prim traditionalists, and fashionistas. They all supposedly speak the same
       English, but I’ve found that my best-targetted writing has been created in a mindset close to acting,
       trying to fit into a specific role with a specific accent.

    4) I’m good with people. Nearly every role I’ve had has involved client contact in some form. I’ve learned
       that knowing and understanding the client’s business from multiple angles is vital to producing a brilliant
       campaign, and being able to explain that campaign to them using their own language and ideas is vital
       to convincing them of its brilliance. This goes as much for internal clients as external ones. With the
       perspective that only multiple kinds of experience can bestow, I am able to bridge the communications
       gap that often exists between the creative, IA, production, client services and IT departments.

    5) I write efficiently. People have short attention-spans.

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