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					                   CHASE BANK ENABLIS BUSINESS LAUNCHPAD 2010

                                 Competition Entry Form

Section A: Required business plan format (Maximum 23 pages)
If you are submitting a business plan, please note that you are required to use the business plan format
outlined in this section.

Your business plan document MUST comply with the following:
            It must be typed in 12 point size, Arial font, double spaced and justified layout
            The business plan may not be longer than 23, A4 pages (Three page executive summary and
             20 page detailed plan)
            It must be printed on white A4 paper one side only
            If your business plan is emailed or uploaded onto the competition website, the file must not
             be larger than 1MB. If emailed it must be in Microsoft word or PDF format

NB. Anything that does not meet the above requirements will not be read and the application will not be
eligible. The business must be based in Kenya and all entries must be submitted in English only.

Business Plan Format

Cover Page
The name of the enterprise
The address and telephone number of the enterprise
The entrepreneur’s name, address and telephone number
The date on which the business plan is submitted

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    1. Executive Summary
Business title( business name or working title)
If the business name does not currently exist, choose a name that is suggestive of the major benefits of
the product/ service
The name should be original and trendy

Business opportunity
       Describe your product or service
       Describe the location of your business and the significance of the location if relevant
       Describe the market need your business will address and how the product(s)/ service will meet
        the need
       Identify your target market/major customers/potential users

Competitive environment
    2. Who are your significant existing business competitors and potential/new entrants
    3. What are the challenges and barriers to entering into this industry
    4. What makes your product/service distinctive (differentiates them)

Viability of business
    a. How will your determine product or service pricing
    b. How will you reach your target market and distribute/ deliver your product/service
    c. What are your employment projection for the first three years of operations
    d. How will your business make money and how long will it take to become profitable
    e. What are your sales revenue projections for the first three years of operation on an annual basis
    f. How much investment will you need and which strategy do you have in place to source for funding

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Entrepreneur’s experience and commitment
           Briefly describe your education background, skills competence and experience as it relates to
            the business idea
           Briefly describe your commitment to accomplishing the start up or expansion
           What is your current occupation (if still employed) and how does it relate to what you intend to
           Is your product/service seasonal? If so describe how and why

Financial requirements and needs
State your business source of capital and funding needs

    5. Business Description
The company
Name of the company
Business vision and mission
Business goals
Type of business ownership and share capital
Business location

Business location
Physical location

The nature of the business and industry trends
The nature of the business
The industry structure and trends

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The product or service
Type of product or service offered
Specification or characteristics of the product or service
Entry strategies

Justification of the Opportunity

Business Objectives
Short and long term objectives
SMART objectives

SWOT Analysis

    6. Market analysis and marketing plans
Market research and analysis
Major customers
Major competitors
Pricing strategy
Estimated Market share and size
Barriers to entry

Marketing plan
Overall marketing strategy
Pricing strategy and policies
Sales tactics
Service and warranty policies
Advertising and promotions programs
Distribution plan

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Customer service
Plan of Action
Use of ICT and internet

    7. Production / Operation Plan
Production/Operation Facilities and Capacity
Machines, Tools and Equipment
Raw Material Requirements for the First Term
Operating Expenses for the First Term
Production Process
Production Strategy
Average Production Capacity for the First Year
Average Production cost for the First 3 Years
Quality/Standards Control
New Product Development
Regulations Affecting Production

    8. Organizational and Management
Organizational and management team
Organizational structure and operations
Key management personnel
Management compensation and ownership
Incentives and employment agreements
Legal requirements
Supporting advisors and services

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    9. Financial analysis and plan
Proposed company financing
Financing requirements(needs)
Proposed use of funds(uses)

Financial projections and plans
Projected income statement for 3 years
Projected cash flow statement for 3 years
Projected balance sheet for 3 years
First year statement on a quarterly basis
Second year statement on yearly basis
Third year statement on yearly basis

Financial Analysis
           Major fixed and variable costs
           Gross and operating margins
           Profit potential and durability
           Management of risks
           Breakeven calculations and ratios

    10. Potential Risks
           Risks
           Risk Analysis
           Management of risks

    11. Appendix

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Section B: Competition rules, Terms and Conditions of entry

Terms and Conditions

I/We the undersigned entrant(s) to the Chase Bank Enablis Business LaunchPad Competition (“the
competition”) agree to unconditionally accept and abide by the terms and conditions as contained herein.

I/We hereby submit my/our entry form and business plan (“the business plan”) for consideration by
Enablis EA, the operator of the competition (“the operator”) and/or their assigned judges and agents, and
attach hereto my entry fee payment of Ksh. 500.00 or valid proof of payment therefore.

I/We warrant that I/We are the bona fide author(s) of the business plan, or if the business plan has been
prepared by a group of more than one person, that I/We/ am/are authorised to represent this group of
persons and act on behalf of them, or if the business plan has been prepared by a consultant or third
party, I/We hereby accept the responsibility of authorship

I/We warrant that I/We have all the necessary rights in respect of the display and use of any or all
intellectual property and/or copyright content in the business plan. I/We indemnify the competition
operator against any claim arising from any unauthorised use of any intellectual property, whether such
use was made knowingly or not.

I/We hereby authorise the operator to allow any persons appointed by Enablis as a competition
administrator, manager, or judge to possess, store, copy and read the business plan.

I/We agree and accept that the operator makes no warranty and gives no assurance that any prizes from
sponsors, financial assistance, or any other benefit will be offered or granted in respect of my/our
business plan.

I/We agree that the competition functions solely as a method of identifying promising entrepreneurs for
the sponsors and funding partners, and the performance of an entrant in the competition, including being
selected as a winner, does not create the entitlement to funding or an offer of funding. No warranty or
guarantee is given with regard to provision of funding, loan guarantees or financial assistance in the event
that I/We am/are selected as a winner in the competition and I/We agree and understand that the
provision of any funding and/or loan guarantees and/or investment will be at the sole discretion of the
funding partners and terms and conditions of such funding and/or loan guarantees and/or investment
shall be a matter for the conclusion of a separate agreement between myself/ourselves and such funding
partner(s); the conclusion of such agreement shall be a matter solely for the entrant(s) and the funding
partners, and competition operator shall not be held liable for any failure, for whatever reasons to
conclude such an agreement.

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I/We agree that the decision of the operator is final, and that the operator is not obliged to give any
reasons for any decision taken in relation to the conduct of the competition and adjudication of the
business plan

By entering, I give my permission for my name, address, business sector, contact detail and plan score
(but not my business plan) to be disclosed by the operator to the competition sponsors. I/We also give
permission for the sponsoring companies to contact me by email, telephone or post for research,
marketing and promotional purposes.

I/We agree to make myself available for media interviews, photography and public relations purposes as
reasonably required by the operator, at any stage during the competition.

The operator reserves the right to amend the rules of the competition including the adjudication
procedure, prizes and arrangements at any time and without notice.

In the event that I/We am/are awarded any prize(s) as a result of the competition. I/We indemnify the
operator against any claim with regard to the loss, working order, operation, warranties and state of the
prizes following their delivery to me/us.

I/We agree that if I undertake any action, or fail to undertake a required action, that has the effect of
failing to discharge any of these terms and conditions, including the entry requirements contained in the
entry form document, or that brings the operator or competition into disrepute, or which the operators
consider to be male fide, or which prevents or frustrates the efforts of the operators to adjudicate or
operate the competition, the operator shall be entitled to disqualify my/our entry. By appending my/our
signature on this document, I/We confirm that my/our application is in accordance with the Rules and that
I/We agree to be governed by the said Rules.

I/we agree that we use the competition website, entry form, templates and other forms and documents
and website facilities and services entirely at my/our own risk, and we agree to indemnify the competition
and its managers and sponsors against any claim, howsoever caused, for damages or loss arising out of
the use of the website and its related forms, documents and services.

I/we indemnify the operator against any claim arising out of any breach of copyright or intellectual
property rights on my part, and I/we agree that the operator is not liable for misuse, theft, the annulment
or the loss of any submission, except in the case of proven gross negligence.

Competition Rules

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   An individual, registered group or community-based organization (CBO) is allowed to submit
    only ONE entry.
   All sections marked compulsory must be completed otherwise the entry will be considered
   If a registered group or CBO submits an entry, they must nominate one member to represent
    them in the competition, accept to be bound by the terms and conditions of entry and
    participate in the national training and judging session.
   Participants invited for the national training are expected to attend all training sessions
    offered as part of the competition. Failure to attend these events may lead to disqualification.
   Funding must be used only for the business idea or expansion. Funding must be used in
    accordance with the investment plan agreed upon with the winners.
   Any entrant found to be canvassing or making contact with any of the BPC judges will be
   Chase Bank Enablis Business LaunchPad Competition reserves the right to disqualify any
    individual found giving false information or violating the Competition rules

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Section C: Entry Form

 Please provide your MPESA transaction code here:



Entrant’s/group’s names: ___________________________________________________

ID Number of the entrant or group’s representative: ______________________________

Mobile number: __________________________________________________________

Email address;____________________________________________________________

Postal address: ___________________________________________________________

Physical address: _________________________________________________________

Province of residence: _____________________________________________________

District of residence: _______________________________________________________

Gender (tick one box):        Male          Female

Age (tick one box):           18-25         26-35         36-50         > 50

Occupation: ____________________________________________________________

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Name of the business: _____________________________________________________

District/town where the business will be/is located: _______________________________

Which of the following are you proposing (tick one)?
         Business idea                                          Business expansion
           (start-up or running for less than six months)          (in business for more than six months)

Is your business registered (tick one)?     Yes               No

In which industry category does your business idea best fit( tick one)
         Media Marketing and communication                    Tourism and Eco tourism
         Information Communication and Technology  Transport and logistics
         Agri-business and Agri-processing                    Business and professional services
         Manufacturing and construction                       Fine arts and performing arts
         Sports, leisure and recreation                       Green and ecological business

    c. SPONSOR’S CORNER (Please note that this section is compulsory)

As an entrepreneur, what would you like done different by your Bank?




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What are the main challenges you are facing as a growing business?




In what ways can the Safaricom Foundation support economic empowerment initiatives in the country?




As an entrepreneur, what important skills would you attend college to build?




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Why have you entered the competition?




How do you plan to use ICTs in enabling and/or driving your business?




How well would you say you know the AccessKenya Group and how would you rate their services?




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By manufacturing and supplying high quality electrical cables in the market, East African Cables connects
our lives by ensuring safety and comfort at both our business premises and in our homes. In what ways
have you interacted with East African Cables products?




How did you learn about Chase Bank Enablis Business LaunchPad Competition (tick all that applies)?

         Website                        TV
         Radio                          Newspaper (Please specify: ___________________)
         Institution of Higher Learning  Friends/Family
         Awareness and Training session
         Other: (Please specify: ________________________________________)

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The cost per entry is Kshs. 500
Bank deposit at branch( please attach copy)
The entry fees is not refundable under any circumstances

               Pay your entry fees of Kshs. 500 by MPESA to the competition numbers below:
                                         0720598971 or 0720599211
      Please write the confirmation details of the MPESA transaction number on your entry form
                                               e.g. U19WO306


    I confirm that I have read, understood and do unconditionally accept, and, agree to be bound by the
    competition rules, terms and conditions of entry as published in this entry form and on the competition




    This entry form will only be accepted if fully completed and signed. Unsigned or incomplete entry
    forms will not be accepted for judging.

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