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					Earn online by making steps
online writing community where you can get a
freelance writing career and meet other people.
It is run by Averheld, an outsourcing company in
the Philippines. Its office is located at the 26th
Floor of the Pacific Star building in Buendia,
Makati City. Among the services being offered by
the company to its clients include the following:

  * Web content writing
  * programming
  * artistic web designing
  * advertising
  * Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  * website administration
  * Internet marketing

I've been working for this company as a
homebased content writer for several months
now and so far, my experience has been a
positive one. Being an writer can be
just as challenging as it can be exciting. I only
take a writing assignment everytime I feel like
writing and there certainly is no pressure since
there is a grace credit that I can use if I can't get
the assignment done within the alloted period,
which is usually 24 hours. But of course, I am
trying to finish my chosen assignment as fast as
possible, so I could get another one and earn
more money.

Choosing and submitting a writing assignment is
easy. All you have to do is to login to its Cyber
Office and visit the main workplace. There you
can see a variety of topics to write. I usually write
articles about health, cars, business, Web
marketing and other topics that I find interesting.
I also write product reviews sometimes.

What I like most about is it credits its
writers' salary on time. I can get my payment
anytime I want to. However, I must have to reach
1,000 pesos first in order to avoid a small
deduction or any of the following amounts: 3,000
pesos; 5,000 pesos; 10,000 pesos, to get bonus
points. What's more beneficial, you can get your
earnings through different payment processors,
which include the following:

  * BPI Family Savings
  * BPI Express
  * BPI E-cash
  * Unionbank
  * LBC
  * G-Cash
  * and more...

Unlike other sites out there with the same
function, is not a scam. It REALLY
PAYS and I have been paid a couple of times
already. I wouldn't gonna blog about it if it is a
scam site, of course. So, if you are an aspiring
writer and wishes to make money online by
writing different content items It doesn't matter if
you are a student as long as you know how to
follow rules, incorporate keywords and write
quality articles. It is worth a try and a good place
to start your freelance writing career.
to be continue.............