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There are so many ways that people can do to
earn online. They can view ads, share photos,
promote pages, surf the web, join a social
networking site and take surveys, to name a few.
This article provides an overview of legitimate
websites and “get paid to” programs that anyone
can join to earn money online.

EziHippo is a social networking site that pays
users for using the site. Earning in this social
networking site is easy. Each section of the site
has earning potential. Some of the areas that
users must stick to in order to increase their
earnings include the video gallery, forum, blogs,
music gallery, classifieds, image gallery, reviews,
polls and events. Users also get credits for
updating their profile, making some comments,
voting, updating their status and answering
quizzes. The key here is to socialize or make lots
of friends.

Get Paid to Post Pictures: ShareaPic (Minimum
Payout: $20)

Get Paid to Post: MyLot (Minimum Payout: $10)
This online community provides users an
excellent and enjoyable way to earn money
online. MyLot rewards its users each time they
begin a discussion, comment on topics started
by other members, upload news items, invite
friends and post a blog item. Users can discuss
subjects about anything and simply most
everything under the sun. MyLot pays its users
who have obtained a minimum balance of ten
(10) dollars monthly. Users have the option to
raise their minimum payments to $25, $50 and
$100. Payments are all made via PayPal in U.S.
dollars, depending on the country the user
resides in.

Get Paid to Socialize: EziHippo (Minimum
Payout: $10)

Shareapic is a website that pays its users for
uploading pictures. Users get to earn money in
this website each time Internet users click on the
photos and take a look at them. Users can
upload as many photos as they can. To enable
users to easily post their photos in various sites,
Shareapic provides them codes that they can
copy in order to share and promote their photos.
Shareapic pays within 30 days just as soon as
users reached the minimum payout of $20.