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Fitness Industry Trends To Bank On The Future is by jzu16173


									Fitness Industry Trends
       To Bank On
       The Future is Bright!

Presented by:
        Maureen Hagan
International Program Director &
Fitness Instructor of the Year

Vice President of Operations
Director of Education
 Importance of Educated Fitness
 Professionals again takes top rank” for the
 3rd straight year
 ACSM 2010 Top Ten Fitness Trends:

1.  *Educated and experienced fitness
2.  *Strength training
3.  Children and obesity
4.  *Personal training
5.  *Core training
6.  Special fitness programs for older adults
7.  *Functional fitness
8.  *Sport-specific training
9.  Pilates
10. *Group personal training
* on the move
ACE Top 10 Trends for
1.    Boot camp style workouts
2.    Budget friendly workouts
3.    Specialty classes based on hot reality trends.
4.    Getting back to the basics.
5.    Circuit training
6.    Kettlebells
7.    Boomer fitness
8.    Technology based fitness (ipod, Wii-Fit, heart-rate and
      metabolic devices)

9.    Event or sport-specific exercise
10.   Mixing it up
IDEA Fitness Trends Report
   Group exercise participation is steady with an
    average of 39 classes/week; 14
   Group exercise driving members to fee-based
   Mind-body continues to show steady climb with
    an average of 14 classes/week and 13
   Small growth in small equipment: balance and
    suspension equipment only two on the rise.
   Diverse amount of program concepts available.
IDEA Fitness Trends Report
2009: training combined
2.    Personal training one-on-one
3.    Group strength training; combined
4.    Strength training; one-on-one, group
5.    Fitness assessment
6.    Stretching and/or flexibility
7.    Personal training; partner
8.    Abdominal training
9.    Strength training created to music
10.   Pilates (top mind-body program)
11.   Core based classes
12.   Circuit classes
13.   Youth personal training
14.   Hybrid classes
15.   Indoor cycling
   The Future of Fitness White
   Paper: written by the Nielson Company and
             published by Les Mills

“New Research Issues a Challenge to the
  Global Fitness Industry”
 Tomorrow‟s consumers are likely to be much
  less compliant to fit themselves around a
  gym-centric model or embrace fitness
  through hard work.
 Consumers will want the fitness industry

  to be more people-centric and knowledgeable
  about good health and wellness outcomes.
IDEA Top 10 Program
Predicted to Grow in 2010:
1.    Mind-body fusion/hybrid
2.    Teen fitness
3.    On-line client reminders and information
4.    Social activity groups
5.    Senior classes
6.    Small group classes on machines
7.    Combination/hybrid classes
8.    Dance classes
9.    Small group boot camp and outdoor training
10.   Small group training classes (under 8).
Create Your Future
Career…Hottest include…
    Personal Training leading the way!
    Special Populations requiring
     specialization and certification ie-
     “Zoomers”, Kids, Obese…
    Mind-Body and “Friendly” Fitness
     concepts including Yoga and Pilates
    Post-Rehabilitation Exercise Therapist
    Sports Conditioning Coach
    Professional and Life-Coaching
    Freelance writer
    Corporate Fitness Speakers
      2010 and Beyond…
   Adaptation and
Member Experience Keys to Success:
Non-dues, revenue based programs will help off-set “lower-
  margin membership revenue”. These include:
 Personal training

 Specialized Group Training

 Partnerships with programs and companies to generate
  active and passive sources of income.
 Nutrition services and juice bar revenue.

 Spa services

 Cyber coaching and home based-training

 On-line memberships and social networks
 2010 and Beyond…
Personal Training is key to the
   industry‟s future success!
Group Exercise will prosper and provide
   variety to meet the diverse needs of the
Community atmosphere will
   differentiate in the marketplace
   (“Spoilers” with low dues and zero
   service) however the social „community
   within the club‟ will prevail.
It‟s all up to YOU!
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Maureen Hagan
GoodLife Fitness Clubs
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