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									Resolve Teacher Stress in an Instant

                                 It is no wonder that educators experience moderate to high levels of
                                 Teacher stress. Teaching is the noblest profession, yet the most
                                 challenging at the same time. No wonder that a majority of new teachers
                                 find themselves quitting the said profession because of the pile of
                                 pressure that is put on their shoulders. The work of a teacher is not
limited to the four corners of the classroom. Their task even extends far more like administrative duties,
faculty meetings, parent meetings, paperwork, grades, exams and so much more.

Teacher stress is commonly manifested with other stress symptoms. Physically, instructors may
experience headaches, frequent back pain, illness and heartburn. On the emotional side, when in stress,
they might experience impatience, depression, gloominess and insomnia. If these signs are neglected,
they may trigger a more severe condition like hypertension, cardiac arrest and emotional instability.

Everyone knows how stress works and how dangerous it is regardless of profession. But with the hectic
schedules of some teachers, what they need are immediate solutions that can easily take them out of
the stress umbrella. Here I share some helpful tips on how to relieve stress easily and instantly.

Instant Tip # 1: Smile. As what a song suggests, "Smile when your heart is aching." This is indeed a useful
proposal to relieve teacher stress. If school work seems to be a never ending process, or one student of
yours is testing your patience, this is a must for you to smile. Never underestimate its effect and
affecting power that does not only involve you but individuals around you. A smile has been proven to
alleviate your current mood and mind set into something positive. So when an unexpected circumstance
occurs, don’t forget to flash those teeth and smile.

Instant Tip # 2: Get out. If you are in a class and your students are so noisy, and you feel you are about
to explode, it is better for you to leave. Exiting is not to renounce the situation. You simply remove
yourself from an unhealthy environment into an area that will not remind you of such stress. There is no
point in staying in a room where you know that something bad might happen. So instead of yelling at
your students, go to an area where you can cool down your senses or a quieter place in school. When
ready, you can then head back to your room. You will be amazed with how much your mood has

Instant Tip # 3: Positive thoughts. Given a scenario where you can not do the second instant tip, the
second best solution is so physically stay and mentally fly. This applies to scenarios where you can not
excuse yourself like a very important meeting. This procedure simply lets you close your eyes and go to a
place where you can find peace. You can remember your happiest day. You can even think of a comedy
that you saw last night. Repeating a mantra is also suggested. For experts, closing your eyes may no
longer be necessary, just drift your mind elsewhere. When you are back to reality, you will feel so
refreshed and light at the same time.

These are just some instant solutions to counterattack burnout. For long-term solutions however you
can speak to an expert to answer this concern. But for now, you can apply these tips that can help
elevate your current mood. Teacher stress should not be a wall to break, it is just a piece of stone that
can be destroyed effortlessly.

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