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1 i sv:xtrou 1011         ; 2:28Pll                                                             2127188015;1
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                                    SPUADRON,        SHEINFELD
                                                PLESENT,   e SORKIN
                                                             561 Fifth     Avenue
                                                       NewYork, NewYo~k 101~6
                                                      Telephone: (212) 661-6500
                                                      Telecopier: (212) 697-6686


                  former New York Enforcement Staff

    TO:                                                          NO. 2111~8-8045
                                                        IIP~ TELECOPIEA
                  Attorney #2

    FRON;                      HO
                     SENOER'SDIRE_                                                                         Personal Privacy
                                                      _                      q,
                                                                     DATE: MAY 1993
       PAGES    THIS
    TOTAL (INCLUDJNG                                                     re'

                        IR    PLEABE
            Wn~AtllluTlgW ERROR,
                                                  THI~IBIt 8TRreTLr
                                                      IF YOU ARE IOi' THE I)(TeHDED~Lj~Z~iiii~ij~i
                                                                           IFrW   RLCEIVED
                                                   CQIIIIIWICA'IIO~ PROHIB~Teb. HAYE
                                   YOTIFY IHIEDIATELY faLEPHOIIE. THARY                THIL
                                                                                                 VW AILE~WEREBY
                                                    BY                YOU.

   File Number:                           61447/001
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                                                                         Confirmed by:                       ·r

                                                                                                         MADOFF               EXHIBITS-03555

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         TelecoDIer                                                2128918888-,                  2


      651 Fifth Avenue
      NewYark flew York 10176
      (212       16i-6Sd0
      Attorneys      for Defendants

      UNITED            COURT
             DISTRICT NEW
      SOUTHERN      OF    YORK

            AND     COMMISSION,
                                      Plaintiff,             :
                           - egalnsr                                         (JES)
                                                                    DEFENDANTS' RESPONSE TO
           a BIEN~S,
     AVELLINO         J,
                   FRANK AVELLINO,                                  PLAINTIFF'S FIRST SET OF
     and MICHAEL BIENES,                                                          AND
                                      be~endan'ts.           ;            FOR
                                                                    REOUESTS DOCUNENTS


         Defendants,    a            Frank        (·Avelllno")
                               ('AIB"), J. Avglllno         and
          5,      ("gtnnas"),
     Mlchael Blenes               to    26,
                           pursuant Ruler 33and34of the Federal
         of           and 46                  of        States
     Rules CivilProcedure Rule of theCivilRules theUnited
            court          Dlstrlet New sub~rthe fPllou~ns
     Dlrlr(ct for theSouthern     of York,
           to           First Setof Interrogator~es Reguests Documents;
     response Pla~ntiff'o                        and      for

     Jnterraqa~t~or.v 1

                            1902           state    person hasbeen
                 Fartheperiod to thepresent, for each    who     a
     partner      of AiB:

                      a,     full nameand ~ddress~
                      b,                     they
                             periodduringwhich werea partner;

                                                                              MADOFF     EXHIBITS-03556
                                                    ~··~- - - ---·-·--------~yu--·~l-rii;·i--._~~--~L-ul-^^----~·-------r-·c               -_·_~.._~~.   . r-·_..   ..

SENT            7021               ;
        Telecopier ; 5- 4-93; 2:29PR                                                                  2128918888~                                3

                   c,                 generalor limited partner:
                  d,                    ownershipALE;
                                percentage     of
                  a.                  partner or was corporation, foreach
                                If such     is     a           state
                                such corporation:

                                (1) the dateandplaceof Incorporatl4n,
                                (2)    address, and

                                (3~ the currentofficers anddirectors;
                         such   is     a          state
                 P. If any partner orwas partnership, fareach
                                suchpartnership     partnershipl):
                                (11 the date of formation,
                                (2) the date andplacedf registration,
                                              of       partnership,
                                03) the address themember
                                           and      each     who
                                (4) thename address'of parson is or wata
                                          of      partnership theperiod
                                    partner themember      during
                                      1962 to the present, and
                                     each partneris or wasa limitedor
                            (5) whether such
                                      general partner,
   answer laterrP~atorvHo._l
             Personal Privacy

             Personal Privacy

             Personal Privacy

                                                                                                                               MADOFF     EXHIBITS-03557
SENT              1021              ;
         Telecopier ; 5- 4-93; 2:30PM                 2128976888-,               4

                         from       to
               b, Avell~no: inception thepresent
                             from      to
                    a, 819994: inception the present
                  D, Blenes: 1988to the present
               c, Alt partners are generalpartners,
                  J,       has         interest~nA~B; Mr.·and
           d, Frank Avellino a 88percent                                Mrs,
                 a         interest.
    8leneteachhave 25percent
               e·   Not opplicable.
               f,   Not applicable.

    Intarraaa.tor.v No, 2

             the    1962          state              or
           For period to thepresent, forall individuals
    entities that have Investedmoney AhB:
                     a,     name and address;
                     b.                  invested;
                            initial amount
                                   of additional
                     C· dateandamount any          Invested;
                                              monies       and
                     d,.    per5od of investment,
   Answer ~nterrosstorvHa. 2
                 object                onthe    that
          Defendants to this Interrogatory grounds It is
       burdensome, and
   unduly               expensive it requires
              inconvenient    Inthat       defendants
           thousands ofd6cumentatton to answer
   to review      ofpages      in order     this
             Defendants object           pursuant
   Interrogatory, further tothisInterrogatory to
      46          Rules       States   Court
   Rule of theCivil oftheunited District forthe
        Olstrlct Vork 46")   It Is a practical
   Southern ofNew ("Rule because not more
       of       the        sought a      for
   methodobtaining information than request Production.
     documentation answer interrogatory
   The        neededto    this         already made
                                     has     been
         toplaintiff plaintiff had opportunity this
   available      and       has ample      toobtain


                                                               MADOFF     EXHIBITS-03558
SENT                                    ;
         Telecopler1021; 5- 4-83 ; 2:30PM        2128818888-,             5

                Moreover,           willagain
     information. thedocumentation bemade             to
             In      tq          document served
     plaintiff responseplaintiff's     request herewith,
     In~err~satpr.v Ho, 3

                   respect paragraph theanswer, thename address
                with    to       11of       state     and
     ofthe              wha
                broker-dealer the        trading
             the and       number discretionary thename
     accounts, name account ofeach              account,
                In    each       monies held, the
     oftheaccountwhich investor's was and individual
     It thebroker-dealer            the      or        ofthe
                            prdirected trading investment
    m6nies 551th6se accounts,
    Anower tnterrnnatgrv Ha, 3
                       abject                 on         that
                Defendants to this Interragatory thegrounds it Is
    unduly        Inconvenient
          burdensome,         expensivethatit requires
                            and      in              defendants
            thousandspages documentation to answer
    to review      of    of          In order       this
                Defendants object thisInterrogatory to
    interrogatory.       further to                   pursuant
       45       it
   Rule becauseIs nota more         method
                             practical ofobtaining   the
             sought a         for
   information than request production   ordeposition. The
              needed       this
   documentation to answer interrogatory            been
                                          hasalready made
           to        and           had opportunity
   available plaintiff plaintlff'has ample                   this
                                                     to obtain
              Moreover,documentation bemade
   information.       the           willagain              to
           in       to
   plaintiff responseplaintiff's       request herewith.
                                document served
            further    to               onthe
   Defendants object thisinterrogatory ground It is that
   duplicative theIndividual           have
                               defendants already         the
      and    of         In   testimony
   name address thebroker sworn           to
   3uly 7, 1992,

                         ~`~~~-"~- '~·- --l-i-IIIICr~-~LII··-rr~ll__·l~y~Y-i~PI-··ll~~·lylU·n*lll~·~M~mCl·DYLYI*IVl~y-·-                        ..i_VIYY·C·

SENT            1021
        Teleeopier ; 5- 4-93; 2:31P#;                                                                     2128918888-,                       8

    ~LaterraPatorv. 11

                   the    1912        rtlte       oddroes,
                 FDP Period tothepio~ent, th· s~.e,    and
          or          perroa olnoloyed
    p~lltlontint oT.lch laB               e.ployr.
    Answer Interro~atoryNe, I
                       object                 on        that
                Defendants to thfs interrogatorytheground It Is unduly
            Ihat      Inforn~~tionb~c~ thirty and
    burdenron. It tsekp      dld~ng over ysl*~
       Inforndlon nscl,r~rily the
    euth      Isn.L                     orknnrll$e.p
                          ulthln poltslelan       tee
                                  wa~vlng objeet~an,
                             Wfthout   tald               state
                                                  defendants that the
    fol   Personal Privacy

   -Inbrr9~dorv Na,..b

          the     19b2         ~tptp     end      of
       For porlPd tothepreslnt, thename ladre~r each
      or       institution whleh .a~nta(nr maintained
   bank finanelll        w~th AbB       or        en
         the   in   each    was       each     number.
   account, name wh~ch account held,and account's


                                                                                                                           MADOFF    EXHIBITS-03560
                                                   __··~_   ··   · ·_ · ·~   · ·_   ·_ ·__·_   __·__··_···_·   _··_____·__   _·___~i·_~·___   _·I

SENT            1021               ;
        Telecopier ; 5- 4-93; 2:3106               2128918888-,                                                  1

            Interroaatorv J
    Ansrrsr_to          No.
                     object                onthe    that
               DePendants to thisinterrogatory grounds It IS
    undulyburdensome,         and
                                 expensive that it requires defendants
    to reviewthousands pagejof documentationorderto answer
                                          in             this
             Defendantsobject IntorrcgntoFy
    Interrogatory. Purthsr tothis          to
      se     It 1a I           anathod     the
    Ruta becauPa not lerspr,erlcll ofPbt~inlng
            sought a       for       The         needed
    information than request production.documentation
          this         hal
                         already made
    toanswer Interrogatory been available           and
            has ample
    plaintiff had          to obtain Infonnatlon.
                   opportunity     this        Moreover,
    the documentation againbe made  ava~lableto plaintiff in response to
    pl~lntlff's document           herewith,

   lnterroaa.torv No, 6

                 the    1962          Identify Attorneys
               For period to thepresent,     all      the
   defendants           Aas     business. each
                 regarding orABB's      For oral
                  an      and or of             state:
   conrmun~cation attorney AbB any thedefendants,
                       present the          was
           ~· all persons while cPmmunidatlon  made;
                          ofeachperson to theperson
          b. therelationship        present
                       asking the comnunicatfon;
                  c,   the data andplaceof the communication;
                  d.           matter theEomnunlcation. written
                       thesubject   of             Foreach
                                between       and or
                       comnunlcatlon anattorney ABB anyof the
                       defendants, state:
                  e.   the type of document;
                  f,   the date of the documint;
                  9,   the author;
                  h, · the addresses;

                                                                                    MADOFF                     EXHIBITS-03561
                                  -~'`~"""~~   ---·-·-C^i---   ·-·_C·UYIIVr-i~Y--I:_I_l~~~~~l··i-.·~~~··-:-·~L··-I_)~_*U~CIU~UL~#OaOUWH~YIW(·L~~i~_rVi~~·~··l·

SENT      Telecopier 1021 ; 5- 4-93 : 2:32PM;                                     2126918888-,                                     B


                     i,                   between author the addressee,
                           the relationship     the    and
     Answer Intetrppatorv ~1~.6
                      object                 on         that
               Defendants to this interrogatory thegrounds the
              requePted is        from      bythe
      intel7nation thsrsln pratected disclosure ~ttomey-
                    Oefendants object this Interrogatory
     clientprivilege.       further     to             pursuant
            46      It
     to Rufs because Is not~.more        methodobtaining
                                 practical   of       the
              sought         far       or           Defendants
     information than1 raquezt production deposition,
           object                onthe     that
     Further to this I~terragatPry ground It is overly    broad
           as                 beyond     of
     insofar It seeltinfor~oltfon thescope this litigation.Without
           any             objection,
     waiving of theforegorng                state
                                    defendants thatthefirst time
                 an       regarding federal
     theyconsulted attorney       the              laws in
                                          securities was June·
                     consulted that timewereIra LeeSorkin Dori
     1992.Theattorneys       at                         and  Ann
           of                     Ellenoff,
     Hanswlrththelawfirmof S3uadron,             SheinfeldSorkln
                                          Plesent,      a
     (the "SEPSLS
                           specifically object to this subpartof this
               a. Defendants
                pursuant Rule because is not a more
     Interrogatory     to   46      it            practicalmethod
                the        sought         for       or
     of obtaining information thana reauest production
              Defendants object thisqubpart this Interrogatory
     deposition.     further  to         of
                 that                not         withinthe
     an the ground It seeksinformation necessarily
     defendants'       or          Defendants hadnumerous
                knowledgepossession,       have            oral
             withtheir attorneys cannot
    communications             and          each     one.
                                      recount andevery
         waiving objectlon3,
    Without   such               state       they
                          defendants that,when have
         in              withattorneys the SEPSIS that no
    engaged oralcommunications       from      firm,
                   and              have present,
    onebut themselves their attorneys been
                          specificallyobject to this subpartof this
               b, Defendants
                pursuant Rule because is nota more
    Interrogatory      to   46       it          practicaam~thed
               the         sought a request production
    of obtaining informatlbn    than       for         or

                                                                                                        MADOFF             EXHIBITS-03562
    .;';'~~-~'-~~~ '~~'-'~-'
~~~'~                          ---~~-----'~II-~~                 --"~.-CI--^IUYYU-~~"Y·UI-llh··        ____·-L·II-·-II~-~UU_    ·__~I·~UI~J

     SENT      TelecopIer 1021 ; 5- 4-93 ; 2:32PM;                                     2128818888-,              2121488045;ig


                             Defandilntl object thissubpartthisInterrogatory
                    deposition.    further to            of
                              that     information necessarily
                    ontheground it seeks        not              the
                    defendants'                  Defendants had
                                     or possession,      have numerousoral
                               withtheir        and
                    communications attorneys cannot          each every
                                                       recount and      one,
                         waiving objections,
                    Without     such                 state       they
                                             defendants that,when have
                           In                with       from      firm,
                    engaged oral camnun(catrons attorneys the SEPSU the
                               of    person the person
                    relationship each-    to               the        was
                                                     making communicationthat .
                   of either client or attorney,
                                            specifically object~tothis subpartof this
                                c, Defendants
                               pursuant Rule because is nota more
                   Interrogatory      to   45      it           practicalmethod
                              the         sought          for
                   of obtaining information thana request production  or
                            Defendants object this subpart this Interrogatory
                   depPsltlon,     further  to          of
                               that it seeksinformation necessarily
                   an the graund                      not         withinthe
                  defendants'     or                 have         oral
                                              Defendants hadnumerous
                             their      and    recount and one.
                  communications attorneys cannot each every
                       walvln$ object~ons,
                  Without    such               state          had
                                        defendants that theyhave oral
                              their     from consistently continuously
                  comnuhlcations attorneys SEPSIS     and
                     June to               of              haveoccurred
                  from 1992 the present.Some therecommunications      at
                       office   have     over
                  S~PSBS' andsame occurred the telephone.
                                          specificallyobjectto this subpartof this
                               d, Defendants
                             on          that           requested
                  Interrogatory the ground the Information      thereinIs
                           from                            privilege, Defendants
                  protected disclosureby the attorney-client
                        abjectto this subpart this Interrogatory
                  further                  of                       to    46
                                                              pursuant Rule
                  hetaute Is nota more        method       the         sought
                                       practical ofobtaining Information
                       a      for          or
                  than request productiondeposition.         further
                                                     Defendants object  to
                            of                anthe   that
                  this subpart this Interrogatory ground It seeks Infobatlcn
                                withinthe defendants'
                  not necessarily                          or
                                                    knowledge possession. Defendants

                                                                                                      MADOFF            EXHIBITS-03563
SENT            1021        ;     ;
        Telecopler ; 5- 4-98 2:33PM                  2128818888-, 2121488045;#10~

        had   oral
                 COrmunlNt~bnf~With cannot
     have numerous            attorneys
                          their     and reeount
        end one.      waiving objections,
    each every Ylthour such                  state
                                      defendants that
                concerned        Informal Into
    theco~nunlc~ti~ns theplalnt~fC's inquiry the
           burlnasl,        legal aga~nsrdefendintr,
    defendantrl th.plllntlff's PCtlon the
                undertaken to theConsent entered this
    theactivities      pursuant       Order    in
    action andrelated   matters.

                       and          specifically to these
         a., f., g., h,~ i. Defendants       object      subparts
                        onthe    that            requested is
    of thisInterrogatory ground theInformation therein
             tron          by             privilege.
    protected disclosure theattorney-client         Defendants
    further       to          of             pursuant 46
           object thissubpart thisInterrogatory to Rule
    because It is not a morePractical
                                             of        the         sought
                                        method obtaining information
    than'a request for productfon deposition. Vithoutwaivingsuch
           defendants thefollowing ofwrltten
   objections,    submit        list       cona~unlcatlons
   betweenthemselvesand caunsel:
   ~IYB~ P~2~               Author            Addressee
   Retainer6-19-92 S6rkin'                       and
                                              480 Avelllno
   letter       &3-92 Avel Ilno                    rth
   Letter~      9-23-92 3orkln                  line
   Hemo         10-29-92 ButowJky                    8lenes
   Memo                                     Blenes
                11-10-92Pasguariello Avellino,
   Memo                   lino
                12-1-92 Avel                        Hanswirth
   Letter       12-23-92 Avellino             Hanswlrth

           "Sorkin*refers to Ira Lee Sorkln~ "Hanrwlrth" refers to Oori Ann
                      refers to
   Hanrwlrth; Butowsky*          MSchael           and
                                        R. Butowsky "Pasquar~ello'   refers
   ~~pSV:SnC~:~: Allof theseindividuals attorneyjw~th,the

                                                                MADOFF   EXHIBITS-03564
SENT      Telecopier 1021 ; 5- 4-83 t 2:3308 ;                                  2128918886-,        2121488045;911


     Letter             1-5-93          Avellino                    Hansnirth
     Letter             1-8-93          Hanswlrth                   Avelllno
     Letter             1-5-93          Hanswlrth                   BleneJ
     Memo               1-27-93         Bienes                      Hanswirth
     Letter             1-27-93        Avel'lieo                    Sorkln, Hanowtrth
     Letter            '1~29~93        Avellino                     Hanswlrth
     Memo               2-1~193 -      Hanswlrth                    Avelllno
     Memo               2-19-93        Hanswlrth                    Avelllno
     Letter             2-19-93        Hanswirt`h                   Avellino
     Memo               2~22-93        Avellino                     Hanswlrth
     Memo               3-8-93         Avellino                     Hantwirth
     Letter             3-18-93        Hanswirth                    Avellino
     Memo               3-22-93        Avellino                     Hanswirth
     Letter             1-6-93         Hanswirth                    Aveltino

     Interrooatorv        No. I
              For the period 1962 to the present, Identify all accountants and
     accounting        firms the defendants       have consulted         or hired,
     Answer to Interrs~atorv           Not 7

     .Iaterrallatorv      Na...8

              Far the period 1962to the present. identify e11 computersystemor
     computer assistance           firms or persons the defendants have consulted or hired.
     Answer__toInterroaatorv           No._8
              0ptus    Financial     Services,    Inc.

                                                         -   10 -

                                                                                           MADOFF     EXHIBITS-03565
  BY:Xerox 1921        ;     ;
~ENT Telecopler ; 5-4-99 2:94P#                         2126918888-, 2121088045;#12


           the    1952          identify independent
        For period to thepresent,      any        contracter
               named     to interrogatoriesand thatthe
    notpreviously Inresponse            6, 7 8
    defendantshaveconsultedor hired,
    Baswerto ~terraaatpm Na._E)
                     object                pursuant  Is     it
              Oefebdants to this Interrogatory to Rule because
         a practical ofobtaininginformation than
    i' not more   method      the      sought a
         for        pr         Defendants object this
    repuest productiondeposition,     further  to
             in that         end information the
   interrogatory It It overbroadseeks      about
           personally has
   defendants                  to     the   asserted
                   which nothingdowith claims      In
                Without such      defendantsthat
   thislitigation, ualvlng objections, state they
            of other
   arenotaware any         contractors theyhave
                   Independent      that      consulted
   or hired with respect to AaB'sbusiness.

   mtarropatorv..la.   10

               the   that document InPlaintiff's Request
              To extent any    requested      First
   forDocuments          orhas     ceased    for
                  destroyed, Ptherwip6 toexist,
   each such item state:

                 a,    a description ol?the document:
                 b.                                to
                       the date It waslost or ceased exist:
                 "·          address jab title of each
                       thename,     and                    who
                                                     person has
                             of the     or             under the
                       knowledge manner circumstances which
                             was             to-exist;
                       document lost or ceased
                 d.          address Jobtitle of each
                       thename,    and                   who
                                                    person has
                              concerning natureor contents:
                       knowledge      Its
                        there been stte.pt reproduee,
                 a. whether hat any      to      depllc_ate
                       or find the document,

                                        -   ii   -

                                                               MADOFF   EXHIBITS-03566
; SENT             1021              ;
          Teleeapier ; 5- 4-93; 2:34PW        2128978886~       2121488045;t13

           to            No,
       Answer InteeLlolatOry la
                        object             pursuant ab       it
                 ~efendants tothisinterrogatory to Rule because
            I practical ofobtaining
       i, not more  method      the       sought a
             for       ordeposition.
       request production                 further  to
                                  Defendants object this
       Interrogatory ground it is duplicativeInformatlon
                 onthe    that             of       already
          In    testimony thetrusteein this actlen.
      given sworn      to

      Reauest Na._~l

                      referred         Defendants' to the
             Alldocuments to in preparing     Answer

             to          I
      R~saonse R~IUest.Mp.
                    object            on        that
             De~sndants to this request theground It seeks
              protected disclosure theattorney-client attorney
      information     from      by                and
      work p*ivlleget.  ~oreoyer,       donot precisely
                                 defendants know       which
            its attorneys
      documents               to          Defendants' to the
                       referred in preparing     Answer

      Reauest No.31

                  and     created ormaintained fortheperiod
            Allbooks records    by         byAas
       to present,
     1962the         butnot    to,     sheets,
               Including, limited balance general
           cash     and         logs,
                                    cheek    noteholder
     ledgers, receipts dlsb~rsement~ registers,
           trial     financial
     ledgers, balances,            and
                            statements audits.
            fo           2
     Rasaonse Reauest No,_

             documents to thisrepuert
           The    responsive             within
                                   currently thecustody
              Of       are        to         for    and'
     or control defendants available plaintiff copying
              in               Florida,
     Inspect~on Fort Lauderdate,
                                   -   12 -

                                                       MADOFF     EXHIBITS-03567
S~NT      Telecopier 1021 ; 5- 4-83 ; 2:35PM;                 2128918886~            2121488045;814


       ReauastNal       3

                           1962           all     and
                Fortheperiod to.thepresent, documents correspondence
      between    end                    but         to,
                                Including, notlimited (111
       investor confirmation and account statementr,
      Res~Pnsa.ta~Reduep_t, g
                The             to            currently
                        responsive this request            the
                                                      within custody
                           are        to                    and
      or controlof defendants available plaintiff far copying
      inspection In fort Lauderdale,Florida.

      Reouest     No.. I

                           relating to OptusInformation
                All documents                         Systems,Inc,
      ResPnnse to Reau~rt Na. _4

                          responsive this request
                the documents      to                   withinthe custody
                            are                               and
      pr controlof defendants availableto plaintiff for copying
      Inrpectlan in Fort tauderdale, Florida.

      Reauest No. 5

                Ail documentsrelating tb the brsker-dealer.
      ~tobnsa to Reouest Na,...5
                The      responsive this request
                   documents      to                   withinthe custody
               of        are        to                   and
      or control defendants available plaintifffor copying
      inspection in Fort Lauderdale,Florida.

      Reauab~ No. 6

                          prepared or received Optus
                All documents    by          from           Systems,
                    but         to,         files, agreements,
      inc., Including, notlimited transaction              and
      account    statements,

                                             -   r3   -

                                                                            MADOFF     EXHIBITS-03568
SENT      Telecopier 1021 ~ 5- 4-83 ; 2:35PW~          2128918888-,            2121488045t~15


      Besaonse to RB(1IIBft 6

                 The             to          currently thecustody
                         responsivethis repuest     within
               of        are        to                   and
      or control defendants available plaintifffor copying
               in              Florida,
      inspection Fort Lauderdale,

      Beauest Na, 3

                          tay     filed for every partner,
                 All Income returns             A1IB             but
                                                         including, not
             to,      end      partners, each through
      Ilalted ail former current      for year      the
                                                  or            received
     presentthat the partnerhas beena partnerIn AQB has otherwise
      income frahl AaB,

      RasBsnse30 Reauest Na, 7

                           responsive this request
                 the documents     to                    within custody
                                                 currently    the
                           are                               and
     or controlof defendants availableto plaintiff for copying
     inspection In Fort Lauderdale,Florida.

     Reauest Na, 9

                                       prepared A&B,
                 Al~financial statements      for          but
                                                  Including, not limited
             prepared thedefendants, theperiod to thepresent,
     to, those     by            during      I9e2

     Resacnoeto Beauest No.4
                         have         retponslvetothis request.
                 Defendants no documents

     Reauest No, 10

          Allfinancial              for
                             prepared every       and
                                            current former partner
                    but         to,
     of 3"8,including, notlimited those        by             for
                                        prepared the defendants,
     any period during the years 1962to the present, inclusive.         r

                                         -   14 -

                                                                      MADOFF     EXHIBITS-03569
S~NT                                    ;
         Telecopier1021; 5- 4-93 1 2:38PW                   2128918888-,   2121488045;#18`'


     RetDonseto Reouest Na. la
                      have         responsive this request.
              De~endants no documents       to

     Reauest No, 11

              All audits preparedfor Aa~,whether the defendantsor not, for the
     years 1962 to the present,     inclusive,
     Resnonse to Re~u~ettN~.~11

              Otherthan the reports issuedby price Waterhouse this action,
               no      responsivethis reguest.
     ~eQi~n~ants documents     to

     Reauett_No.    L2

                        sheetspreparedfor whether the defendants not,
              All balance               ABB,    by            or
     for the years 1962 to the present, inclusive.
     ReJaonse ~o~Re~uest No. ~12

                         responsive this requestcurrentlywithinthe custody
              the documents       to
             of       are       to         for    and
     Orcontrol dahndants available plaintiff copying
     inspection In Fort Lauderdale, Florida.

     Beauest No. 1S

                         relating to investorswho
              All documents                     loaned    to  duringthe
                                                      money AaB
     period 1962 to the present;
     ResPanse to Reduast Ho, 15

              The      responsive this request
                 documents      to           curre?tlywithinthe custody
    or control of defendantsore available to plaintiff For copyingand
     inspection    In Fort Lauderdale, Florida,

                                                 -   15 -

                                                                      MADOFF EXHIBITS-03570
~EN~            7021        :     :
        Telecopler : 5- 4-99 2:3858                         2128918888-, 2121488045;#17

    Raclue~t. No. 14

                          provided A~B the brpker-dealer the yeart 1962
               All documents     to  from              for
    to the present,       inclusive,
           toReouest No. 14 '
                         responsive this request
               the documents     to                    within custody
                                               currently    the
            oC        ~ro         to        for    ~nd
    or control defendsnti Ivllllblg pllintlff copying
    Inspection In fort Lauderdale, 5lprida.

    peeuestNo,       15
               All opinions of counsel prepared for the defendants,
    Response to_Reauest_No. 15
                        have        responsive this request..
               Defendents no documents       to

    Dated:      New York, Ne14York
                MaY3, 1993

                                             - 16 -·

                                                                      MADOFF   EXHIBITS-03571
S~NTBY:Xerox Telecopier 1021 ; 5- 4-93 ; 2:3155 ;               2128918888-,               2127488045;313 "


       S~A'IEbr~ PL~RIDA
       couN7v ac BR6~ARD   1   SSet

                   J, AVrLLINO, dulyeworn,
                fRAHK       bolng              and
                                         dspasel sayst I ama
             oi        Avell~na and In           defendant
       Dlrtner defendant a BllnPs am ~nd~vldual herPln~
       I have theforsgplng       Response          Flint
                          Dokndantr~ to Pla~ntl~r'P SetdC
       fnt~rr0patar~l~         D~cumPntP thecantents
                            i~or       kncwo
                                     and              thPrPafl
              Is        own      clxcept            th~re~n
       thetame trueto B1Y knawledge, as to thematters     ttatld
       to be i11sgtd on (nfdr~naEl'on b~l·l,r,' andaS to th6re matters r be'llsvl
       them hetrue,

                                                    ~~9 .~3oc
                                 acknowledged ma
                               was        before thl~                                          day
       Pi ADrll 1393,by FRANK'J,     1
       didnotjakaanoath.                        produced validbJ~xtalWwho
                                                                  iaa Drivers
                                              t i c e-n a e


                                                    Print Namot Edifh      A          Devlin
                                                                               1(OTAR~WBLIC SfATE OP FLeRIDA
                                                                                           EXP. AUG.1OII~J
                                                                               an COHHISSfOY
                                                                               BONDEDTriRV OF'TRAL IWS, ~SD.

                                                    3qVAbRON,     PLESENT,
                                                        SH5IN5LLO SORKIN
                                                    Attorneys Cor Dofondanto
                                                    651 FIPth     Avenue
                                                    NewYork NewYork lb~f6
                                                    (212) 66i-6500

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