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									                                   Canada: A People’s History
                                        Episode 12: Ordeal by Fire
                               (For more information on this video segment go online to:
         See “Episode Summaries” and choose Episode 12.)

City of Sorrow (The Halifax Explosion: December 6, 1917)

A Painful Peace

Canadian soldiers return home to find that many people are dying from ___________________________.
Furthermore, soldiers are unable to find __________________ and Canada is in ______________.

The Treaty of Versailles awards Canada her own place in ______________________________________.

The Winnipeg General Strike

After the war, tension mounts across Canada and inflation runs rampant. Coffee, for example, _________
in price. Many workers look for better conditions and begin to consider striking in order to achieve their

On May 15th , 1919 a __________________ strike is called in Winnipeg. Within two hours, the city is
almost completely paralysed. ___________________ strikes break out across the country.

Ottawa takes direct aim at the strike leaders, making it easier to _____________ immigrants without
trial. For ______ weeks, the strike committee all buts runs the City of Winnipeg. Eventually, federal
authorities step in to _________________ the strike leaders.
In June, on a day known as “Bloody Saturday”, a group of veterans take part in a rally that results in a
________________ being overturned. A riot ensues, and the police begin using deadly force. _______
people are killed, and _____ are arrested. The largest social revolt in Canadian history was crushed after
______ days.

We’ll hoe our own row

Farmers across Canada become disillusioned with a post-war economic slump. Many of the young
farmers leave the country to go to the ________________. The time comes for farmers to defend their
interests and, like the workers, they _______________________.

Henry Wise Wood, an Alberta farmer and activist, is leader of the UFA, also known as the
___________________________________________________. In the 1921, federal election, Agnes
MacPhail becomes the first woman ever to _________________________________________________.
In 1929, the Alberta Five become the centre of the Person’s Case: ___________ Murphy, Nellie
McClung, Irene Parlby, __________ McKinney and Henrietta Muir Edwards. It is ruled that women are
persons, and as such can sit in _______________________.

“At the mercy of our neighbours”

In the 1920s, the Canadian economy becomes more closely linked to the American economy. Across
Canada, ___________________ dollars give the economic recovery a very big boost. ____________ and
___________ are Canada’s leading export, and Americans own more than one third of Canada’s pulp
production. Canadians also drive American cars and American-owned car plants are popping up

There is a new craze in the 1920s: ______________. Hockey Night in Canada is one of the most popular
programs. But as the decade progresses, Canadians start to try to protect their culture from American

October 24, 1929. The stock market crashes and the Great ___________________ begins.
For Canadians, the days of ___________ and the days of ______________ are over.

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