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No. 21 a
February 14, 2006

Jewelry and Timepiece Novelties at inhorgenta europe from A-Z

Jewelry Novelties:
Jewelry from the manufacturer Abel & Zimmermann rich in tradition is classically
beautiful and surprisingly varied. Creations with unique characteristics have been
designed and handcrafted by masters of goldsmith art since 1885. Material quality is
most significant for the manufacturer, and consequently only gold 750/, platinum 950/ and
the finest diamonds are used. „Jewellery Forever‟ – Jewelry produced from white gold,
appealing thanks to very demanding crafting, which fit refined evening dress just as well
as relaxed jeans. Fine diamonds set in pave radiate from individual parts and give the
classic „Figarokette‟ that certain something.

“Alpauftrieb” is the name of the new series from AMALA. Two ibex heads adorn rings
made of 925 silver. The joyful piece of jewelry is crowned by an exchangeable, colorful
plastic pad with gems or pearls. The Herzring from the “A Heart for Judith K.” series
provides comfort and security. It is available in different variations, including in 750 yellow
gold and 750 rosé gold or 925 silver with fresh-water, cultured pearls.

Regina Gräber melts pieces of broken glass together into small objects. This technique
produces an especially good result in her spoon pendants “Lecker” made of 925 silver
and glass. Melted pieces of broken glass on a spoon remind you of caviar. The light is
reflected by the curves, and the shine of the glass is emphasized. Her idea to engrave
glass rings from colored beverage bottles is especially original. A piece from a bottleneck
is taken using a special procedure and worked to form an individual ring. The inner
diameter of the bottle determines the ring size. This is a beautiful gift as a remembrance
of a special day. Have a ring engraved for your loved one from a bottle of wine or
champagne that you shared.

Messe München GmbH, Marketing & Communications inhorgenta europe, Messegelände, 81823 München
Tel: (+49 89) 949-20610 /1, Fax (+49 89) 949-97-20611, stefanie.gerhardt@messe-mü,

TILL BAACKE (C2 326/531)31)
Amulets have been created in the “Par Couches” series, which should become
containers for very personal objects, thoughts and memories. These containers only
achieve their actual function after insertion of such individual contents, which make them
into personal objects of those wearing them.
Opening and closing some of these amulets is very complicated, because inserting and
replacing contents should represent a ritual, for which you take time and do very
consciously. Others can be opened quickly and easily, and some can only be closed
The shells of the containers have ribs, points or small balls on the outside and partially
inside, so that you like holding them in your hand and playing with them. Others let you
suspect their later contents through small openings in the cover without really disclosing

Materials: silver 925/, iron, stainless steel, plastic, aluamide, fine gold, enamel, rubber,
wool cords and hemp cords.

BLUE FIRE (EGANA B2 234/331)
Blue Fire is a perfect example of modern diamond jewelry with a pronounced sense for
design and quality. The collection contains classical solitary pieces of jewelry as well as
young creations in Sterling silver. The approx. 40 pieces of jewelry plus necklaces cost
from 150 to 2,000 euros.
Diamond meets silver – a breathtaking liaison. Creations of eternal value are crafted
through the combination of Sterling silver with diamonds. Diamond jewelry thus becomes
a fashionable accessory and is not longer a prohibitively expensive luxury.
The unique feature: all jewelry pieces have a „Blue Fire‟ engraving and an additional
diamond where it is technically possible.

Limitless ring variations with a two-finger ring: „More is just that – a bit more‟ is the
motto of the new rings from Charlotte Ehinger-Schwarz 1876. Wolf-Peter Schwarz
conjured a two-finger ring in gold, silver and platinum for all aficionados of extravagant
rings. Transformations in shape and above all size are thus not subject to limits anymore.
Radiating diamonds and colorful, sparkling gems adorn heart-shaped disks and
guarantee a unique and splendid appearance. And – hard to believe – the two-finger ring
is extremely comfortable to wear.

Transformable jewelry ideas: The 1,001 transformation possibilities make the jewelry
world of Charlotte Ehinger-Schwarz 1876 very unique: from pendants to rings, brooches
and collier, customized and also combinable above and in each other. „To put on chic
jewelry means to adorn yourself with sensuous accents and not to bet on reticence ‟
according to Wolf-Peter Schwarz. In line with his jewelry philosophy, his rare fresh water
pearls, colored, sparkling gems, unusually cut diamonds, gold and platinum radiate with a
unique glow.

The small jewelry studio from France is coming to inhorgenta with its patented idea, the
High School Diploma Ring. The ring, which can be designed individually, made of 925
silver or 585 red, white or yellow gold with exchangeable gems as a gift for passing final
high school exams is intended as a reward for achievements, a visible sign of attachment
and a lucky charm for the future.

“Lebenslänglich” is the name of the striking wedding ring collection from Drachenfels
Design for ladies with frog princes, hearts or roses. The men‟s models are plainer with
hammer-blow or matt ice-structure surfaces. The packaging is original too. Customers get
their rings at a jeweler in a small wooden box with lion‟s paws, which have fur on the
inside. For an exciting, almost sinful marriage, so to say.

The spring jewelry collection from Emporio Armani Gioielli expresses radiance and
glamour for women and opulence made of stainless steel and lots of wood for men. Six
different chain strands on a woman‟s necklace provide a smart look; they are set with
white topaz stones and attached to a silk cord. The necklace for men has a striking, dark
pendant made of ebony with a silver Emporio-Armani logo.

„Spring is coming‟. Dugena Schmuck presents a collection under this motto, which once
again confirms that jewelry can certainly be a seasonal accessory. From silver with color
stones to gold 333/- with zirconium, gold 558/- with diamonds at affordable prices and all
the way to pearl jewelry in interesting material combinations, jewelry lovers can find
everything that makes spring fashion 2006 even more beautiful.

EULIT W ERK (A1 433)
She invented it. Troll beads – the modular principle for individual jewelry wishes was
already developed by the Danish designer Lisa Aagaard 25 years ago. In the meantime,
there are more than 400 symbols in gold, silver and colorful glass beads, which can be
arranged in rows individually on Sterling silver chains. The goblin pearls have long since
become cult jewelry in Scandinavia, and now the trolls and fairies on the silver chains are
coming to Germany and will be exhibited for the first time at inhorgenta. You can already
give into your passion for collecting starting from 100 euros.

A special edition of accessories for the Soccer World Cup is available for fabric
bracelets and Karl Fischer colliers in the German national colors, cords with a silver
soccer ball as keychain, pendants with the flag, eyeglass holders, cufflinks, earrings in the
shape of small soccer balls – a complete outfit for style-conscious soccer fans!

Fossil ladies‟ jewelry is becoming opulent. The necklaces and bracelets in Charm Look
are especially striking: pearls in various colors, wooden and metal teeth, a metal dagger,
zirconium stones and wooden and steel balls together shape an extravagant pendant,
which is attached to a plain black leather band. The Charm bracelet, which sparkles and
glitters, goes well with it. Seven pendants, including crosses, trendy pearls and white
zirconium stones make the stainless steel band into an eye-catcher.
Fossil men‟s jewelry is betting on tattoo design. A number of necklaces with tattoo
motifs on leather bands and pendants are available for fashion-conscious men.

FREY W ILLE (B1 212)
For the first time at inhorgenta europe 2006, Frey Wille is presenting a new collection
based on the great Art Nouveau artist of all times – „Hommage à Alphonse Mucha‟.
The two jewelry sets „Sarah Bernhardt‟ and „Libussa‟ represent the two most striking
milestones in Mucha‟s career. The movements of the 1920s are influencing trends in our
times strongly. Mucha is an absolute trendsetter in our times due to his way of letting art
speak, the selection of his colors and shapes. This style still lives today more than ever,
and Frey Wille interprets him in an urbane way.

Gellner is offering long necklaces made of South Sea, fresh water and Tahiti pearls in
mixture of bright colors. It is also turning attention to the baroque: recalling the 70s, pearls

are again combined with diamonds, but more ornately and less delicately than 30 years

The family-run company Gold Backfrieder, which has been a successful wholesaler with
its own production and a complete range of gold jewelry in Austria for more than 20 years,
is exhibiting four jewelry lines at inhorgenta. “Juwellness” is a symbiosis of valuable
jewels and wellness: pendants in 750 yellow or white gold, with or without diamond,
which should affect body, spirit and soul positively thanks to ultra-fine vibes. The Cosmo
Symbolic Collection is composed of approx. 30 expressive symbol pendants in yellow or
white gold with magic signs from various cultures. The “Golden Angel” line provides
guardian angels as pendants and rings in all gold combinations with and without
diamonds. The Moving Memory ring line makes it possible to recall moving moments
time and again; the rings can be expanded with diamonds or symbols for any occasion.

Gerhard Hahn surprises pearl aficionados with oversized pearls with a diameter up to 18
millimeters and unusual colors such as gold, orange or violet, combined into multi-colored
necklaces or baroque jewelry pieces.

Cats, dogs, rabbits – regardless or whether in 750 yellow gold with feeding bowls
adorned with diamonds or in high quality 925 silver – the jewelry pieces from Daniel Hiller
are a must for animal lovers. In addition, you can get the right jewelry for the upcoming
season of popular festivals from the jewelry designer from Holzkirchen in Upper Bavaria.
His colliers, pendants and earrings look good enough to eat; they are made of gold or
silver pretzels, in part set with diamonds.

MEISTER (B1 202 B)
Fingerprint and message of love: the wedding rings from Meister have a very personal
touch. The handwriting or fingerprint of a partner or even a very personal message of love
can be immortalized on the inside of the ring using laser engraving. Meister is also
dealing with the topic of soccer this year. There are cufflinks in the shape of soccer shoe
spikes. And another even more striking men‟s accessory: the Feng Shui amulet made of
titanium with integrated compass. The elements and points of the compass are engraved
on the titanium disk. This lets you check your living space quickly for bad or good Feng

SVETL ANA MILOSEVIC (C2 326/531, NR. 20).
The jewelry pieces from Svetlana Milosevic are a documentation of movement. At the
beginning, there is a video recording of a car drive seen through the rear-view mirror. The
designer takes stills, unfocused elements and contours, light and color traces from them
and transfers them to foil or etches them onto metal plates. Cut into strips or rectangular
shapes, these are combined with small silver plates and/or porcelain strips and mounted
free-moving. Brooches or necklaces with elements connected and pushed above each
other loosely create new pictures again and again.

PANDORA (B2 420/519 D/E)
Pandora is presenting high-quality beggar bracelets in Danish design for the second
time at inhorgenta. The bracelets are made of Sterling silver or 585 gold. The great
variety of the pendants, also made of silver and gold, are designed to stimulate feminine
passion for collecting. There are pendants with colors gems, made of Murano glass with
cultured pearls and much more in numerous motifs, any of which can be combined with

Flora is a thing of the past, and fauna is the center of attention this year. Animal motifs are
on original rings made of silver and gold. A dancing dragon guards a 0.39 carat, cognac-
color diamond on a ring made of silver from Gitta Pielcke.

SCHOEFFEL (B1 203/302 B/C)
Schoeffel is picking up on the trend to colorful pearls; everything is possible from green-
gray to pink. Shapes and combinations are becoming more varied too. The “Hippie”
collier from the Classic Collection combines radiating, beautiful fresh water cultured
pearls in the middle of delicate and lissome blossoms made of diamonds and pastel-
colored sapphires in 18 carat yellow gold. A South Sea cultured pearl has an unusual
liaison with diamonds in 18 ct. white gold in the “Caprice” pendant from the Couture
Collection. “Amarill” is the name of the new ring from the Classic Collection. Diamonds in
18 ct. white gold put a Tahiti culture pearl perfectly in scene.

In addition to articulated and rubber bracelets with World Cup emblem, there is even an
official pendant – for a dog – in the World Cup collection from Schumann Design.

The Stuttgart designer interprets the rosary with her new creation “Rosario” and brings it
to life artistically with gems, pearls and coral.
Although Ruth Sellack maintains the original arrangement of the rosary, her “Rosarios”
have various symbols from throughout the world and from all religions. Consequently,
every woman can rediscover her own symbols by attaching symbols, which she considers
personally important, regardless of whether cross, Buddha or horseshoes alongside of a
baby tooth.

The new designer jewelry collection from TeNo shines in a bright white. White
ceramics in geometric shapes are set in ear jewelry, rings, bracelets and pendants made
of cool, stainless steel. Stainless steel elements in combination with rubber are
characteristic for the successful “ShiKou” line, composed of bracelets, cufflinks, tie-pins
and pendants. The collection has been expanded with solid 750 gold elements this year.
All variants are on the gold ShiKou elements with Pavée diamonds arranged parallel,
which conjure a very striking play of light on the bracelets.

Thomas Knauf is launching a new product on the market, which is excellently suited for a
gift: cufflinks made of stainless steel in eight different designs with inlays made of
leather, stainless steel, precious metal, photos beneath foil or glass, felt and lots more
provide a great potential for individual designs.

VIVA DIVA (A1 207)
Viva Diva is exhibiting glamorous fashion jewelry, closely oriented to current fashion,
one year after its market introduction at inhorgenta europe. This year‟s collections made
of aluminum are splendid. Open necklaces with tassel closure, jewelry belts with
glamorous loops through which individual, large-format semi-precious stones are drawn
as closure, necklaces 2 m long, which are wrapped around the neck several times or
worn completely open as well as matching bracelets, earrings, and short colliers are
available in six colors from gold to pink to purple. But Viva Diva is also presenting a
collection made of 925 Sterling silver for the first time.

The provocative but very wearable collection “Hardcore Diamonds Collection” from the
fashion designer Vivienne Westwood, known for her extravagance, reflects her punk past
as well as her pirate style and new romanticism.

YAMATO (B2 234/331 B/C)
The Yamato Collection is distinguished by a combination of jewelry stones in
contemporary colors with fresh water cultured pearls. The necklaces in the style of
Coco Chanel are especially attractive and are made of naturally colored fresh water
cultured pearls and have a length of 250 cm. Double, three-times, knotted or wound like a
cloth, there are no limits to the possible varieties.

Expressive “Princess Rings” with selected color gems, the “Cocoon” jewelry pieces with
extremely thin organic shapes in silver and gold, and the “Cleopatra Colliers” with their
link of archaic and modern aesthetics: the collections of the Augsburg-based goldsmith
Erich Zimmermann are winning international attention.

Timepiece Novelties:
The world-known sports brand adidas is presenting the models of the watch line
“Heritage” at inhorgenta for the first time. The design is classic, urbane and inspired by
the history of the legendary brand. All watches from the “Trefil Line” have the famous
three-leaf logo on the dial face or watchband. Sporty white and pastel tones dominate for
women. The models have a combined analog and digital display as a novel technical

XXL is motto this season at Bruno Banani watches. The disproportionate size provides
the new chronograph in television screen format with an expression self-assuredness
and strength. The other models are also in the trend of the 70s and remind you of late
hippie styles.

The Burberry watch spring collection 2006 appears in fresh spring colors and combines
classic and modern elements. The feminine “Signature Line” links a delicate piece of
jewelry with the function of a watch using a three-strand fresh water pearl watchband.

With a view to Burberry‟s past as equipper of athletes in endurance sports, the newest
collection of the “Endurance Line” takes up from the days of researching the Artic. This
collection integrates novel and sporty style elements.

The new men‟s series „Sport‟ appeals thanks to its masculine design and sporty features.
The chronograph is available in five different designs optionally with watchband made of
stainless steel or Nappa leather.
The new ladies‟ models demonstrate that sporty looks and fashionable design are not
mutually exclusive. Concise casing shapes, oversized numbers and multifunctional
displays are the most striking characteristics of the new line. Totally in white, „Trendy‟
lends a carefree lightness to summer, which the cool stainless steel casing and the purist
leather watchband emphasize even more.

Big, bigger, the biggest: Caterpillar watches are coming to Germany. M AG
Uhrenvertriebs-GmbH Köln is presenting the collection of Cat Time Keeping Equipment
in Germany for the first time. The giant tire monsters and the crawler tractors have been
rattling across asphalt for many years. Everyone can not have a piece of this machine
power – on his or her arm.
The watch collection includes a number of powerful lines. The names „Hammer‟,
„Shockmaster‟, „Big Twist XL‟ and „Yellow Steel‟ already bring to mind powerful items.
Equipped with technical refinements and many extra functions, the „machines for your
wrist‟ are distinguished by their careful manufacture and can handle all loads and
challenges of everyday life and adventure.

CASIO (A1 203/303 B)
Fans of the German, French and Brazilian national teams can now demonstrate who their
favorites are with the models from the series of officially licensed watches of the FIFA
World Cup 2006™ from CASIO. The models are decorated both with a picture of the
World Cup trophy and the official emblem of the World Cup 2006 as well as with the
colors on the uniforms of the German national team, the team of the current world
champion and that of the “Équipe Tricolore”. They provide a comprehensive repertory of
functions: illuminator, stopwatch, alarm, calendar, countdown time and waterproofness to
20 bar.
Each World Cup referee will receive the official referee watch from CASIO. Game
interruptions can be registered using two stopwatches. In addition, a vibration function

ensure that referees are alerted after 45 minutes even if crowds are roaring. As a result,
the watch is ideal for soccer games. The Baby-G collection has two new models:
“Flower of Dreams” with pink display and stainless steel watchband is the perfect watch
for spring. “Glory of Snow” reflects sunlight on wrists in shining white.

The new model “Darling” from Charriol is oriented to the original from Charriol, the “Celtic
III”. It also has the typical cable-band, but appears in a completely new look with its oval
casing shape. Femininity and elegance characterize this chronograph. The dial face is
composed of glowing mother of pearl. Sparkling diamonds on the bezel surround “Darling”
and give her a touch of glamour.

CIMIER (B1 205 B)
Cimier has expanded its high quality collections and is exhibiting two new lines. The
Swiss are presenting an extremely thin men‟s watch with “Flatline”, which has a leather
watchband, extra-flat Swiss quality quartz works with central seconds, calendar and anti-
reflection sapphire glass. Another novelty will be the “TONNEAU CHRONO” with leather
watchband, large date display, stop-watch function, 30-minute display and anti-reflection
sapphire glass.

CITIZEN (A1 102/203 A/B)
Citizen is proving with the new Eco-Drive Perpetual chronographs that technology and
design can be harmonized. The models are equipped with an eternal calendar to the year
2100 and have an environmentally friendly Eco-Drive. This converts both natural and
artificial light into energy, which is then stored in a rechargeable secondary battery.
Citizen is presenting a chronograph for the first time with the Eco-Drive model
“Promaster”, which has an analog charging state display, so that the wearer can read the
energy reserve at any time.

Striking, punk-style models are in the forefront at Diesel. Solid, individual watches give
strength to their wearers. Silver, pointed stainless steel watchbands remind you of the
rivet watchbands of the 80s. The moveable watchband components are based on a wild
example: the carapace of a crocodile.


City Chick from Donna Karan revels in gold this season. Regardless of whether delicate
watchbands, classic models or attention-getting, relaxed watches, golden girls will bewitch
men not just in New York with the new DKNY gold watches.

„In the sign of the times‟: the Dugena Collection has been completely revised using this
motto. A division into the three segments „Active‟, „City‟ and „Gala‟ puts a clear order in
the collection, which is supplemented by classic watches and pocket watches.
The brand is presenting four new models in homage to the successful „Monza‟ series from
the early seventies, one of the most successful Dugena watches.
The „City‟ models are versatile companions for every occasion, regardless of whether
during leisure time or work. Chronographs made of high-quality stainless steel with
modern radio technology stand for precision and comfort. Regardless of whether in
stainless steel or stainless steel, which is ion-plated black, the two new radio watches
appeal thanks to their clear dial face design in pilot look.

ELINI (A1 407 C)
Peace and harmony were the inspirations for the new Doves Collection from Elini. The
watches are made from the oldest and hardest materials, i.e., ceramics, more durable
than stainless steel and consequently resistant against scratches and wear. They are
available in shiny white, night black and charming pink. All colors are also available with
diamonds in three variations: Top, Full and Extra Full.

The classic, refined Armani style is combined with joyful summer colors in the new
ladies‟ model from Armani Orologi made of stainless steel with genuine leather
watchband in pastel-colored bright violet. The plain dial face made of mother of pearl with
the same color matches it. The brand is presenting the new model for men, with round
stainless steel casing, black dial face with Roman numerals and a classic watchband in
black with crocodile characteristic.

ENGELKEMPER (A1 428/212 C/B)
In the style of its own jewelry line “Men‟s fashion”, Engelkemper is now launching a
matching watch series on the market. The striking watchbands made of stainless steel,
leather or rubber match the emphatically masculine watches with stainless steel casing. In
addition, the company from Muenster has acquired the sole distribution rights to BWC
Swiss Uhren and is presenting the brand to the German market after a 15-year break.

FESTINA (A1 206/405 B/C)
The new sporty watches from Festina will certainly provide excitement. Based on the
tradition of the already legendary Tour de Francs chronographs, there will also be a
World Cup chronograph in the year of the Soccer World Cup in Germany.
The watch novelties of the Greek brand Folli Follie display innovative shapes, lively
colors and combinations. Enamel as a central design element of the new collection is
combined with steel and leather. Luxurious Swarovski crystals are worked into the new
models in a refined way. The watches appear spirited and full of the joy of life in the colors
white, yellow, light blue and pink.

Vintage is in the focal point of the current Fossil watch collection. The watches revel in
retro-look. Matt gold and leather watchbands in a used look set the tone for many of the
new models. Men may now put extra-wide leather watchbands around their wrists. The
more conspicuous, the better! Charm watches with many pendants dominate the
collection for women.

The sculptor and jewelry designer Jacqueline Urbach from Forch near Zurich is exhibiting
her first watch collection under the name “Precious Inspiration” at inhorgenta. Various
models are available in limited editions. Large gold areas and diamonds packed in a
three-dimensional shape as well as extremely valuable materials are characteristic for the
handcrafted watch series in the luxury class. A 2892 A2 mechanism from the ETA
Company, which many renowned brands use, runs inside the watches. The watch is
completely automatic and waterproof, and the design is protected by several i nternational

Junghans is presenting only models with mechanical watchworks with its new line
“Arthur Junghans”. Its appearance uses the values of traditional watchmaking and
interprets them in a modern way. The delicate art of the high-quality craft of the
watchmaker is visible through the glass bottom in each model. The “Attaché
Chronoscope” is new in the series. It is a memento of the old masters with its mechanical
watchworks and crocodile leather watchband with stainless steel buckle.


French elegance combined with charming, flattering details characterize the new Pierre
Cardin ladies‟ collection.
Plateau: lively color combinations and multifaceted, striking watchband variations provide
fashionable accents.
Coquet: classic elegance embedded in fashionable design. The white watchband with
crocodile look already announces summer today and gives the watch a luxurious charm.
Sequence: the elegantly curved watches combine classic design with an innovative
casing form and can be had in luxurious gold look or cool stainless steel.
Prelude: Pierre Cardin takes up the popular tonneau shape.

The Swiss watchmaker Kurt Schaffo is presenting the watch “Benedikt” in honor of the
new pope. The model limited to 50 pieces shows three Roman, rosé gold numerals on a
Pope-white dial face. The works also have special design elements. St. Peter‟s Cathedral,
the Scriptures and the Bishop‟s crosier are engraved by hand on several bridges of the
works. A white crocodile leather watchband and a tongue closure with Schaffo emblem
round out the model. The model of the pope watch with number 16 will be auctioned for
charity. The Swiss watchmaker wants the pope to decide personally, for which good
cause the money from the auction should be used.

LACOSTE (A1 221 B)
Shiny white meets strongly contrasting colors such as green, turquoise, orange and pink
in the new Sports 6500L in stripe-look. The trendy stripe design on the dial face
continues uninterrupted to the watchband design. The Lacoste crocodile is of course an
integral part, and it has taken a comfortable spot on the middle color stripes of the
rectangular dial face.

For the first time in the history of the Formula 1, a company, the Austrian watch
manufacturer Jacques Lemans, has purchased the exclusive rights to use the brand “F1”.
The sport Formula 1 watch collection will be presented at inhorgenta. Materials such as
carbon, rubber, titanium and ceramics, which are used in the Formula 1 races, are used
for the multi-functional chronographs. There will also be ladies‟ models in pink with mother
of pearl. All models have the logo of Formula 1 and cost between 200 and 400 euros.

Timeless elegance and exquisite subtleness – this is how the first watch collection from
Marc Jacobs appears. The watches are distinguished by vintage charm and feminine
details. The design elements are an expression of aesthetics and the vision of the fashion
designer. Classic oval and rectangular casing shapes appeal with striking crowns, leather
and adjustable watchbands and communicate an elegant and refined style. Each watch is
equipped with Swiss precision quartz watchworks.

The new watches from Michele Watches have a glamorous look. The models are
adorned with rosé gold casings with approx. 100 hand-set diamonds in an 18-carat cut
with a total carat weight of up to 0.65 carats. The stones are set uniquely in “M” and “W”
shaped arcs, which reproduce the logo of Michele Watches. The watches have sapphire
or mineral glass, a gently glowing dial face made of mother of pearl, and are equipped
with Swiss watchworks.

MILUS (B1 210 B)
The products of the Swiss luxury watch brand Milius have linked very valuable materials
and optimum jewelry art and handicrafts to create seductive treasures, whose price is
partially in the six-figure range for the past 87 years. Milius is exhibiting two new,
exclusive ladies‟ models this year: Eridana and Ciriana. White gold and diamonds make
these models into precious and elegant objects. Four diamonds sparkle from the mother
of pearl dial face of the slender, delicate Eridana. It also has a noble, black leather
watchband. The curved tonneau casing of the Ciriana is set with 1.88 carat diamonds and
comes with an alligator leather watchband with a white gold buckle.

For sports fans: Zodiac has new spring models for sporty men. Each chronograph has
an Italian rubber watchband characteristic for Zodiac, which exudes a vanilla scent. Spots
of color for girls: Zodiac is presenting new sporty models, which have been made
specifically for the ladies‟ world. All watches combine a feminine style with Zodiac‟s
tradition for fine Swiss watchmaking art. The watches are available with rubber
watchbands in white of violet.


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